SwiftKey updates with new spooky Halloween theme

by Robert Nazarian on
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We’re only a few days from Halloween, but there’s still time to get into the spirit with SwiftKey. They just updated their keyboard app to fix a few bugs, but they included a new black and orange Halloween theme called, “Pumkin.”

Download links below:

Apps Database for QR code – Free

Android Market Link – Free


Apps Database for QR code – Paid

Android Market Link- Paid

Swiftkey X receives update: Heat map, blog learning, stats sharing, and more

by Stacy Bruce on
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For all you fans of keyboard replacements, today is a great day indeed. Swiftkey X has pushed out version 2.1, and with it brings some pretty awesome advancements. For those of you who haven’t tried it out yet, Swiftkey learns from your writing habits and develops its dictionary based on your personal word usage. If you frequently type a word like “triptychs” for example, Swiftkey will more than likely start predicting after typing the letters “tri”. It even goes as far as scanning verbiage in your Facebook, Gmail, sms, and Twitter accounts, compiling a sort of personal dictionary if you will. In the most recent update, Swiftkey can even learn from your personal RSS feed or blog posts, proving even more beneficial to writers like myself. I have long been a beta tester for Swiftkey (recently Swiftkey X) since its inception and haven’t looked back since. Although having tried many other keyboard apps. I always find myself coming home to Swiftkey X.

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Survey: Smartphone Users Tell Swiftkey/TouchType What They Really Want

by Justin Routhier on
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The makers of the wildly popular text entry tool SwiftKey X have posted the results from a survey that asked “What do smartphone users really want?” Swiftkey/TouchType conducted the survey in partnership with the online smartphone retailer and manufacturer Smartphone Experts and included over 30,000 participants. This surveyed group of predominantly Android platform users was 91% male, 65% under age 35 and 75% lived in the US.

Some Highlights:

• The most popular way smartphones are used on a daily basis (besides making voice calls) is to send/receive email (94% daily), send/receive text messages (86% daily) and web browsing (91% daily).

• Apple users have more paid apps and in turn spend more money per month on their phones over their Android counterparts with 29% spending over $100 each month. Only 3% of Apple users have never paid for an app compared to 12% for Android and 26% for Blackberry.

• Customer Loyalty: 73% of Apple users would buy another iPhone, 61% of RIM users would buy another Blackberry, 50% of HTC users would buy another HTC while Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson users conveyed lower returning interest in their brands respectively.

• Top concerns for buying a new phone include apps and battery life, but 96% say the ability to type easily is essential – that’s more than even appearance, price, or brand.

• Participants also weighed in on SwiftKey: 97% say SwiftKey makes typing easier, 96% say SwiftKey makes typing faster and 95% say SwiftKey offers the most accurate word predictions.

The Lowlights:

• Android phones scored poorly on keyboard/typing; Sony Ericsson likewise scored very low. Blackberry and LG failed to please with their display and camera.

Hit the break for a full gallery of charts on the findings from this survey.

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Released from beta today: SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X

by Adam Johnson on
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Its been one year today since SwiftKey Beta was launched in the Android Market. So to celebrate the one yea birthday of SwiftKey they are launching two new keyboards.

SwiftKey X is the most advanced product we’ve engineered to date, and it’s packed full of new features. SwiftKey Tablet X has all of those incredible features plus an innovative ‘split key’ layout that makes tablet typing a breeze.

Hit the jump for addtional information and the email release.

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Swiftkey X beta available for download – it’s Personal!

by Jesse Bauer on
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swiftkey x

Swiftkey is already hugely popular on Android devices, with many users paying the $2 just to get the full version, because it’s just that good! Now, Swiftkey has been listening and watching user feedback for some time, and based on those comments and ideas, they have released Swiftkey X beta for Free in the Android Market.

The new version in TouchType’s Swiftkey  offers some UI improvements, cloud personalization where you can tell the app to learn your speech from your facebook, twitter and gmail accounts, as well as texts. You can tell the app what style of typist you are as well so it can customize the predictability features as you type to suit your style from the heat signature left behind on your touchscreen as you type. This allows the app to tell if you type sloppy or precise.

Read more below, video below.

App Preview: Checking Out the SwiftKey 2 Beta

by Mitch Wright on
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Finding that perfect on-screen keyboard can be extremely frustrating. Some completely bypass the effort by just siding with a physical keyboard, but I love the immediacy that software keyboards provide. Plus, touchscreen phones tend to be a lot slimmer than their keyboard-toting brethren, and I’m all about the slim profile. So, the search continues. Recently, however, I was happily given the opportunity to test-drive TouchType’s SwiftKey 2 beta. What were my impressions? Find out after the break!

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Amazon Appstore for Android looking good so far, get SwiftKey for free today

by Robert Nazarian on
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The Amazon Appstore has been open for business since Tuesday and in my initial review I was not in love with it enough to ditch the Android Market. After 5 days, things have not changed, and as I expected, they are providing some really nice deals that make it a great alternative to the Android Market. Unfortunately it is only available for customers located in the US and not on AT&T.

Each day a different app will be featured as the free app of the day. Today it is SwiftKey, which is normally priced at $1.99. Yesterday, Shazam Encore was offered for a savings of $4.99. On Thursday, you could have saved .99 cents on Doodle Jump and on Wednesday the savings was $4.99 on World Series of Poker: Hold’em Legend. These deals are not hard to find as they are front and center on the home page. The deals section also features apps with savings ranging from 17% to 50%.

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Swiftkey Revamped For Tablets, Wants To Spare Your Thumbs In Landscape Mode (Video)

by Joe Sirianni on
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Touchtype has announced that they have constructed and optimized a new version of their Swiftkey keyboard to work on tablets.  And we must say, it’s nothing short of functionality and eye candy.  The keyboard has a completely redone interface and is configured to work on large tablets using your thumbs.  As you can see from the pic above, the keyboard is separated into three sections, letters on the left side, keypad in the middle and letters again on the right side.  Hit the break for a video demo of the revamped keyboard in action and to view the press release.   » Read the rest

Swiftkey’s Open Beta Program Ends Jan 18th

by Joe Sirianni on
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TouchType ltd, the geniuses behind the incredible word prediction technology keyboard, Swiftkey, has announced that they will be ending their open beta VIP program on January 18th.  Swiftkey is a unique keyboard replacement app that learns and remembers entered text so it can offer them as predicted suggestions later on.  The app is distinct in that it adapts to your particular typing style.  So, if you’re the kind of person who loves to test cool apps out for free, provide a little feedback, and send some recommendations in, then you’d better hurry up and jump on board before the window closes.  Hit the jump to learn more about Swiftkey and to find out how to sign up for the beta program.  Don’t forget to also check out the video » Read the rest

SwiftKey update brings HD skin, more languages and longer free trial

by Tyler Cunningham on
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SwiftKey, the popular keyboard replacement for Android, has been given an update to include a new HD skin for phones with large displays. I just updated my version, and I have to say, it looks and feels even better than before.

The update also adds support for five additional languages: Brazilian Portuguse, Czech, Danish, Norwegian and Polish. Continue reading after the break for the full presser, and hit up our download link below if you want to nab the free trial (which is now good for 31 days), or if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can grab the full version for $3.99.

Download: SwiftKey Free Trial

Download SwiftKey ($3.99)

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