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Live wallpapers can be really cool, but wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could just make your own? With Moment – Live Wallpaper you can because it will allow you to turn any video clip into your own interactive live wallpaper. These clips can be from those special “moments” in your life such as your kids, pets, panoramic views, or just about anything you can think of. It was created by SockMonkeySolutions, which we’re already familiar with from their previous apps, Gift Wizard and Task Radar. We have already covered a video live wallpaper app previously, but this one is a little different. Because it interacts with your swipes, you can create some interesting 3D effects. For example, you could film a flower from left to right in a circular rotation so it will appear as if it’s rotating on your home screen. You could also take a panoramic shot of an awesome view, and as you swipe different home screens, you will get different vantage points. If your child just scored a goal in today’s soccer game, you can relive that “moment” every time you use your phone or tablet.

All you need is a video that’s roughly 10 seconds or less. You can do this by shooting a video with your phone or you can use older mp4 clips and edit out the portion you want to use. When you open the Moment app for the first time, you will get some shooting tips for making the coolest wallpapers along with a couple of examples that you can use to give you a better idea of how it works. You don’t have to follow these guidelines because you can use virtually any clip. It’s all about your creativity.

The main screen of the app will display the videos you previously imported so you can easily switch wallpapers in a matter of seconds. If you want to import something new, just tap the folder icon and grab the video you want from your gallery, but make sure it isn’t longer than 10 seconds or so. You can add a couple of effects like sepia or gray scale if you desire, then process the video. After processing, you can look at each frame and delete any that might be blurry or out of focus. Lastly, just save it and it will appear in the main screen ready to go. If you change wallpapers, you can easily go back to it since it was already processed and saved.

Moment was just released so it’s a work in progress. That doesn’t mean there are bugs because you won’t find any. What I mean is that SockMonkeySolutions will continue to improve the app based on feedback from users. Some issues that you will run into that are minor will be that the clips can’t be 1080p, so you will need to change the setting on your phone to 720p or lower if you’re filming something new. If you’re using existing clips, you might have to render the video (using another piece of software or app) to 720p or below. The other limitation is that since most of your videos will be in widescreen, Moment will only grab the center of the video since phones are generally used in portrait mode. The video itself won’t spread across all your home screens since it’s interactive by your swipes. I know that might be hard to understand, but if you check out my hands on video below, you will get the idea. Now you can film in portrait mode if you know beforehand that you will use the clip for Moment, and it will be a lot easier. The good news is that tablet support is coming, so if you are using a Nexus 7, your full widescreen shots will appear in landscape mode, but you will have the same issue (opposite effect) if you utilize a video that was filmed in portrait mode. Those videos will fill your screen when holding your Nexus 7 in portrait mode, but when you hold it in landscape mode, you will only get the center of the video since it can’t spread a portrait image across your widescreen display. Again check out the video below and you will get the idea. If you’re using Moment on your phone, it’s quite simple. Just make sure the focal point of your video is always in the center or film in portrait mode. If utilizing a tablet you will have to plan out what makes the most sense based on how you normally hold your tablet.

Moment – Live Wallpaper costs $1.99, and as I mentioned, it will continue to evolve over time. It’s one of those apps that when you first try it, you recognize how cool it already is, but then you start realizing what potential it really has. Those are two qualities of a great app. If the past is any indication, you can expect a lot of updates with new features from SockMonkey. One thing I know they are working on is a way for people to share their videos (wallpapers) and vote on the best ones. They are also open to suggestions, so feel free to reach out to them with any you might have. Check out my hands on video below to get a better idea of how it works. Also be sure to hit SockMonkey Solutions’ trailer video showcasing some of the cool stuff you can do with this bad boy. Finally, hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


  • Produce your own stunning 3D effects
  • Capture and relive those special moments on your wallpaper
  • Bring still scenery to life with live wallpaper effects
  • Apply filters to clips to further enhance wallpaper
  • App is pre-loaded with two examples

Helpful user tips from the developer:

  • Works with Android 4.04 and above
  • Camera frames per second is a key factor in getting a good result. If getting grainy wallpaper images try dropping the resolution of the camera. Experiment with the duration of the clip. Otherwise import video from another camera with higher frames per second.
  • To get the best out Moment please see demo video and help menu
  • Demo videos were taken on Galaxy Note II and may appear different on other devices
  • Help screen loads the first time you open – press back key to exit help screen


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