Australian Mobile Carrier Telstra Confirms HTC One S And One XL Smartphones Will Get Jelly Bean Update, Just Doesn’t Know When

Since Jelly Bean’s announcement, we hadn’t heard any news from many manufacturers and when their devices would get the coveted update, but lo and behold— HTC finally has some good news for owners of a couple of premium devices. According to Australian carrier Telstra, the HTC One S and One X One XL smartphones will be first in line to get the Android 4.1 update. While no specific date is given, Telstra confirms that HTC is at least “preparing the update”.

Also keep in mind the timing of the Jelly Bean update sounds about right too for two reasons. First, both the One S and One XL are HTC’s flagship devices at the moment, so flagship devices tend to get priority when it comes to software updates. Second, Google did confirm it would release the PDK of its Android software to select Android manufacturers much earlier, which would naturally give those manufacturers a headstart in modifying the software updates for their respective devices.

While it’s exciting to know a few of the One Series smartphones is all but set for the update, the real question now is when HTC One Series owners out here in the States should expect to see the Jelly Bean update as well?

source: Telstra

HondaLink Safely Brings Your Android Smartphone to the Cockpit of the 2013 Accord

Several months ago I was driving my wife’s car and using the GPS on my Galaxy Nexus. I looked down at the screen for a couple of seconds and when I looked back up, the car in front of me had unexpectedly slowed down. I slammed on the breaks as quickly as I could but twelve thousand dollars of damage and one totaled 2011 Mazda 3 later, we were looking for a new car.

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of hands-free technology. Intro the 2013 Honda Accord. Honda has been getting serious about the ability to connect your smartphone to your car, all to make driving more safe. The result will be the launching of HondaLink in the new 2013 Accord.

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Jelly Bean Update For Vodafone Australia Nexus S Users Delayed Indefinitely


Just when Nexus S owners down under got themselves mentally psyched for some buttery goodness, Vodafone Australia comes out and says just kidding!!—- it’s not quite ready yet! Due to some regulatory issues it has to overcome and comply with, the anticipated Jelly Bean update is indeed delayed. Here’s Vodafone Australia’s official statement on its blog:


“Important news

We’ve just been advised that due to a software issue, the roll-out the of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to Vodafone Australia customers has been delayed.

It’s been advised the software currently does not meet all the Australian regulatory requirements related to emergency calls.

At this stage, we don’t have any further information on when the roll-out will resume, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know here on the blog.

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your patience at this time”.


On a positive note– at least Vodafone Australia gave a reasonable explanation for the delay and hey— SFR France hasn’t made any such mention of a delay yet, so hopefully the French have been able to enjoy some of that Jelly Bean lovin’ on time. But seriously– here’s hoping we see the update pushed out sooner than later.

source: Vodafone Australia Blog

Sprint-Bound Samsung SPH-L300 LTE Passes Through FCC

The Sprint-bound Samsung SPH-L300 was first whispered about in May, and now it’s finally clearing the FCC. The specs we know about place this handset in the budget to mid-range, and frankly the specs are pretty good for folks looking for something decent that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Sure, it’s no Galaxy S III or HTC One X, but it’ll get things done. No word on when it will launch on Sprint, but it can’t be too far off now.

via: pocketnow

Another $199 Quad-Core Tegra 3 Android Tablet… But The Nabi 2 Is For Kids

Looks like Google’s Nexus 7 isn’t the only $199 Tegra 3 quad-core 7-inch Android tablet. Fuhu Inc., makers of the kids nabi tablet, has now come out with the nabi 2 with some pretty decent specs.

  • 7-inch 1024×600 touchscreen
  • 1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 A9 Quad-Core Mobile processor
  • 8GB of storage memory
  • microSD slot
  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 2MP front camera (720p video capture)
  • microUSB port
  • miniHDMI port
  • 4,000mAh battery

Not too shabby, especially for a tablet made specifically for children from pre-K to 5th grade. The nabi 2 comes pre-installed with educational and child-centric entertainment apps, such as Spinlets+ Music (over 19 million kid-friendly songs), and Spinlets+ TV (streaming Saturday morning kids’ shows). You don’t get the Google Play Store (too mature for the target audience) but you get App Zone 2.0,  the “only curated App store made just for kids“. This app store contains over 500 real apps, like Fruit Ninja for example, that are hand picked by moms and dads. Of course, you could always sideload any apps if you really wanted to.

The nabi 2 is now available at  Wal-MartBest Buy, and Gamestop, and will be coming to Target and Amazon on July 22.

source: android police

Update To Google Play Music Brings Improved UI, Playing Queue, and More

You may want to check your app updates because Google Play Music just got an awesome new update. This new version comes with a bunch of new improvements and features such as:

  • Now Playing queue that allows for queuing and reordering of currently playing music.
  • New UI for navigation with transport controls on the action bar.
  • New large album art view on Recent.
  • Playlist art is now constructed from album art of songs in the playlist.
  • Now Playing widget has album art and support for thumbs up.
  • Harder, better, faster, stronger.

I’m already loving this new version. The improved UI makes for a cleaner look, the playlist art is a nice new addition, and I’m especially loving the new queuing features. This is definitely much better than previous versions of Google music. Grab the updated version through either of the links below.


Google Play Store

Sky’s Now TV Launches on Android, Brings Streaming Movies to Folks in the UK

Here’s some cool news for you UK readers, and only you UK readers. NOW TV’s streaming movie service is now available for Android devices and will allow you to stream movies whenever and wherever you want. If you have the “Sky Movie Pass” you can stream unlimited movies all day long and there is even a nifty “Play to Play” option for those of you who are afraid of commitments. Speaking of commitments, you can sign up right now for a free 30-day trial to see if this is something you can get down with. Pretty sweet, huh?

The Now TV app is now available in Google Play and brings access to a boat-load of great movie titles.  Hit either of the links below to get started.

QR Code generator

 Google Play Download

SDK for Android 4.1 is now available

Google released the Android 4.1 SDK today and it is now available for download. Included with the SDK are revised versions of SDK Tools (20.1.1) and NDK revision 8b. The new tools will let developers publish code up to API level 16 using Jelly Bean APIs. As usual, the SDK is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.  The SDK and related tools can be installed via an existing installation of the SDK or one can head over to the Android Developers’ web site. Read more

Google giving out multiple $25 credits for Play Store to new Nexus 7 owners

As users with Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet are figuring out, when setting up the device to access the Play Store, Google is providing a $25 credit for registering. But the good times don’t stop there. If you do a factory reset of the device and register a new account, including providing valid credit card information, an additional $25 credit will be issued by Google.

It is unclear as to whether this is really what Google intended to occur and may be questionable, though not unprecedented, behavior. In any case, if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, you may want to do so as soon as possible in case Google makes a change.

source: Android Police

Here’s how to make a Smart Cover for your Nexus 7 for under $10.00

Last week we showed you that the Nexus 7 was set up for smart covers. Now a lot of devices are in the same boat so it remains to be seen if we will ever see actual smart covers for the Nexus 7, but if you’re clamoring for one, you can make one for as less than $10.00. By the way, if you don’t know what a smart cover does, it will toggle your screen on and off when you open or close the cover. How does it work? With magnets. I know some of you might be afraid of Do It Yourself projects, but trust me, this one is easy. Hit the break to get started.

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