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One of the most biggest questions when exercising is where to put the smartphone and keys. Instead of leaving them to bounce around in your pocket, with the jangling keys announcing your presence wherever you go, Inateck has a great solution in the form of its Running Belt, available for both men and women in black or fluorescent green.

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Inateck’s Running Belt boasts a number of features that will prove useful when exercising, whether in the gym or outdoors. It has two pouches, one large enough to carry your mobile phone, even one as big as the Galaxy Note 5. The smaller pouch is big enough to carry a couple of bank cards, your keys, and maybe a couple of bank notes and some coins. Pretty much everything that you might possibly need while exercising.


The Running Belt is made out of a spandex-lycra type material, and as you might expect, stretches well beyond its normal shape. When I first received the product, I thought Inateck were being wildly optimistic listing the Running Belt as compatible to store the Note 4. But it fits snugly, and I even have a slim case on the handset to boot. The material is also sweat-proof, so whether you are a heavy sweater or get caught in the rain while jogging outside, your valuables will stay dry. Handily, the valuables are easy to access thanks to the zips that keep everything contained.

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The Running Belt clings to your waist, and although I may be a little chunky around the middle, I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all. Thanks to the material’s elasticity, the Running Belt never threatened to slip down once. For the sake of accuracy, Inateck states that the Running Belt is suitable for people with waists from 27-39 inches. There are two sliders that allow you to adjust the size, and the belt simply clips together. It’s a really simple system that just works. Once the lightweight belt is fastened around your waist, you can totally forget about it until you need to retrieve something from it. With the handset and keys stored in the pouches, and the belt fitted, I found it that it was most comfortable with the main pouch sitting in the small of my back, although you might want to turn it around some if doing sit-ups.

Besides storing your valuables, the Running Belt also aids your safety if out jogging at night. The grey stripes you can see on either side of the pouch zips are actually fluorescent, reflecting light at night. Which is especially useful for allowing being seen while jogging in the twilight hours.

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This is usually the part of the review that I mention my niggles with a product, and to be honest, I’m really struggling to find fault with Inateck’s Running Belt. I’ve enjoyed using it, and although it’s something I would never have thought of buying just for working out at the gym, it’s definitely something I’m going to carry on using. Being able to work out without worrying about whether I forgot to pick up my phone and keys or if they were going to fall out of my trouser pockets whilst on the circuit was a relief, and it was surprisingly comfortable as well.

With a price tag of just $12.99 (U.S.) or £11.99 (U.K.), the Inateck Running Belt really does hold value for money, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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