Amazon invites customers to free 30 day trial of Fire TV

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Amazon initially sold out of their  Fire TV boxes within hours of having them available, and now that they have more in stock. They want people to buy them so much that they are actually allowing customers to try their $99 set-top box for 30 days for free of charge. According to emails being sent to some customers, once shipped, you can return the box without obligation and without being left out of pocket as long as you follow the conditions of Amazon’s returns policy.

Of course, customers without an invite can essentially do the same thing by returning the device via Amazon’s regular returns policy, but return shipping costs might be incurred.

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Get $10 in Amazon Coins by grabbing five free Android apps

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Amazon has a special promotion going on that gives Android users the ability to earn up to $10 worth of “Amazon Coins,” their Appstore specific currency. Amazon Coins can be used to purchase apps or make in-app purchases, but only if done via the Amazon Appstore on an Android device. Unfortunately, the Amazon Coins cannot be used for something like Kindle titles.

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Amazon Prime Instant Video adds several HBO shows to its catalog, HBO Go for Fire TV still on the way

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We knew Amazon and HBO had inked a deal that would bring HBO content to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, and that day is finally here. You can finally start streaming full series like The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, and Rome, plus a handful of others, and you’ll get access to some seasons of current shows like True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, and Treme. Miniseries like Band of Brothers and The Pacific are available, and there’s even a few HBO movies, too. Toss in some HBO documentaries and comedy specials and you’ve got a ton of great content to stream through Amazon’s already excellent video service. » Read the rest

Italian Antitrust Authority investigating Google, Apple, Gameloft, and Amazon over in-app purchases

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Everybody deals with those pesky in-app purchases from time to time, especially in mobile games. The in-app purchases help developers make money by luring potential customers in with a free (and often very limited) game, then hitting them with a paywall a few hours in. Sometimes levels are locked if you don’t pay for them, and sometimes leveling up your character is incredibly tedious if you don’t spend real money on in-game currency. » Read the rest

Grand Theft Auto trilogy, Walking Dead Season 2, and more added to Amazon FireTV

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Today Rockstar Games released the Grand Theft Auto trilogy (including Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) to the Kindle Fire and to Amazon’s new FireTV. Not only that, but TwitchTV’s app was also released to Amazon, allowing users of TwitchTV to stream content to their TV through FireTV.

In addition, fans of the Walking Dead will also be happy to hear that Season 2 (the game) has been released to the Amazon. By the looks of it, Amazon is really pushing FireTV, so more great titles should be on their way soon.

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Amazon makes Moto G LTE available via pre-order

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Now that the Moto G LTE has been officially unveiled by Motorola, Amazon has begun accepting pre-orders for the device after making an appearance on its website just a few days ago.

It’s seriously an awesome deal for only $220 off-contract. The only real thing that was holding me back from recommending the original Moto G to friends and family looking for a cheap, reliable but fast device was its lack of LTE. Now, that won’t be a problem.

The device will be available everywhere on June 3 for most carriers around the world — just check with yours before you go ahead and buy, if you’re not sure.

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Motorola Moto G LTE gets listed on Amazon

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We all know what is coming in less than six hours. The Moto E will be announced by Motorola in London, but there is something else they have ready to go. It now looks like a Moto G with LTE connectivity will be unveiled as well.

On Amazon, the Moto G with ‘Universal LTE’ in black and in white is listed next to the usual Moto G. When selecting the new LTE model, the link leads to nowhere. So right now we do not have a price or firm release date. However, we will find out soon enough.

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Amazon’s smartphone could utilize Pixart CMOS sensor, manufacturer at least 2 million units

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A new report today gives new information regarding Amazon’s upcoming smartphone. The handset will reportedly use Pixart’s CMOS image sensor. The same report says that the device will enter mass production at some point this quarter and Amazon is expecting to ship somewhere between 500,000 and 600,000 units this year. Across the handset’s life cycle, though, Amazon is going to produce at least 2 million units.

A June announcement is expected to be a precursor for a September release.

Source: China Times
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Amazon app updated with new icon, single sign on, bug fixes

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amazon app

Amazon’s Android app was updated recently in order to promote a new image and introduce a single sign-on feature across all Amazon apps.

The application now has a brand new icon, clearly promoting the online shopping aspect of the company.

The single sign-on feature will work across Amazon’s Android applications — when you sign into the Amazon app, you’ll automatically be signed into other Amazon apps, including Kindle and the Amazon Appstore.

Support for devices under Android 2.3 was dropped as well, and some bug fixes were added to the update. Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store.

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Amazon’s 2014 Kindle Fire line to be powered by MediaTek processors

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MediaTek processors are starting to be used more and more in not only the Asian market, but also in the western hemisphere. Recent rumors suggest that Google is working on a budget Nexus smartphone that will feature a MediaTek 64-bit processor. Now there are rumors suggesting that Amazon will be using a MediaTek MT8135 in their upcoming refresh of the entry-level Kindle Fire tablets.

MediaTek initially dismissed the idea that they would be working with Amazon, but also said that they would try and close a deal with any potential clients. Reports today came in saying that Amazon would indeed use MediaTek to process some of their tablets, but we do not yet know if MediaTek chipsets will power the entire Kindle Fire line or just the entry-level devices.

Source: UDN
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