Bubble Defense: Mini Review

Bubble Defense Main Screen

For all those who think they’ve found a game worth wasting hours of your life on, think again! Enter Bubble Defense from Second Gear Games, a tower defense game that will keep you engaged on the enemy for hours upon hours upon hours of entertainment.

Seriously, I found myself challenged at all times as I slowly learned how to best position my towers, and all their weapons and ability, to the best chance at a passing level.

Bubble Defense Weapon Descriptions

Don’t be fooled by it’s simple interface and 2D effects, this game is out to kick you in the face, grab your senses, speed, reaction time and relationship status. Yes, you may find that unless you engage your significant other in the madness, you’ll be in the proverbial “doghouse” soon enough with cold meals, a hard pillow and your 2 pet wiener dogs “Oscar” and “Meyer” at head level in the backyard tent. Doesn’t that sound like a good time?!

The madness doesn’t let up either as you begin to figure out the best positioning and weapons or each level, rather, the game becomes more challenging as you have several levels of difficulty to choose from, each proving again that you don’t know squat about how to beat this game.

Bubble Defense Play Action - Insane level

This game is worth every penny and then some. The original and the 2nd edition with more levels and no ads is $2.99US. Grab the 2nd edition as it includes all of the original levels from the first.

Search for “Bubble Defense 2” in the Android Market, or Scan the QR below.

bubble defense 2 QR

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