Google updates news alerts with new features, formatting


Google users who take advantage of Google’s email alerts based on searches may have noticed a new format that rolled out over the past week. The emails that show up in a user’s inbox incorporate many of the “card” design cues that Google is spreading throughout their services. The format draws more attention to headlines and separates the stories with dividers.¬† Read more

Acer planning to jump on wearable tech bandwagon, adding 4G capability to portfolio


In a new interview Acer’s vice president for the corporate business division, Peter Shieh, has revealed Acer is planning to get into the wearable tech market during 2014. According to Shieh, Acer “actually demonstrated our products to some of the company’s clients at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. The company is still developing certain types of wearable devices. We certainly aim to play a role in the new market.” Shieh did not specify what form the new devices may take. For now, it seems most companies are pushing to get smartwatch type devices onto retail shelves, although a variety of smartglasses are also in development. Read more

Press images of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo leak, unfortunately it won’t be coming to the U.S. or UK


The Galaxy Note 3 Neo is already available for pre-order in Belgium, but it hasn’t even been officially announced yet. It obviously has to be close because the press images are already available. The latest rumor is that it will be on January 27, but there is a little bad news for those of you in the U.S. and the UK. Samsung has already confirmed that there are no plans to bring the device to either country. We are not sure what the reason is. Maybe for once, Samsung has decided not to confuse consumers with yet another variant?

Hit the break for more images.

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Google working on security bug in private event Calendar invites


Google Calendar appears to have a bug that could create some embarrassing situations for users or even produce a security breach for some users. Through the Google web interface, it has been discovered that invites for private events may be triggered if an email address is included in the title. Users may be familiar with how Google tries to interpret the information in a title if they have ever included time and date info in the field. Including the schedule info will cause Google Calendar to populate those fields even though the data was typed into the title. Apparently Google handles email addresses the same way in some instances, assuming a user wants to invite someone to an event if their email address is in the title. Read more

Huawei settles with Rockstar Consortium, pays to avoid any legal battle


Back in October, Rockstar Consortium launched a fierce patent lawsuit against Google and Android. Then in December, Google decided to fight back and stated Rockstar’s own CEO said that every tech company is infringing on their patents. Google, rightfully so, was sticking up for their Android OEMs. But now Rockstar has made one of them give in. Rather than going through a legal battle with a group that has much more power, Huawei has decided to pay off Rockstar.

Had Huawei stood up to Rockstar, they would have faced a group led by Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Sony, and Ericsson. Since Huawei filed a joint motion with Rockstar, the group will now likely push harder against the remaining OEMs they previously sued — Samsung, LG, HTC, ASUS, Pantech, and ZTE. If history means anything, we know one of them will put up a good fight.

Source: FOSS Patents

Samsung Galaxy S5 to have new music player and better one-hand functionality


A number of patents have been given to Samsung and then published on the Korean patent information website, K.I.P.R.I.S. It is highly likely that these new patents are are for the new Galaxy S5.

One of the patents is specifically for improved one-handed functionality on larger smartphones. According to the patent, users will be able to choose which corner they want to use this function in. Users can also decide between functions such as apps, notifications, or favorite calls.

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Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 “La Fleur” edition


Samsung has given a number of devices the “La Fleur” paint job, and the Galaxy S4 is no different. Targeted at the female audience, the newest addition to the lineup of La Fleur devices was confirmed today through a number of images that popped up on Twitter.

There’s still no word on pricing or availability yet, but speculation is that the device will be released before MWC next month. Given the nature of the phone a launch before Valentine’s day makes sense.

Source: @SamMobiles

Chromecast prepares to take on the rest of the world


After Google came out with a number of hit-and-miss TV devices like Nexus Q, the release of Chromecast was extremely successful and a huge number of units were sold. Well it looks like Google also has big plans for Chromecast in 2014, having finally created a device that connects your media apps straight to your TV.

According to Mario Queiroz, the man behind Chromecast,¬†Google’s goal with the Chromecast was always “to make it so that there wouldn’t be a separate implementation for mobile and TV and set-top boxes.”

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President Obama to star in first-ever Presidential Google+ Hangout Road Trip

Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington

Whether or not you are heavy user on Google+, one thing we have to agree on is the Hangouts feature is pretty cool. Hangouts can be just a simple one on one with your friend, or there are a number of on-air live Hangouts that you can check out regularly. Even President Obama has appeared in Hangouts in the past, but Google and the President have something different in store for next week.

After President Obama delivers his annual State of the Union address to Congress, he will “travel” the country in a virtual whistlestop tour on Friday, January 31 via Google+ Hangouts. People from across the United States will get to ask President Obama questions regarding his State of the Union address.

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