AppReview – Go Launcher EX

If you know me at all, you know what I like most about Android it the ability to customize your phone and make it exactly the kind of phone you want it to be. A few days ago we gave you a rundown of LauncherPro — a great custom launcher for the Android OS. Well, there’s a fairly new entry into the custom launcher game, and Go Launcher EX is currently one of AppBrain’s hottest downloads. Is it better than LauncherPro? Is it the custom launcher you’re looking for? Read on.

At first glance, Go Launcher reminds me a lot of LauncherPro. They have very similar docks across the bottom of the screen, and you can scroll it left or right just like in LauncherPro. Both allow you to customize the dock, both in what shortcuts you can place there and how they’ll respond to a swiping gesture. Also like LauncherPro, you can customize the number of homescreens. It has plenty of customizable options as well. So with all the similarities, what makes Go Launcher different from LauncherPro, and how do you know which one to pick?

Go Launcher EX is 100%, as is the “lite” version of LauncherPro, but there is a full, paid version of LauncherPro that offers more features. LauncherPro has its own custom widgets in the paid version, as well as the ability to resize any wigdet on your homescreen, and you won’t find that in Go Launcher. Go Launcher makes up for that lack by offering you a nearly unlimited amount of homescreens, compared to LauncherPro’s hard limit of 7, but does not have LauncherPro’s screen transition effects that I’ve grown quite attached to. Go Launcher also arranged all you apps in the drawer in pages, but can be sorted by “All apps,” “Currently running,” and “Recent.” Also, Go Launcher features the ability to download and install various themes that will be applied across the entire UI, which is something that appeals to many users.

At the end of the day, the differences aren’t enormous between Go Launcher and LauncherPro. Where Go Launcher really succeeds is its ability to group recent apps together in your drawer, theme the entire OS, and have as many home screens as you want. It lacks some of LauncherPro’s flair, but has its other strengths. It’s a free download, so if it sounds like the launcher for you, download it from our database or scan the QR code below.

  • Duulis

    Good review, but as far as I know Go Launcher also has the option to resize widgets. It is done in the same way as in Launcher Pro and it works just fine.

  • Marck Pearlstone

    GO Launcher has widget resizing without having to pay for it. Go Launcher also has folders whose icons are a thumbnail of the folder content. It also has the long-press pop-out menu for managing widgets, short-cuts and icons and ability to have up to 30 home screens and re-order them in the overview. These are features that put it head and shoulders above Launcher Pro, which I was using as my home screen manager of choice until I found GO.

  • argyle64

    No one is mentioning ADW Launcher EX. It’s only a couple of bucks and does all the same things. I’m noticing more and more “launcher” apps becoming available. I haven’t found any bad ones yet but some offer a few more things than others.

  • jason

    Pretty sure go launcher stole most of its code from adw shamelessly

  • kaybee

    Does this have click effects?

  • mike p.

    AWD is the best launcher in terms of customization… but its performance seems unstable on Droid. I hope to see a wider variety of themes for go launcher soon since I’m not too fond of the existing ones!

  • Wendy

    new to android…i just downloaded go launcher EX but can’t figure out how to add the time widget back to my home screen, like the HTC sense. can someone help please?

  • hc

    Go Launcher no longer offers unlimite screens. Also, it seems slow down my Droid Razr. Automatic uninstall.