TYLT Flipstick review

TYLT is known for its stylish-yet-functional products, and the Flipstick is no different. It’s a portable charger that’s, you guessed it, shaped like a stick. And the “flip” part of my name comes from it’s two integrated cables that are reversible. Because the battery is only 3350mAh, this is a one-and-done portable charger. You can charge your phone a single time on a single charge. That’s part of the Flipstick’s beauty.

Look at it. It’s not a basic rectangle with a battery inside. The Flipstick looks like an elongated capsule.

Certainly this is one of the most attractive portable chargers you’ll ever see. TYLT decided, rather than using scratch-loving metal, rubber would be ideal for an on-the-go item. Now, yes, metal might look and feel better to you. But consider that rubber services better because it won’t show any serious blemishes. If you do really need a trace of metal, there’s an accent at the top.

My mother used the Flipstick for a couple of days since her purse is pretty busy with different objects, and she returned the portable charger to me with no damage. I even dropped the Flipstick onto concrete once myself and was very surprised to see the rubber didn’t get scuffed. So, seriously, relax about this thing not being metal. It’s not TYLT’s style, and it’s products maintain a premium vibe.

Color options include charcoal grey with a gold accent, white with a silver accent, and navy blue with a silver accent.

The Flipstick includes the necessary ports and cables for charging itself and other devices yet remains compact. Cables are connected to the body, storing themselves into the ports. Believe it or not, many portable chargers don’t do this. Often you’ll buy a portable charger and have to connect a separate cable to do anything. Not with the Flipstick, though. The USB cable is at the top and stays in the USB port. Meanwhile, the USB-C cable slides seamlessly into the body. Both straps have TYLT’s logo engraved into the rubber, and the integration of the cables is what makes the Flipstick so portable.

A power button, four LED indicators, and TYLT’s plus sign logo is all you get to see on the face. Simple enough

Need specific measurements? We’ve got them. Overall, the Flipstick measures about 5.5 inches when not being used. The USB-C cable measures 3 inches while he USB cable measures just a hair under 4 inches. You might feel that it’s way too small for using your phone (or tablet) as it charge. Totally true. TYLT’s Flipstick is better for charging your device when you don’t need to use it, like if it were sitting idly on a desk or in a bag.

Now it’s time to talk about charging the Flipstick and using it to charger other devices. Inside is a 3350mAh battery, and you might think that’s not enough. You’re only half correct. The Flipstick is going to charge pretty much any phone at least once. Anyone who’s away from a wall outlet for extended periods of time and needs to charge multiple times or charge multiple devices will have to buy a different portable charger. The Flipstick can’t go the distance. It’s not built to. And that’s okay to me as I’m generally by a wall outlet throughout the day even on vacation. When needed, the Flipstick charges up almost the same as current phones. Then you’re ready to go again.

Where I do have a problem with TYLT’s Flipstick is the speed at which it charges devices. It’s a meager 1A output. There’s no fast charging technology. We need speed. The Flipstick is not giving us that. Today it’s simply not enough, and you could actually experience the Flipstick being overpowered when select apps are being used. It’ll quit and not even charge your device. Despite being so beautiful, it’s so sad to know that you’re not getting a quick charge from the Flipstick.

You can go on Amazon, search “portable charger,” and get hundreds of results. None of them, however, will look as stylish as TYLT’s Flipstick. It’s attractive, compact, and powerful. Could you ask for more? Well, maybe. The only disappoint I have with this portable charger is its charging speed. While charging any of my phones or tablets, the Flipstick was too slow for satisfaction. So anyone needing immediate power should look elsewhere. For those of you who just want a power source on standby that’s functional and nice to look at, the Flipstick is an easy choice to recommend.

If you’re interested in buying the Flipstick, head over to TYLT’s site and sign-up for notifications on its availability. It’ll be $30 for the micro-USB model and $40 for the USB-C model.

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