Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray (Unlocked) review

For those that don’t want to get tied down to a contract for their new smartphone, there are only two choices: going to a prepaid carrier or paying full retail, which is usually $500 to $700. The unlocked Sony Xperia Ray is a great option, and it’s compatible with AT&T. No, its not a top level device as far as specs go, but for a little over $300 the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray gets the job done well. This is my full review, but you can also checkout my initial hands on video review.

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Barnes & Noble Prepared for Microsoft’s Patent Strategy

The Nook is on its way and Barnes & Noble looks ready to go head on against potential legal complications. Potential legal complications you ask? Well, the Nook as well as future B&N devices are based off Android technology, so Microsoft will likely see this as another ripe opportunity to make additional profits. Considering Microsoft just went after yet another company’s patents, B&N has decided to not sit tight and protect itself if necessary. The company and their legal team analyzed Microsoft’s claims of Android using its patented ideas and how it forces manufacturers and designers to get approval for device design. B&N views the patents in question that Microsoft brings up are not important and won’t hold up in court if challenged. Not only does B&N argue Microsoft is essentially trying to monopolize the mobile operating systems market by using oppressive licensing terms, but B&N may plan on going to the U.S. Department of Justice and presenting Microsoft’s practices as an anti-trust suit. Sounds like Microsoft may very well have a battle with B&N.  

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[Leak] LG Nitro HD says hello to the blurrycam

In case you misseed it, over the weekend we told you that the LG Optimus LTE might release on AT&T as the LG Nitro HD. The above image is the LG P930 which resembles the shot we showed you in that post. They share the same curves at their top and bottom sides, and the front-facing camera is in the same spot on both devices.

As to specs. The Nirto HD will have a 4.5-inch True HD IPS display, 1.5GHz dual core processor, 8MP camera, 1830mAh battery, and LTE / HSPA+ radios. Non of this is a guarantee that it will end up on AT&T, but chances are good. Hey AT&T customers…are you excited?

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Source code for Ice Cream Sandwich might come November 17

Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan is at it again. This time he is saying that the Ice Cream Sandwich source code will release on November 17. I don’t really see a surprise here since the Galaxy Nexus is expected to release on the same day in the UK. If you remember, about two months ago he said Ice Cream Sandwich would release in October and the TI OMAP was the choice of processor. He also predicted the release of Gingerbread last year.

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Orange Leaks Pre-Paid San Francisco II

Are there any UK folks looking to get a new pre-paid smartphone in the near future? Well, over the weekend it seems that Orange outed the upcoming ZTE made San Francisco II by accidentally posting its Help & Support page. Although Orange has already pulled the page down, we still managed to get a hold of all the SFII’s juicy details.

The successor to the original San Francisco, the San Fran mark 2 steps up the specs a bit with a 800MHz ARM11 processor, a 3.5-inch WVGA TFT display, a 5MP camera and 512MB of on-board memory. This time around the device gets the Android 2.3 upgrade and will come pre-loaded with Ovi and BlackBerry Maps to help you navigate the UK streets. These may not be mind blowing specs, but they are respectable non the less for a budget friendly device.

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Find all the hottest deals with TGI Black Friday for Android [Hands On Video]

If you’re like me, you love the thrill of Black Friday. It can be overwhelming, but thanks to TGI Black Friday, your planning will be simplified. Upon opening the app, you will see what the hottest items are, but you can also sort ads by individual store, download PDF ad scans, or search for whatever you are looking for. You can even create your own shopping lists, and for those of you that love to share, you can via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. TGI Black Friday is super easy to use. Check out my quick hands on video and hit one of the links below to download it for free from the Android Market.

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Sharp Aquos SH-01D Surfaces On FCC’s Radar

A certain phone manufacturer has quietly submitted an application for its new feature phone. Sharp is following up on its growing stable of feature-rich phones by presenting a phone to the FCC identified as the Aquos SH-01D. It will feature Quad-band (800/850/1700/2000) WCDMA and GSM dual mode technologies, a dual-core 1GHz processor and a 12.1 megapixel camera. Similar to Sharp’s other recent phones, expect the SH-01D to feature a sharp (no pun intended) glasses-free 3D display. The above screenshot indicates there is NTT DoCoMo branding, so it’s unsure of whether or not the phone will arrive in the U.S. But hey, the phone even showing up in the FCC means those in the States can dream a little, right?

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Put Angry Birds Down For A Sec And Try Snappy Dragons For Android

Extremely reminiscent of the story line in Angry Birds, in steps Snappy Dragons for Android.  With the option of playing as 1 of 4 different dragons, your job is to rescue your precious dragon babies which were snatched up by evil little wizards.  The game is extremely colorful and vibrant as you attempt to rescue your yellow babies taken by red wizards who trapped them in cages spread out through various worlds.  Object of the game overall is to spit fireballs at the evil red wizards without hitting the baby dragons.  There are four colorful worlds your snappy dragon can traverse and provide more than 80 different and exciting levels which can be played in three different modes.  Each dragon has its own special ability in which to fight the evil wizards.

- Take a journey in 4 very unique worlds
- Play in More than 80 levels
- Use one of the 4 skilled dragons with special abilities
- Have fun with the 3 different types of thrilling gameplay
- Destroy the world and find secret paths
Coming soon:
- More colorful worlds
- More levels to explore
- and other surprises!

Game play is smooth and great and we think you’ll agree it’s fun and exciting.  To download the game you can check it  out on the Android Market or head there via the QR code we’ve provided after the break. Don’t forget to check out the extra screen shots of the game and to check out the game play and teaser video as well.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Google to Hold Mysterious Event on November 16th

What on earth have we got here? Google just sent out private invites for an event in LA next Wednesday, November 16th at 2PM pacific/5PM eastern. It clearly states “these go to eleven”, a Spinal Tap quote referring to volume at full-blast. If you examine the invite even further, you will notice a few things: Android, T-Mobile and the Beatles. Now your guess about what will be announced at the event is as good as any at this point but I have a few myself.

It is very possible that Google will be announcing some sort of music store, possibly in BETA form for T-Mobile customers to try out before being released to the masses. Another theory, which I think is rather unlikely, is that there will be an announcement that T-Mobile will be receiving the Galaxy Nexus. If you notice on the wall where the Android character is you will see splats of paint in the four colors that are usually reserved for Google’s Nexus branding; red, blue, yellow, green. Now, I don’t want to go getting your hopes up or anything (Joe Sirianni), but who knows, you T-Mo folks might get a welcomed surprise. But then again, whats with the music references?

Either way, if you haven’t been invited don’t fret. Google will be airing the event live on the 16th at 2:00 PM pacific on their Youtube channel, Be sure to tune in to catch all the juicy dets for yourself.

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APPY Geek News Reader App

You just saw some thoughts on News Republic earlier. Now what if you are only interested in technology-related news? Well you’re in luck. MOBILESREPUBLIC has their APPY Geek app which essentially is a technology-centric version of NR. Similar to NR, you search for articles based off your topics– Android, Apple, Smartphones, Dual-Core, Gaming, etc. The topics you search for are then  pushed to you in the form of recent, noteworthy, and relevant articles. Again, you can’t view articles from your favorite technology sites, but rather are limited to a handful of technology news sources. When you find an article interesting, you have the ability to be social by sharing the app via email or any social networking site that you may have. You also have the ability to find related topics and articles based off your original article using the handy link feature.

Be sure to hit the break for the Market download link, QR code, and some screenshots of the app in action. Now go on, what are you waiting for? You have a great app waiting to find a home on your smartphone or tablet.
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