Swiftkey Releases New Beta Version With Multi-Touch Feature

Not that I like to play the favorites game but, my favorite Android keyboard replacement, Swiftkey, has just released a new BETA version to VIP members with hopes of making typing even faster than before. The newest feature that Swiftkey is testing out is “multi-touch”, allowing users the ability to type with both hands instead […]

Survey: Smartphone Users Tell Swiftkey/TouchType What They Really Want

The makers of the wildly popular text entry tool SwiftKey X have posted the results from a survey that asked “What do smartphone users really want?” Swiftkey/TouchType conducted the survey in partnership with the online smartphone retailer and manufacturer Smartphone Experts and included over 30,000 participants. This surveyed group of predominantly Android platform users was 91% […]

Swiftkey X beta available for download – it’s Personal!

Swiftkey is already hugely popular on Android devices, with many users paying the $2 just to get the full version, because it’s just that good! Now, Swiftkey has been listening and watching user feedback for some time, and based on those comments and ideas, they have released Swiftkey X beta for Free in the Android […]

App Preview: Checking Out the SwiftKey 2 Beta

Finding that perfect on-screen keyboard can be extremely frustrating. Some completely bypass the effort by just siding with a physical keyboard, but I love the immediacy that software keyboards provide. Plus, touchscreen phones tend to be a lot slimmer than their keyboard-toting brethren, and I’m all about the slim profile. So, the search continues. Recently, […]

Amazon Appstore for Android looking good so far, get SwiftKey for free today

The Amazon Appstore has been open for business since Tuesday and in my initial review I was not in love with it enough to ditch the Android Market. After 5 days, things have not changed, and as I expected, they are providing some really nice deals that make it a great alternative to the Android […]

Swiftkey Revamped For Tablets, Wants To Spare Your Thumbs In Landscape Mode (Video)

Touchtype has announced that they have constructed and optimized a new version of their Swiftkey keyboard to work on tablets.  And we must say, it’s nothing short of functionality and eye candy.  The keyboard has a completely redone interface and is configured to work on large tablets using your thumbs.  As you can see from […]