Google joins automakers to create Open Automotive Alliance bringing Android to more vehicles

ZTE unveils the Grand S II with new voice control technology

ZTE unveils the Projector Hotspot, Wi-Fi via LTE for up to 8 users and projects images and video up to 120-inches

NVIDIA announces Tegra K1, first 192-core processor

Techno Source and KD Interactive come together to create the Kurio Phone for children

Lenovo announces two Android-powered 4K displays aimed at professionals and tech lovers

Orbotix’s Sphero 2B carries a low price tag, provides a ton of fun with fresh design

Lenovo joins the crowd bringing Android to the desktop

Rochester Optical to bring prescription lenses to Google Glass

Two unidentified Sony devices slide through the FCC, could be the E1 and E1 Dual

ASUS Transformer Book Duet leaks in video, a Dual OS device that will debut at CES

Images of Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 surface in cover patent application