MTV and MTV2 viewers can now stream shows as they air live


Despite the existence of video on demand services or the DVR, there are people who enjoy watching television when a show airs first. A big part of that is being able to engage in the conversation over social media. Today, there is good news for viewers of shows that air on MTV and MTV2. Viewers of either network can stream shows live as they air with the updated MTV app. Viewers will be required to log in with their TV provider’s information.

What will you be streaming? AwkwardSnooki & Jwoww? Or how about the new Real World: Skeletons? Go ahead, you can watch it live on your mobile device.

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Maps’ Street View comes to a Google Cardboard near you

google_cardboard_500k_unitsWhen Google said it was getting serious about Cardboard, it meant it. The search giant has added VR functionality to Google Maps, allowing you to take Street View to the little VR set that could. A newly added easter egg in the Maps app on Android allows Cardboard owners to activate the Street View VR function. By double-tapping the navigation circle in the lower right corner of the the Maps app, the VR view pops up allowing Cardboard users to take tours of various cities.

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[RUMOR] – Galaxy S6 could come in second quarter and sport side-sloping display


While there have been rumors going back and forth regarding the curved display on the next Galaxy S series flagship, much like that of the Note Edge, there are rumors coming from an Italian tech blog suggesting that the sides will indeed slope, but to a lot less of a degree than the Edge does. The reason being that Samsung is attempting to keep the dual-edged display from affecting grip ergonomics. The phone is also rumored to sport a unibody aluminum chassis. But that’s not it as far as rumors are concerned.

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Amazon introduces 1-hour Prime delivery service, only in Manhattan for now

amazonprimeOne of the caveats of Amazon Prime has always been the free two-day shipping on top of reduced pricing on one-day shipping. Thanks to this modern luxury, people have grown accustom to receiving packages relatively quickly but what those who want their packages even faster? There is Google Express, that offered same day delivery on packages in some cities but what about those who wanted their packages, say, in one hour? Well Amazon is looking at having you covered as it announced this morning a new Prime one-hour delivery service.

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Is it now time to buy an Android Wear smartwatch?


Although Android Wear appears to be a relatively new concept for us, it’s been around for a while. Since it was first shown off in late June and subsequently made available in July, it has been in the market for a little over five months now. Initial impressions of the platform in general was pretty lukewarm, as it is usually the case with new software. So has anything changed since then? Read more

JINS MEME ‘Smart Eyewear’ coming to the U.S. in 2015


Google Glass is still catching on despite being available for a couple of years. In the meantime, Japanese eyewear manufacturer JINS has decided to bring its MEME wearable to the U.S., with a showcase expected at next month’s CES event in Las Vegas. This Google Glass competitor will most likely be likely sold with a cheaper price tag, although the manufacturer hasn’t shared details on the pricing yet. Read more

Nexus 6 users can now enable the double tap to wake function without root access


The ever active developer community over at the XDA forums found a way to enable the double tap to wake function on Nexus 6 smartphones after the feature was removed by Google at the very last minute. However, this feature was limited to customers who have root access on the device which meant that those without it were left in the dark. Read more

Micromax launches Yureka smartphone with Cyanogen OS 11 in India


Dubbed as the “Zeus of phones“, Indian OEM Micromax has just announced the Yureka handset in the country. This is officially the first Cyanogen OS running smartphone in India ever since Micromax struck an exclusive deal with Cyanogen for the use of its custom ROM. This whole ordeal has even led to the ban of the OnePlus One in India as it also runs Cyanogen OS by default. Read more