Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEG in-ear headphones review


Over recent weeks I have had the pleasure to use Sennheiser’s Momentum M2 IEG In-Ear headphones. First off, I’d like to mention that these are one of best pairs of headphones I’ve ever tested. No only do the Momentum In-Ear headphones have superior sound quality, they also have a stunning design, a built-in mic, noise cancelling, and quick controls. Unlike the majority of speakers and headphones, the extra functionality that comes with the Momentum In-Ear headphones doesn’t sacrifice sound quality. Sound quality is exceptional, and I would recommend anyone/everyone to take a listen.

The Momentum In-Ear headphones come in two colors, Black Chrome and Red. Today I’ll be reviewing the Android version of the headphones, but if you own an iOS device, the M2 IEI’s are available too. They can be found online at Best Buy, Amazon, or at Sennheiser’s website. Both the Android and iOS models come with a 2-year warranty and retail for about $99.



One of the things I love most about the Momentum In-Ear headphones is the design. From the moment I lifted the cover of the box and pulled out the headphones, I was simply stunned. The Momentum In-Ear headphones have a curved design that stand out from the crowd and are as durable as they come. The elliptical 4.3-foot long cable also helps them from tangling. Each pair comes with a sturdy hard-shell case for on the go purposes. The inside is lined with a soft material thus insuring little to no damage if you happen to drop them.


The Momentum In-Ear headphones feature a unique design in a very lightweight package. However, I will note that although the headphones appear to be made of metal, they don’t feel as premium as I would have liked. This was a bit disappointing to me especially considering the mildly high price-tag. Fear not though, these buds can produce some serious sound. The angled earbuds can fit comfortably, that is, if you can find the right tips.


The Momentum In-Ear headphones come with four sizes of tips, which I found couldn’t accommodate all. If you have really big ears or smaller ears, you might want to consider purchasing an extra kit of tips for better fitting. Two pairs of tips can be stored in a small compartment inside the carrying case.



When it comes to functionality, the Momentum In-Ear headphones are no slouch. Built-into the headphones is a microphone, which will please many of you. This allows you to pick up calls while on your headphones. The audio will be transmitted through the built-in mic to your phone and through to the receiver on the other end of the call. Audio on both sides is above par. It’s not everyday that you find amazing sounding headphones with the bonus of having a built-in mic for this price.


The Momentum In-Ear headphones also include a remote control for skipping tracks and/or adjusting volume. Although advertised to work only on Samsung Galaxy devices, I found it to work on some other Android devices as well. The controls lie on a small strip on the string for the right ear. I should also add that because the headphones feature a curved architecture, it’s very important to put each bud into the corresponding ear. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble fitting them. I was a little annoyed that the company didn’t include any sort of left/right sign so I could easily identify which was which. The only way to tell right from left is by finding the side that houses the mic (right).

The most important feature of headphones is by all means the sound quality. With all the additions that Sennheiser has included, you may be under the impression that sound quality was compromised. However, this is not the case, and believe me when I say it. The absolute best thing about this pair of headphones is the sound quality. The audio is very clear and offers some rich bass, which can reach crazy high levels. I found myself wanting to jump around just from listening.


One downside I did notice was that if the headphones aren’t fitted perfectly, audio doesn’t sound like it’s at full potential. You really have to get the perfect fit in order to fulfill your ears with the best possible sound, which can be a bit frustrating sometimes. I know this sounds a bit tedious, but I recommend taking a min to really adjust the headphones when you put them on to ensure they’re in the best position. Now you’re ready to experience the full potential of the Momentum In-Ear headphones.

While the headphones have amazing sound quality, it does seem to diminish a bit when pumping up the volume level near max. However, I wouldn’t turn these up to max volume anyways because of how loud they can actually get. I only found myself doing it once just for this review. I like my music loud, and I found that 50-60% volume was perfect.

Another part of the Momentum In-Ear headphones that really impressed me was the noise cancellation. Even though these headphones aren’t marketed towards noise cancellation, I found that the background noise reduction worked surprisingly well. Additionally, the built-in sound-isolating technology made sure that those around you couldn’t hear what was going on inside. So if you’re in a silent library, feel free to pump up the sound level without concerning those around you.



The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear headphones have no compromises. Sennheiser put in some serious work when developing these buds. Even with all the added features, sound quality is remarkable for its price range. Even though there are a few downfalls, the sound quality makes up for them, and that’s why these are my new go-to for In-Ear headphones. If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, you have my recommendation for this pair. Pay the extra bucks if need be, I believe it’s worth it. And there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll feel the same way.

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  • Tommy

    The headphones do have left/right signs. Look next to where the cables enter the headphones.