Official Huawei Honor Photos Released

Photos of the upcoming Huawei Honor handset have been officially released by its Chinese manufacturer, Huawei Technologies. The specs remain unconfirmed, however it is said to run Android 2.3, have a 4-inch capacitive screen, 1.4GHz processor and front/rear cams, the latter of which is marked as being 8-megapixel in the photos if you look closely. […]

Info Leaks on Huawei Honor to Pique Interest

Typically, when one is considering an Android handset (or any handset, for that matter), he or she is going to be looking at the bigger manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, or LG. Now a lot of that is due to word of mouth and brand recognition, but part of it is device quality as well. (I’m […]

Huawei Vision Shows Up At FCC, Also Seen In Video Demo

Last week, The Huawei Device Company officially introduced its Vision smartphone via a press release as well as a promotional Video. The FCC provided additional information today after publishing their documentation on the Vision as well (FCC Model Name 007HW). Based on the information provided, Huawei’s Vision looks to be configured as follows: • Proprietary […]

The Huawei M835 lands on MetroPCS, Save $50 as part of back to school promotion

MetroPCS just announced that they will be carrying the Huawei M835, which is an entry-level device that sports Android 2.2. It features a 2.8-inch (320 x 240) display, a 3.2MP camera, 1200 mAh battery, GPS, 3G data, and delivers “crisp and clear audio” thanks to DTS Envelo Virtual Sound Technology. It will run you $79 […]