Foursquare Launches Preview Of Connected Apps

Popular social app FourSquare is about to get a wee bit better folks by launching the developer preview of Connected Apps. Connected Apps brings some of those experiences using external apps (think Twitter, text messages, weather widgets, etc.) right to the post-check-in screen of the foursquare app, effectively eliminating the need for SMS or Twitter notifications for simple things. Connected Apps will allow Foursquare users to have their apps connected to Foursquare via Foursquare’s app gallery. Apps like The Weather Channel can now show you the local forecast when you check in in a new city, while Untappd can show you the most popular beer in a bar when you check in and Sonar can notify you when like-minded individuals are checked in with you. Here are some of Foursquare’s confirmed launch partners of Connected Apps:

  • Eat This, Not That
  • Untappd
  • Sonar
  • Soundtracking
  • Snoball
  • Foodspotting
  • GroupMe
  • The Weather Channel

Basically the end goal is to provide more content for all Foursquare users. And naturally, Foursquare users will stand to benefit in the end because after all, “the data users will be able to get — right inside the foursquare app — is only limited by the imaginations of developers”. Here’s hoping developers of all come through and make a great app even more special for all.

source: About Foursquare

Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet Already a Hit with ‘Big’ Pre-Order Sales

To no surprise, the Google Nexus 7 tablet has already made a huge splash just two days after its announcement. Hugo Barra, the director of product management for Android, has told the media that pre-order sales are “big.” While he wouldn’t give out specific numbers, he did have a confident smirk as he is obviously quite thrilled with the quick success of the tablet.

At this price set, I had no doubts that the Nexus 7 would do well. Have any of you guys pre-ordered one yet? If you have any doubts about purchasing this tablet, hit up our un-boxing of the Nexus 7!

source: Business Insider

Google+ SDK for Android and iOS Coming Along With a Handful of API’s

Google has made it clear during their I/O Keynote that they are all in on Google+ and are really trying hard to push it to consumers. They’ve shown the possibilities and features that Google+ can offer that no other social media network can. The biggest problem Google had was that there was no option for third party applications to integrate with Google+ such as what Facebook and Twitter have. Google has made that one step closer to reality today with the announcement of the upcoming Google+ API for Android and iOS. Supported out-of-the-box are Google+ sign-in, a share plug-in to share your app content to the G+ stream,  +1 button integration, Google+ history functions, and a personalization feature, which will allow developers to pull in public G+ content and use it in their app. This is a huge step for Google+ as this can really help to bring more users.

I truly feel that Google+ has so much potential, even the potential to overcome Facebook in the future. Google+ has the tools and features to become a social media giant if it’s given enough time and the right marketing. Any of our readers starting to use Google+ over Facebook? Or is Facebook just too hard to stop using considering everyone uses it? Let us know!

source: Google+ Developers

LG VS950 hits the FCC with Verizon LTE, Could be the Optimus Vu

LG’s somewhat answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Note may very well be headed to Verizon touting an LTE radio. The LGVS950 passed through the FCC, and we are confident that this may very well be the LG Optimus Vu. While the documents don’t specifically mention the Vu name or the phone’s 5-inch display, the diagram (seen above) of the LG VS950 shows the exact same speaker grill setup on the lower left as well as the SIM flap on the upper right. The VS950 sports NFC and offers LTE band 13 and GSM 850/1900. The phone has already received Bluetooth Certification, which means it should be in its final stages of testing.

source: FCC
via: engadget

Google’s Nexus Q Already Hacked To Run Games

Well this didn’t take long. Just mere days after it was announced, the Nexus Q has already been “modified” to run games. In case you’re not familiar, the Nexus Q is a streaming media player that plays content like music, movies and YouTube videos. While it’s a media player for the average consumer, it’s still an Android device at heart and features items like a smooth TI-OMAP 4460 processor— which is the same one that’s featured in the Galaxy Nexus. Being that it’s a Nexus-branded device, Google indirectly welcomed developers to try their hand at jazzing up the device, and that’s exactly what app developer Christina Kelly has done.  Using some quick wits, Kelly was able to successfully load up Swords and Soldiers on the Nexus Q. While Swords and Soldiers loaded up, it doesn’t actually run— but even if it did, there’s still the item of ummm you know… the lack of touch controls— which makes the game pretty much useless on the device.

Still, you can’t help but be excited for the achievement. It should only be a matter of time before we see more clever hackery from other crafty developers for the Nexus Q.

source: SlashGear

Samsung to Offer MHL Cable Adapters for Galaxy S III

We’ve previously reported that the Samsung Galaxy S III uses a special MHL/HDMI adapter and you would not be able to use the last-generation MHL to HDMI adapter cables because of hardware changes. Samsung has come forward with a great solution as they have built a 5-pin to 11-pin adapter that allows the old cable to work with the new phone. They also gave a reason as to why the change was made:

Samsung Galaxy S® III uses an 11-pin micro USB input, which allows it to support MHL output and USB on-the-go input simultaneously – an improvement over 5-pin capability. This means that customers can take advantage of new functions for accessories that are not supported by a 5-pin micro USB connector, allowing a deeper convergence between the Galaxy S III smartphone and a HDTV.

To ease this transition and to allow for greater innovation with Samsung accessories, Samsung Mobile will offer a 5-pin to 11-pin MHL Cable Adapter that will allow the original Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter to function properly with U.S. models of the Galaxy S III, as well as future Samsung premium smartphones. In addition, Samsung is offering consumers the ability to purchase the new adapter separately, or to bundle it with the original HDTV Smart Adapter. Our goal in offering these MHL adapter solutions is to provide consumers with the newest accessory technology while ensuring the highest level of device compatibility.

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Google Glasses Will Make its way to Consumers by 2014

If you have already seen Google’s keynote on this years Google IO 2012, then you are well aware of the grand entrance Google provided on one of their latest and most compelling projects, Google Glasses. Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, introduced Google Glasses to us with a bang by using multiple skydivers, BMX bicyclists, and wall repellers to give a small preview of what Google Glasses is capable of. After the introduction, Brin informed us that the product will be available early next year to Google IO 2012 attendees via pre-order for a hefty price of $1500.

Google really wants to get these prototypes out to developers so that they can get as much user feedback as possible in time for a world-wide consumer release by the year 2014. Brin wants to take this project to the next level and has a much larger vision on what these Glasses will be capable of doing by the time they’re ready for mass release. I truly feel the demo Google showed us on this years I/O is just the tip of the iceberg on what Google Glasses could ultimately become.

What do you all think about this project Google has been working on now for over 2 years? Do you think they’re wasting their time with this or do you feel like this could really be something that an every day average person could use? Let us know in the comments section! You can also hit up the source link for a quick video on Google Glasses.

source: Bloomberg

Nexus 7 buzz dampened by lack of storage?

One of the most buzzworthy items on display at Google I/O was the ASUS produced Nexus 7 tablet. Available in both 8GB and 16GB versions, Google indicated their target was a $200 price point. Google did meet that target, but at what cost?

Reviewers have identified a couple limitations involving the amount of storage available, especially for the 8GB model. A look at internal storage on the 8GB version reveals only 5.92 GB are available for end users. The other 2+ GB are consumed by system files. To add to the storage squeeze, Google opted to not include a microSD card option in the Nexus 7. So what you have is what you get.
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[Rumor] Galaxy Note 2 Will Sport a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED Screen

We’ve previously reported about the various rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 floating around. Today, an exclusive tip that was given to GSM Arena has the Note 2 confirmed to have a 5.5″ Super AMOLED screen with the phones design taking a kin to the Samsung Galaxy S III. Interestingly enough, even though the screen is slightly larger than the predecessor, the width and the form factor of the Note 2 will actually be slimmer than the first one. That’s definitely good news to hear and I’m eager to see the first pictures of it in the wild sometime in the near future.

According to the source, Samsung has also decided to move the release date of the Note 2 to September, rather than the original rumor of October. The main reason I can see them doing this is to get this bad boy out before the release of the iPhone 5. Samsung hopes to take away some thunder of Apple’s next juggernaut. The rest of the phones specifications are still rumored to be an 8MP camera with an improved sensor, as well as 2 GB of RAM, along with a new Exynos 5250 chipset, featuring a dual-core ARM-15 processor.

Any readers out there even more excited about the Note’s successor?

source: GSM Arena

[Root] HTC One X Joins the Jelly Bean Port Club [Video]

The HTC One X has gotten itself an SDK port of Google’s Jelly Bean firmware thanks to the XDA developer by the name of tgascoigne. At this point it’s nothing you can use as a daily driver, but serves as a great way to get yourself a nibble of Jelly Bean if you’re a One X user. Many things don’t work such as the camera, WiFi, audio, and much more. The developer has stated that he’s already working with the actual Galaxy Nexus OTA of Jelly Bean ported to the One X. If he’s able to get that working that build should be far more superior than the current SDK build. If you don’t mind your phone pretty much unusable but still want to give Jelly Bean a shot, then head on over to the XDA thread and flash away. Of course, needless to say, your One X will have to be rooted and the boot-loader unlocked in order to flash the ROM. You can also watch the video at the bottom to see this port in action.

YouTube Preview Image

source: XDA