CTIA Dropping Second Yearly Event To Create One Super Show

The Wireless Association (CTIA), formerly the Cellular Telephone Industry Association, announced that beginning 2014, it will compress its two yearly trade shows into one “super show” in the fall. Looking back on CTIA 2012, there were plenty of announcements but no device that really stood out. The combined show, being called Super Mobility Week, will allow CTIA a chance to compete for the limelight with shows like the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress which are also in the fall.

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Featured Android Game Review: Ant Raid [Arcade & Action]

HeroCraft has a new one out and it’s a dandy. It’s called Ant Raid and it’s basically a battle in the garden. You play the ants and you need to take out armies of bees, snails, and other insects. This game was already a hit on iOS devices, but now it’s available in the Google Play Store for your enjoyment. The initial levels are quite easy, but it gets difficult in a hurry.

Each level is in a different surrounding and you’re given a certain number of ants. As other insects approach, your job is to send some or all of the ants to take out each enemy. You do this by tapping on the screen and a circle appears. As you hold your finger the circle will get larger. The ants that are within that circle will be the ones that attack. Now you just tap where you want to send them. Sounds easy right? Well at first it is, but then things get a little more interesting in that you will have to use some of your leftover ants to rescue other ants. You will also need to figure out how many ants you really need to take out a particular enemy in order to conserve your leftovers for the next enemy. Each insect is different, some are fast, and others are bigger and/or stronger.

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ASUS Nexus 7 Dock Set To Ship To European And US Customers In Mid-January


Those of you in Europe and the US who have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the elusive ASUS Nexus 7 dock are officially in luck as the dock is officially due to arrive sometime this month. Reports are coming in from AndroidWorld.nl that the dock is due to arrive in mid-January, while some US retailer outlets are now showing a similar availability date after previously being slightly vague with the dock’s availability date. Just when you think the Nexus 7 can’t get any better… it gets better— and better late than never I might add.

Hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait for Nexus 7 owners elsewhere in the world.


source: AndroidWorld
via: Android Central

Google Glass With Prescription Lenses Spotted Out In The Wild in New York City


We may not know what Google Glass will feature exactly, but at least we know how the revolutionary pair of glasses will potentially look like— at least for those who happen to wear regular glasses. Apparently, Google has been handing out some Google Glass prototypes to some select testers out there as at least one tester was spotted out wearing a specialized prototype similar to what we’ve seen previously, but this time featuring two lenses in front. The fact that we’re seeing a prototype with lenses isn’t too surprising for a few reasons. Rumor has it that not only is Google potentially working with frame makers, but Google could possibly be working on and shipping Glass with some optional mounts for the lenses, which can be fitted at popular stores that carry the lenses.

As exciting news as this recent sighting is— keep in mind that the general public will still need to wait a while before getting their hands on this puppy. A finalized version of Google Glass will not be ready until at least next year, so the only people who will potentially get to have an idea oh how this product and technology will work are the developers (and people of other interests) who will be able to obtain a special preview version. Fortunately, next year will be here before you know it, so hopefully the wait isn’t going to be too bad.


source: RoadToVR
via: Phandroid

Yet another competitor in Android game console market, GameStick launches Kickstarter campaign

A new entrant in the Android gaming console market emerged today with PlayJam announcing the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to be able to start producing their take on the hardware, the GameStick. PlayJam indicates they are targeting a market price of only $79 for the GameStick. The device is very small, similar to a typical USB flash drive, and will plug directly into a TV’s HDMI slot to provide full 1080p video. Bluetooth is used to connect the GameStick’s controller to the device with PlayJam promising the ability to join other controllers, not limited to PlayJam’s own controllers, for multi-player functionality. When not in use, the “console” part can be stowed inside the controller for easy transport. As far as content, PlayJam indicates they are working with developers of the 700,000 Android games available to identify titles to be included in a customized app store for the device. Read more

How to add a custom boot animation to any Samsung ROM

Those of you with a Samsung device looking to add a custom boot animation, your prayers have finally been answered. Thanks to the work of XDA members anbech and smokin1337, it can finally be accomplished. As you might or might not know, most Android devices use the bootanimation.zip format for boot animation. It happens to be the default, but Samsung has been using QMG files, which is more expensive, not to mention that it made it very difficult to cook up your own.

Now the bootanimation.zip is back on Samsung devices because smokin1347 created the mod for the Galaxy Note II and anbech did it for the Galaxy S III, but it will work on all Samsung devices that use samsungani to load the boot animation. Here are the notes from smokin1347’s mod:

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Facebook alternative “Facedroid” gets an update, adds phone-optimized layout

Before Facebook released their native Android app, the official Facebook app was pretty clunky and junky. Several alternative apps tried to fill that void and provide a good Facebook experience built specifically for Android. One of those apps was Facedroid, which had lots of functionality and a pretty solid design. The only problem was that up until now, Facedroid was only optimized for tablets, meaning that those with a smartphone could not even download the app. Well, today things are changing; Facedroid developers have released an update with a new layout optimized for smartphone screens, so now you can get your one handed Facebook action on. The phone layout is currently in beta, so expect a few minor bugs while the developers work to make things more stable. Also of note, is that the app is currently on sale for just $0.99! Use the QR code or download link if you want to try it out.

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New interview reveals the future of Google Glass

Google Glass made big news last year when Google introduced the wearable computer at Google I/O in a stunt-filled, live-streaming action sequence, complete with BMX riders, skydivers, and wall repellers. Since then things have been pretty quiet regarding the quirky eye-wear, but today Babak Parviz, who leads the Google Glass project, conducted a small interview with IEEE Spectrum. In the interview Parviz lets us in on both the progress and the future of Google Glass. Below are the most notable tidbits from the interview:

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Nova Launcher updated to version 2.0 with several new features

Just last month we completed some testing of launcher apps on tablets to replace what users may have received on their devices. Among our favorites was Nova Launcher, which just got an update to version 2.0 in the Google Play Store. Nova Launcher‘s developer, TeslaCoil Software, has included several new features in this latest version with many of them being available in the free version. Read more

Huawei D2 press shot surfaces ahead of CES unveiling

 We recently stumbled upon a slew of images outing Huawei’s upcoming D2 smartphone, but today’s new evidence has all but solidified its impending release. A new press shot of the device has surfaced, showing off the 5-inch device running atop Huawei’s custom UI. If you’re unfamiliar with the device, the D2’s specs include a 1.5-GHz quad-core processor, a full 1080p display and a 13-megapixel rear camera. Huawei is expected to make an official announcement of the D2 at CES next week in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ll be covering the event live, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

Source: UnwiredView