Dance Legend Gives Android Gamers A Reason To Dougie

Android gaming continues to grow in popularity by the day. There are all types of games from first-person shooters to racing games to casual puzzle games, but what about some Dance Dance Revolution-type games? Well the fine development team at TuneWiki thought about the curious absence of a dance game and created the surprisingly good Dance Legend. The game provides a decent lineup of tracks, solid customizations, great graphics and easy controls. The game is easy to pick up and start playing right from the get-go. Simply put, this game is a must-have for not just hardcore gamers, but casual Android users as well.

Dance Legend is based off a simple concept: pull off new and classic dance moves while gaining major street credibility. In order to pull off the dance moves and gain credibility, you’ll need music to jam and groove to popular tunes and Dance Legend delivers. You”ll find tracks from top-40 artists such as LMFAO to Lady Gaga and even classics like Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer. Gaining the street credibility will allow you to look cooler and more hip as you’re trying to pull off dance moves anywhere from the Running Man to the Dougie. Pulling of the various dance moves will allow you to build momentum which will allow you to “Kick It Up” in the middle of your dance session and pull off even more moves at a faster pace in front of a raucous crowd.

Executing the dance is a breeze thanks to the great controls. Before jumping into the first dance session and song, the game provides a straightforward tutorial that’s moderately detailed describing how players will perform the moves given to them on the screen. The way it works is simple too. As you’re holding your Android device in front of you, you’ll need to pay attention to the top right-hand corner of your screen which is the dance move queue for the proceeding action. So basically you’re performing your current dance move which is immediately proceeded by the next move followed by the next moves after that which are consecutive until the song is finished. It sounds simple enough, but it can get quite challenging as you’re trying to make sure you follow the patterns correctly while minimizing your mistakes or misses. Speaking of following the patterns— that’s the essence of the game: utilizing the touchscreen controls in order to follow the patterns and perform the moves. To perform the moves, you flick your thumb in the direction of the glowing indicators. If you’ve performed the moves correctly, you’ll see the indicators glow green. If not– you’ll see them glow red.

The controls are complimented by excellent graphics and sounds. During gameplay, players will notice no slowdown whatsoever even if there’s a ton of animations going on at once. In addition, for a dance game, there’s great details shown in the game. For example, you’ll find there’s no hint of pixelation, jagged lines and distortion. The colors are deep and rich and there just seems to be a strong sense of quality when it comes to the visual design of the game, while maximizing the Android software’s capabilities. The sound is also on par as it’s clear and rich. It’s almost as if you’re listening to a high quality of the actual track of a song! The only giveaway is the fact that you’ll hear the various sound effects as you are progressing throughout the song.

The gameplay is great, but there are a few minor quibbles I have with the game. The game is free technically speaking, but it should be classified as a game in the freemium category. Dance Legend comes with two free songs, but you’ll have to purchase acquire additional coins in order to buy additional songs or premium gear for your character. 99¢ will get you 80 coins for example which may be good for a few songs. The problem with that is a few songs is definitely not enough as you’ll get bored of the music quickly, so you’ll want even more music. But keep in mind that buying the music can definitely add up, so be prepared to spend some money. In addition— there are some incredibly annoying ad banners that appear throughout the game. I understand that ads help pay for gaming content, but I think it would have been wise for TuneWiki to provide a paid version of the game which would remove the distracting ads.

I think in the end, many gamers will be able to overlook those negatives and focus on the positives of the game. Dance Legend easily provides a solid dance experience for all and is a must-have for all. Be sure to grab the game today if you’re on an Android 2.1+ device. You’ll be able to find it in the Play Store or by using the QR code below.

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About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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