iClever BoostSound BT Compact and Premium Speaker review

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. With so many out there, it can be difficult to find quality at good and reasonable price points. But, iClever is one of the few in the field who make quality Bluetooth speakers from all sorts of different price ranges. If you’re on a budget and new a quality Bluetooth speaker, iClever has something for you.

Some of their more recent efforts are the BoostSound BT Compact and the BoostSound BT Premium. Follow along as we take a look at them both.


iClever in the past has done extraordinarily well designing their Bluetooth speakers. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like that showed up in the BoostSound BT line. Really, what you’re getting is your standard run-of-the-mill box-like design, except for the Compact variant, which still employs some of that standard design, but in a much smaller profile.

There’s really no visual big differences between the BoostSound BT Compact and the BoostSound BT Premium, aside from that the former option is smaller.

On the BoostSound BT Compact, right on top you have buttons for volume up, volume down, changing the source device and re-pairing. On the back, you have your on/off slider, an auxiliary port and a micro-USB port for charging.

It’s pretty much the same story for the BoostSound BT Premium, except you have touch buttons for play/pause, volume up, volume down and pairing. Around the back you have the aforementioned slider for turning the device on or off as well as an auxiliary port and a micro-USB charging port.

Sound Quality

iClever advertises for both the BoostSound BT Compact and the BoostSound BT Premium crystal clear sound quality. While in the past that’s what you’ve gotten for many of their speakers, the level of sound quality advertised just isn’t here.

The low sound quality isn’t nearly as noticeable with slower songs, but as you get into faster and more upbeat music with a good amount of bass, you start noticing where both speakers fall short. Bass is very poorly implemented and at times, if you push the volume up “too high,” the music sounds as if it were being blasted through a tin can.

At lower levels, both speakers perform OK, but certainly nothing to write home about. It’s quite disappointing, as you won’t be using either of these at a party or event because of these issues.


All in all, the BoostSound BT Compact and the BoostSound BT Premium are not recommended Bluetooth speakers. The BoostSound BT Compact might be okay for the sake of something cheap that excels in portability. But, if you’re looking for long-term quality — something you’re going to use regularly — you won’t find it here.

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