Andy Rubin: “There were 3.7 million Android activations on 12/24 and 12/25″

A week ago Andy Rubin told us that Android activations are now at 700,000 per day. Of course as one might expect Christmas should see a boom. If you’re wondering how many Android devices were activated, according to Andy, it hit 3.7 million for just 12/24 and 12/25. If you’re doing the math, that’s an average of 1.85 million per day or a 164% increase. Don’t expect these numbers to continue, but things sure are looking good for Android.

Things aren’t so bad in Apple land either. Earlier reports suggested that both iOS and Android hit roughly 6.8 million combined for the same two days. Now with Andy’s figure of 3.7 million, we can safely say that iOS devices were around 3.1 million. Android was victorious, but both camps have to be quite satisfied.

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Researcher says GSM phones are vulnerable to hijack scams

GSM is by far the most popular wireless technology, which is used by billions of people and represents about 80 percent of the global mobile market. Unfortunately According to Karsten Nohl, head of Germany’s Security Research Labs, hackers can easily gain remote control of GSM phones and instruct them to send text messages or make calls.

“We can do it to hundreds of thousands of phones in a short timeframe,” Nohl told Reuters in advance of a presentation at a hacking convention in Berlin on Tuesday.

Unfortunately consumers don’t know there’s a problem until they receive their bills.

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Apple Airplay comes to Google TV via Airtight

I’m not sure how many iPad or iPhone owners have a Google TV or a Logitech Revue out there, but if you’re feeling left out with the lack of Airplay, then you might want to checkout Airtight. It’s available now in the Android Market for .99 cents. Don’t expect mirroring, but you will be able to stream videos and pictures to your Google TV or Logitech Revue from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. That’s of course if the videos are not DRM protected. As to music, it’s something they’re looking into.

It will be interesting to see if Apple takes any legal action against Airtight or makes any changes to their software to stop it from working, but for now check it out by hitting up one of the below links.

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Gameloft To Offer All Mobile Games For Just 99 Cents & A Chance To Win A Free LG Nitro HD

It seems that the elves over at Gameloft have a few post-Christmas surprises up their sleeves this year. According to a recent Twitter post, they will be offering ALL of their mobile games for just 99 cents in the Android Market (starting December 29th!) Not too shabby, right?

Also, while you wait for Thursday’s offering, you can head over to Facebook to enter into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a free LG Nitro HD on AT&T’s service and three games of your choosing! The winner will be announced on January 11th and all you need to do is like Gameloft and LG’s Facebook pages to enter.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the break for a link to view the Twitter post or enter the Facebook sweepstakes. Happy shopping and good luck!

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Firmware Update Now Available For Asus Transformer Tablets

A new firmware update has been released by Asus for their original Transformer tablet PCs and is now available OTA as version (This device should not to be confused with its successor, the Transformer Prime.) The update addresses HDMI problems some owners experienced while operating the tablet with newer HDTVs and it enhances stability and incorporates input lag reduction fixes too. The Android version remains the same and it is said that this will be the final such firmware update until the big jump to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you live in the US, UK, Taiwan or Germany the update is now available for you and any Transformer devices with generic WW SKU.


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Verizon Breaks Out Certified Pre-Owned Devices On Sale Until Dec 29th

Now is a better time than ever if you’ve been on the fence about when to purchase a new smartphone.  And when I say “new” I mean a new device to you and not a brand spanking new one.  It’s probably a little late in the game to be reporting this now however, there’s still a couple of days left so we thought it would be worth mentioning that Big Red is having a certified pre-owned sale until the 29th of Dec.  Now’s your time to snag a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with $80 off the normal price tag of $429.99 to $349.99 (16 GB model).  You can snatch the 32 GB model for $449.99 with a new 2 yr agreement as part of the offer too.  Grab an HTC Thunderbolt for only $70 bucks.  If you’re interested, hit the source link for more information and for the full list of devices offered from Verizon.

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Some Recent Logitech Revue Purchases were DOA

As if the Logitech Revue wasn’t doomed enough already after having a lousy adoption rate and prolonged Android upgrade, the Google TV box is getting another round of disappointing news. Some folks who had enough gusto to drop the cash for the seemingly reasonable and reduced price of $99 for the Revue over the holidays are reporting that their device was DOA.

Unfortunately many new owners are reporting that when they attempt to setup the Revue for the first time, it fails once they get to the point of accepting their EULA. Logitech hasn’t released any information on when and if a fix will be available, but many people are opting to just return the device for a refund.

I remember way back when I purchased my Revue for $99 only because I learned that it would eventually receive the Android upgrade. If it weren’t for Android, I wouldn’t have even bothered spending the money, and now with people hearing this latest news I can only imagine people being discouraged more than ever. How about you? Are you still contemplating on picking up one for yourself?

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[Updated] Clockwork Recovery Now Graces the DROID RAZR, Custom ROM Lovers Rejoice [Courtesy of]

Back when I first had my DROID RAZR I was a bit sad that there were no official recovery options should we botch a mod or ROM install. I mean there was nitroglycerin33′s bootstrap recovery, but there was no way to reboot into recovery should you not be able to access the bootstrap. This was causing a lot of folks issues as they were making attempts at flashing various ROMS only to soft-brick their phones. It was safe to say that without the ability to boot into a custom recovery the RAZR development community was stifled greatly.

While I returned my RAZR for my much loved Galaxy Nexus, I am glad to say that the development community has stubbornly pushed through and brought Koush’s famous ClockworkMod Recovery to the DROID RAZR. In order for this to work though, you must be rooted, and have nitro’s bootstrap apk file installed. As far as we know, this works for all current models of the RAZR and when I had the Razr I tested it with positive results.

For those of you that are interested in the process and getting CWM onto your RAZR you can hit the break below to check out the downloads and quick instructions on getting this installed. For the detail oriented, there is also a link to the detailed instructions on how to do this and you can get there by following the link below.

So get your custom recovery on with these files and instructions and give a big thanks to the folks over at for this. Of course you need to be rooted and you can do so by going here. Owners of the RAZR, does this help you breath a sigh of relief?

 **Updated: As you folks know, we here at TalkAndroid strive to provide accurate and correct information to our readers but we ourselves are also human and make mistakes. While I gave credit to j.y.daddy over at XDA and linked to his bootstrap recovery files, it really was nitroglycerine33 and the folks/devs over at that brought the bootstrap recovery and the ability to flash roms. I mentioned nitro’s bootstrap in passing in the beginning of my post but really he and that program deserve the credit, as well as for providing the files.

big apology for incorrectly giving credit where it wasn’t due. Also a big thank you is in order for the patience of the folks at and nitroglycerin33 until we could get this sorted out. So with that, check out the instructions below on installing the bootstrap and getting your modding on. I do have to say, Motorola has yet to release to the fastboot files needed to recover from a botched mod, so please, and I can’t stress this enough, flash mods with caution. Otherwise you may end up with a bricked phone. If that doesn’t deter you, follow the easy instructions below, courtesy of nitroglycerin33 himself.

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HTC Expands Bootloader Unlock to EVO View 4G and myTouch 4G Slide


A while back HTC made a promise saying that they would begin to offer the online ability to unlock bootloaders of HTC devices. While they have been slow to increase the number of unlockable devices, HTC is keeping true to their word and has added the EVO View 4G and myTouch 4G Slide to the list. If you are the owner of either of these phones and have been dying for an easy way to unlock the bootloader, your in luck! You can now head over to the HTCDev website to get your unlock on.

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Amazon Kindle Fire gets another taste of Ice Cream Sandwich [Courtesy of XDA]

Earlier this month we showed you an early Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Kindle Fire from g1011999, and now comes another from JackpotClavins and Hashcodes. This one is much the same in that it’s a very early build and definitely not ready for prime time. It’s based on CyanogenMod 9 and it’s very buggy. Since they need help with further development, they’re actually recommending only developers download and install it.

If you’re a developer or you’re brave, then head over to the source link to give it a try and join in on the discussion.

YouTube Preview Image

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