Apple Chips Away At Samsung’s Business: Stops Buying Its CPUs


It’s no secret Apple has been going after Samsung, both in the mobile market and in the courts. Now it looks like Apple will take the grudge match to a new arena as it is set to shift CPU orders away from Samsung and to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacture Company (TSMC). DigiTimes cites industry observers as saying it appears likely TSMC will produce the chips for Apple’s next iOS device in 2013. Should TSMC get the massive Apple order, it will be forced to balance its production capability between its new client and some of its other big name customers like Qualcomm, Nvidia and Altera. The combined iPhone and iPad CPU demands is estimated at roughly 200 million per year. This means TSMC will need a minimum of 200,000 12-inch wafers in order to take on the additional demand. I’m not a quotable “industry observer” but come on, who didn’t see this coming?

Source: DigiTimes

Pioneer AV receivers get update to support HTC Connect wireless music streaming

If you’re rocking one of Pioneer’s recent audio video receivers, you’ll be excited to know that the company has just released a firmware update that allows owners to take advantage of HTC’s Connect technology. This means users can now use their HTC One X, One X+, One VX or Droid DNA smartphones to wireless stream music directly to their receivers via DLNA. The news comes just a few months following the initial introduction of Pioneer’s HTC Connect-compatible SMA wireless speakers.

HTC brings in new marketing executive in preparation for ‘Marketing 2.0’ project

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has announced plans today to bring in a new marketing executive in an effort to help get the company get back on track. The new marketing lead, Benhamin Ho, who has served as CMO of Motorola and VP of business strategy and marketing at Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. will join the company in January. Current marketing and sales executive Jason Mackenzie will be shifted to focus solely on the company’s sales strategy, while CMO John Wang has opted to leave the company entirely.

HTC has struggled to match the competition in recent months, losing valuable market share to manufacturers like Samsung and LG. Ho plans to rebuild the company’s current marketing and business strategies, with his first project being titled “Marketing 2.0.” Mr. Ho will report directly to Chief Executive Peter Chou, who has been taking a bit of heat himself for the recent undoings of the company.

HTC went on to admit that it expects next quarter’s revenues to drop another 14.5 percent in the final quarter, equating to a total loss of 23 percent over the previous year.

Source: WSJ


Google Drive Gets Updated To Bring Even More Functionality For Users

The Google Drive app has just been updated to include some major functionality improvements that should bode well for all of you power users out there. The latest update brings the app to version 1.1.470.11, which includes an improved UI and the following:


  • Edit Google spreadsheets in new native editor
  • Edit contents of tables in Google Docs editor
  • Formatting is maintained when copy/pasting within Google Docs
  • Single tap to enter edit mode in Google Docs editor
  • Add a shortcut to Drive files/folders to your homescreen for quick access
  • Send Link now supports copying link to clipboard


These certainly look to be welcome improvements, though we here at Talk Android have noticed that URLs don’t show up as linkable when typing them up within the app and need to be corrected from a desktop computer or laptop instead. Nevertheless— users of Google Drive should be pretty happy with the update and will be hard pressed to find anything else to complain about.



Play Store Download Link

QuickBooks Mobile update brings optimization for Android tablets

As a small-business owner myself, keeping track of expenditures and invoices can be a thoroughly maddening task. Without programs like QuickBooks, many of us would be completely lost trying to keep track of everything ourselves, or completely broke hiring someone else to keep track of them for us. With the arrival of Quickbooks Mobile’s latest update, we can keep track of our expenditures from our favorite 7 or 10-inch devices. The app features complete Holo themes and cross-device syncing so you will always have the latest information. Currently available for free as long as you have a QuickBooks subscription, I know it will be one of my most used apps in the near future. Hit the break for download links and full presser

Once again, Samsung has lost yet another patent dispute against Apple; This time the blue bounce effect is the culprit

This certainly doesn’t surprise us, right? According to the courts in the Netherlands, Samsung has lost its battle against Apple regarding Apple’s patent of scrolling in the gallery (EP 2.059.868). Apparently, Samsung’s “blue bounce effect” (similar to the image above) found in their version of TouchWiz on Android 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3’s gallery must be taken out in a future update.

Apparently Samsung has 8 weeks to bring forth the update or else they’ll be forced to pay 100.00 Euros (128.93 US dollars) per day.

Samsung  just can’t catch a break with Apple, can they?

source: Sammobile

Android poised to take over tablet market share from Apple in 2013?

We knew this Android thing was kind of a big deal, right? Well due to the fact that no other real competitor has stepped up to try and challenge Apple and Android, the two have benefited from the lack of competition in the tablet market. It was originally thought back in 2010 that both would lose market share in the tablet market due to outside competition. That hasn’t happened, and it’s lead to Android closing Apple’s market share gap – to the tune of only 11 percentage points separating the two (55-percent Apple to 44-percent Android). It also doesn’t hurt that Android has so many manufacturers making tablets that run Android OS.

If Android does overtake Apple in tablet market share in 2013, they would have done it two years faster than some analysts initially predicted. I don’t think it’s that much of a surprise, right? I mean the shear volume of Android tablets out there is dizzying, and most of the prices are very comparable, if not affordable, when compared to Apple. Additionally, it didn’t hurt releasing 7″ tablets in Android flavor at a sweet price point to put a dent in market share, all but forcing Apple to do the same. Fortunately for Apple, it’s one of those companies that has the name going for it that folks of all ages can relate to. Sometimes it’s just convenient to grab an Apple as opposed to doing a little research, I suppose.

source:  TechCrunch

Adobe Photoshop Touch updated to be optimized for 7-inch tablets

Adobe Photoshop Touch has updated their app and optimized it for 7-inch devices. The screen resolution of the device must meet the standards of 1024×600 for the optimization to take into effect. Other than that, here’s what you can also expect within the new update:

  • Optimized user interface for 7-inch devices (minimum screen resolution 1024×600)
  • Smoother brush strokes
  • Two new Effects: Lens Flare (under “&” menu) and Stamp Pattern
  • Improved grid layout for projects, tutorials, and images
  • New support for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and other registered apps
  • Quick access to last 5 colors with new shortcut (drag down on Color)
  • Various bug fixes

The update brings the apps version to 1.4.1 and is available for $9.99 on the Google Play Store. Download links will be provided after the break!

Verizon finally reveals launch date of their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – November 29th

After a long period of pre-orders, Verizon has finally revealed November 29th as their official launch date of their Samsung Galaxy Note 2. With the ugly Verizon branding on the home button and all, the Note 2 packs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a quad-core Exynos processor amd 2 GB’s of RAM. Of course you can’t forget about the gorgeous 5.5″ Super AMOLED HD display.

The device will set you back $299 on contract in stores and online. Any Verizon readers out there waiting for this device?

source: Verizon

Planet Hoth to be added to Angry Birds Star Wars in tomorrow’s update [Video]

Now that you have had a great deal of time to play it, how have you guys liked Angry Birds Star Wars? Was it what you expected? Either way, Rovio isn’t stopping and plans on updating the game even further. For tomorrow’s update, Rovio has brought forth Planet Hoth, and I’m sure this will make Star Wars fans happy. You can check out the mini teaser below and a download link after the break!

Featured Android Game Review: Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD for Tegra 3 devices [Arcade & Action]

It’s been pretty popular on the PC and consoles, but now it’s available on Android Tegra devices. Hamilton’s Great Adventure by Fatshark just landed in the Google Play Store and TegraZone. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s an action-puzzler that features some really sweet graphics. In fact, this version retains the depth and visual quality from the console.

There are two separate apps to this game, and the first part features 24 puzzles and 22 levels, located in the steam jungle of the Amazonas or the windy mountain sides of the Himalaya. The second part, called the expansion pack, is another download entirely (you must have the first part installed) and it also has 24 puzzles and 22 levels, but it’s set in the ruins of Egypt or the mysterious lost continent of Maralidia.

Featured Android Game Review: Star Girl [Casual]

If you think about it, there really aren’t too many games that cater to the female audience. There are a lot of games that both genders can enjoy and many that will attract mostly males, but not too many that are just for the females. I recently asked my wife to find some games that we can feature, and one such game is Star Girl from Animoca. So if you’re a guy, you can probably just move on to the next post unless you’re looking for a recommendation for your girlfriend or wife. Star Girl is a role playing game that will probably be more attractive to the younger female audience. You play an aspiring celebrity in which you create by selecting hair styles, makeup, clothes, and shoes. Your goal is to become a major celebrity so you will take on jobs such as singing and modeling. With the money you earn, you will buy more clothes and accessories and eventually land on the covers of magazines. Along the way, you will meet guys and some of them just might be stars.

Smartphone Buyer’s Guide For Budget-Minded Customers: The Best Devices For $99.99 Or Under


It may be the start of the holiday season, but there are always great deals available for prospective smartphone shoppers looking to grab a sweet phone that won’t break the bank. In fact, there used to be the notion that in order to grab a phone under $100 on-contract, you’d have to settle for an outdated or budget-level device. However that notion is no longer the case as customers across all carriers can easily find a decent (if not great) device for a reasonable price. Of course figuring out which device may be a bit difficult, but don’t fret— Talk Android has you covered as we’ve come up with a solid guide with our recommendations of the best devices for under $100 on-contract for your respective wireless carrier. So without further ado, head on past the break to see our picks of the best devices that won’t break the bank.

Amazon Appstore opens its doors in Japan

Two months ago Amazon began accepting submissions from developers for its up-and-coming Japanese Appstore launch. Today Amazon has flipped the switch and the Japanese branch of its Appstore is now available for any of our friends across the sea to get their download on. Japan has always been known for its love for technology, so if you’re a developer you may want to consider submitting your app to this newly opened market, as it could be a great source of additional revenue.

If you’d like to see the Japanese Appstore, or learn how to submit an app, hit our source link below.

Source: Amazon Japan

Nexus 4 gets its first taste of CM 10.1 nightly builds

Proud owner of a Nexus 4? Tired of waiting for Cyanogenmod? Good news! The CM team has rolled out their first nightly build based on Android 4.2. You’ll have to be rooted to install it, of course, and it’s important to remember that nightly builds may not always be perfectly stable, but it’s great to see the next generation of CM taking shape. Hit the download link below to get started.

source: Cyanogenmod