Huawei Introduces the Ascend D quad, Claims To Be Fastest Smartphone In The World

… release and additional photos. [gallery] Huawei Introduces the World's Fastest Smartphone… smartphone's prowess is enhanced by Huawei Device's proprietary power management technology… from April 2012. About Huawei Device Huawei Device believes that everyone can… Huawei Device online: For regular updates on Huawei

Huawei Looks To Future: Investing Captial For Development Of Touch-Free Devices And Infinite Cloud Storage

…. What unusual advancements, you ask? Huawei North America's Research & Development General… concept and technology would require Huawei devices to feature some serious… notes Huawei is likely to build it into tablets first. Huawei is… technologies and concepts posed by Huawei. source: Computer World via: The…