Motorola Aims To Bring Two New Laptop Dock Models To Market By End Of Year

by Axl Logan on
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With the initial launch of the Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T and its new innovative laptop dock, it was a big surprise to the company when sales weren’t where they would’ve liked them to be.  But why was that?  I can recall when the device was first announced along with its webtop dock, the word “innovative” was used for lack of a better term.  The device appealed to many and was thought of as a “game changer”.  Well, not so.  The price of the dock was too high and features were extremely lacking.  In addition, to this day, the dock is still a whopping $500 bucks on Amazon’s site.  However, Motorola wants to give it another shot.  How you say?  In a recent earnings call, Sanjay Jha had this to say:
… I could start by saying we continued to do a lot of consumer testing of our webtop capability and we do the testing in enterprise. In both places, we see a lot of interest but believe it or not, the traction is actually greater for the webtop capabilities with the enterprise than it is with consumers. And what you will see us do is actually recognize that the pricing of our initial devices were little higher and you will see us introduce two tiers of laptops, lap docks rather. One in the lower tier to address the consumer needs and another higher tier to address the enterprise needs which the customers there are little less sensitive to pricing and much more careful about the capabilities that they receive.

Motorola wants to create at least two other laptop docks appealing both to the enterprise environment and the average consumer environment with an emphasis on price for the latter and features & security for the former.  The devices are to sport better track pads and keyboards as well as be of a better build quality.  Here’s to hoping Motorola is successful with this approach because we’re not sure they’re going to receive a second chance at it.  Or is that a third chance?  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break to check out the original video demo of the Atrix in all its glory along with the laptop dock.  Maybe it will conjure up some hope for the new models.   » Read the rest

New Android trojan could potentially record your phone calls

by Robert Nazarian on
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A new Android trojan has surfaced that could record your telephone conversations. There has already been trojans that log the details of incoming/outgoing calls in a text file, but this is by far more advanced. It records the calls in “amr” format and saves it to the victim’s SD card.

Once installed, the infected application inserts a configuration file onto the device that specifies “remote server and parameters.” It’s automatically activated each time the vitcim makes an outgoing phone call.

The good news is that this can be avoided because you have to approve the installation of the app. You need to be looking for permissions like “record audio” and “intercept outgoing call” every time you install an app. We cannot take app permissions for granted.

I would say the majority of people are just saying yes to everything, but I want to remind our readers to read all permissions, and if something doesn’t jive, email the developer. If the developer can’t give you a decent explanation, then the app is not worthy. There are over 250,000 apps out there to choose from.

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Not so fast Apple and Microsoft: Feds will probe Nortel patent purchase.

by Robert Nazarian on
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It was big news when Apple, Microsoft, and RIM outbid Google for the Nortel patents. They could not allow Google to get the patents so they overpaid in an attempt to use them to derail Android, but it is possible that Google will win out.

The Justice Department is conducting an investigation to determine whether the purchase would unfairly hurt smartphone makers that use Google’s Android operating system.

The patent portfolio represents about 6.000 in total and they touch every aspect of telecommunications, including internet searching and social networking.

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Verizon MAP list shows DROID Bionic, HTC Vigor, and a new LG LTE device

by Robert Nazarian on
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The latest minimum advertised price (MAP) list from Verizon Wireless leaked which shows some interesting stuff. Lets start with the boring: The DROID Bionic (MOTXT875) is on the list and we already know it will be available this September.

Now lets move on to the HTC ADR6425 which we know as the HTC Vigor. We showed you this beast last week, and it is rumored to have a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon and 720p (1280 x 720) resolution.

The next device we need to look at is the LG-VS920 which might be a Revolution 2 because the original Revolution has a model of LG-VS910. It already passed bluetooth certification and it will have LTE capabilities. It could even be a 3D version of the Revolution, but that is just a guess.

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CyanogenMod Comes to Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Neo, and Arc

by Mitch Wright on
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CyanogenMod, the world’s most popular alternate ROM (and one of my own favorites, I might add), always manages to find a home on whatever new phones are coming out, and Sony’s stable of new phones is no exception. Coming up soon, the Xperia Play, Xperia Neo, and Xperia Arc will have the option of bursting with cyan Android style. The only thing holding up the process is some code that needs to be approved from CyanogenMod proper. Following this approval, some sweet, sweet cyan love can start hitting the phones of Sony users. If any of you folks rocking the Play, Neo, or Arc haven’t tried CyanogenMod, it’s definitely something worth a shot.

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[Leak] Motorola PAX is an XPRT on steroids for Sprint

by Robert Nazarian on
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About a month ago we showed you a leaked photo of a Motorola phone for Sprint that had portrait QWERTY keyboard and looked a lot like the XPRT.

More photos have surfaced, and it appears that it will be a suped up version of the XPRT codednamed, “Pax.” This one features a dual-core processor, while the current XPRT uses a single-core 1GHz TI OMAP3. It is also expected to have support for Sprint’s new CDMA 1X Advanced push-to-talk system that will replace IDEN over the next couple of years. We have no other info, but stayed tuned to TalkAndroid, and enjoy a couple of more photos after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch Delayed In Australia Due To Apple Lawsuit

by Joe Sirianni on
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Sorry fellow Outbackers, it looks like there will be a slight delay in delivering the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to you, courtesy of those Patent Trolls, Apple.  Samsung has agreed to postpone the launch of the device until the lawsuit is over and the dust can settle a bit.  The filings from Apple are primarily in the US, South Korea and now Australians can be added to the list.  According to the claim, Apple states that Samsung has violated a number of their patents for the overall “look and feel” of their devices, the iPhone & iPad.  Samsung is currently countersueing Apple as well over a few of these claims.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple has stated that Samsung infringed on 10 of their proprietary patents.  Subsequently, Samsung has agreed not to advertise the Tab 10.1 in Australia any further until it receives official court approval.  The company began advertising around the 20th of July but will cease to continue to do so based on Apple’s filing which is based off of the US version of the Tab, although Samsung states that their Australian version will be slight different than the US one.  Stay tuned as we keep a sharp eye on this battle, as we assume it will be a long and drawn out one.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and rants on the topic in the comments section below.  Is Apple taking this too far?

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Android 2.3 Gingerbread update hitting the UK HTC Desire Z now

by Adam Johnson on
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We’ve see HTC tell us of their plan to release Gingerbread for the Desire Z for a little while now. A couple weeks ago, HTC thanks us for waiting. And last week it was reported that 2.3 would be pushed to other HTC devices, including the Desire Z.

Well today HTC has started updating the device with Android 2.3.3. This update is arriving OTA to all unbranded Desire Z’s in the UK. So keep watch for the notification. And if you’re device is carrier specific, you’ll need to contact that carrier, and tell them to hook you up!

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Why Thinking “The Decline Of Android Is Upon Us” Is Silly: Giving The Internet Some Much Needed Logic

by Andrew Greenfield on
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Whoever said that it’s good to be on top clearly has never really been there. Every company, sports team, athlete, or musician knows that the further ahead you get of the competition the more they’ll do anything to bring you down. Such is the case with Android. Only a year ago many people would laugh at the analysts who were so daring to predict Android’s dominance in the smart phone world. While those analysts’ sanity could be called into question, it’s amazing how right they were. Whether you like screaming it from the rooftops or hate anyone that mentions it, one thing is for sure: Android is the dominant player in the smart phone world now. But with all that success comes other companies wanting to tear you down. Even worse, some media outlets are latching on to this new wave proclaiming that Android is in trouble. Whether it be the lawsuits, the surveys, or the products, everyone is so sure that Android’s reign on top will be falling quickly. I’m here to shed some much needed logic throughout the internet.

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PhoneGap 1.0 Released, Allows Devs To Create Apps For Multiple Platforms With Ease (Video)

by Joe Sirianni on
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Are you a developer and want one of the most coveted Swiss Army’s knives you can find?  Look no further as PhoneGap 1.0 is now available for dev’s looking to get their application working on as many OS’s as possible in the least amount of time necessary.  Time = money for a developer and there’s no doubt about it, an application like this means more money in a developer’s pocket.  The days of writing code for a specific application, completing it,  and then moving on to the next OS are slowing coming to a dwindle. According to their official blog, Nitobi’s PhoneGap has been downloaded on average 40,000 times per month for a total of 600,000 downloads overall.  The application allows you to use JavaScript, CSS and HTML to write applications for popular OS’s like Android, Blackberry and Apple’s iOS.  Other platforms include webOS, Nokia’s Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and Samsung’s Bada.  Hit the break for the source link to grab the download and don’t forget to check out the video demo of how the service works.  Feel free to drop a comment or two below.   » Read the rest