All HTC Desire Z phones including T-Mobile G2, Desire HD get permanent root

We’ve reported in the past about the T-Mobile G2 – and all other HTC Desire HD phones – not being able to get any rooting that sticks. Up until this point, all rooting on these devices has been what’s known as soft-root, meaning the device has to be re-rooted on every reboot. But, leave it […]

HTC Paradise Seen at FCC for Possible AT&T Launch

New findings at the FCC show the new HTC Paradise is getting some AT&T love. The unannounced HTC Paradise will be an Android smartphone and will be supporting AT&T’s 3G bands. The FCC document also lists the following features for the HTC Paradise; slide-out qwerty keyboard 3.2 megapixel camera FM radio Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS 3.5mm […]

Motorola does own version of HTC Sense “Scenes” and Sprint ID with “Profiles” on Droid Pro

If you’ve got an HTC Android device running HTC’s Sense overlay, then chances are you’re pretty familiar with “Scenes”. The feature allows you to have different homescreen layout for different situations, such as work, play, driving, weekdays, etc.. Now, it looks like Motorola is following suit with their Droid Pro, and adding waht they’re calling […]