HTC Vivid ICS Update Brings Up To 66 Percent Improvement Over Vivid With Gingerbread

You remember that ICS Update for the HTC Vivid smartphone we mentioned last week? Not only did it bring improved sound quality to the device, it’s also brought better overall performance of the device. VentureBeat reports the device with Android 4.0 may be seeing up to 66 percent faster than when the device operated on Android 2.3. This makes the Vivid the first device outside of the Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. to not only feature ICS, but to show the benefits of the updated software through measurable performance. Read on to see the direct comparison of Android 2.3 vs. Android 4.0 on the Vivid smartphone.
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Samsung Galaxy Note shipments top 5 million

So many people laughed when they saw the Samsung Galaxy Note had a 5.3-inch screen, but it’s definitely a hit. Just about a month ago, Samsung told us they sold 2 million units with a projection of 10 million for 2012. A little less than 30 days later and they are now reporting that 5 million units are now sold. Looks like 10 million could be an understatement. Overall Samsung doesn’t appear to be slowing down. When looking at their complete lineup, they expect to ship approximately 50 million smartphones this year. Gee, I wonder if the Galaxy S III might play a big part in achieving those numbers?

source: samsung tomorrow

Temple Run for Android : Was it worth the wait?

You know a game is a global phenomenon when it’s a top trend on twitter and has a number of the nations major sports personalities tweeting their top scores to boast to their team mates. Manchester United superstar Wayne Rooney was quick  to post his latest top score, tagging in his team mates in a gloating fashion. With nearly 50 million downloads from Apple’s App Store and unanimous critical acclaim across the web, Temple Run has finally hit the Google Play Store.

To set the scene, picture a young Indiana Jones being chased by a pack of rabid monkeys and you’re pretty much there. Why our character is running and where he’s trying to go is a mystery but this game certainly doesn’t rely on a storyline to keep you hooked.

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Humble Bundle Data Finds Android Customers More Generous than Windows or Mac

Here’s an interesting statistic for your day. For quite a while now, numerous blogs have ragged on Android users and their unwillingness to pay for apps. The Humble Bundle cites these blog posts, saying that,

“[they] brand Android users as “cheap pessimists” and disproportionally resistant to spend money on apps when compared to other platforms, especially when it comes to games.”

The Humble Bundle team has made an interesting discovery though. During the Humble Bundle 2 sale, they have been conducting an informal experiment, asking users to check a box if they are on Android. The team was looking for a platform breakdown. What they found surprised them.

“Android users are actually pretty generous, to the tune of a $7.43 average purchase price. This puts Android users well-above Windows ($5.73) slightly above Mac ($7.02), but below the still mighty Linux ($9.92).”

This goes completely counter to the Android user stereotype of being too cheap to pay for apps. Rather, make good apps and they will come apparently, and these are pretty good games by the way. Be sure to grab them from the Humble Bundle before the sale ends in 5 days.

source: Humble Bundle Blog

CM9 Source Code Officially Available For The HTC Sensation Smartphone

Exciting news today for HTC Sensation owners. HTC recently highlighted it will be bringing Android 4.0 to the device at some point this year, but many of you may not even want to wait that long or even bother with ICS featuring the latest Sense topping. That’s why the fine CyanogenMod team has made the coveted CM9 open source officially available for both the Pyramid and MSM8660 versions of the Sensation smartphone. While there’s no officially release for the Sensation smartphone just yet, the fact the source is now available means the top dog developer is working diligently on the CM9 code for the device and ultimately means there will be an alternative ICS version hitting the Sensation in the (very) near future.

source: Keyan Mobli Google+

Epson America introduces the first Android-powered see-through wearable display

I know we’ve been waiting for something like this from Google, but Epson America just announced the Moverio BT-100, which is the first Android-based see through wearable display. I actually had a chance to test out a prototype at CES so I’m excited to see the final product. The glasses feature a virtual 80-inch perceived screen that projects into the user’s real environment. It also includes an Android-powered track-pad controller. In the prototype we saw, the UI was completely custom, and it was a complete forked version of Android 2.1. It was able to download apps through the Amazon app store so you can literally play Angry Birds, interact with other apps and games, browse the internet, or watch YouTube videos. It’s not expected to be compatible with the Play Store, but you can also sideload apps. Epson is also hoping the development community will jump in and create some really cool applications. In fact, Epson is offering programs to assist developers. See the presser below for more information.

The Moverio BT-100 has actually been available in Japan for several months, but this is the first time it will be available here in the U.S. As one would expect, the price tag isn’t cheap. The cost is $699.99 and is available for pre-order on Amazon or at the online Epson Store. Hit the break for the full features, a few more pics,  and the press release.

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Latest Report Highlights Samsung Galaxy S III May Feature A 4.6-Inch Super AMOLED Plus HD Display


Another day, another tidbit of Samsung Galaxy S III news. We are aware the device will likely feature impressive specs including a thin form factor and a souped-up quad-core processor, but there have been varying reports of what the actual display will be in the final version of the device. While we’ve heard the device will most likely feature on-screen soft keys, there have been conflicting reports as to what the screen size will be. The speculation of the screen size has gone anywhere from 4.7-inches to a whopping 4.8-inches. While DigiTimes doesn’t have the greatest track record for accuracy, it does report Sammy’s new wundertoy will indeed feature a 4.6-inch screen, which seems to fall in line with other reports in the past.

This 4.6-inch screen would be quite a doozy too. It’s rumored to feature a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen. In addition, the screen will feature a mind-boggling 319 ppi pixel density. Oh and there are added reports the Galaxy S III will be Sammy’s first device with the Super AMOLED Plus HD screen which will feature a true RGB matrix. Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the Galaxy S III will likely look to raise the bar and standard for the future of Android devices much like how the Galaxy S II has already done and the Galaxy S before that.

Again, this latest rumor coming from DigiTimes may not be completely accurate— but if it is even remotely true (and that’s a big IF), we may be seeing Samsung getting ready for yet another record-breaking year.

source: DigiTimes

White Motorola RAZR Joins Clove March 29th

If you have been waiting on this one, I’m sure it has felt entirely too long. The UK white RAZR was initially thought to be released on February 22nd. Then the date became March 1st. Then, silence. Those days came and went and the white RAZR seemingly faded out of existence for the past month. All of a sudden, however, the illustrious white RAZR has come back on the radar with a new date in tow, March 29th. Get it then, SIM free and unlocked from Clove, which by the way is accepting orders now at £382.80, VAT included. Clove will also be throwing in a pair of free folding speakers (a £20 value).

source: Clove
via: UnwiredReview 

HTC Looks To Be Entering The Portable Media Player Fray

It’s no secret. The iPod owns the portable media player sector, but that hasn’t stopped Android OEMs from taking a stab it. Most recently, the Samsung Galaxy Players have been top dog for team Android, but it appears HTC is near ready to join in the fun and with a novel design it seems. The screenshots you see here in this post are taken from a patent filing from Q1 2011. In the illustrations (another after the break) you can clearly see a kickstand as well as multiple speaker grills. This thing looks like its ready to crank it up to 11, no sweat, and since its HTC, a device like this has got to have Beats on board. Of particular interest is that it appears the speakers are ordinarily hidden and you slide the two back halves to create the surround sound experience. Speaking of Surround, we’ve seen an approach similar to this on the Windows powered HTC Surround. Looks like they saved the better stuff for Android! 
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Clarion Launches First Android-based OEM Grade Car Stereo

If you know car stereos, you’ve heard of Clarion. They’re known for all sorts of ICE (In-Car Entertainment) devices. Now they are adding one called Mirage and it runs Android. The Mirage debuted in Malaysia yesterday and has the distinction of being the first Android-based, OEM grade car stereo.

Clarion Malaysia MD T.K. Tan calls the Mirage a “smart car stereo” and likens it to today’s smartphones.

“Anyone who uses an Android cell phone knows that it is much more than just a device to make and receive calls. It is a smart phone. Similarly, the Clarion Mirage is more than just your typical car stereo, it’s a smart car stereo that is upgradeable.”

The Mirage has a 6.5-inch LCD touch screen running at 800 x 400,  and runs Android 2.2 Froyo, specially customized for a car platform by Wind River, a division of Intel. Though the UI is made to fit a car stereo, it is very familiar to us Android geeks. Connectivity is plentiful, with the following options:

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