Samsung’s New Stylish SD Cards More Than Just Looks

You know it’s happened to you. You’re at a party, and the cute girl across the room is pointing at you and laughing. Yup. She saw your ugly SD card. How embarrasing. If only someone would make a hip, stylish SD card you could be proud of.

Well, your wait is over, my friends. Samsung has just announced a new line of fancy brushed-metal SD and microSD cards. Yes! And you know what else? They’re actually more than just beauty. This new series contains seven models ranging from 2GB to 32GB in capacity, and with up to 24MB/sec read speeds. They are part of Samsung’s  High Speed Series and Plus Extreme Speed Series.

They are also waterproof, shockproof, and magnet proof. Wait, what? Yes, these are virtually indestructible, and when they are carrying some of your most important information around, that’s a good, safe feeling (sorry, non-SD card carrying Galaxy Nexus owners). Get all the sexy details in the press release, after the break.

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Foxconn to Manufacture Kindle Fire 2 – Release Expected May or June

Looks like Foxconn will be an OEM behind the upcoming Kindle Fire 2. With this decision, Amazon also takes on selection and certification of the components that will be used. Hopefully this proves beneficial to consumers. It will undoubtedly lower the cost per unit for Amazon. The original Kindle, maufactured by Quanta,  was based on the existing design for the Blackberry Playbook. As we know, this ultimately led to Amazon losing money on each unit, but it appears to have been worth it in the long run. With full control over what will make up the Kindle Fire 2, Amazon should be able to keep it cheap without damaging their profit margins. So far all signs point to a formal unveil soon with a possible launch for the device beginning in May.

source: TheChinaTimes
via: UnwiredView 

Samsung Continuum Getting Android 2.2.2 Froyo Update

Samsung Continuum owners are getting some update love today in the form of two updates. The first update upgrades Android to Froyo itself (software version EB01) and the second update includes some improvements, one of which is the ability to run Flash Player 10.1. The phone arrived late 2010, and if you own one of these interesting phones I’m sure you thought all hope for an update was lost. But finally you can be excited! Even if it is only Froyo. And 2012. Official update notes after the break.

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Leaked Endeavor Port Gives HTC Sensation Taste of ICS With Sense 4.0

If you are impatient like I normally am and you can’t wait to get the official Ice Cream Sandwich build on your HTC Sensation then you’re in luck. A new ROM for the Sensation has been released based on a leaked build from the HTC Edge turned Endeavor turned HTC One X. While nothing new, considering ROM ports happen a lot after leaks, it’s interesting to see considering the One X runs Tegra 3 versus the Snapdragon S3 chip of the Sensation.

As with most early ROM ports, everything doesn’t work right from the get go and there are still some issues with the ROM. However TripNRaVer and other awesome developers over at RootzWiki are working their fingers to the bone getting this ROM as functional as possible as quickly as possible. Sense 4.0 though has been disabled along with the lock screen and HTC keyboard. This is due to resolution differences from the 72op resolution of the One X and the qHD display of the Sensation. But it’s only a short matter of time before this issue is rectified.
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Update Rolling Out for ASUS Transformer Prime

Yet another update is out for owners of the ASUS Transformer Prime in the United States. The Transformer Prime just had a substantial update last week that addressed rebooting, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues. The current update, version, seems much less hefty, as it primarily extends battery life. The tablet seems to be switching into a lower power state when idling, which translates to more time between charges for you. Asus confirmed the update was regarding battery life in a tweet.

The update is OTA, but if you haven’t received a notification, try checking Settings -> About Tablet -> System Firmware Update to get it manually. Let us know in the comments if you have experienced better battery life, or if you’ve noticed any other changes.

source: Twitter

Three Samsung Phones Pass WiFi Certification, May Debut at MWC 2012

As the excitement for Mobile World Congress 2012 builds, there are many rumors flying around regarding what devices will be unveiled. Japanese website Ameblo has screen shots of three Samsung Android-based devices that have WiFi certification, the SGH-T999, the SGH-I535 and the SPH-L710. While Samsung had announced that it will not be introducing the Galaxy S III at MWC, they may still have one of these smartphones up their sleeve.

We’ve come across the SGH-T999 before, as it is most likely to be T-Mobile’s Galaxy S Blaze 4G. It will have a nice 1280 x 720 pixels resolution HD screen, and the T9x9 code for Samsung usually means a high end device for T-Mobile.

We haven’t heard of the other two phones, but this leak has some interesting facts about them. The SCH-I535 is equipped with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and will be sold on Verizon in the US. The SPH-L710, on the other hand, is reportedly a Sprint handset.

We’re itching for the next 10 days to go by, and we’ll get to see just what MWC 2012 has to offer.

source: Ameblo 1, 2, 3
via: Androinica

Contest: Win One of Four Power by Gen Andru Chargers (Updated with Winners)

The other day we brought you a review of the Andru Charger. Created by Power by Gen, this charger is an Android Lover’s dream. Well at the end of that review we hinted at an up and coming contest where you the reader could get your hands on one of these awesome chargers. Well thanks to the awesome folks over at Power by Gen four of you will win one of these Andru chargers.

All you have to do is head on over to the contest thread in the forums and follow the three simple rules. They include following Andru on Twitter, liking the Power by Gen Facebook page and finally telling us in the contest thread what device you plan on charging first with Andru. You have until Monday, February 20th at 11:59pm EST to enter.

We will pick 4 random winners and announce them on Tuesday, February 21st. Winners will receive an email in the account associated with their forum username. Only one entry per username will be accepted so no need for multiple entries.

If you aren’t one of the lucky winners of this contest you can head on over to the Power By Gen web site to purchase one of these.

Click here to enter the contest!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!


Congratulations to the following winners:

pltnmdrgn0904 – First Samsung Captivate, then HTC Inspire 4g, then the Kindle Fire

Phunk311- I’d charge up my Motorola DROID RAZR!

aj34 – my evo

whiteout7942 – Rooted Droid 4

Thank you everyone for playing and we should have another contest up soon.


Rovio Releases Teaser Video for the Next Angry Birds Game

If you’re anything like my girlfriend, you have beaten most, if not all levels within the series of Angry Birds games. Having spent a ton of time playing all 3 games, the only hope she has for a new and refreshing gaming experience is when a new level gets added to Angry birds Seasons, and boy let me tell you she gets stoked when that happens! Wait till she see this though. According to a teaser video released by Rovio (AB creator), a totally new game is in her future – Angry Birds Space.

While the video doesn’t really divulge much info or details other than it’s being released on March 22, but I think it’s safe to say the game will take place in space. The only thing I can assume from this is that maybe there will be some kind of wonky flight path due to the lack of gravity in space. I dunno. Based on the teaser video’s naming scheme: Angry Birds Space – Teaser #1, you can expect there will be more teaser videos to follow. I am sure we will start to see more details emerge as soon as the next video is released. We will keep our eyes out for anything new and will let you know as soon as we learn more. In the meantime, jump past the break for the short teaser clip. Keep in mid I did say short.
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Apple Steals Another Android Feature, Further Contradicts The Company’s Ongoing Lawsuits

Apple’s hopelessly contradictory actions are beginning to become as transparent as the window I’m currently sitting next to. They’ve sued Motorola, HTC and let’s not forget about Apple suing Samsung over, and over, and over again. All of these suits are based upon intellectual property that Apple claims is theirs and only theirs to use. This happens all the time in the business world, especially one that is so fuelled by innovation like the mobile device industry. However Apple doesn’t seem to have any shame for any of these legal actions, even after they blatantly steal or rip off ideas from other companies, namely Google and their Android 4.0 mobile operating system.

Well it seems to have happened again, as the folks over at BGR have wrestled a screenshot from the upcoming March update and it features something that Ice Cream Sandwich users will be familiar with by now: the ability to access camera functions and unlock your phone with swipes to the left and right, respectively. To be honest, if Apple didn’t sue anything that looks at its intellectual property with anything but a wad of cash in their hand, I wouldn’t find this too worrisome. You know, business as usual for the business world. However given the fact that Apple is known for suing other companies voraciously over “stolen” property — even with Steve Job’s famous mantra (quoted from Picasso) “good artists copy, great artists steal” — I personally believe that Apple should be given a firm back hand regarding who they take legal action upon, and more specifically what they sue over. But that’s just my opinion.

source: android community