Great Deals On Acer Iconia A500 Tablet At Target, Best Buy and Walmart

by Justin Routhier on
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There’s no denying it; now is a great time to get your hands on an Acer Iconia A500 tablet as great deals are popping up all over.  Here’s a quick breakdown of its features:

  • Android 3.0
  • 10.1″ (1280 x 800) display
  • 1Ghz dual-core Tegra 2 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • 5MP rear-cam and 2MP front-cam

Not too shabby, right? Now onto the deals:  Wal-Mart is offing this 3.0 tab + 3 Bonus Games for $398 via their website or you can head on over to either Target or Best Buy, where you can pick up the same tab for $399 and they’ll throw in a $100 Gift Card for their respective stores.

Those are some sweet deals considering Android 3.1 for this device is already available for download and the Android 3.2 Honeycomb update will be released on August 25th.

[via androidpolice]

Revolutionary 0.4pre3 Released – Additional Devices Added

by David Laborde on
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Revolutionary, the new unlock and root solution tool that was released in July, received an update today (0.4pre3) that added several previously unsupported devices:

•HTC Thunderbolt
•HTC EVO 4G running Gingerbread
•HTC MyTouch 4G Slide
•HTC Droid Incredible 2 running Gingerbread (was part of 0.4pre2 release)

In addition to adding support for these devices, today’s update also included fixed support for the HTC MyTouch 4G Slide (Doubleshot) 1.44.0007

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The Android Story, A Brief History Of Previous OS Versions by XCubeLabs (Infographic)

by Joe Sirianni on
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Have you ever just wanted to check out a full blown out history of the Android OS?  Did you jump into the game a little late and now you’re lost with all of these crazy pastries floating around?  We feel ya and so does XCubeLabs.  After scouring the web for anything Android related  (because that’s what we do best) we came across this little tidbit which depicts Androids beginnings, its progress since its inception and finally up until fairly current market share findings.  Hit the break to check out the cool full length “info-graphic” created by XCubeLabs and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.     » Read the rest

Protect Your Accounts With PassLock, Now Available In The Android Market

by Justin Routhier on
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How many different passwords are you juggling for your online accounts? For many, it can be an overwhelming feat just keeping them all straight and chances are, if you connect to multiple online outlets, you have turned to a password manager for assistance. These mangers promise secure software to record and protect your seemingly endless list of account passwords, but have you considered that several keep a cloud-based backup of the password database?

Allow me to introduce you to PassLock, created by an XDA forum member with the promise of storing all your passwords on a purely local password manager. It offers AES-256 bit encryption, the ability to group passwords, change/edit your records, change your master password and even import / export your database.

Let us know what you think of the app via the comments below.

Android Market Link

Android Developers get help from Google in Patent Lawsuit

by David Laborde on
tagged , , , , , , has learned that Google has intervened in an ongoing intellectual property dispute between Android smartphone application developers and East Texas based patent-holding firm Lodsys. This marks the first public move by the Mountain View Company to defend Android programmers from a patent troll lawsuit that’s cast a cloud over the community.

Google says it filed a request with the United States Patent and Trademark office Friday for reexamination of two patents asserted by Lodsys. The request by Google calls for the USPTO to assess whether or not the patents’ claims are valid.

“We’ve asked the US Patent Office to reexamine two Lodsys patents that we believe should never have been issued,” Google senior vice president and general counsel Kent Walker told in a statement. “Developers play a critical part in the Android ecosystem and Google will continue to support them.”

Lodsys is currently suing 11 smartphone app developers for allegedly impending on patents U.S. 7,222,078 and 7,620,565. Lodsys claims its patents cover the use of in-app payments technology, which allows users to carry out transactions within the context of an application itself. This technology is used by countless app developers in their applications.   » Read the rest

HTC Ruby Specs Leaked, 1.5GHz Dual-Core

by Harold Williams on
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Previously, we showed you some pictures of a rumored T-Mobile device called the HTC Ruby. Now there seems to be some specs to chew on for your future device decisions. Let’s get on with the goods.

The Ruby will be chugging along with a 1.5GHz dual-core, 1GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch qHD display to please your eyes, an 8MP camera to capture your life, and a 2MP camera up front for your video chatting needs. Most interesting are two separate buttons for video and camera which may be useful if not in the way.

These are some pleasing specs to add to the list of upcoming devices this year. It’s also nice to see T-Mobile, even with the possible AT&T buyout, to still chug along with new devices on the horizon. Let’s hope this year we can step into the carrier stores and see more than a handful of yummy dual-core devices to choose from.

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MAX GO for Android Brings Cinemax Streaming

by Harold Williams on
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Hungry for more ways to legally stream movies and TV shows to your Android? Home Box office Inc has just released a Cinemax version of its popular HBO GO application to the Android Market called MAX GO. Just like HBO GO, it’s free for Cinemax subscribers to enjoy over 400 hit movies and Max After Dark series (access may vary by your service provider).

Being an AT&T U-verse subscriber, I’m a little disappointed MAX GO is currently not available (though it’s an option in the sign-in list). Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

It’s great to see more ways to enjoy a service you already pay for on the GO at no extra cost. Grab the app for free in the market link below.

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Dockless Root Method for Motorola Photon 4G courtesy of XDA

by Harold Williams on
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Looking to root your Photon 4G, but haven’t picked up the HD dock yet? I promise I’m not playing with your emotions here because the dock is no longer needed.

Member edgan over at XDA has posted a new dockless method for your rooting pleasure. It looks relatively easy, but you will need to follow some well written instructions, download a few apps from the market, and use the Android SDK. Hit up the XDA link below for the thread.

[via xda]

The Amazon App Store needs to stop taking advantage of developers and offer more exclusivity or it will continue to be a failure

by Robert Nazarian on
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Before I begin let me first say I am am big fan of Amazon in general. I shop at the site regularly, and I have an Amazon Chase Visa card which earns rewards towards future Amazon purchases. With that being said, the Amazon app store is complete failure in my opinion, but they have succeeded in two things: ticking off developers and giving away apps for free.

I recently wrote about developer Shifty Jelly who recently agreed to offer Pocket Casts as the Amazon free app of the day without the normal (20% of list price) compensation. I answered the question on why Amazon started doing this, and it was because their free app of the day is not generating any other sales. They are sick of paying out thousands of dollars for people to just randomly download a free app with the majority of them uninstalling it later. This is no different then if Walmart offered a free product each day, and millions of people stopped in to their local store to only pick up the free product and nothing else. Walmart would still have to pay the manufacturer of the product they purchased, and if consumers did not purchase anything else in the store, it would get old pretty fast. That is what has happened to Amazon. The free app is a fantastic promotion, but nothing more. In Walmart’s case, if they did offer something free each day, I have a feeling people would actually buy other products, so the question is why aren’t people shopping at Amazon for apps?

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