Wind Mobile now carrying Android powered Huawei U8100

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Canadian wireless carrier “Wind” has released what seems to be their first ever Android phone with the Huawei U8100. Specs for the device include:

• Android 2.1
• Full Touch Screen w/ Virtual QWERTY Keyboard
• Built-in accelerometer
• Customizable main screen
• Builit-in Google Maps™ with GPS
• Builit-in Google Search/ Gmail/ YouTube/ Facebook
• 3.2M pixels camera
• Speakerphone
• FM radio
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth

Wind is offering the U8100 for $160, but that is an off-contract price. That’s right, this is a prepaid plan. They also mention that new customers can receive a $150 “porting credit” or half off data add-ons for a year.

To check out the device for yourself or look at pricing, head over to the source link below.

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Motorola suing Huawei and former employees for stealing wireless trade secrets

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According to an article over at engadget, Motorola (a huge player in the Android space) is suing Huawei (with a new Android tablet) and over a dozen former employees for attempting to steal trade secrets for wireless and “other proprietary technology” in a time spanning over years, starting in 2001.

The lawsuit was filed in 2008 against 4 former employees (engineers) for Motorola, along with a company called “Lemko” on the previously mentioned charges. Apparently, after digging deeper into the case, Motorola discovered how deep the rabbit hole went, and filed a new complaint on 7/16/10, citing Huawei and 9 other previous employees for allegedly scheming to heist plans for the SC300, a 3G base station.

The complaint states that the plan to steal the trade secrets was fumbled when one of the alleged perpetrators was taken into custody by Customs at O’Hare airport. He had with him over $30,000 in cash and over a thousand pages of documentation pertaining to Motorola’s communication technology. Another former employee was caught bulk purchasing Motorola phones, then sending unlock codes and dump files to Lemko so the information could be reverse engineered.

Motorola also claims it isn’t certain about the exact relationship between Lemko, the former employees and Huawei, saying that “file destruction software” was put onto computers that were turned over as evidence, before they were in the hands of the authorities. They also say that Huawei was completely aware of the fact that it was receiving unauthorized information from the other parties. For a full copy of the complaint filed by Motorola, check it out here (pdf).

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Huawei entry level phone with Android 2.2 spotted in China over a month before release

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Who says Android phones need to be big and bad? According to an article over at engadget, they have received a couple blurrycam shots of China’s yet-to-be-released, low end, Android based phone (see picture above). the really cool part? It looks like this little guy will be sporting Android 2.2 Froyo. While not too terribly much is known about the device (such as the official name), engadget China has told the world that this device will have:

  • 2.8″ QVGA capacitive touchscreen
  • 3.2MP camera (dual LED flash?)
  • HSDPA 3G connectivity

Not the best specs on the planet, but remember, this is an entry-level phone, and I personally think these specs are just fine for that category. Keep an eye out for this device in China sometime in August.

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Android based Huawei S7 Tablet on presale, ships in 10 days

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If you just can’t wait to get your hands on an Android based tablet that doesn’t look bad, the Huawei S7 tablet may be your weapon of choice. A little while back, Huawei unveiled their S7 tablet at Computex, and now it looks like they will be re-announcing it in Australia tomorrow to make it official. Tomorrow, you say? Surely, you can’t wait that long! Well, fear not, because Expansys now has the tablet up for preorder for £299.99 plus shipping. This little number will feature a 800×480, 7″ capacitive display, Android 2.1, plus an underclocked Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 768MHz.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Huawei S7 At Computex… Runs 1Ghz Snapdragon & Android 2.1

by Chris Moor on
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Huawei S7 Android 2.1 tablet running Snapdragon at Computex 2010

Huawei S7 Android 2.1 tablet at Computex 2010

Well not much is known about this 7in tablet, but the folks over at Engadget did a little digging at Computex. They dug up the following:

  • Qualcomm MSM8250 1Ghz Snapdragon Processor
  • Android 2.1
  • Internal speaker with external volume rocker
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • microSD card slot
  • USB connector
  • Built in kickstand, no MacGuyvering necessary!

They seemed to really like the device and praise it’s ability to smoothly play video. This seems like one hot tablet! I guess the iPad really does have something to fear.

[via Engadget]

Huawei U823X Android Phone Video

by Chris Moor on

Yesterday, Huawei unveiled their first Android powered handset at the ComunicAsia event in Singapore, dubbed the Huawei U823X.

The Huawei U823X will feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, a longer life 1,500mAh cell battery, and Wi-Fi/HSDPA/Bluetooth connectivity.

According to the phone’s spec sheet the handset will also arrive bundled with the “Chrome Lite” browser, but that hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Here’s a hands-on video shot by the guys at CNET, but sadly the handset on display was only a demo unit and not a working prototype.

The Huawei U823X is expected to launch in the second half of this year, and will be sold only through operators. It is not known in which markets the handset will be made available.


Huawei U8230 Android Phone Unveiled

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Huawei have unveiled their first Android powered handset at the CommunicAsia 2009 in Singapore today.

Here’s a full extract from the press release:

The Android-powered U8230 smartphone allows users to switch between full and half QWERTY keyboards and to navigate programs easily via a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen. Huawei’s U8230 uses the Google Chrome Internet browser which supports a variety of Google applications such as Google Map, Google Search and Google Talk. It is also fitted with a battery which has a capacity of 1500 mAH – the longest battery capacity among Android-powered handsets currently available.

“Having joined the Open Handset Alliance in 2008, Huawei is rapidly moving forward with the development of cutting-edge high-end handsets, especially smartphones powered by Android and Windows Mobile operating systems,” said Glory Chueng, the spokesperson of Huawei Terminals. “The U8230 and the C8000 handsets on display here at CommunicAsia take the interactivity experience of smartphones to a whole new level and Huawei is looking forward to working with our customers to bring them to market later this year.”

The C8000 handset also unveiled will be powered by Windows Mobile.

We’re expecting more information to surface shortly for the Huawei U8230, so be sure to check back for further updates.

Alternatively you can follow our twitter feed: @googleandroid

Update: Both handsets are expected to launch in the second half of 2009 and are expected to be made available in Europe.

Pricing details have not yet been revealed.

Huawei G3 Android Phone Coming To T-Mobile

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Huawei have confirmed that they will be launching the third Android phone on the T-Mobile network later this year.

The upcoming handset is called the G3 and although details are scarce, the device will include a 5 mega-pixel camera, Wi-Fi and a 3mm headphone jack.

‘I can confirm that Huawei will be releasing the third Google phone on T-Mobile this year.’ – Huawei spokesperson.

The Huawei G3 phone will mark T-Mobile’s second exclusive Google phone following the G1 which launched late last year.

The T-Mobile G3 is expected to be available sometime after July of this year – we’ll keep you posted on any future developments.

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Huawei To Unveil Android Handset At Mobile World Congress

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Chinese manufacturer Huawei are set to unveil a new android powered handset at the Mobile World Congress trade show that takes place next month.

According to an announcement on their official website, Huawei plan to showcase a “Smart mobile phone based on the ‘Android’ platform” in a section of their booth named “Mobile U-life”.

Back in December of last year, Huawei announced that they planned to release an Android powered handset in the third quarter of 2009. The announcement came shortly after the manufacturer officially joined the Open Handset Alliance.

The Mobile World Congress 2009 trade show takes place in Barcelona from February 16th. Additional Android related announcements are expected from both Samsung and HTC.