GoZoneWiFi to bring free Wi-Fi to NFL cities next year


Getting free WiFi in major cities is no easy task. Even when there is a service offered, most of the time the signal comes from outside polls, which doesn’t work to well indoors. A new player, GoZoneWiFi, is looking to change that with an inside-out strategy.

They partner with bars and restaurants, referred to as “hosts,” that install the equipment for free. When users log in, ads will show up via splash pages. It’s a win-win for everyone. The advertisers can geo-target their customers, the establishments can tout free Wi-Fi, and the consumer gets good quality access to the internet. The host establishment can also send coupon codes to all users on the network.

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[Deal] Amazon has 33 apps worth $110 for Free today as part of the Free App Of The Day bundle


It’s New Year’s Eve so it’s time for an app sale, and Amazon is game. As you know, Amazon always offers a Free App Of The Day, but today they are bundling 33 apps for Free. If you were to purchase every app on any other day of the year, it would cost you $110. Now it’s unlikely that you can use all of them, but there just might be a handful that interests you, assuming you don’t mind installing the Amazon App Store on your device. Just remember, these apps will only be updated through the Amazon App Store, so you need to keep that app installed on your device. A little bit of a pain, but it won’t cost you a penny.

Full list of apps, along with the link to all of them, after the break.

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A Palm smartphone running Android? It could happen in 2015


Oh how I remember dropping by my local CompUSA in the 90s to buy the first Palm Pilot. Now after the brand (and WebOS) has been killed by HP, it just might be coming back from the dead.

It appears Alcatel Onetouch has bought the Palm trademarks from HP by means of a shell corporation called Wide Progress Global Limited. The transfer of the trademarks was signed by the President of the Americas and Pacific of Alcatel Onetouch.

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Android Lollipop afflicted with memory leak bug, but Google is working on a fix


Lollipop is the latest and greatest version of Android from Google, but like all new software, there are a few bugs. The newest release has already had a few issues (that were promptly fixed) but now it looks like some Nexus devices are being bogged down with a memory leak on Android 5.0.1.

The issue causes the Android system to use up to over 1 GB of RAM instead of the typical 500 MB, so you’ll see tons of apps being force closed and home screen redraws. It’s not a devastating glitch, but it’s enough to be pretty annoying, especially if you like to use tons of apps at once.  Read more

T-Mobile’s John Legere talks about the state of the wireless industry in 2015


T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has posted a blog entry on the carrier’s website detailing his prediction for where the wireless industry will be heading in 2015. He talks about the direction T-Mobile is going in, and in typical Legere fashion, he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to throwing other carriers under the bus.

Right out of the gate, Legere talks about all of the different moves T-Mobile has put into place with their Uncarrier revolution. This includes the recently announced roll over data, unlimited music streaming, and ending annual service contracts, among several other things. There’s even a nice chart that shows how each of the four carriers fares when it comes to those Uncarrier moves, and while it’s definitely weighted in T-Mobile’s favor, it does show that T-Mobile is committed to offering a better value for your money than the other big three. Read more

Samsung edges Apple in customer satisfaction measure


In general, 2014 is probably not going to go down as a year that Samsung wants to remember. Although the company is still the proverbial 800-lb. gorilla in the room amongst Android mobile device manufacturers, the hold on the top has loosened some with accompanying negative impacts. Probably most disturbing for Samsung have been the missed sales and financial targets for their mobile device lines of business and products. As the year comes to a close though, new customer satisfaction data shows the company has managed to jump past their biggest rival in the larger smartphone market, besting Apple by a couple points on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Read more

Talk Android Staff Picks: Best Android Phone for 2014


2014 was an amazing year for Android phones. We not only saw some of the best high-end phones ever, budget phones found their groove as well. The Talk Android staff might not agree on what the best phone is, but one thing we do agree on is that you really can’t go wrong with the majority of flagships that launched in 2014. Hit the break to see what our picks are for the best Android phone from 2014.

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Samsung adds Milk VR to app portfolio for Gear VR


Earlier this month Samsung finally started selling the Gear VR, marketing it as an “Innovator’s Edition.” The idea behind that seems to be similar to the path Google took with Glass in getting devices into the hands of developers and end users alike. This gives developers an opportunity to start figuring out the hardware and how it can be made useful and it gives consumers a chance to provide feedback on what they wish they could do with the new hardware. To help the garden grow, Samsung announced a new seed they are planting today, Milk VR, a free subscription service for viewing 360-degree videos on Gear VR. Read more