New Google Play services adds updated authentication method to Android using OAuth

Android app developers have a new tool available courtesy of the Google Play Store to help streamline app authentication against Google. Announced on the Google Developers site today, Google is starting the process of rolling out new Google Play services, a framework for integrating applications with Google Play through use of a services component running on user devices and a thin client library packaged with apps. Read more

[Review] iHeartRadio Music Application

Chances are by now, you’ve probably heard of the iHeartRadio music app. From being constantly beaten into your head while listening to our favorite radio station, to the endless promos for the iHeartRadio music festival that just wrapped up in Vegas, you’ve no doubt at least heard the name. In my opinion, this app alone is worth the ‘price of admission’ into the smart phone world.  Read more

Samsung releases two more ‘Next Big Thing’ advertisements

There are many things that Android fans have in common. Indeed good taste in phones, great conversions, and support are among the common ones, but they also enjoy “bashing” Apple products in advertisements. The variety of people that watch television have probably seen Samsung’s new Galaxy S III ad, called “The Next Big Thing is Already Here“. The 90 second-long commercial features a simple story:

People are waiting in line for a new device (in this case the iPhone 5), and see Galaxy S III users showing off their features, like Android beam and the spacious 4.8″ display.

To go along with that, a man waiting in line is teased by iPhone fans that his “Galaxy S III didn’t work out for him”… while he is actually saving the spot in line for his parents.

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ASUS confirms Jelly Bean for Transformer Prime and Transformer Pad Infinity coming soon

ASUS began rolling out an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Transformer Prime in Sweden yesterday, and today the company has followed with a statement regarding the rest of the world. Announced via the company’s official Facebook page, ASUS says global users can expect an update to the latest version “soon”. In addition to the Transformer Prime (TF201), the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) will also be getting in on the upgrade action. While an exact time frame wasn’t given, the update will reportedly arrive within 72 hours. Considering ASUS tends to make this type of announcement the same week (or even days before) it plans to roll out an update, we have no reason to doubt its legitimacy.

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Android 4.0.4 for the T-Mobile HTC One S is rolling out!

The long-awaited update for the T-Mobile HTC One S is finally rolling out to users nationwide. Of course, the software upgrade consists of the infamous “Android 4.0.4″ alongside its companion, 4.1 Sense. There is no doubt that the One S is one of HTC’s most popular devices, leaving users very anxious for some perfomance fixes and bug tweaks. And that is exactly what the update brought! You can now expect “more smooth” transitions with performance improvements, as well as wireless tweaks, involving Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Connectivity issues with wireless devices and networks have been a huge problem with the orginal build for the HTC One S, but we are happy to say, those are gone. Even though that the update isn’t 4.1 JellyBean, the OTA fix will help a lot of users in their daily tasks. All in all, the update will round up at about 150mb, so if you are locked into a “tiered” data plan, we recommend that you utilize your home wireless connection.

What do you think of the update? If you already installed it, are you noticing improvements? I would love to hear your comments, and… Happy Updating!

Source: Android Central

Samsung Galaxy Camera gets priced and is available for pre-order in the UK

The British website Clove has announced the Samsung Galaxy Camera for pre-order at a price of £399 ($650) including VAT and £332 ($540) without VAT. The camera runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and features a quad core Exynos processor, a 16 megapixel sensor, 21x optical zoom, and pop-up xenon flash The Galaxy Camera looks to spearhead a new era of “Smart Cameras”.

The Galaxy Camera  adds most of the features we are used to in our phones such as 3G, a touchscreen display and HDMI out for the smartphone-loving Instagram nut. It’s meant to satisfy the casual point-and-shoot crowd, but is this preliminary pricing too much for general consumers to swallow?

Source: Clove

Samsung and Google executives could discuss patents when they meet on Thursday

Even with the disappointment of Apple winning its litigation on their “special patents”, it looks like executives from both Google and Samsung will meet in Seoul on Thursday. Thats right! Eric Schmidt, alongside Samsung “big-wig”, Shin Jong-kyun, will discuss numerous details about their company companionship.

But it seems that it is very likely that this meeting is focused on, none other than Apple’s patent strikes against Samsung. Lets not forget that just a little over a month ago, Apple won its case in the United States against the company, exclaiming various factors of how the South Korean manufacturer infringed on Apple design and “style”.

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Great Barrier Reef, other locations now viewable via first underwater imagery through Google Maps

You’ve got to admit, the timing of adding a one-of-a-kind feature in Google Maps couldn’t have been timed better after that dismal iOS attempt at a map app. In a partnership with Catlin Seaview Survey, Google has ironically added some eye-popping underwater locations to its “Street View” feature. Google has updated this feature to include underwater locales such as Great Barrier Reef, Hanauma Bay in Hawaii, additional sites in Australia, the Philippines and more. The images themselves were captured with a special, 360-degree camera of which only two exist in the world. Go ahead, dive in to this new feature. It should prove to be both entertaining and educational. After you’ve put it through its paces, let us know what you think.

source:  Google Blog

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Appears on FCC As SGH-T779

T-Mobile seems to often be late to the party when rolling out devices, or maybe it’s just my perception as an 11-year customer when they don’t offer a device I want on day-one like other carriers. However, T-Mobile seems to end up getting most of the same nice devices as the other major carriers eventually. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is no exception in this case. Revealed through FCC filing, the newest tablet in T-Mobile’s stable will be released as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (SGH-T779). As is usually the case with device sightings on FCC, we will most likely see the Tab 2 on Magenta’s network within the next couple of months if not late next month. Is anyone looking forward to this particular tablet from T-Mobile? Let us know.

source:  FCC