Motorola VP Says Hardware Is The Reason For Android 4.0 Upgrade Delay To Its Devices

So you own a sweet MOTO DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX, DROID Bionic or other premium device, but are still aching for that ICS update? Well we know it’s on its way, but as of this time, there’s no estimated release date from MOTO at this time. Owners of the devices previously presumed it was because of customizing the (MOTO)BLUR skin on top of Android 4.0. However, the software development isn’t the hassle— it’s actually the hardware that’s causing a bit of a hassle and prolonging the eventual rollout of the update to the handful of MOTO devices. Christy Wyatt, Senior VP and general manager of Motorola’s Enterprise Business Unit makes that point clear:

“When Google does a release of the software … they do a version of the software for whatever phone they just shipped. The rest of the ecosystem doesn’t see it until you see it. Hardware is by far the long pole in the tent, with multiple chipsets and multiple radio bands for multiple countries. It’s a big machine to churn. I would have to know that every single operator I have is going to want to upgrade every single product, and sometimes they’ll want to control the timing … it’s just not easy to make that blanket statement.”

Motorola completely feels for its customers and wants to push out timely updates as quickly as possible, but it’s not at this point because of various factors involving hardware and mobile carriers. The problem is pretty straightforward: Motorola finds out if the hardware is compatible, throws on the custom skins like (MOTO)BLUR and waits to finally get re-certified by every individual carrier– which is a difficult process by itself. As tedious as the process is upgrading devices to Android 4.0, it’s a necessary one in order to ensure all aspects of the devices are running smoothly and without issues.

All is not doom and gloom though folks. While highlighting the difficulties in updating the software for each phone, Wyatt added some understandable enthusiasm for Android 4.0 because it gives developers a single UI for phones and tablets:

“That has to be one of the promises of Ice Cream Sandwich,” she said. “By bringing these UIs together, you solve the experience gaps and the ecosystem gaps between [phones and tablets].”

Our sentiments exactly Christy. While additional tweaks such as the WebTop (laptop) mode needs to be worked out as well, expect MOTO and its great group of developers/engineers to figure out everything sooner than later.

source: PC Mag 


TELUS Offering Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 With LTE For An Arm And A Leg

Telus is almost ready to flip the switch on their highly anticipated LTE Network and first up for devices to rock super fast speeds is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.  You can check out our review of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 (WiFi Only) here if you haven’t already. We like to tout the device as being a happy medium for those wanting more than a 7-inch offering but less than a 10.1-inch model.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with this slim power-horse of a tablet.  Up until now, it was hard to find the prospective price for the almost released device but it looks like now we can expect it to be a whopping $649.99.  We’re surprised your first born is not required as well.  In any event, the device packs pretty impressive specs sporting a dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU on a beautiful 8.9-inch 1280 x 800 res display.  There’s also a 3 mp camera and 2 mp front facing camera accompanied by a generous 6100 mAh battery.  Your standard Wifi and Bluetooth are all there wrapped up in a 453 gram 8.9 mm housing.  Even with LTE on board, this thing is still one of the slimmest devices around.  The tab will come with Android Honeycomb 3.2 and also supports HSPA+ 21Mbps when you’re not in an LTE coverage area.


source: Telus
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Google Responds to Google Wallet Security Flaw


Google’s NFC chip that can turn your phone into a wallet has a major security issue.  The security firm Zvelo has found that Google Wallet can be hacked by an app that can be easily found online.  Our own Ed Caggiani gave you a detailed outline of the security flaw earlier today.  Keep in mind, though, that this security breach can only affect rooted phones.  Also, the rooted phone can only be hacked in person (for example, if you lost your phone), and using a PIN lock screen will keep criminals from accessing your phone.

The Next Web contacted Google for a statement on the issue, and received the following response:

The zvelo study was conducted on their own phone on which they disabled the security mechanisms that protect Google Wallet by rooting the device. To date, there is no known vulnerability that enables someone to take a consumer phone and gain root access while preserving any Wallet information such as the PIN.

We strongly encourage people to not install Google Wallet on rooted devices and to always set up a screen lock as an additional layer of security for their phone.

Google is simply encouraging people who have rooted phones to not use Google Wallet.  If they are working on a fix to this issue, they are not mentioning it. While it’s true that rooting a phone will disable the security features that Google has in place, Google also openly encourages people to root their phones and make it their own.  The easiest fix may be to have the PIN number stored by your bank, and not Google, but that would open a whole new can of worms, including changing Google’s terms of service.  We hope that Google will tackle this issue and come out with a security fix in the near future.

source: The Next Web

Motorola’s Xoom joins the ranks of AOKP

The relatively new ROM on the block, Android Open Kang Project, or AOKP, just added another device to its support stable. This time it’s the Motorola Xoom. Quite a few of you are running AOKP now on your Nexus phones and Galaxy Tabs and from the sound of it, a lot of people love this ROM, myself included. AOKP serves up Ice Cream Sandwich, with all the fixings. Built from AOSP 4.0.3, the ROM includes features such as custom power toggles, working Facebook contact sync, *deodexed app files, and much more.

Flash the ROM in the usual way,

  1. Make sure you’re on the latest CWM
  3. Wipe data/factory reset in recovery — a must if coming from a stock-based ROM
  4. Flash ROM
  5. Flash Gapps
  6. Reboot

You can choose to download either nightly “experimental” builds or stable “milestone” builds. Hit the source link for a list of more features.

*For those unfamiliar with the term “deodexed,” check out our explanation here.

via: AndroidCommunity
source: RootzWiki 

NVIDIA press invite for Mobile World Congress confirms Quad-Core phones

Today’s “unsurprising” news is that NVIDIA will show off at least one quad-core phone in a couple of weeks at Mobile World Congress. The press invite clearly states “Quad-Core firsts continue at MWC,” and the picture is of someone holding a phone while riding a roller coaster. We’ve already heard rumors of the HTC Edge and the LG X3, but who knows, there might be something else up their sleeve. If you’re still a non-believer, don’t forget that NVIDIA told us that quad-core phones would come out by the 1st quarter 2012. Mobile World Congress is shaping up to be one spectacular event, and as always, we’ll bring you all the latest and greatest so stay tuned.


Google’s Drive Cloud Storage Service Nearing Launch

Step aside Dropbox. Google is close to launching its own cloud-storage service. Like its soon to be rival, Google’s Drive was created in response to the growth of internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets and media players.

Drive will take advantage of the rise in “cloud computing” by storing files like photos, documents and videos online. They will sit on Google’s servers and will be able to be accessed from any web-connected device. This will allow folks to easily share files with others. For example, if a person wanted to send an email containing a video shot from their smartphone, they could easily upload the video to through the Drive mobile app then email folks the link rather than the file itself.

Drive is one of a few recent attempts by the Search giant to gain lost ground from smaller internet start ups that are doing well in hot new areas. Others include their fledgling social network Google+, mobile article reading app Currents to take on Flipboard, and developed services that include buying business-reviews company Zagat to take on Yelp. 
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Foursquare Update Gives You New Ways to Discover the World Around You

With the latest update, the popular app foursquare has a lot more to offer than just checking-in. Feeding off features from their recent website, developers have added Explore to their mobile app.  Explore will give you recommendations based on places your friends have been or left tips, places you’ve put on lists to follow, or even new places Foursquare thinks you might want to try.  The app has gathered this information from the 1.5 billion check-ins on foursquare.  Menu and pricing information is also easily accessible in the app.

Checking-in will be even easier if you have a device with Android Beam (like the Galaxy Nexus), since that’s supported now too.  If your friend is already checked in, they can beam the check-in right to your phone.  Nifty, huh? So, check out the links after the break to get your foursquare app and get exploring!

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Amazon’s New Kindle Ad Reminds Us Three Kindles Cost the Same as One iPad

It looks like Samsung isn’t the only device manufacturer taking pot-shots at Apple whithin their latest TV commercials. From Sammy’s latest uber-expensive Galaxy Note commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, to Amazons most recent campaign for its eReaders.

Amazon just uploaded a new spot to YouTube today outlining the Kindle Fire‘s low price point when compared to the $499 base-priced iPad. The video explains that you can purchase a Kindle and two Kindle Fire’s for under the price of one silly iPad – and even have a little dough left over. Oh yeah, and if you see a hot mom sitting by herself next to the pool you should most definitely assume there is a husband near by. Cute Amazon… cute.

While this may be all fine and dandy, lets not forget about ASUS’ upcoming 7-inch beast. For $250 you will be able to buy their MeMO 370T that will pack a smokin’ fast quad-core processor and should definitely give the Kindle Fire a run for its money. Which would you prefer?

YouTube Preview Image

source: Phandroid



Verizon LTE Xoom Getting Upgraded…No, Not With Ice Cream Sandwich Yet

Verizon’s support page for the Motorola Xoom 4G LTE shows that an update (HLK75H) is coming soon. Unfortunately, this is NOT the Ice Cream Sandwich update most Verizon Xoom owners are waiting for.

According to Verizon’s support page, this update brings these two long-awaited and much-needed-by-everyone fixes:

  • The device will now support dual International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSI) to enhance International travel for mobile users.
  • Data connectivity will properly restore after disabling Airplane Mode.  
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