Samsung releases Galaxy S 5 commercial showing off several device features

by Jared Peters on
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Galaxy S 5 commercial

Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel has released a commercial for the Galaxy S 5 showing off some of the better features of the device. It’s not the most exciting TV spot Samsung has ever done, but you’ll get a look at the quick shutter speed on the camera, the faster download speeds (which probably refers to the missing download booster feature), and the water resistance of the device, showcasing how the device is perfect for almost everyone’s lifestyle.

Marketing is arguably Samsung’s greatest talent as a company, and this commercial solidifies that. It’s likely the first of many we’ll see for the S 5 in the coming months, so keep your eyes open.

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Samsung readying Galaxy S 5 Developer Edition for Verizon

by Justin Herrick on
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The Samsung Galaxy S 5 may be globally launching today, but some of you may want to wait a tad longer on purchasing one. A Developer Edition of the Galaxy S 5 for Verizon has been spotted on Samsung’s site and is listed as “Coming Soon!” The model number for this device, which comes in Charcoal Black only, is ET-G900VMKA and it (obviously) features everything that the regular GS5 has.

So what does the Developer Edition get you? Likely an unlocked bootloader. The cost off contract will presumably be over $600, so make sure you are expecting a rather hefty price.

Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab sales did not actually reach 2 million over six weeks in 2011

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Things can get pretty ugly when two giants go toe-to-toe in court. And that is where Samsung and Apple are these days. The latest punch comes from Apple in the direction of Samsung. It turns out that Samsung did not actually sell 2 million Galaxy Tab units six weeks in 2011 as Strategy Analytics had originally reported. And with this report came the big news that Apple’s tablet market share had fallen. But now it all looks like that was untrue.

An internal report brought forward in court reveals that Samsung actually sold 1 million Galaxy Tab units for all of 2011. The same document highlights Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets outselling Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. And Apple dominated the market with 17.4 million iPads sold in 2011. Samsung misled just about everyone by reporting higher Galaxy Tab sales.

Via: Fortune

Businessweek report highlights health concerns at Samsung semiconductor plants

by Jack Holt on
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A man walks out of Samsung Electronics' headquarters in SeoulWith the Samsung Galaxy S 5 launching in 125 different countries today Businessweek has released a report regarding the poor health conditions that workers at Samsung semiconductor plants are facing. The report tells a story of a girl named Hwang Yu-mi and her coworker Le Suk-yeong. Both ladies worked next to each other, day after day, on the same assembly line. Both developed the same aggressive form of Leukemia. Their deaths have been covered in-depth by Korean media and have also been picked up by western media. Businessweek’s takes it further by shedding light on Samsung and its quest to dominate the global markets.

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Samsung Galaxy S 5 repairability not looking so hot

by Robert Nazarian on
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We had a chance to see a teardown of the Galaxy S 5 last month, but we were still awaiting iFixit’s version. The previous teardown made it clear that the GS5 won’t be easy to repair, and iFixit agrees 100%. After a complete teardown, they concluded that the Galaxy S 5 is a 5 out of 10 for repairability.

The biggest issue is the display. Unfortunately it needs to be removed first in order to replace any part other than the battery. The display has a “significant amount of adhesive,” which makes it very difficult to remove without damaging it.

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Samsung document shows personalities of big tech firms

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With the Samsung vs Apple patent war in full swing, sometimes the arguments can be a little funny. A slide from Samsung’s argument shows Samsung trying to identify itself amidst other big tech companies like Google, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, and so on.

The title of the slide is “Communicating Our Samsung Personality”, and it shows a relaxed Google, an older, almost retired Nokia, and a laid back, cool looking Apple. Samsung is a stuffy looking businessman, and it’s clear that they’re trying to change their personality. Samsung has surely come a long way from that look, and many of their newer devices have a much more youthful feel.

Source: TUAW
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AT&T version of Samsung Galaxy S 5 missing Download Booster feature

by Jeff Causey on
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Reports are surfacing today indicating the Download Booster feature on AT&T versions of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 is missing. The Download Booster, a feature that Samsung highlighted during their launch event, gives users the ability to combine WiFi and LTE connections when downloading files larger than 30 MB. The combination is supposed to give a boost to download speeds. It appears that consumers who have started to receive their devices from AT&T have discovered the feature is not enabled and the switches to turn it on are not even present in the settings or notification panel. » Read the rest

Samsung opening “Experience” stores in U.K.

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Samsung has started opening dedicated retail space today in locations throughout the U.K. Similar to Apple stores, the locations give consumers the ability to get some hands on time with a wide variety of Samsung devices. In a special treat, Samsung is making the new Samsung Galaxy S 5 and Samsung Gear devices available in the new “Samsung Experience” stores before the official launch on Friday. The stores are actually being operated by Carphone Warehouse, a Samsung partner in the U.K. Locations include London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Bradford, Bristol, Manchester, Bournemouth and Cardiff.

source: Engadget

New Samsung Galaxy S 5 commercial touts meaningful innovation

by Robert Nazarian on
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Samsung already ran a Galaxy S 5 teaser spot during the Academy Awards, but with the global launch just two days away, they just released their second commercial.

Those of you looking for Apple bashing will be disappointed though. This one is just a simple spot showing closeups of the phone along with some key specs including a heart rate monitor and a state-of-the-art camera.

Is this the beginning of meaningful innovation? Samsung seems to think so. I guess the consumers will decide starting this Friday. For now, hit the break for the quick 30 second spot.

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