Apple Could Have Tampered with Evidence Against Samsung Yet Again

by Harold Williams on
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Here we go again. We have more news about Apple possibly tampering with image evidence against Samsung, this time pointed at the Samsung Galaxy S. Just this past Monday we reported that altered images were submitted to a German court by Apple. The image showed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 dimensions were changed to match the iPad. In this new report, an image submitted to a Netherlands court by Apple presents the Galaxy S as the exact same height as the iPhone 3GS (though the image of the Galaxy seems to be only reduced in size).

If all the tampering is true, it’s completely ridiculous in 2011 to think altering images would go unnoticed. As our own Robert Nazarian mentioned in his post linked above, there is no question the physical devices themselves will be presented. I would hope that the courts will not stand for any of this, but I’m sure there will be plenty of BS to cover the reasons behind the images. What do you think the repercussions will be for this if any? Hit us up in the comments.

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EVO 3D Unlock Bootloader Tool Available on HTCDev Website (Next Up T-Mobile Sensation 4G?)

by Harold Williams on
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Following the Sensation 4G in Europe, now owners of the EVO 3D on Sprint can join the party and unlock their bootloaders via the HTCDev website tool. You can head over to the HTCDev site and get started by the source link below. Remember, running this tool will void your warranty, so proceed with caution. It also appears the HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile is listed on the site too, however, it’s grayed out.  Keep checking back with us and we’ll let you know when it’s live! HTC deserves a big applause for this so let’s give it up for them. Hit us up in the comments and let us know if you’re excited!

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DROID Bionic Shows at $299 on Verizon MAP Starting September 8th

by Harold Williams on
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The Droid Bionic just hit Verizon’s minimum advertised price list sitting at $299 on a 2-year contract. The MAP also shows more solid evidence that the Droid Bionic will be launching on September 8th. Just in case you missed it, yesterday we showed you the supposed retail price of the Bionic along with pics from the Tips and Tricks manual. We’ve been following this phone for some time now, and with the hype that’s been behind it, this new Droid should fly off the shelves and shift some people to Verizon. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be snagging one on release or waiting for the next big thing.

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Amazon Wireless, TalkAndroid and others team up to give you $15,000 in prizes in a video contest

by Dustin Karnes on
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Do you hate shopping around for a new phone? Would rather do something more fun with your time, like eating mud? Sure, we love phone shopping, but hey… we’re geeks. So, we’ve teamed up with Amazon, as well as our friends at Android Police, Android and Me, and Phone Dog to let you tell us how Amazon Wireless helps you shop for your mobile device… and, hey – you can win some cash, too – as much as $5,000, with a grand total of $15,000 in prizes.

We’re going to be part of the judging panel for a slew of videos that are sure to be coming in, where you will tell the world why shopping with Amazon Wireless can make your next phone buying experience easier. The cash, you ask? Yea… that’s a pretty sweet deal. Hit the break for a full rundown of how to enter and prizes. You can also hit Amazon’s blog page.

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GetGlue update brings a fresh UI, smaller download size

by David Laborde on
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Rarely do you see an update that brings with it new features and a significantly reduced download size, but that’s what we have with the latest release of GetGlue.

GetGlue, the social network for entertainment, has added some nice changes with its latest update:

  • Fresh UI around entire product
  • New Quick Rate to build up your profile
  • Sports Check-ins
  • Quickly jump between sections of the app using your device’s menu button and search from anywhere using your device’s search button
  • Significantly reduced download size
  • Now runs on more devices, including tablets and supports landscape mode

In addition, push notifications and support for Foursquare are coming soon!

Want to give the latest version a shot while out this weekend?  You can use the source link below to download, or just hit our apps database for the QR code.

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Cellular South Expands Mobile Broadband Capacity, Readies Plans For 4G LTE

by David Laborde on
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Cellular South, the largest privately held wireless communications provider in the U.S.,  is continuing  to expand its network as it readies plans to introduce 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution).  The unprecedented $90 million network expansion is designed to meet the growing demand by consumers and businesses for faster data speeds and more robust services.

“Our industry-leading smartphone penetration rate is driving an explosive demand for mobile data services. These network enhancements will pave the way for the deployment of our 4G LTE network, which allows us to offer even faster speeds and deliver voice and data services with exceptional reliability and performance,” said Kevin Hankins, chief operating officer for Cellular South.

Among the network improvements the company has completed through the end of July:

  • Expanded network capacity by installing 110 spectrum carriers at 110 cell sites in 20 counties serving central and south Mississippi, the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Delta
  • Installed enhanced backhaul connections at 300 cell sites to enable 4G speeds and to boost capacity and handle more mobile traffic
  • Activated 20 new cell sites to expand coverage and network quality for wireless voice and data communications
  • Placed over 14,000 strand miles of single mode fiber optics to boost capacity, data transmission and network redundancy through an agreement with Jackson-based Telepak Networks, Inc., a full service provider of transport, Internet, telecommunications and network services
  • Added mobile broadband high speed data services on the Interstate 55 south corridor linking Jackson to Brookhaven, including Hazlehurst and Crystal Springs

Hankins said the company plans continue its network expansion activities for the remainder of 2011.

Hit the break for a full copy of the press release.

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It’s Official: White DROID Incredible 2 will be a Best Buy exclusive starting August 21

by Robert Nazarian on
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We have known about the White DROID Incredible 2 for a while now, and the recently leaked Best Buy buyers guide gave us further confirmation. Now all we need is the official announcement, and that has now been completed since Best Buy just gave us a press reelase. The only thing left is to head over to Best Buy starting this Sunday, August 21st, and hand over $149 for this gorgeous phone. The specs are the same as the black DROID Incredible 2, but lets face it, white is the new black.

Full press release after the break

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Not into custom ROM’s, but want the MIUI launcher? Check this out [courtesy of XDA]

by Robert Nazarian on
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I know there are a lot of you that do not root or install custom ROM’s. Here is your chance to get a little taste of the launcher from very popular MIUI ROM. XDA member Quinny899 has made a launcher that is very close to the original using uzitech’s Android Translator. Take a look at some of the screenshots and download the apk here. It might take a few extra seconds to load for the first time, but if you have any other issues please hit the source link to give Quinny899 feedback.

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HTC Puccini will be branded as the ‘Jetsteam’ on AT&T

by Robert Nazarian on
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We have been hearing a lot about the first HTC 10-inch tablet codenamed the Puccini. With the FCC approval, it is a matter of time till we see this LTE beast. The latest information is that we will see it by September or October. The official unveiling could be on September 1st, but for now we know it will be branded as the Jetstream on AT&T as the above picture of the settings menu provides confirmation.

We also expect that it will carry a different brand when sold internationally. We do not have confirmation, but looking at trademark filings there is a good chance that it will be the Skyrocket.

Who is looking forward to the HTC Jetstream or the Skyrocket?

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We may see an October launch of Google’s Nexus Prime, Android 4.0

by Adam Johnson on
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Finally we’re getting somewhere! A bit more information on the status of the 3rd generation Google device, the Nexus Prime. As it stands, this will be Google’s first Ice Cream Sandwich also know as Android 4.0 to hit the shelves. Korea’s IT related newspaper The Electronic Times, has recently reported that we could see the Nexus Prime in October. Electronic Times reported confirmation of the Nexus Prime debuting in October along with a little more information. The device will sport a 4.5-inch 1280×720 pixels, Super AMOLED HD display, and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor running the phone.

So will we see this next Android phone in the Nexus line by October? Well Android chief Andy Rubin tells us something different. He recently made some comments earlier in the week. According to him, we should expect to see it during the holiday season or just before.

We have this strategy where we have this Nexus program, and we have this lead device strategy. That strategy has worked quite well to help focus the team.

What we do is that we select each — around Christmastime of each year — we select a manufacturer that we work very closely with to release a device in that time frame. That includes, also, semiconductor companies and all of the components that go in the device.

Essentially the teams huddle together in one building. They jointly work in these development efforts — they go on for nine to 12 months. And ultimately at the holiday season, or right before it, devices pop out that are based on this effort.

Stay tuned for more information that yet bring us closer to getting out hands on Google’s Nexus Prime.

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