Developer takes just two hours to make AllCast work with Amazon Fire TV

by Justin Herrick on
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Update: App is now updated

That didn’t take long. Koushik Dutta, the man behind AllCast, has gotten his application to play nice with the new Amazon Fire TV set-top box. Dutta was able to get AllCast to mirror content from his smartphone to the set-top box in just two hours. He says the APIs found in Fire TV are actually much better to use than the ones found in Chromecast. While the APIs are not easier to use, they are much more flexible with Fire TV. Dutta also feels it functions better than Apple TV.

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Gameloft optimizing games for Amazon’s Fire TV

by Jeff Causey on
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As Amazon finally moves into the market of devices meant to help consumers get digital content displayed on their TVs with the release of their Fire TV device, one of the big factors that may influence their success will be apps, including games. We’ve already seen Google’s strategy with Chromecast play out as they slowly dribbled out the ability for services and apps to make use of the device. Amazon appears to have done more work to ensure content is ready with the shipment of the devices, but there is still room for more apps to join the party. One example is Gameloft, which has already started optimizing their titles for use on Fire TV.

Initially, Gameloft has made three titles ready for Fire TV – Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 4, and Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Gameloft says they will be optimizing more titles in the future. The company thinks “Amazon’s broad consumer base” will help drive the reach of their titles on the platform and ultimately the success of Fire TV.

Does the ability to access leading game titles, like those from Gameloft, have an impact on your interest in a device like the Amazon Fire TV?

source: Droid Gamers

Amazon Fire TV gets its innards exposed by iFixit

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Open it up! That is exactly what iFixit has done, in usual fashion, to Amazon’s new set-top box. Fire TV has gotten the teardown treatment. iFixit rates devices from 1 to 10 when experiencing a teardown in terms of ease. Getting a 10 would solidify an easy fix when the time comes. In this case, the Fire TV set-top box earned an average 6. Not hard, but not easy. » Read the rest

Amazon tablet app updated with Fresh grocery delivery service and several other features

by Jared Peters on
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Amazon has updated their tablet-specific app with a few useful new features. Users will now be able to access Amazon’s Fresh grocery delivery service through the app, which is awesome if you live in an area where that’s supported. Unfortunately, a vast majority of users won’t be affected by that addition, but Amazon has added enough other new features to make the update worthwhile.

You’ll now be able to pin items in search results to the bottom of the app, done by dragging and dropping an item in the search view, which makes comparison shopping extremely easy. Think something similar to YouTube’s pinned video functionality. There’s also a new pop-up filter in the search results, which makes narrowing down items much easier than it was before. » Read the rest

Amazon Game Studios shows what is coming and the first Fire TV exclusive “Sev Zero”

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Amazon’s new Fire TV set-top box does just about everything. Even gaming. As its name suggests, Amazon Game Studios is the company’s very own developer for gaming. Today, the studio has posted a video giving a preview at what it has up its sleeve. Amazon Games Studio assures consumers that each and every game is designed specifically for Kindle Fire tablets and the Kindle Fire TV set-top box. The games in the preview show various genres.

An exclusive title was officially announced as well. Sev Zero is available today for $6.99; however, most people will not be able to play it until their Amazon Fire TV devices arrive in the coming days. Buying the Fire TV’s game controller will actually net you Sev Zero automatically. So if you plan on gaming with your Fire TV, do yourself and purchase the game controller.

Hit the break for an Amazon Game Studios preview and a trailer for Sev Zero. And as you wait for your Amazon Fire TV to arrive, check out the first commercial featuring Gary Busey. » Read the rest

Gary Busey is the star of Amazon Fire TV’s first commercial

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You read that headline correct. Gary Busey is the star of Amazon Fire TV’s first commercial. Busey, who is a noted hilariously bizarre man, talks to a lamp in the commercial. Yes, a lamp. The idea is that Roku’s streaming set-top boxes cannot use voice commands and Fire TV can. Busey gets to do a voice search of himself. After being satisfied with the results, he goes into one of his trademark screaming fests.

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Amazon finally announces Fire TV set-top box and gaming controller

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After months and months of rumors, Amazon finally took the wraps off of their Fire TV set-top box. As one would expect, it’s a Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV competitor, but priced at $99, will it be compelling enough?

Fire TV is based on Android and will include a number of apps. The top of the list is Amazon Instant Video, which will probably never ever be officially available to the Chromecast. It will also offer a slew of other apps, most of them coming soon. These include Pandora,, NBA, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, and Crackle. The interface seems basic enough. The home screen shows your watchlist, movies, and TV shows along with search. It can also predict what you want to watch and an ASAP feature will start playing your selection instantly once you click on the Play button.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD, HDX, and HDX 8.9 all on sale for a limited time

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There is no better time to get a Kindle Fire HD, HDX, or HDX 8.9 from Amazon. The tablets are all being put on sale for a limited time in a promotion being described as “Elite Performance for Less” since it is the official tablet of the NCAA. The sale starts now since the Sweet Sixteen of March Madness is about to be broken down into the Elite Eight. The savings range from $20 to $40 depending upon the device you decide to purchase.

Choose a tablet from the source link to order.

Source: Amazon (Kindle Fire HD), (Kindle Fire HDX), (Kindle Fire HDX 8.9)

Amazon prepping free video streaming service that could launch in a few months [Updated]

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Amazon may soon be going toe-to-toe with Hulu and other video streaming services in a whole new way. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans on offering an alternative to paying $99 per year for Amazon Prime that would allow video content to be streamed without any subscription. The service would be backed by advertisements. On the surface, this competes directly with Hulu, but there is much more under the surface. » Read the rest

Amazon launching set-top box at event next week

by Aditya Thawardas on
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amazon_boxtopAmazon’s entry into the video box market has been long rumored, but it seems their plans will come into fruition next week. The company has invited reporters, with the above promo image, to gather for an “update on our video business”  hosted by Amazon VP Peter Larsen in New York next Wednesday, April 2.

This is probably going to be a box to compete with products like Apple TV, Roku, and of course, Google’s Chromecast. They already have a video streaming service, Amazon Prime, that competes with other similar services. Our questions about the device will be answered next Wednesday, so stay tuned.

Source: Re/Code