An inside look at Google’s data centers, colorful tubes and all

The biggest online search provider in the world must have plenty of data storage and security, right? Well, that’d be an understatement. After all, your GMail, Maps, Search and YouTube videos have to come from somewhere. Inspiringly, Google took to its official blog today to give readers an inside look at its data centers from around the world.

To better show off its slew of magnificent server farms and series of tubes, the company put together a gallery of images, as well as a walk-through video of its data center in Lenoir, North Carolina. Jump past the break to catch the official video.

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Thanks to an LG Nexus system dump, a couple Android 4.2 features have been uncovered


Thanks to an Android 4.2 system dump obtained via an LG Nexus by Android Police, several new features of 4.2 have been unearthed for all of us to see. Keep in mind that these are builds that aren’t by any means final and could very well change once the LG Nexus is actually released. These are features that may or may not be in the final builds, but it looks like it is what we should expect once we officially see Android 4.2.

Ron Amadeo from Android Police wrote up a great article on this and detailed each new feature. He carefully detailed SELinux, Always-On VPN and Premium SMS Confirmation. All of these should make its way into 4.2.

If you have some free time and would like to see what Google has been up to for 4.2, then head on over to the source link and give Ron’s post a read!

source: Android Police

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III to receive a small OTA that updates the build to T999UVLJ4


First and foremost, this update isn’t Jelly Bean (cue the disappointment, but it will come soon enough!) but just a small OTA for tweaks on TouchWiz for your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III.

  • Version:
    • Android version 4.0.4/Software version T999UVLJ4
    • Approved 10/17/2012
  • Improvements:
    • Resolved Media Hub playback issues
    • Pinch & Zoom backend changes – No visible user  changes
  • Prerequisites
    • OTA and Samsung Kies update
    • T999UVLH2, T999UVLG1 or T999UVLEM
    • Device software is not rooted
    • 50% battery life
    • Data connection
    • 50 MB available memory (File size of update is 12 MB)

The update is a total of 12MB’s and is also available via kies if you prefer that. Other than that, just wait for the OTA to hit your device!

source: T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S III now as low as $99 on Amazon for a limited time only

Widely regarded as the best Android phone currently out, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been nothing short of amazing ever since its release. Still salivating over the S III but unable to purchase one due to the high price? Well now may be your chance as you can snag this bad boy up for as low as $99 through Amazon! This limited-time sale puts the Android powerhouse in your possession if you sign up for a new individual or family plan with Verizon or Sprint. The AT&T model is also on sale, but for $129.99.

This promotion is for both the Pebble Blue and White 16GB versions. Remember, you have to be a new customer in order to take advantage of this deal. Links will be provided below!

source: Verizon | Sprint | AT&T

Rovio releases a teaser video for their upcoming Star Wars themed Angry Birds game

To give their upcoming title even more hype, Rovio has released a short teaser video on YouTube regarding their impending Star Wars themed Angry Birds title that’s due out to be released on November 8th. The video is short and the main thing you’ll see is a catapult on top of the ship.

I’m still quite curious as to how they will implement the Angry Birds game-play into Star Wars, but Rovio has never disappointed so I’m sure this will make their fans and Star Wars fans happy once it’s released. Check out the video after the break and see for yourself! Let us know what you think the video could mean and how they plan to combine these two completely different titles into one.

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Google Play Store credit now available for purchase directly from Google Play web store

I was wondering when Google would eventually implement this. Recently, Google has enabled credit purchases for their Google Play Store within the Google Play web in itself. If you’re in the web version of the Play Store, go ahead and jot down to the bottom and you’ll see a tab option that reads “Buy Google Play Credit.” The purchase of credits are an an increment of $5, $10, $15, $25 and $50.

Sadly, there’s no way to “gift” credits and you can only purchase for yourself, although I would imagine that option will be available in due time. Also, it looks like this is only for US customers and the option won’t seen in other countries.

source: Google Play Store

Sony announces Xperia VL; Exclusive to Japanese market

Sony has announced a new Android handset dubbed as the Xperia VL exclusive to the Japanese market. The device is set to be launched before years end and will come with an LTE chip for fast speeds. Here’s what else you can expect with the Xperia LV:

  • 4.3″ HD Reality Display screen, powered by Mobile Bravia Engine 2
  • 13 MP fast-capture camera with new shooting modes; Superior Auto feature, enabling low-light snapping and Picture Effect that lets you preview snaps using different effects
  • High levels of dust and water resistance
  • Sony’s signature tune-tech, including ClearAudio+ mode that lets you effortlessly enjoy audio quality
  • Sony’s media applications (WALKMAN® application, Album application and Movies application)
  • Ships running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • NFC enabled
  • Arc design

For me it’s disappointing that Sony chose to launch this phone with Android ICS rather than Jelly Bean, especially since it’s not evne launching until later towards the end of the year. Either way the phone seems like a great mid-range Android phone and a great portable media device.

source: Sony Mobile


Motorola DROID RAZR M, RAZR i, RAZR HD and Atrix HD all receive root method

As with any other Android device, root is eventually achieved. The Motorola DROID RAZR M, RAZR i, RAZR HD and Atrix HD have all received root thanks to XDA user djrbliss. The process that exploits root in these devices is called Motofail2Go and is a virtual one-click root process.

You’ll need a Windows PC, Motorola’s latest USB drivers and the program itself. If you’re brave and willing to give this a shot then head on over to the source link for instructions and more information regarding this rooting process.

source: XDA

Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Angry Heroes Online [MMORPG – Arcade & Action]

Angry Heroes Online is a brand new MMORPG from Artibus that blends comic-style art and humor. In this world of fantasy, you will create your own character, deal with evil and clumsy bosses, go on exciting quests, play mini games, and fight other online players.

When creating your character, you have your choice of three different races: humans, elves, and orcs, You can dress him or her up anyway you wish and purchase protective gear and weapons. This is where things get interesting  and comical because the first weapon I used was a plunger, and it wasn’t too shabby because I won with it. As to the armor, again it’s not going be quite what you expect. Cardboard armor and paper bag masks usually don’t get the job done, but in Angry Heroes it does.

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