Loopt for Android: Mini Review

Loopt for Android

So you need to know where your best buddy is that you haven’t seen since you both graduated college last year, and you happen to be in town. Or, you want to see where your stalker ex-girlfriend is, who’s still in your facebook places, so you can avoid her like a plaid suit at a wedding. What can you do?

Get Loopt! (And I don’t mean loaded)

Users of Loopt will be happy to see that the developers of Loopt have built Facebook Places integration, so your Loopt and Facebook friends will appear as plots on the Loopt map.

Once you install the app, it’ll ask you to add your facebook credentials, where it’ll work with your facebook privacy and Loopt security settings together to bring in your friends data and plot them into the Loopt program. You’ll see your Facebook friends with a Facebook pinpoint, and your Loopt with another.

Points that make this app unique is its ability to also push your Loopt “Check in” status to your Facebook Places “check in”. Therefore comments you make within Loopt will show up on your friends Facebook Places updates and comments area.

A notable app update includes email registration, as requested by Loopt users previously. You now have the option of logging in with your email address or phone number to make it quick and easy.

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