Google swiftly photoshops accidental Nexus 8 leak to a Nexus 7

Nexus 7 photoshop

Google recently showed us what appeared to be a Nexus 8 on the official Android website, but they’ve quickly corrected their mistake. Thanks to some quick photo editing, Google has edited that image to show their newly released Nexus 7 instead of the rumored 8-inch tablet.

Truthfully, this doesn’t reveal anything about the device aside from telling us that Google didn’t want anyone to know about it just yet. It’s possible that Google wanted to adjust the mysterious tablet to squash any false rumors before they gained too much steam, but since we’ve already seen a possible 8-inch Nexus by LG get Bluetooth certification, it’s pretty unlikely that the tablet in the original photo was just a mock device. We’ll probably know more soon, but right now it’s clear that Google isn’t going to say anything.

source: Phone Arena

Customized Moto X could hit Sprint on November 11th


When Motorola launched the Moto X, it was clear the customization that was exclusive to AT&T would only last for a limited time. It looks like Sprint may be ready to join the ranks of carriers offering customized Moto X devices beginning November 11th. A leaked image from an internal Sprint document indicates that is the date Moto Maker will launch on the Sprint network, offering a variety of customization options for customers. The list of possible options includes the items we are familiar with like color, memory, boot animations and even “pre-loading” Google account information. Missing from the list are the custom engraving and wood back options spotted earlier this year.

source: Android Central

Leaked screenshot of Moto Maker shows wood backing option, should come in next two months

Wood Back Evleaks

You can always count on @evleaks to answer the questions.

We haven’t heard about the legendary wooden backing on the Moto X in quite a while now, but we knew that at some point it would be coming. While the hype surrounding the Moto X is starting to die down a bit, expect it to get a little noisier…

A recent tweet from @evleaks shows Moto Maker offering “Wood” as a backing option for the device.

The Wood backing will cost you an extra $50 and comes in Teak, Ebony, Rosewood, and Bamboo wood tones. Expect the new option to hit Moto Maker sometime in the fourth quarter, which began in the beginning of October…  You’ve got two months to go, Motorola.

Source: @evleaks

Google kicks off “Connected Classrooms” program through Google+ Hangouts with a series of virtual field trips


Most of us can remember heading out on those big yellow school buses in elementary school on field trips with all of our classmates, teachers, and parent chaperons. However, there are some unfortunate ones that cannot go on field trips. Google+ has an answer for that.

“Connected Classrooms” will let students around the world to take part in virtual field trips on Google+ Hangouts, allowing them to see places that they never would have imagined they could see. Today, Google launched the program with three field trips: Seattle Aquarium, Minnesota Zoo, and the Solar Impulse hangar.

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Ingress team makes announcements as it prepares for full blown launch


The folks over at Google’s Niantic Labs, creators of the augmented reality game ‘Ingress,’ has just made some announcements on its Google+ page.

The first is that the team is dropping the invitation code requirement so that all Android users can enter the Beta. All agents that achieve Level 5 by December 14 will qualify for “The Founder Medal” for their early support of the Ingress experience.

The team also announced that they’re launching the “Ingress Elite V” challenge, which will work to identify the top 5 Ingress agents in the world. If you’re interested, hit the source link for more information direct from Ingress.

Source: +Ingress

Possible Nexus 8 may have just gotten Bluetooth certification, made by LG


Remember that possible Nexus 8 that surfaced on Android’s website over the weekend? Now there’s more of a reason to think that it is indeed real. An LG tablet with the design name “LG V510” became Bluetooth certified last week. The reason for believing this is the Nexus 8 is because LG’s G Pad 8.3 has the “LG V500” design name. Do you think LG is going to release another tablet right on the heels of this one? We don’t think so.

If this stays to true Nexus form and mimics another device, we’re looking at a tablet with a full HD IPS display with 273 ppi, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 4,600 mAh battery. So yes, this would be a welcomed addition to the Nexus family. After Apple’s iPad mini was released, many consumers felt it was the sweet spot for tablet screens. You get a decent amount of screen real estate with portability. As always, stay tuned for this and more information on a new Nexus 10.

Source: Blog of Mobile (Japanese)

If Steve Wozniak were with Apple, he’d team up with Google


If you ever need someone to cause a stir, just go to Steve Wozniak. In a recent interview with the BBC, the Apple co-founder made a bold statement by saying “I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners in the future” because “it would be pretty likely” if he was still there. Can you imagine a world where Apple and Google teamed up for something? Google, with Android being completely open, and Apple, so independent on much of their work, being in cahoots with each other. And that is a concern that Wozniak brings up. Hit the break for an interesting piece from Wozniak on sharing technology. Read more

Verizon to hold November 19th press event in Minnesota


Today Verizon announced that they will be holding a press conference on November 19th in Minnesota at the Mall of America. Don’t expect devices at this event, but rather news on possible new contract plans as Verizon claims it’ll be a “reinvention of the wireless customer experience.”

No further details so far, but once we have more information we’ll be sure to relay it back ASAP. The event will start at 1PM CST.

AT&T to be first US carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom come November 8th


If you’re in the market for a an Android phone with a great camera, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom may just be for you. This device is slated to be released from AT&T this November 8th with an on-contract price of $199. While the Zoom has the “S4″ name, the specs are more like the S4 mini with its 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB’s of RAM, and a 4.3” 960 x 540 display.

Obviously, if you’re in the market for this device, it’s more about the camera rather then the specs. With the Zoom, you get a 16MP camera and 10x optical zoom  with an F-Stop range of F3.1-6.3, and ISO goes from 100 up to 3200. The phone also has a true xenon flash rather than the standard LED ones that other phones have.

If you decide to pick one up through AT&T, you may also be eligible to receive a Galaxy Tab 3 for free, so make sure you inquire if you qualify. For more info on this device, check out the YouTube video right below after the break!

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Samsung might shift focus to the tablet market in 2014


Samsung has dominated the smartphone market, and there aren’t too many people left that would even try to dispute that. However, the one market that Samsung desperately wants but hasn’t managed to claim is the tablet market. Although tablet shipments have been rising very quickly and even outnumber Apple, no one manufacturer has been able to make a line of tablets that truly compete with the success of Apple’s iPad line. In a few months, though, that may change. Read more