Quick Look At Today’s Free Amazon App – Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

by Adam Johnson on
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As the heading says, Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is the Amazon App Stores free app of the day.

In this real-time strategy game, you start off as the newly crowned king, Raynald II, who takes the task to rid the kingdom of rats, which under the previous king (your father) named these same rats, “untouchable holy animals”. Each level of the game you are required to complete various tasks. This includes creating guilds for wizards and warriors, marketplaces, and other buildings. Within the buildings you can purchase heroes. You cannot directly command the heroes/units, but you can bribe them with money to take on tasks. All in taking strides to rid your kingdom of these rats. To beat each level you must find certain building to reach your objective. Hit the break for more, and even a video preview from HeroCraft.

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LauncherPro OutInSpace Skin Available For Plus Users

by Joe Sirianni on
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Last week we mentioned that Fabio Maccari, the developer of the popular home screen replacement app, Launcher Pro, has added widget skinning to his application.  Well, we’ve seen a number of skins already hit the market running and we’ve got to say, they look great.  The OutInSpace skin in particular looks fantastic and is highly recommended for use with dark backgrounds.  If you’re a Plus user, then what are you waiting for?  Get on over to our popular apps database for the download or hit the QR code below after the break.   » Read the rest

Opera launches Appcelerate program for mobile app developers

by Joe Sirianni on
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Today, the great city of San Fran held the popular AppNation conference where developers discussed a number of topics such as the development of mobile apps for cross platforms, monetization, advertising and various aspects of marketing strategies.  Opera Software was present and introduced their new Appcelerate program for developers looking to distribute their app(s) to millions of mobile users.  It looks like Opera wants a piece of the mobile apps store business much like Amazon’s App Store in addition to broadening the developers avenues for content distribution.  Hey, like I always say, choice is good and we’re all for it.

“We are very excited about the APPCELERATE program, the first of it’s kind to help promote content and applications to a global audience” said Mahi de Silva, EVP, Consumer Mobile, Opera Software, “Just one month after the launch of the Opera Mobile Store, we are giving developers unique capabilities to promote their content in channels focused on devices, platforms and geographies”.

It appears as though Opera is really keeping the interest of the developer in mind here, and that’s great.  Developers work very hard to develop and deliver great content and it’s nice to see someone assisting in getting their product out there for a specific desired platform and in a cost effective manner.  Once developers create apps, they will also have the ability to upload them to the Opera browser where millions and millions of users can view and download them.

The Opera Appcelerate program is designed to help developers gain traction on the platform they want, within regions they’re targeting by offering unique ways to specify your audience, define a campaign, and even boost your promotion effectiveness with dollar for dollar co-marketing (get it while it’s hot):

  • Matching co-marketing funds for qualified developers to promote their application – effectively doubling your power! (a limited time offer)
  • Featured promotion of select apps within the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers – stand out, get noticed.
  • Want to be big in Brazil? You can be! Efficient pay-per-download campaign pricing to target only desired content channels, geographies, handsets and operating systems – Focus on specific regions and only use funds when users download your app. No more hoping you get noticed through expensive broad campaigns.
  • Developers, you need to be here. Are you ready to step it up?
  • Ready to get started?  Head on over to Opera’s Appcelerate page and sign up so you can distribute your apps to millions instantly.  Hit the break for the full press release and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below, especially if you’re a developer.

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    Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Business Calendar

    by Mitch Wright on
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    Fed up with your stock Android calendar? Perhaps your HTC Android calendar? You may want to give Business Calendar a shot, particularly today. Normally $4.99, today Business Calendar is the free app of the day through the Amazon App Store. Business Calendar gives you a great overview of your schedule, either by day, week, or month. By default this is set to month, but simply by pressing a day, it shows a little drop down with detailed information, allowing you to see everything you want without having to go back and forth between different views. If you’re looking to make your calendar a bit more productive, I highly recommend checking out this app. Looking for a full review of Business Calendar? Check out ours here!

    Augmented Reality Platform Incoming from Qualcomm

    by Mitch Wright on
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    If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Qualcomm has high expectations regarding the future of augmented reality. Over half a year ago we wrote regarding an augmented reality SDK that Qualcomm had developed, and hot on the heels of this was an augmented reality app development competition that the Snapdragon manufacturer had held. Fast forward to today and we find that the company has deployed a full-on platform for the burgeoning technology. Through Qualcomm’s AR platform, developers can “build, market, and commercially distribute” their augmented reality applications. According to Qualcomm, apps built with the system will work on any Android phone running version 2.1 or later, but “optimal performance will be exhibited on phones using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset.” How true that last part is will of course have to wait until apps are actually developed, but still its great to see a hardware developer so involved in application development. It’ll be very interesting to see what sorts of applications evolve from this platform. Full press release after the break. » Read the rest

    Pure News Widget provides scrolling RSS feeds

    by Jesse Bauer on
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    pure news widget

    Pure News version 1.0.2 is available on the Android Market for a mere $1.50, and it’s worth every penny if you love being able to have your news delivered to a widget rather than using one of many RSS reader apps currently available. The big difference here is the ability to scroll through your feed right within the widget.

    The only downside for many though is the fact that it requires you to have a launcher app installed which supports scrollable widgets. A few that it supports are ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, LiveHome, and Go Launcher Ex. I say downside because many people don’t bother with custom launchers and just run stock ROMs. No big deal though, if you have an Android Honeycomb device, like the Xoom, it’s supported out of the box there.

    Here’s a list of other features:

    • Connected to Google reader to retrieve your prefered news
    • Scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, Zeam Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro
    • Show news thumbnails
    • Multiples skins and widgets sizes to make a fancy widget
    • Lot of options to customize rendering
    • Can use Google Mobilizer to reduce used bandwidth when reading full article
    • full Android 3.0 / HoneyComb / Xoom support !!! with scrolling !
    • Can mark as read in Google reader
    • Optional local cache of articles

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    GetJar gets a makeover – connect with Facebook login included

    by Jesse Bauer on
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    The world’s largest independant app store has just given itself a facelift on their mobile website, and the best feature they’ve added… Facebook Connect. GetJar is another app store, yes, however, they serve up free apps, which consumers demand, and they’ve got a huge amount of traffic coming through their site, which makes it easy to keep things free, as they make their bucks from advertising. Good for us.

    Back to the Facebook Connect feature, you can now sign in using your facebook credentials and see what your friends have downloaded, along with updating your own status with downloaded apps. Of course, you and your friends can either “Like” or “Unlike” any app as well as restricting what updates get posted to your wall and which don’t.

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    Further Beyond Fighting Becomes First 3D Fighter on Android

    by Michael Murphy on
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    It’s not exactly a secret that while the landscape of Android gaming is improving with every passing month, it still has some gaping holes. PJS-Coding, S.L. is looking to fill one those by scratching your itch for a 3D fighter. They have brought Further Beyond Fighting to market recently, and initial responses are generally positive. The game brings your typical fighting flavor to your Android phone, with 8 characters (including the obligatory “hot chick in schoolgirl skirt”), 4 locations, and combos. Available in the Android Market right now for about $4.36 (gotta love wacky Exchange rates), Further Beyond Fighting should find its way to the Amazon Appstore soon. Gallery, video, and press release available after the break.
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    Android phones now the most wanted smartphones, beating out Apple, Blackberry and more

    by Dustin Karnes on
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    Want an Android phone on your next upgrade? Well, you’re not alone… not by a long shot. According to a survey by Nielsen, when asked which smartphone users would want to buy most on their next upgrade, the resounding answer was Android. The same survey was done last June – September, showing users wanted (by percentage) iOS (33%), followed by Android (26%), with Blackberry coming in last (13%).

    However, this time the results showed:

    1. Android – 31%
    2. iOS – 30%
    3. Blackberry – 11%
    4. Windows Mobile – 6%
    5. Palm / WebOS – 1%
    6. Symbian – 0%
    7. Other – 1%
    8. Unsure – 18%

    A 5% jump in consumer demand? Not bad, Google… not bad at all. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

    [via mobileattack]

    Rant: Hey Motorola, LG, Samsung, HTC… Stop focusing on performance, start focusing on batteries

    by Dustin Karnes on
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    Yes, it may be a tired old song and dance, but it’s time the manufacturers stood back and took a listen. Will this be the venue they decide to do it in? Probably not, but I suppose it’s possible. So listen up, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG… it’s time we had a talk. We all love performance on our devices… of course. We know there’s an ever-growing demand for bigger, better, faster, stronger (insert more Daft Punk lyrics at your own risk) devices. But, let’s step back a moment. What good is bigger and better hardware that sucks the life out of the battery… without improving the battery?

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I for one am tired of seeing tutorial after tutorial of the same info on how to improve your Android’s battery life. Not that the information is bad or wrong, but I don’t feel that it should, at this point be necessary. Shouldn’t we be seeing smaller and smaller batteries with more and more power jammed into them? And please, readers, no comments like “well, just buy an extended battery”. I have an extended battery for my Evo, and I absolutely despise what it does to the device aesthetically. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice looks and style for longer performance.

    So, manufacturers, where are our killer batteries that actually still allow us to fit our phones in our pockets? I know I’m waiting around for mine, and I’m relatively certain that most of these readers are, too. You can give us 4.3″ screens all day long, but what good is that if we have to keep our brightness at 10% so we can’t even see it in any kind of light? How about a battery that can play Angry Birds for more than an hour? Or can actually play more than one movie on a single charge?

    What makes you angry about your Android’s battery? Be sure to let us know in the comments.