NVIDIA Icera 410 LTE chipset validated for AT&T network

Looks like NVIDIA is wanting a piece of the 4G LTE market. At this point to be exact, the AT&T market. Today it was announced via an NVIDIA press release that the NVIDIA  Icera 410 LTE modem chipset has been validated by AT&T to be used in their devices. NVIDIA touts that this chipset will deliver “lightning-fast” web browsing, media streaming and gaming to future AT&T devices. Also noted is that we should start seeing this hardware in this year’s devices. Well AT&T, we’re halfway through 2012, let’s see if you can bring it.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Sony Xperia P, U, and Sola Now Available In Most Regions Across the Globe

During MWC this year Sony made the world aware of the Xperia P and Xperia U with the Xperia Sola being announced a few weeks after. While initially released only in Asia they are now available across the globe. Slated as low to mid-range devices they’re appearing to round out Sony‘s 2012 line. All three carry Gingerbread with hopes that the ICS update that’s on track for next month gets released on time. What’s neat is that the Xperia Sola is sporting the “floating touch” technology announced the same time the phone was.

The Xperia U will be available on O2, Three, T-Mobile and Orange while the Xperia P will be seen O2′s network. While the Sola hasn’t been announced on any major carriers I would be surprised if none of them picked it up. The Xperia P will run you £320 (roughly $500) and the U will run £170 (roughly $270). The Sola will be available for £250 (roughly $390). But if you’re somewhere across the globe and are interested in one of these devices then hit the source link below to find the best deal!


source: Xperia Blog

Apple and Samsung’s mediation meetings amount to nothing

Apple and Samsung’s battles in the courts have been so heated that Judge Lucy Koh ordered them to meet on May 21st and 22nd to settle their differences. In the no shocker news of the day, there was no agreement. The festivities were led by Magistrate Judge Joseph C Spero, and company representatives included Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung, Samsung’s Head of Mobile Division Shin Jong-kyun, and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Samsung did express interest in a cross-licensing deal, but it looks like both parties are just too damn stubborn. One thing they do agree on is they would like avoid trials. Apparently not all that much. It looks like the case will be back in the courts in July unless they decide to meet again and come to an agreement.

source: koreantimes
via: pocketnow


Google Acquires Mike and Maiike, the Design Studio Behind Android’s G1 and Microsoft’s X-Box

If you were to look deep within Bloomberg’s lengthy recap of Google’s recent Motorola acquisition, you would notice that Motorola wasn’t the only company Google acquired throughout the whole process. Google also purchased the San Francisco industrial design studio, Mike and Maaike, who can be credited for designing the G1, Google’s first Android phone, and the Android Smartphone 1 (pictured above – a device that was used internally for testing the Android OS).

Not only has the bay area designer helped Google in the past, they also helped in designing Microsoft’s X-Box 360 and has worked closely with companies such as Belkin, Steelcase, Incase, Dupont, Ironkey, and the City of San Francisco. This is clearly a move to help Google get a leg up on their competitors and should prove to be beneficial when it comes to product design. Motorola’s new CEO, Dennis Woodside, spoke with Bloomberg and had this to say about the acquisition. “Google has always been interested in hardware. The natural next step is for us to get even more serious and to really go for it.” Good for you Google. Not that I dislike Motorola’s overlying design behind the DROID line, I just think it’s time to change things up a bit.

Head over to Mike and Maiike’s website to see some of the other projects they have dabbled in. You will notice a minimalistic look across most of their design that could bode well for future Android design.

source: Bloomberg
via: The Next Web 

UK To Receive LG Optimus L7 For £234

The L7, LG’s top model of the new L-series slim devices to hit the market is going on sale in the UK with online retailer, Handtec.  Now’s your chance to snatch the ICS 4.0, 4.3″ IPS LCD displayed handset for a reasonable £233.99 ($367).  Recall that the monster handset also sports 4 GB of storage, a 5 meg camera, 170 mAh battery, a dual-core 1GHz CPU and an SD card slot for expanded memory.

source: Eurodroid

GameFly set to Support Indie Developers and Publish Android Game

Mobile gaming is a pretty big market these days. With the ever increasing hardware specs that mobile device makers are packing into their product, there seems to be no limit to what type of games we should be able to run on our Android phones and tablets. Well, GameFly has taken notice of this growing trend and has decided to get a piece of the pie. The largely known game rental service has announced that it will be jumping into mobile gaming, by releasing their own third-party “GameFly GameStore”. Not known for sure, but this could either be a stand-alone app, or could be incorporated in to the current GameFly app that’s found in the Play Store.

Also included in this move, GameFly will be creating a game development fund that will help support those independent game developers that could use the extra funding to get that latest game completed and published. This is a great move by GameFly, with its current following in the game rental arena, moving to publishing mobile gaming and giving dev support will without a doubt give the company a huge boost. Although, we like to gear the attention to the Android side of the article, GameFly will also be offering this new business venture to iOS and its developers.

Read on for the full press release and all the details from GameFly.

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Google tablet scheduled to land next month, Could it be called the Nexus Prime?

We heard a lot of talk about a Google (possibly) Nexus Tablet, but things cooled off. All talk seemed to point towards ASUS manufacturing it with a June release. Well DigiTimes is reporting that 600,000 tablets will be made available in June and ASUS continues to be the manufacturer of choice. Projected sales for 2012 seem to be 2 to 2.5 million units, which seems low if they are going after Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

We know there will be a Google tablet of some sort, but the real question is what’s the name? If you look at the latest Nexus phones, the naming scheme seems to go along with the manufacturer. The Nexus S was made by Samsung and was named after the Galaxy S. Last year the Galaxy Nexus was also made by Samsung and they used “Galaxy” instead of opting for the Nexus S II. In both cases the full name included something related to the manufacturer. Now this tablet is being made by ASUS and we all know they make the Transformer Prime. Granted that’s a 10.1-inch device and this is a 7-inch, but it seems to add up since the “Nexus Prime” name came up last year when we thought that was the name of the now Galaxy Nexus. It’s obvious ASUS and Google were working together back then, but at the time no one knew that ASUS was the chosen one for a tablet. They could opt for the Nexus Transformer as well, but I’m banking on Nexus Prime.

source: digitimes



LG Optimus LTE2 For Verizon Appears At The Global Certification Forum

A device known only as model number VS930 has been spotted at the GCF (Global Certification Forum). This is an LG device that is most likely Verizon’s version of the LG Optimus LTE2… you know, the first phone with 2GB of RAM on board. The VS930 seen at the GCF, however, only lists global radios but no CDMA or LTE bands like we’d expect for a phone coming to the U.S. This could just mean they are currently only testing the global radios since Verizon’s phones will all include global roaming going forward.

The LTE2 is LG’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S III, and they even announced it on the same day Samsung announced the S III. Announced specs include a 4.7-inch HD display, 2150 mAh battery, wireless charging, dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We also learned about some of its interesting camera features.

No release date yet, but LG was hoping for sometime in May for Korea, which most likely means a U.S. release wouldn’t come until one or two months later.

source: global certification forum
via: droid life


LG LS860 QWERTY Slider Revealed For Sprint

The folks over at BriefMobile have scored a leaked image of the unannounced LG LS860, a.k.a. “Cayenne”. This QWERTY slider is destined for Sprint and seems to be derivative of the LG Viper. The blurrycam picture distinctly shows a 5-row keyboard and triple-capacitive-button layout.

According to their source, the LS860 will come with a 4-inch WVGA IPS display, a 1.2 GHz dual-core S3 processor, will be LTE capable, and will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. No word on a release date.

Any physical keyboard lovers out there interested?

source: briefmobile


At Google+ Photographer’s Conference, Sergey Brin and Max Braun Discuss Project Glass And How It Creates New Photographic Opportunities [Video]


Project Glass, Google’s patented augmented reality glasses prototype, made an appearance at today’s Google+ Photographer’s Conference. Project Glass Tech Lead Max Braun showcased how the glasses can be used to take interesting and unique photographs. Afterwards, none other than Sergey Brin took the stage and continued the talk about exposing new artistic opportunities when you don’t need your hands to take a picture.

To get a photographer’s perspective on the project, they asked the conference attendees to send in their suggestions and thoughts.

Watch the video after the break (you’ll want to skip forward 47 minutes to get to the Project Glass discussion).

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