AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Receives Coveted Ice Cream Sandwich Update Through Kies

AT&T & Samsung has finally made good on its promise on updating the Samsung Galaxy S II to Android 4.0. Reports are coming in from various outlets that the update is now available and ready for all owners. While it would be nice to have the update pushed over the air, Galaxy S II owners will have to use Samsung’s desktop companion Kies in order to grab the ICS update.

We know owners are ready to give the Galaxy S II a new lease on life, so be sure to head on to the source link to find the update software as well as complete instructions on how to update your device.

source: Samsung Kies

Samsung Galaxy S III not expected to make Sprint stores today, Pre-orders for 16GB version should be fulfilled though

Today is supposed to mark the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S III with Sprint, but due to overwhelming demand there isn’t enough inventory for it to be available in stores just yet. The good news is those of you that took the time to pre-order the 16GB version should be all set as you should receive them today. As to those of you that pre-ordered the 32GB version, that should begin next week, but they aren’t sure the exact day.

If you’re not convinced this is the most popular Android phone in history, there’s something wrong with you. It’s great to see this kind of excitement.

source: engadget


SwiftKey 3 leaves beta with a 50% Off Sale plus SwiftKey Healthcare for tablets is announced

TouchType LTD launched SwiftKey Beta a few months ago with the plans of a major upgrade to what is already one of the best third party keyboards for Android. After months of testing and input from users, it’s now out of beta and they say its the “best keyboard we’ve ever made” because is learns how you think and types what you mean. The beta was with their VIP forum community and it started with 30,000 users. Over the period it grew to 65,000, which proves how popular SwiftKey really is.

To celebrate their efforts, it will be on sale starting today for one week at $1.99, which is a 50% savings. There’s absolutely no reason to give this one a try. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. Hit the break for the full list of enhancements.

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LG VS930 (Optimus LTE II) Stops by the FCC Sporting Global-Ready Verizon Radios

Just when you thought the Galaxy S III was going to be reigning top-dog at Verizon, another bad-boy phone stops by the FCC sporting the carrier’s radios. If the recent filling for the LG VS930 foreshadows the future, the Verizon GSIII may see some stiff competition from the LG Optimus LTE II sometime soon. Like the GSIII, the Optimus LTE II sports a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4, 2GB of RAM and an ever so slightly smaller 4.7-inch 720p display. According to the FCC filing, not only does the device house Big Red-friendly CDMA and LTE bands, it also switch hits with GSM and HSPA radios as found in AT&T devices. We could very well be looking at the global-ready successor to the LG Revolution and Spectrum.

If we go off of previous Verizon protocol, we could assume that this device is destined for U.S. shores some time in 2013. You see, in the past Verizon has limited their device lineup to just one LTE LG device per year, but are we are about to see that change? Seeing this FCC filing at this point in 2012 seems way to early for a device that should be scheduled for launch in 2013. It could very well be that the GSIII may only hold the Verizon spotlight for just a short amount of time until another device with similar specs steps into the ring. Stay tuned because this one has definitely caught our eye.

Would you choose LG over Samsung? Let us know in the comments below.

source: FCC
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Dutch Court Rules in Favor of Samsung in 3G Patent Case Against Apple

A District Court in the Hague, Holland, has ruled that some of Apple’s older iPads (iPad 1 and iPad 2) and iPhones (3G, 3Gs, and 4) violate one of the Korean firm’s 3G patents. Today’s ruling regards European Patent EP1188269, which protects “Apparatus for encoding a transport format combination indicator for a communications system.” Also, for winning this case it seems as if Apple may have to ante up some cash towards Samsung’s way as compensation. Is this sweet justice? Honestly, it probably doesn’t matter. This is just pocket change for Apple and even with this loss, I can guarantee that it will not make Apple stop themselves from doing this again in the near future. I know us Android fans are getting tired of Apple constantly trying to stop both Samsung and HTC from continuing their Android success, but if you haven’t gotten used to it by now, you might as well start to. I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

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Google Expands Live Traffic to 7 New Countries and Updates 19 Others

Let me first say that I absolutely love Google Maps, especially on my Android phone. It’s easy to use and it literally saves me from getting lost in Los Angeles numerous times a month. One of the dozens upon dozens of features that I love from it is its ability to show live traffic patterns on major roadways. You can only imagine how important that is to have if you’re driving on the streets of Los Angeles. Now Google is releasing this feature to seven new countries and updated the coverage of 19 current countries that had it already implemented. The new countries that are getting Live Traffic are Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, Romania and South Africa. Also, here is the list of the countries that will be expanded: 
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AT&T Agrees to a Deal with Sirius XM, Awaits FCC’s Approval

Ever since AT&T’s failed merger with T-Mobile, they have been working furiously to pick up the pieces and cut their losses. Today marks some progress towards just that. AT&T has struck a deal with the satellite radio company Sirius XM that would get its LTE-based 4G running on the 2.3GHz Wireless Communications Service (WCS) that normally only satellite radio’s would intersect. If passed by the FCC, this could be huge for AT&T as this keeps LTE flowing freely as subscribers continue to pile on to the network. With LTE being all the rage on Android phones and the impending LTE iPhone that everyone is expecting, this deal could definitely help keep AT&T’s customers happy with continuous high internet speeds without the worry of it being bogged down.

source: FCC
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U.S. Marketing Campaign for the Galaxy S III launches

The Galaxy S III, Samsung’s flagship phone for the year, is ready as ever for its American debut. For the first time ever, Samsung’s Galaxy S line has uniformity within all of US carriers. This means every Galaxy S III in America will look the same and will actually have the same name. This means no more of that added Epic 4G Touch and Skyrocket discrepancies within the names. So you can bet that Samsung is ready to market this phone out like it has never before. This video from Samsung kicks off the start of this marketing campaign with Samsung proudly touting the multi-tasking king that is the “pop-up video” feature where the actor is texting and watching a video at the same time. Checkout the video and see for yourselves! Does this make you even more excited for its pending US release?

Amazon Appstore Finally Launching in Europe This Summer

Earlier this month we reported that the Amazon Appstore may finally expand itself past American shores. Well we can finally confirm that it will indeed find its way to several European countries this summer. I know it has been frustrating for many European Android users to not be able to use the Amazon Appstore and take advantage for what it has to offer. But with the emergence of the Kindle Fire it would be a huge mistake if Amazon were to not take advantage of expanding it. Amazon is currently eyeing the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain as the first to use their appstore with more “in the near future.” Any of our European readers out there excited for this? Or bothered that it took this long?

Full press release after the break:

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