Samsung Intros Follow-Up To Original Galaxy Tab, The Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) With Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung is at it again and this time they’re offering a follow up to their very first Android tablet which debuted almost two years ago now, The original Galaxy Tab.  Samsung today introduced their very first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device, the Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0).  The 7-inch follow-up or as I like to call it, a “step up” device comes jam packed with more multimedia features than you’ll ever know what to do with.  And did I say it was going to have Ice Cream Sandwich? Ok, just making sure you caught that.  As for me, there has always been a sweet spot for the 7-inch platform and it’s always been difficult for me to upgrade to anything bigger.  I still use the original Galaxy Tab and can’t get away from the fact that at this size, it’s easy to hold with one hand and still completely mobile, fitting in any jacket’s inside pocket.

“Two years ago, Samsung GALAXY Tab began to offer customers more possibilities on the go. Since then, Samsung has actively enhanced our tablet line-up with several tablets in different sizes,” said JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “The new GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) will provide people with delighted multimedia experience and allow efficient communication.”

In addition to ICS, the device will offer all of your typical Samsung Hub products for watching movies, reading books and newspapers as well as a dual-core 1 GHz CPU for fast processing on the go (why not 1.5 GHz dual-core?). The tab will offer a 7-inch display with a 1024 x 600 (WSVGA) resolution, HSPA+ speeds up to 21 Mbps and a 3 meg rear facing camera & VGA front shooter for those video chat sessions.  Hit the break for the rest of the details via the press release and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the device in the comments below.

Update: We just found a video of the unveiling that was posted on YouTube by Přemysl Vaculík. You can see his video after the break as well.

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Magical Spray Makes Everything an Antenna [Video]

We’ve all had issues with cell phone reception at one point or another. Sometimes there’s just not enough cell towers to blanket an entire area, or the antenna on our phone is just too weak. If you’re sure you’re not holding it wrong, then perhaps you could use Chamtech Enterprise’s just unveiled spray-on antenna.

At Google’s inaugural Solve For X conference, the Utah-based company revealed their nanotechnology, which can be sprayed on to trees, walls, the ground, people… just about anything, to increase and improve signal reception for any variety of uses. Currently, Chamtech is working with government customers, but plans to eventually take the technology to mobile phone and medical device makers. They say it uses organic elements to tinker with magnetic and radio-frequency fields, improving mobile energy efficiency by 10 percent. 
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Today’s Google TV announcement is an update to the YouTube app

Yesterday we told you there would be a “big announcement” concerning Google TV. I’m not sure if this is considered big, but Google is announcing an update to the YoutTube app for Google TV. The update will make if faster and easier to find content, add the ability to add YouTune channel pages, and give you more control over your experience.

They’ve added a new feature called Discover, which will allow you to browse YouTube channels by categories. You can also browse through playlists and videos in your favorite channels, and you can subscribe to any channel from the new app. Finding related videos or videos from the same user is now easier to do as well.

It’s interesting because this past Saturday I was using the app and wondered how to get to certain YouTube channels so this should be a welcome addition. Those of you with Google TV should be able to get the update within the next few days.

source: google tv blogspot




Official LG Optimus 3D 2 Photo Revealed


The original LG Optimus 3D smartphone was an immediate splash when it was first introduced last year. Then rumor had it that a mysterious LG phone would appear at MWC and of course, some subsequent renderings of what was possibly the Optimus 3D 2 smartphone. We now have an official look at what will be the final version of the Optimus 3D 2, thanks to the fine team at GSMArena. There are reports that the device will use a higher resolution IPS than the original Optimus 3D– likely an HD AH-IPS display. In addition, the display will be complimented by a slim figure too as the device will come in at 9.8mm and at least 20g lighter. No other details for now, but we expect to hear more informaiton especially as we approach MWC in a few weeks.

source: GSMArena
via: etnews

Sony Thinking About Replacing Android with Vita OS

Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s upcoming president and CEO, has recently hinted that Vita OS might make an appearance on future Sony phones and tablets. Vita OS is the operating system that powers the Playstation Vita. At a Q&A session with reporters Hirai stated that he doesn’t want people to forget that Vita OS is not just a gaming platform, but has the potential to be a powerful mobile OS as well.

Sony’s Senior Vice President, Yoshio Matsumoto, is reported as saying:

If you’re asking if we’ve made it in a way that’s expandable, so that it’s possible to apply to smartphones and tablets on top of achieving the high responsiveness we need for gaming devices — it is possible. That doesn’t mean that we’re applying it to smartphones and tablets at this point in time, but it’s been designed with expandability in mind.

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FTL Launcher Takes Place Among Launchers, Argues It’s The Fastest Launcher You’ll Ever Run


The great thing about the Android UI is the ability to customize our launchers. Sure we’ve seen new and innovative launchers reflecting the awesome nature of ICS, but what about the rest of us who have Gingerbread 2.3 still? Well FTL Launcher is ready to vie for a spot on your Android device. Highlighted as “the fastest launcher you’ll ever run”, the launcher is based off the Gingerbread Launcher2 source code and features:


  • Tweaked for extreme speed
  • Fully accelerated 3D Waterfall app drawer
  • 4 configurable quick launch apps on Dock
  • Configurable Support for launcher auto-rotation


Unfortunately, the app only works on WVGA HDPI (480×800) devices, so the launcher is limited to a select group of Android users. But if you own a WVGA HDPI device and want to give this cool launcher a try, be sure to head on out to the Android Market link below to take the lite version for a test drive. If you find that you like it and want to splurge on more premium features, there’s a paid version as well.

Android Market Link

HTC Endeavor RUU leaks – Screenshots a plenty

There’s been a lot of concern in the Android community lately for how OEM’s will improve upon, or ruin, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Thanks to a leaked RUU (ROM Update Utility) for the Endeavor, we have an early preview of what  apparent enhancements HTC has planned for the latest Android OS and Sense 4.0.  Also, after some sifting through the zip we came across nfc.img, all but solidifying the inclusion of NFC as well as indications that Beats Audio will be on board. Plenty of screen shots featuring the lock screen and home screen widgets await just past the break.

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MEEP! Kids Tablet Announced by Oregon Scientific

Looks like the average age of tablet users will be lowering with companies like ViNCi and Toys “R” Us  prepping kid-friendly slates. The latest comes from Oregon Scientific and is called the MEEP! tablet. According to the press release, this tablet will have a 7-inch color touch-screen, Wi-Fi, a G-Sensor, SD card slot, and parental controls. No word yet on what version of Android will be on board.

The MEEP! is said to offer movies, music, e-books, and apps from from leading developers, the latter making us think it will not have direct access to the Android Market. Accessories for the kiddie-slate will be offered, including musical instruments, which I’m sure will make every parent jump for joy. Ear-plugs were not mentioned as a potential accessory. The full unveiling is happening at the TIA Toy Fair in New York, which runs from now until February 15th. Full press release after the break.

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Own the Iconia Tab A200 by Acer? Get Your Sweet, Official Taste of ICS Now

 Well if you are the proud owner of an Acer Iconia Tab A200 then today should be a glorious day for you. It has been reported over at the Acer forums that the ICS OTA update has begun rolling out. The update pushes the OS to Android 4.0.3 and the build number up to Acer_AV041_A200_1.037.00_PA_CUS1.

So what are you waiting for? Check to see if the update is waiting for you by going to Settings > About tablet > System update > Check for firmware update. For those of you out there that have it, what do you think? Is it amazing?

source: Acer forums

T-Mobile UK States There is No Data Speed Cap in Their “Full Monty” Plan or Other Plans Either

For those that were excited to hear about T-Mobile UK‘s new unlimited plan only to hear that data speeds were capped, we have some news that should help you rest easier. The “Full Monty” plan as it’s called is quite big news in itself, however news has since circulated the internet that the data speeds on that plan were heavily capped at 1MB/S.

Well for those out there that think this, T-Mobile has released a response of an official capacity and according to them there is no cap to be seen. Here is what they said:

“We can confirm that we do not have a 1Mb/S maximum data download speed in place for The Full Monty plan – nor for any of our other pay monthly or pay as you go price plans – and we are confident that our average data speeds are as good, if not better, than anyone else in the industry.”

It also appears that even the monthly and prepaid plans aren’t capped either. So if you are on T-Mobile you can rest easy knowing that your data plan isn’t capped and knowing that you can use your plan the way it was intended. That should definitely put your mind at ease.

source: Tracy and Matt