New Amazon smartphone to be an AT&T exclusive

by Robert Nazarian on
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The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duri

Amazon is going to finally announce their new smartphone tomorrow, but it looks like you you will only be able to buy it on AT&T. I guess this isn’t a shocker since Amazon and AT&T already partner for the Kindle tablets.

In case you have been living under a rock, Amazon is hoping that glasses-free 3D will get consumers excited. I won’t say I am excited, but I am interested to see what Amazon has to offer. Is this going to be something really cheesy, or will it actually be useful? Amazon has worked on this project for a long time, so I would like to think that Amazon will change the game. Either way, you will have only have one carrier choice, and that’s AT&T.

source: WSJ

Amazon Appstore value rising as many developers see equal revenue with competing platforms

by Justin Herrick on
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Compared to last year, the Amazon Appstore has seen its selection triple. The company is announcing many milestones to show just how valuable the Appstore has become. The aforementioned growth, which pegs the selection at over 240,000 apps, was done largely due to the 200 countries where the Amazon Appstore is available. The apps can also be downloaded to Android devices and Amazon’s very own Kindle Fire lineup.

Revenue is key for developers and Amazon is proud to say that developing or porting apps for the Appstore is lucrative. In a recent survey of 360 developers, 65% found that their total revenue in the Amazon Appstore was equal with competing platforms. Many of those same developers even saw increased per user revenue with Kindle Fire devices. Clearly the reach of Kindle Fire devices thanks to Amazon’s massive online storefront does not hurt.

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Amazon announces Prime Music

by Jack Holt on
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Amazon has had an MP3 store for as long as I can remember and while I never took advantage of the free music credit I’ve received over the years I’m sure some folks have. Well Amazon is looking to take music to the next level with Amazon Prime Music. The company will be rebranding Amazon MP3 and Cloud Player by lumping into one service. Amazon Music as it’s called will still allow you to buy the tracks available to you now, but with the added caveat that if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime you have the benefit of basically a million free songs in your music arsenal. Those Prime users who use Instant Video will be familiar with the set up of Amazon Music.

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Amazon’s music streaming service could launch as soon as June 12

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You read that title correct. Tomorrow, Amazon could be entering into a new field. Back in February, Amazon started to have negotiations with music companies. These negotiations would have to do with a music streaming service. We then heard in March that Amazon’s music streaming service would be more akin to iTunes Radio in that it would not offer unlimited access to music. Instead, it would be focused on user preferences. Earlier today, The New York Times confirmed that it would be a limited music streaming service that may be introduced and launched tomorrow. And as previously reported, Amazon will be limiting the service to Prime subscribers. » Read the rest

Amazon releases Audible integration to Kindle app

by Christian de Looper on
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Amazon is rolling out professional narration to its Kindle app through a new software update. The software allows users to switch between the text version of the book and an audiobook version for as low as $0.99.

According to Amazon, users can switch between text and audiobook without having to even leave the app. The technology that Amazon is using is called Whispersync for voice. Upgrading to the Audible version isn’t free, however. Most titles will cost $0.99, but some bestsellers will set you back up to $3.99. Hit the break for the Play Store download link and the QR code!

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Amazon’s new smartphone to use Omron’s OKAO Vision technology

by Jeff Causey on
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Amazon is inviting folks to a launch event on June 18th when it is expected the company will reveal their first smartphone device. As we have previously reported, Amazon is hoping to bring something unique to market by loading the device down with several sensors that will enable both 3D effects on the screen as well as the potential for new interactions based on face and head tracking of users. It has now been revealed that Amazon will be using OKAO Vision face sensing technology from Omron. » Read the rest

Amazon announcing new device on June 18, probably its first smartphone

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Ready or not, Amazon has something to announce on June 18 in Seattle. The company posted a video of some people getting hands on time with an unseen device. Simply put, all of the people are floored by whatever it is they are playing around with. One woman says “it moves with me” while some of the other participants move around watching the device. This is what basically makes it a lock that on June 18 (which is right on schedule), Amazon will unveil its first smartphone. The device will allegedly have 3D object recognition and it very much seems that the participants in the video were utilizing that.

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Amazon preparing to release music streaming service for Prime customers

by Christian de Looper on
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Amazon is reportedly planning on releasing an on-demand music streaming service for customers of Amazon Prime. This will put Amazon, who is currently focusing on music sales rather than streaming, in competition with the likes of Beats and Spotify.

The service will, however, have a number of limitations. For example, new releases won’t be available to stream. The service will only be serving music that is at least 6 months old. The amount of music will also be smaller than other streaming services.

Source: BuzzFeed
Via: The Verge

Prepaid no contract Verizon Moto G available from Amazon for only $70

by Jeff Causey on
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When Verizon decided to pick up the Motorola Moto G to offer to their customers, they decided to only make it available via one of their prepaid plans. If a 3G smartphone is sufficient for your needs and you are okay with Verizon, then you may want to jump on this latest deal from Amazon. They are offering the Moto G for only $70.

There is no indication how long this deal will be available, but a check of Verizon indicates you can still get it for a Friday delivery if you order by late Thursday afternoon. Hit the source link if you want to check out the offer or place an order.

source: Amazon

Amazon invites customers to free 30 day trial of Fire TV

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Amazon initially sold out of their  Fire TV boxes within hours of having them available, and now that they have more in stock. They want people to buy them so much that they are actually allowing customers to try their $99 set-top box for 30 days for free of charge. According to emails being sent to some customers, once shipped, you can return the box without obligation and without being left out of pocket as long as you follow the conditions of Amazon’s returns policy.

Of course, customers without an invite can essentially do the same thing by returning the device via Amazon’s regular returns policy, but return shipping costs might be incurred.

Source: Recode