DeNA and Square Enix Partner to Bring FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE Mobile Game to Players in United States and Canada

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade has had quite a bit of success in Japan, with over 3 million registered users. It’s a social game that’s advertised as being easy to play for players new to the Final Fantasy universe, as well as appealing to veterans of the franchise. On the heels of this success, DeNA and Square Enix have announced today that they will be bringing the game to North American shores in the near future. It’s also the first free-to-play Final Fantasy social game to be released in English.

Players cooperate and explore a world based on Final Fantasy in airships, and join with other players to form airborne brigades and fight bosses. Each player gains experience and levels up through these boss fights and quests. The enemies and items all come from the familiar Final Fantasy universe. Simple, but it’s bound to have quite a bit of depth with Final Fantasy behind it. Users can go ahead and preregister now to be alerted when the game becomes available to download. Hit the press release below to find out more.

Android Newbie’s Guide to Rooting


Newbie’s Guide to Rooting

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re either already rooted or thinking about rooting your device. The thing with rooting is that instead of folks falling into two different camps, I believe there are three camps. In my opinion, we’re either rooted, don’t even want to think about rooting, or we’re kind of intrigued by the idea but don’t want to go through the hassle or risk of rooting our device. This guide is more for the latter. My intent is not to sway anyone one way or the other. This is simply to try to keep things simple, while providing resources and knowledge from first-hand experience, and enabling you to make your own informed decision. While I’m not going to walk you step-by-step on how to root your specific device (we’ll be here forever going through each device); I will introduce you to the concept of rooting, reliable sources for reading, things to do before rooting, the benefits of rooting, and what to do after you’re rooted. 

How to unlock and root the Nexus 10

Although there is a  simple root toolkit for the Nexus 10, we always stress the importance of unlocking and rooting your device the manual way. It gives you a better understanding of how things work, but we do understand why you might want to go the easy route. If you want to give it a go the old fashioned way, we’ve got you covered with all the necessary steps to unlock and root your Nexus 10. It’s actually pretty simple and in less then the time it takes to watch a sitcom you will be well on your way. Hit the break to get started.

Apple’s App Store generates four times more revenue than Google’s Play Store, but Google is gaining ground

App Annie just unveiled the App Annie Index, which will be a monthly report that provides revenue and download analysis of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They have some pretty interesting things to report in their first month. The first of which is that Apple’s App Store generates four times more revenue than Google’s Play Store. That is so interesting when you consider that close to 75% of the smartphones are Android and it’s inline with the Android Engagement Paradox we wrote about earlier in the week. It’s not all doom and gloom though because Google Play revenue grew 311 percent for the year-to-date as compared to iOS revenue, which only grew 12.9 percent.

Clay Jam Officially Makes Its Way To Play Store, Gives Gamers The Chance Express Their Inner Clay Imaginations


Those of you who appreciate a good action game are about to be all smiles because Clay Jam is officially live, finally giving gamers the chance to have a unique action gaming experience. In case you’re not familiar with the game, players will play as Fat Pebble as he races to save Clay Jam from the fearsome Bully Beasts— all in clay form. The game comes jam-packed with features including more than 20 hand-made monsters to search for, 5 strange hills to rebuild and 5  Bully Beasts to defeat. Best of all— all of the awesome features found in the game are available for an astounding price of $0.00, though there are additional in-app options available for a nominal fee.

The game is available in the now in the Play Store, so be sure to grab it once you hit past the break. We do ask that you don’t blame us in case you know— have a sudden lack of productivity at the office because of the game’s addictiveness.

How to disable unwanted system apps and bloatware from your Android phone (Android 4.0 and up)

A very handy but underrated feature in Google’s Android 4.x operating system is the ability to disable apps. Disabling apps is a way to basically freeze and hide any unused, unwanted, or unruly system apps that came on your phone (ie: ones that you can’t uninstall). This feature might come in handy if your phone came stocked with a bunch of unwanted bloatware that you never use. If you’re sick of looking at those unused icons cluttering up your app drawer, you can simply disable them and they’ll disappear for good.   Another reason you might want to disable an app is if it is causing problems for your system, whether it be battery drain or lag. A perfect example was Google’s Currents app that was causing lag for Nexus 7 users after the Android 4.2 update. Users simply disabled the app, and the lag immediately disappeared. Whatever the reason is that you might want to disable an app, it’s a pretty straightforward procedure. Read on after the break for instructions.

Only three companies profitable at selling mobile phones during third quarter

In a Twitter post a couple weeks ago, Horace Dediu claims only three companies were profitable in selling mobile phones during the third quarter. According to his claim, Apple’s share of the global mobile phone profit pie fell to 60% from 66% during the second quarter. Samsung laid claim to 39% and HTC managed to grab 1% of operating profits.

At least one follower took Dediu to task by pointing out that LG was profitable by the slimmest of margins. Dediu tries to shrug it off by claiming LG “effectively” broke even. Readers may recognize Dediu as the author of the study on the Android Engagement Paradox that we reported on earlier this week.

source: Twitter

Verizon First Overall, AT&T Last in This Year’s Consumer Reports Survey

You know what they say: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Such is the case regarding AT&T and this year’s Consumer Reports survey based on mobile carriers. Like last year, AT&T finished dead last in Consumer Reports’ mobile carrier satisfaction survey which focuses on data service quality, staff knowledge, and issue resolution. Similarly, like last year, Verizon finished atop the list. Ironically, even though AT&T finished dead last in overall scoring, they finished first with its LTE network satisfaction. The poll itself polled 63,253 subscribers and the the results will be published in the January 2013 issue which should hit stores within the next week or so.

source:  All Things

Turns out pairing wine with your smartphone is just as important as pairing wine with what you’re eating

Did you ever go to the wine store and ask the salesman which wine you should buy based on what’s for dinner? I bet you never asked him what you should buy based on the phone you have in your pocket. Turns out that you might want to consider that for you next purchase. gave Tim Morgan, from the Summer Chimney Wine Club, six smartphones and asked him to match wines to the typical user for each. Hit the break to find out the results

Google Rumored To Be Working On Improved Mobile Search Functions, Wants To Answer Questions Before You Ask


It’s no surprise that Google has taken the preliminary steps to get to know you a little better, but now it is taking things to another level by potentially answering a question before you ask. That’s right folks— Google is potentially working on something that pre-guesses what users are likely to be looking for and pings an update before users will ask the question. According to Technology Review, Google is trying to get an understanding of the needs of its users as they go about their normal lives. Essentially, this new technology would be even more dependent of a user’s GPS and would assist in making all the little things just a wee bit easier— like telling users how many people are lining up to buy their sandwiches at the local supermarket. So in essence, as users go about their normal day, Google will begin to pick up on the habits and give you answers before you ask. Cool? Definitely. Scary? Absolutely.

The fact that Google is possibly working on this enhanced technology all but points to one thing: Google clearly has its vision of the future for Google Now… one with an enhanced search experience. The scary thing is it’s going to be here— whether we like it or not.

source: Technology Review
via: Gizmodo

Clear Talk Acquires 700 Mhz Spectrum From Verizon


In an effort to consolidate its massive network just slightly, Verizon recently sold 10 lower 700 MHz B-block licenses to wireless service provider Clear Talk. I’m sure many of you are wondering what the significance of this recent deal is, right? It’s simple really: Verizon wanted to sell its lower 700 MHz spectrum licenses to rationalize its spectrum holdings and enable more spectrum to reach the marketplace where it can be used for the benefit of customers. In other words— Verizon feels that more of its spectrum can indirectly reach a wider range of customers through a sale to another operator, which is significant because the spectrum covers additional areas in Texas, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico.

If you happen to be a Clear Talk subscriber or customer, it’s looking more and more like you have a lot to look forward to— especially if you’re itching to jump on one of those awesome 4G LTE devices.

source: Verizon Wireless News Center

Original Galaxy Note gets Jelly Bean test leak


After Samsung debuted some awesome new features on the Galaxy Note II, many original Note owners were left wondering if their devices would get a taste of those features. After already updating the Note once this year, it looks like they’re prepping another jelly bean flavored update pretty soon. That tasty update has been leaked by SamMobile and includes plenty of new features.

Apple Chips Away At Samsung’s Business: Stops Buying Its CPUs


It’s no secret Apple has been going after Samsung, both in the mobile market and in the courts. Now it looks like Apple will take the grudge match to a new arena as it is set to shift CPU orders away from Samsung and to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacture Company (TSMC). DigiTimes cites industry observers as saying it appears likely TSMC will produce the chips for Apple’s next iOS device in 2013. Should TSMC get the massive Apple order, it will be forced to balance its production capability between its new client and some of its other big name customers like Qualcomm, Nvidia and Altera. The combined iPhone and iPad CPU demands is estimated at roughly 200 million per year. This means TSMC will need a minimum of 200,000 12-inch wafers in order to take on the additional demand. I’m not a quotable “industry observer” but come on, who didn’t see this coming?

Source: DigiTimes

Pioneer AV receivers get update to support HTC Connect wireless music streaming

If you’re rocking one of Pioneer’s recent audio video receivers, you’ll be excited to know that the company has just released a firmware update that allows owners to take advantage of HTC’s Connect technology. This means users can now use their HTC One X, One X+, One VX or Droid DNA smartphones to wireless stream music directly to their receivers via DLNA. The news comes just a few months following the initial introduction of Pioneer’s HTC Connect-compatible SMA wireless speakers.

HTC brings in new marketing executive in preparation for ‘Marketing 2.0’ project

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has announced plans today to bring in a new marketing executive in an effort to help get the company get back on track. The new marketing lead, Benhamin Ho, who has served as CMO of Motorola and VP of business strategy and marketing at Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. will join the company in January. Current marketing and sales executive Jason Mackenzie will be shifted to focus solely on the company’s sales strategy, while CMO John Wang has opted to leave the company entirely.

HTC has struggled to match the competition in recent months, losing valuable market share to manufacturers like Samsung and LG. Ho plans to rebuild the company’s current marketing and business strategies, with his first project being titled “Marketing 2.0.” Mr. Ho will report directly to Chief Executive Peter Chou, who has been taking a bit of heat himself for the recent undoings of the company.

HTC went on to admit that it expects next quarter’s revenues to drop another 14.5 percent in the final quarter, equating to a total loss of 23 percent over the previous year.

Source: WSJ