Amazon May Be Entering The Smartphone Market

Our buddies over at eWEEK have been talking to Citigroup’s analyst Mark Mahaney. He believes that Amazon is in pursuit to make a Kindle Phone by the end of next year. This would be a big step for Amazon, as they have already entered the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, now it looks as if they wish to enter the smartphone market. Lets face it Android fans, we don’t care who builds the phone that slays the iPhone, we just care if it’s running Android or not. I would assume that Amazon would use Android in their phone and so does Mr. Mahaney as well. They do have an App Store dedicated to Android Apps so it would make sense to make a phone running Android. I really doubt Apple will let them use their iOS. So it stands to good reason that they would use Android. (They wouldn’t dare use Windows, would they? Lets hope not.)

Can Amazon pull off a smartphone? I believe they can. There are some seriously talented people within Amazon, and I’m sure they are seeing the bigger picture for the future of mobile phones. If anyone has the money to give Apple a fight, I believe Amazon is that company, and would love to see what they bring to the smartphone world. Now all of this is just speculation from one analyst. Until Amazon themselves announce  a Kindle phone, these are all just rumors.( Oh but how we love rumors!) Check out the source to see what Mr. Mahaney had to say.

Tell us if you would pick up an Amazon phone in the comments section.

[Source eWEEK]

Quick Look At Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: List Master Pro

Amazon’s Free App for today is List Master Pro. It’s a utility based app that helps you, what else, make lists. The set lists they give are; Generic, To Do, Shopping, Inventory, Book, and Movies. While all of theses are set, you can rename them or completely make your own depending on what kind of list you are in need of.  Keep reading past the break for the screen-shots and the link.
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Samsung Galaxy S Finally Receives Official Android 2.3.5 Update In UK

Samsung continues to show some love to the original Galaxy S owners, this time for those in the UK. They just released a major update which includes the long-awaited Gingerbread 2.3.5 OS for the i9000 model. That means those of you who haven’t flashed your ROM or rooted your phones will finally be in the Promised Land of Gingerbread. In addition to Gingerbread 2.3, users can expect a host of improvements including improved battery life, messaging app and some system performance tweaks in this latest update.

As a word of caution, back up your data prior to updating the phone. There is word that your data and information will be wiped clean, so make sure you take the necessary precaution to preserve your data.

[via YouMobile Blog]

Global Smartphone Shipments Prove That Android is Still King

Horace Dediu, the man behind ASYMCO, has recently compiled another fact filled market analysis of the mobile device marketplace. In his latest endeavor, Dediu examines the smartphone market and breaks it down into easy to read charts and percentages, giving an estimate of the smartphone market as a subset of the overall phone market.

The smartphone market has now reached over 30% of shipments. Non-smart devices are at 69% of total. The individual phone platform shares are as follows:

  1. Android (and Android-like): 17.6%
  2. iOS (iPhone only) 4.4%
  3. Nokia Symbian: 4.3%
  4. BlackBerry: 2.76%
  5. Bada: 1%
  6. Windows Phone 0.5%

During his research, Dediu also examined the growth of each individual operating system and determined that Android has truly taken the lead over its competitors. Keep in mind that these numbers reflect units shipped and not units sold. Either way, the substantial growth of shipments should be a direct reflection of supply and demand, right? Check out these figures and tell me Android isn’t killing it. To see Dediu’s full report, hit the ASYMCO source link below.

Android (and Android-like) shipments ballooned to nearly 70 million but sell-through could be about 10 million less. Nearly one in five phones sold is now powered by an Android variant. A remarkable story since the share was zero less than three years ago.

[via ASYMCO, DroidLife]


Banzai Blowfish: A New Physics Puzzler That’s Different Enough To Excite [VIDEO]

A new game from developers Red Piston has some interesting gameplay. The story of the game goes King Hikari’s son has gone crazy and captured all of the Blowfish in Lake Fuji. It is now up to one heroic Fish to save his friends and restore order to the land. Though the 5 stages and 48 levels you will be pushing, catapulting, and dropping your hero fish through a stage to free a cadged blowfish. You’ll have to act fast though because as your hero moves through the level you will have to quickly activate bamboo into action to move yourself through the level. Fans push you along and you’ll even have Sonic the Hedgehog type of rolls to move you to the next area. I’ve only given the game a few minutes of playtime so far, but I’m already addicted. It can be a bit frustrating at times to get the perfect fling or push, but it’s still fun and refreshing. The game is also not optimized for widescreen so it may not take up your whole screen, but that didn’t seem to take away from the fun. You can grab the game from the Market for $.99, but be sure to check out all the screenshots and the official trailer after the break. Don’t forget to let us know what you think.

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White Samsung Stratosphere Exclusive to Best Buy Available Tomorrow

Verizon recently released the new and affordable, Samsung Stratosphere, a slide out QWERTY 4G device that has already been rooted and can be found for as little as $79 at Staples. If you missed it, we have already done an initial unboxing and full on review of the phone so be sure to check them out to get yourself up to speed. As far as reasonably priced 4G phones go, this has got to be one of the best options out there.

If you are someone who wants a budget friendly 4G device but still want to stand out in a crowd, you could head to Best Buy tomorrow and pick yourself up a new, white Samsung Stratosphere for $149 instead of the common blackish/grey version. This new color offering is exclusive to Best Buy so don’t think you will be able to go to Staples and pick it up for the sale price of half off. I know this sucks but I have got one even better for you.

The Stratosphere is one of the devices that Best Buy is giving away for  free with a new 2 year contract on Black Friday, white included. So if you can hold out a few more days, hit up Best Buy as early as midnight on Thursday to score one of these great phones at an even greater price. Free.

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[DEAL] Amazon Offering DROID RAZR And HTC Rezound At $199 For New Customers, Deals For Upgrades Too

If you’ve been holding out on grabbing a new phone, Amazon has a great deal on two of Verizon’s newest devices. The HTC Rezound and DROID RAZR are both available right now for $199.99 over at for new Verizon customers. I know most of us are trying to hold out as long as we can for the Galaxy Nexus, but both of these devices are fine Android phones as well. If you missed it, you can check out our hands on with the RAZR right here. If you’re already a Verizon customer, there are still some prices deals for you too. Hit up the break to see how they shake down and the links to order.

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YoYo Games First Freemium Game, Rick O’Shea, Hits Android Market Nov. 22nd [video]

Game developer YoYo Games will be releasing their physics based title Rick O’Shea to the Android market on Nov. 22nd. You’ll be firing Rick out of a circus cannon through Big Top tents bouncing him on his head to get through the levels. As you’ll see in the video to follow, there are obstacles to  bounce around, magnets to change the direction of your bounce, and other cannons to re-fire yourself. Looks like an interesting enough game to check out. YoYo games has a number of other titles you can expect to see a review about here soon, so stay tuned to see if they are worth your hard earned cash (though visually they certainly look worth a dollar or two). Hit up the break to check out the teaser video for this new title and let us know what you think.

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Batteries Last 40% Longer With Tegra 3 and DIDIM Technology

The other day we brought to your attention a rumored HTC tablet that will have NVIDIA’s new Tegra 3 processor. Of course the Transformer Prime will be the first device with the quad-core chip. Well it appears that those of you waiting for a quad-core device will be treated to longer battery life. Even though the processor may consume less power, by roughly 60%, display technologies will always be the main source of battery consumption. During the UBS Global Technology and Services Conference, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang broke down in detail a new technology in Tegra 3. This technology is said to reduce backlight power by 40%, which in turn, translates into longer battery life; like and Android tablet with 14 hours of video playback. This technology is known as DIDIM and Jen-Hsun describes it as:

“It’s the ability to per pixel, per frame, per scene to modulate the backlight so quickly that we over a long period of time, reduce the amount of backlight intensity and backlight energy by nearly half. We save as much power in the backlight without changing the visual fidelity at all to save, essentially, the entire power used by our chip.”

When the Tegra 3 processor is in full active mode, it consumes 1-2 watts, while a typical display will consume 3-6 watts depending on brightness. Basically, DIDIM technology will allow Tegra 3 processors to save more power than they consume.

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Pattern Unlock Screen Patent Plus Other Lockscreen Patents Award to Google

Well it appears that Google is looking to strengthen its patent portfolio even further. Google has recently been awarded some patents that Android fans can get excited about. One of them is the Pattern Unlock Screen that has been in the Android OS for some time. This feature allows users to have a set pattern that they must input in order to unlock their phone. Its good to see that Google is doing what they can to hold onto this feature.

While it may be good in itself, what’s even better is they have added patents for more functionality to this. Hypothetically, one could slide their finger in a certain pattern and their calendar events would pop up (see picture below). Although this feature hasn’t been implemented yet, as far as anyone can tell, it’s good to see that Google is holding onto it for possible implementation down the road.

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