Ouya And XBMC Announce Joint Collaboration, Brings One Closer Step To Ensuring The Gaming Console Can Also Be A Topnotch Media Center

It’s no secret that Ouya is set to revolutionize gaming and XBMC is primed to revolutionize how we consume and manage our media— but what happens when you get both hyper cool concepts and mesh them together? You get a joint collaboration of course. Both XBMC and Ouya announced their agreement to ensure the media app runs smoothly on the gaming console. To ensure the app runs smoothly and at an optimal level, the XBMC team will receive early prototypes of the console and will undergo vigorous testing to ensure the app has an open, DRM-free media functionality.

The Ouya console just seems to look better and better by the day, doesn’t it?


source: The Verge

Samsung in Hot Water for Alleged “Icon Theft” from Apple’s iOS

Samsung has found themselves in a whole heap of trouble in the latest battle of Apple vs. Samsung. This time Apple has brought a whole grip of images revealing their icons Vs. Samsung’s icons and how they were copied. Some of the images are legitimately a copy and you can clearly see it while others are a bit of a reach. Well, hit the break and you tell us what you think!

HTC July 2012 Revenues Fall 45 Percent


HTC doesn’t need to hit the panic button just yet— but it’s coming awfully close to doing so. Following HTC’s well-publicized 2nd quarter disappointment which has led it to do such things such as hightail it out of Korea, it announced its July 2012 earnings… which appear to add to the massive bleeding. HTC’s unaudited consolidate revenues for July were NT$25 billion (roughly $835 million USD) and down 45 percent from July 2011. In addition, the July revenues were down aroundNT$5 billion (roughly $168 million) from HTC’s May revenues.

Looks like those Samsung Galaxy S III sales are having a bigger impact than we could have ever imagined. Hopefully HTC’s renewed marketing strategy will help it rebound sooner than later.

source: HTC

Motorola Teases New Device To Be Revealed Friday


Motorola has posted a teaser on its Facebook site indicating a new device coming Friday. Motorola will give one hint each day until the reveal, all we know now is that it’s a 4g LTE device.

Is this the Droid RAZR HD we’ve been waiting for?  We hope so. Another possibility is a 4g LTE version of the Photon for Sprint, but that seems less likely.

Either way, we’ll be sure to share whatever Motorola ends up revealing.


source: Facebook

HTC EVO 4G LTE and Sprint Galaxy Nexus are Just One Penny at Amazon Wireless, Sprint Galaxy S III only $99

I am no stranger to Amazon Wireless, It was through them that I bought my Verizon Galaxy Nexus for $100 less then 6 months ago. Well now the online retail giant has brought some amazing deals to grab a hold of. For a limited time you can head over to Amazon and pick up the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the Sprint Galaxy Nexus for just one penny. Unfortunately these deals are only for new customers, but pricing isn’t too bad for those that are upgrading.

The HTC EVO 4G LTE was launched early this summer after a brief delay at customs due to a patent check. lauded to be one of Sprints best phones available, it should be seriously considered when shopping their lineup.

Flexible Batteries Promise Thinner And Lighter Electronics


Flexible electronics that can be mildly-bended seems to be part of the future in mobile devices. A couple of months back, we reported on Samsung trademarking “Youm” for their flexible AMOLED displays. It’s no secret that Samsung has been working on flexible screens for quite some time now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if other companies are on the same track. Flexible devices are now just one step closer as Keon Jae Lee at the Korean Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology has created a solid-state flexible battery that retains its energy level when folded or bended much like the flexible AMOLED displays.

As you can see from the video below, the battery is a thin film-like material that is being bent while its voltage output isn’t reduced. While this is huge progress for future flexible electronics, a timetable for widespread consumer use is still unknown and will probably stay that way for quite some time.

Either way, it’s new and something to be excited for, don’t you think? What do you guys think about flexible and bendable devices? It would certainly be nice to have a device that would be that durable. We’ll all have to be patient until this technology is perfected and ultimately comes into fruition.

You can watch the short video demonstrating the battery after the break.

Toshiba Thrive Gets Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Ahead of Schedule

The original Toshiba Thrive 10-inch tablet was expected to get an update to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich sometime this fall, but a tasty surprise showed up today for Thrive owners. A post on Toshiba’s Thrive forums confirms that ICS is indeed now rolling out, significantly ahead of schedule. Even though Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the flavor of the month, it’s nice to see Toshiba pushing forward quicker than expected.

Not much of a changelog was posted:

Release 4.0.4 Highlights:

  • Improved video and audio performance
  • Improved camera functions
  • Improved signal strength and connectivity

If you own a Thrive, check for the over-the-air update on your tablet by tapping Apps, Service Station, then Check for Updates and let us know how it goes!

source: toshiba forums

Google Nexus 7 morphed into ultimate in-car entertainment system

Lots of people have a love of both automobiles and a love of music. The two seem to go hand in hand. The popularity of the combination drives people to all sorts of attempts to build the ultimate car stereo system. In recent years, a new factor in the equation has emerged – the use of smartphones and tablets to serve as the nerve center for an in-car entertainment system. SonicElectronix recently completed a build for a Dodge RAM that incorporates a Google Nexus 7 tablet into the dash for this purpose.

Google’s YouTube app will not be included in iOS6

Apple users will notice more than Google Maps missing from iOS6 when it rolls out later this year. The latest beta versions reveal a standard YouTube app will not be included. Apple says it is a case of the license expiring. What they say may not really be what then think though. This could be another step in Apple’s scorched earth policy to rid iOS of all Google apps. Apparently Apple believes they can overcome user affinity for the YouTube app by providing YouTube access via the Safari web browser.

In response, Google is now working on sorely needed upgrades to their own standalone YouTube app to be made available through the App Store. This may actually be a benefit for users who will likely end up with a better app and YouTube experience now that Google’s hands are not tied by Apple’s requirements for the operating system included app.

source: The Verge

Share your photos and videos through Wi-Fi via Wi-Fi Shoot


Sharing pictures and videos is something everyone does on a daily basis. Finding a way to do that in a simple and quick manner is always welcomed and sought after. Wi-Fi Shoot is an app that can connect two Wi-Fi Direct-compatible devices together to share photos and videos. The app is fairly simple to use, once the two devices are paired, a tap of a button is all that’s needed to pass the picture or video along.

I love apps that makes tasks simpler and faster to achieve. While this app works great thus far, keep in mind that it is still in beta phase and still has bugs that the developer has to work on. Thus far, the app only works on local media, so you won’t be able to share any cloud-based photos or videos. Wi-Fi Shoot only works with devices that have Android 4.0 and up and is available in the Google Play Market for free. Hit up the break for a download link and a video showcasing the app!

Help this LEGO Bugdroid Become a Reality, No Financial Support Needed

How cool is this!? Some Android fan decided to take it upon himself to design and build his very own Andy the Android mascot (aka Bugdroid) all out of custom ordered LEGO’S. No, you cant currently order a kit to build one for yourself but if you go and support the proposed project on LEGO’S CUUSOO site, the kit may eventually become a reality.

CUUSOO is site run by LEGO’S that encourages people to design and build LEGO projects from the ground up. As if that wasn’t cool enough, LEGO’S up the anti by posting these projects for everyone to see and if the project gets enough public support LEGO’S will send it into production. Unlike other start-up sites like Kickstarter and IndiGoGo, CUUSOO gains supporters simply by asking people to comment on how much they would pay for the kit and how many kits they would buy. Easy enough, and no money involved! Jump past the break for details.

Talk Android’s Smartphone Buyer’s Guide Fall 2012: A Guide For Students, Geeks, Show-Offs And Android Newbies


Fall is almost here for those of us here in the States and many of you may be in the market to grab a new phone. Whether it’s the latest and greatest quad-core beast, something that will let you be able to share all those updates of your trip around the globe or if you’re upgrading from a dumbphone to a basic Android smartphone that will give you the most bang for your buck, this guide has you fully-covered. In this guide, you’ll find the device that will be well within your budget range as well as feature items you may care about most such as a full touchscreen or slide-out keyboard, solid camera and topnotch multimedia capabilities. Without further ado— let’s hit the break to see what phone will suit you best on your respective wireless network.

Samsung releases kernel source code for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ready to roll out around the world, Samsung has released kernel source code for a couple versions of the tablet. Samsung has made available the code for model number SHW-M480K to be branded for Korea Telecom and for model number SHW-M480S to be branded for Southern Korean Telecom. Code for the WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 has not yet been released. The files can be downloaded from the Samsung Open Source Release Center using the source link below.

source: Samsung Open Source Release Center
via: Phandroid

Droid 4 ICS Soak Test Starting Soon?


Droid Life is reporting that a new software soak test is imminent for the Droid 4, which is assumed to be an ICS test build.

It looks like notifications will be sent out via the Motorola Feedback Network, so make sure you opt-in to be among the first to receive the update.

We’ll let you know when we find out exactly what’s in the update.

source: Droid Life