Watch the ASUS Trasformer Pad Infinity ‘Launch Video’ Sans Launch

When we first saw the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity back at CES we were told that it should make its debut sometime in June. Here we are nearly at the end of June and still no word on the HD tablet from ASUS.  Who knows , maybe they got tied up building the new Nexus tablet for Google’s big unveiling next week? Either way, the TPad Infinity is bound to rear its fancy little head at any point now and a recently leaked promo video may mean that it’s just around the corner.

Some Reddit user posted the link for this video and is referring to it as a “launch video.” I am not sure whether a launch video is going to be 8 minutes long, but it is pretty informative to say the least. There is not much new to be gained from this video but it sure makes the tablet sound and look cool! Now we can only hope that this bad boy sees the light of day sometime soon. Jump past the break to check out this so called Transformer Pad Infinity “launch video” and let us know what you think.  

Mozilla tweets and teases about something BIG coming to Firefox for Android

Earlier today, Twitter followers of the @Firefox account were teased with the following announcement regarding Firefox for Android:

‪#Firefox‬ for #Android‬. Something BIG is coming your way next week.

A link included in the tweet took readers to the graphic at the top of this story showing the Android robot peeking out from behind a mobile device filled with the Firefox logo on the screen.

What could this BIG news be? Reaction to the tease appears to be subdued.  Mozilla fans will likely be on the lookout next week at Google I/O and we will be on scene in case details on this BIG development emerge.  We will keep an eye open for further news and report as more information is available.  As a long-time Firefox user, I am hopeful Mozilla is able to make a big splash and generate some buzz around their browser on the Android platform.

source: @Firefox

Samsung Releases Source Code for Sprint Galaxy S III


Earlier this week we reported that Samsung released the source codes for both the T-Mobile and AT&T Galaxy S III. Today, they have gracefully given Sprint the same treatment and released the source code for Sprint’s CDMA Galaxy S III. Samsung has been on point and quick with releasing their source codes, something that HTC could learn a thing or two from. This should make the independent ROM developers happy and ROM’s should be of abundance for Galaxy S III on any carrier in the US. Any “crack-flashers” out there happy about Samsung’s speedy release on their source? Hit up the source link for downloads!

source: Samsung

HTC Halting Business in Brazil, Effective Immediately

A spokesperson representing HTC has informed AndroidPit that the company is stopping sales of all HTC phones effective immediately in Brazil. They have already released dozens of employees and are leaving the Brazilian smartphone market for the time being. The HTC One line was slated to be released in Brazil, and now with this developing news story HTC has cancelled those plans but will still provide customer support for current Brazilian customers. Apparently HTC has been losing market share in Brazil for quite a number of years now, with Samsung and Nokia surpassing them. Thus, rather than trying to gain some headway, HTC has just stopped things all together and decided to cut their losses. There’s no indication whether HTC plans on returning to Brazil, but with over 27 million phone subscribers in Brazil I wouldn’t be surprised at all if HTC decides to take another crack at it in the near future.

Any of our Brazilian readers out there disappointed with this decision from HTC? This story is still developing so stay tuned…

source: AndroidPit

AT&T Pulls Galaxy S II ICS Update for Further Testing, Will be Available Again ‘Very Soon’

Earlier, we reported that the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II update is now available via Samsung Kies…. then all of the sudden it wasn’t. Apparently AT&T pulled the update shortly after it was released and has issued a statement regarding their reasoning:

We plan for the upgrade to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for Galaxy S II customers to be live very soon.  Like with every OS update, we test it on our servers before we roll it out to customers.  We’re in the process of doing that with Android 4.0 (ICS) for Galaxy S II customers and hope to make that live soon.  We recommend customers wait to attempt the update.

This extra testing phase that AT&T is taking for the update shouldn’t last too long and I wouldn’t be surprised if the update is live again in just a couple of days.

source: Android Central

Easy Phone Sync, Samsung’s Way to Bring iOS Data and iTunes Music to Galaxy Devices

Samsung has announced that it has partnered up with Mushroom Media to bring the Easy Phone Sync app to their Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. The name itself is pretty straight forward in what it offers for the user. Easy Phone Sync allows you to easily transfer content via a USB cable straight to your phone or tablet. The main focus of Samsung doing this is to give their Galaxy users an easy bridge to transfer their iOS data such as contacts and texts and most importantly music from their iTunes library straight to their Galaxy device with relative ease and quickness. This app is available for free at the moment through the Google Play store.

While the app isn’t as polished as most Apple apps, it does its job very well and is something that Samsung hopes will help persuade current iOS owners to switch to their Galaxy device lineup. As a previous iPod owner, the one thing I always found difficult was that my music was basically locked into iOS. I had to find some 3rd party software to rip the music out of  iTunes and in turn use them for any other Android device. With this app it makes that process much easier and painless. One problem that I do have with this app is that it has a persistent notification when you have the app installed and stays in the notification bar which could be bothersome for many people. Once you’ve used it for your needs, I’ve found that un-installing the app is the easiest way to get rid of that annoying notification. Hopefully Samsung makes an update so that we won’t need to do that, but only time will tell. Give the app and shot and let us know what you think!

Jump past the break for download links and to check out the full press release.

Samsung gets slapped with another patent infringement case and this time it’s not Apple

Samsung has been involved with numerous patent cases over the last year or so and of course the majority of them involve our favorite Cupertino company, Apple. We just got word of another case involving gesture recognition, but its not Apple. The company is called Flatworld Interactives, LLC and they specialize in commercialization of touchscreen technology.

Flatworld was founded by Dr. Salvko Milekic, a Professor of Cognitive Science & Digital Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Well he developed gesture recognition touch screens for children, which of course made it easier for them to interact with a computer. Flatworld alleges that Samsung’s Android smartphones, tablets, and their Galaxy Players infringe on U.S. Patent No. RE 43,318, which is titled, User Interface for Removing an Object From a Display.

Interestingly enough Apple is also a victim of Flatworld. A few months ago Flatworld hit them with this same infringement for all Apple touch devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Macs using a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad. Hit the break because things get even more interesting.

Acer Iconia Tab A700 now in stock and ready to order at Acer Store

Last week Acer announced its new Iconia Tab A700 was available for pre-order at “national electronics retailers” in the U.S. If you don’t want to wait for a retailer, you can now place an order at the Acer Store, which reports the units are “in stock” for the sum of $450.

The Iconia Tab A700 is a 10.1-inch screen tablet with a 1920 x 1200 resolution display. Which means you can get a full 1080p HD experience right on the tablet. Other features include the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 32GB of storage onboard, Dolby Mobile 3+ technology with 5.1 channel surround sound, and the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

If you are ready to get your hands on the Iconia A700 now, head on over to the Acer Store and place your order.

source: Acer Store

Taptu now learns what you like to read with Taptu Magic

A lot of you are already familiar with Taptu, and if you aren’t, you might want to give it a try after this latest update. Taptu is a newsreader, but they just added a new feature in version 2.2 called Taptu Magic.

Taptu Magic will analyze what articles you read and then recommend other similar articles. For example, if you follow the Politics Stream and you spend more time on Democratic candidates, Taptu will realize this and will give you more stories on Democratic candidates as opposed to Republican candidates. It works by analyzing how much time you spend on certain stories. So if you actually spend a few minutes on a page reading the article, Taptu Magic will assume you like the topic. If you quickly scan an article for only a few seconds, Taptu will assume it doesn’t interest you so much.

There’s no shortage of newsreader apps out there so Taptu is hoping features like this will give it differentiation. Hit the break for download links and the full presser:

Sony Xperia Go hits the FCC

Last month Sony announced the Xperia Go, which is an extra durable mid-level phone. It’s scratch proof and resists water and dust. It has a 3.5-inch display, a 1 GHz dual-core processor, a 5MP camera, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Well it just hit the FCC, but it most likely won’t be carrier-branded anytime soon. It’s compatible with 3G and Edge here in the U.S., but the HSPA bands aren’t compatible. This certificate is probably only for those that want to import one. I can’t imagine there will be too many of you chomping at the bit to do that, but it’s always nice to have the choice.

source: fcc
via: engadget


Gameloft to Release Asphalt 7: Heat on June 25th

As if there wasn’t enough racing games in the Play Store to keep your need for speed at bay for at least a year, Gameloft is gearing up to add yet another one to the mix. Asphalt 7: Heat will be available for download on June 25th and should provide you race fans another outlet to get your fix. This 7th installment in the Asphalt series will have 15 licensed tracks, 60 cars, and looks to have some improved graphics as well. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next week to get in on the action but in the meantime you can check out the official trailer below to see what’s to come. Anyone interested?


Sprint Guardian helps parents keep teens and children safe

If you are a parent of a teenager – someone between 12 and 17 years old –  the odds are pretty good that they have a cell phone or smartphone.  Ensuring safe and responsible use of those mobile devices is a challenge for any parent. Sprint hopes to help with that with the availability of the previously announced Sprint Guardian solution. According to Fared Adib, vice president – Product Development, Sprint, “With Sprint Guardian, Sprint is giving families and individuals tools and information to better manage their wireless experience.”  Sprint Guardian is a collection of bundles of services – a Family Safety Bundle and a Mobile Security Bundle.  Sprint Guardian should now be available to customers with many Android powered devices via the Sprint Zone application on their smartphone.

The Family Safety Bundle is a set of services to manage family members’ wireless experience. The bundle  includes Mobile Controls, Drive First and Family Locator.  These services enable parents to oversee and control phone use, limiting texting while driving, and locate a child on an interactive map.

The Mobile Security Bundle helps manage phone security by backing up certain data so it can be restored to a new phone, locating lost phones, and even locking and wiping phones. These tools can help protect against identity theft, fraud, and the loss of other data.

The services do come at a cost though. The Family Safety Bundle runs $9.99 per month and the Mobile Security Bundle runs $4.99 per month (also available for $49.99 per year). For parents trying to keep their kids safe and using their mobile devices in a responsible manner, the cost may be well worth it.

More details about pricing and specific services are included in the Sprint press release. Hit the break to read it.

Could the HTC One XXL with 2GB of RAM and quad-core Snapdragon be on the way?

As everyone knows, the international HTC One X has the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and to make things work with LTE, they created the HTC One XL that is essentially the same phone, but with the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. This is essentially what is available on AT&T, but marketed as the One X, a little confusing I know. Now Samsung did the same thing with their Galaxy S III. In their international version, they included an Exynos quad-core processor, but the LTE versions have the dual-core Snapdragon S4 as well. There is one other difference in that Samsung threw in 2GB of RAM as opposed to 1GB. So they one upped HTC, but do you think HTC is going to sit back and do nothing?

A leaked screenshot shows us that the One XXL will add that additional 1GB of RAM to make it 2GB total. HTC didn’t stop there though. Supposedly it will also sport a quad-core Snapdragon S4 (APQ8064 at 1.6GHz ). It will still be LTE so it could essentially be available here in the USA and in Canada. What is puzzling is the GPU. The original has the Adreno 350, but supposedly this one has the Andreno 320 so we don’t know what to say there. Either way, I would surely welcome this beast with open arms. Stay tuned and hit the break for a short video showing the screenshot.