Android App Mini-Review: Uniwar

Gaming has come a long way on the Android platform, but the first game I downloaded is still the game I spend the most time playing. Uniwar is a turn-based strategy game featuring three different races, each having six different units. Each unit has various strengths and weaknesses, and the tactics involved in balancing your army and defeating your opponent is where the game obtains real depth. While its single-player campaign is both fun and compelling, it really serves best as a tutorial for the excellent gameplay found in the multiplayer component.

The real brilliance in Uniwar lies in playing against your friends, real or virtual. Balancing the strength of the mechanical Titans, the insect-like Khraleans, or the humanoid Sapiens is the real art in mastering this game. Especially in the multiplayer setting, learning to overtake your opponent is no small task. Each race has the ability to “capture” the lowest-level unit of another race, making that unit its own. This gives an excellent rock-paper-scissors balance between the three races, even in cases where one race seems to dominate another.

In my book, one of the best qualities of this game is that it has the truest multi-platform capability. I obviously have an Android phone, but several people I know and play against are iPhone users. This game started on the iPhone, and when it made its way to Android, the developers made it a very high priority to ensure that Android users could play against their iPhone-owning friends. This versatility adds an extra layer of enjoyment, as the ability to play against nearly all your friends is an excellent feature of a great strategy game.

While this game is not a free offering, it is probably the best $5 I have ever spent. It is a well-balanced, versatile game that gives you the opportunity to challenge any of your friends to an excellent, turn-based strategy game which challenges newcomer and professional alike. Those of you looking for an excellent strategy game to pick up will definitely find their money well-spent on this great turn-based offering, especially if you have many friends with iPhones. The multi-platform offering is one of the most solid offerings of multiplayer gaming options available, and I recommend it to any fans of strategy gaming in general.

  • DC

    I agree one-hundred percent.

    I have downloaded dozens of games that I never play. I’ve been hooked on Uniwar for over 6 months and I still have 20 games going at a time with friends and randomly matched opponents. It’s that good!

  • JD

    Love this game. However I would recommend against buying it for Android at the moment. The game sucks battery like crazy. Can’t play it on the go because of the massive power drain. Needs to be fixed before being worth 5$