Next Facebook phone (aka HTC Myst) specs are now confirmed


We’ve been hearing about another Facebook phone since last November, and at that time it was codenamed “Opera UL.” Then last month, the codename “Myst” appeared. Either way, it looks like “Myst” is indeed the codename for the next Facebook phone that will be made by HTC. The specs have leaked again and they are a lot like what we heard last month, but with some minor changes and additions.

What’s different is the CPU. It’s still a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus, but now we are hearing it’s 1.5GHz , as opposed to 1.4GHz.  The display is confirmed to be 4.3-inches and 720p, but we now know it will have a ppi of 320. Other new information is the RAM, which is 1GB, 16GB of internal storage (no microSD slot), both LTE and HSPA radios, and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. As to the camera, there isn’t anything different than what we already heard, a 5MP rear camera and 1.6MP front camera. Obviously these specs don’t scream high-end, but when you consider the target demographic, they don’t need to.

As to when this bad boy will become available, the latest rumor points to the spring.

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Google Glass Will Identify People Based On What They’re Wearing

Google Glass

Google Glass is expected to hit consumers by the end of this year and we learn more about the next-generation technology all the time. An app by the name of InSight will allow wearers to identify people simply by analyzing what they’re wearing, and doesn’t even need to see the person’s face. In early tests involving 15 volunteers, Google Glass with InSight was able to correctly identify people 93 percent of the time.

Developed by Srihari Nelakuditi at the University of South Carolina and in collaboration with associates at Duke University, they created a fashion-based recognition system. The system captures photos of a user from web pages, emails, and tweets. Photos are then analyzed for colors, patterns, and textures which are added to a file that makes up a specific user. When InSight detects someone you know, their name appears on Google Glass’ display.

Source: Engadget

HTC One to have limited supply thanks to production restraints regarding UltraPixel camera


HTC just can’t catch a break. They build some of the nicest phones in the world, but when things are bad, things get worse. KGI Securities just slashed its HTC One shipment estimates for the first half of 2013. They originally expected 15 million units, but now they are thinking more like 10.5 million. This drop isn’t because of demand, it’s because of “low yield rates” of some of its components, namely the compact camera module (CCM) on its UltraPixel camera as well as the phone’s voice coil motor (VCM). “We believe the production restraints that UltraPixel faces will severely limit HTC One shipments,” said KGI analyst Kuo Ming-chi.

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Samsung piles on US lobbying spending after lengthy court battles with Apple


We’re pretty familiar with Samsung’s constant legal battle with Apple all over the world, and especially in the US. Samsung, having quite a bit of extra cash to play with, upped their legal spending on US lobbyists last year to $900,000, up from just $150,000 in 2011. That’s a pretty significant jump. The extra spending is an attempt to sway the federal government on many legal issues, including IP copyright and telecommunication infrastructure. Samsung also hired former Sony veteran Joel Wigington to run a Washington office.

The mobile market is expected to be worth $847 billion in 2016, so this is obviously a really sweet pie that everyone wants a piece of, Samsung included. The lawsuits aren’t likely to let up, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see other companies beef up their legal presence to defend against (or initiate more of) those lawsuits.

source: Bloomberg

Motorola DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX to Receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OTA


“Well, it’s about time!”, might be what your thinking if you have been anticipating the much anticipated OTA of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX. Unlike their little brother, the Droid RAZR M, which received the OTA months ago, owners of these devices have been denied the pleasure of all 4.1’s Jelly Bean goodness…but no more!

We already got an idea of some of the changes with this update, but now it’s officially approved and ready to go. Hit the break for some of the new Jelly Bean highlights along with some demo videos.

  • Google Now – Receive sports scores, stock updates, weather reports, and traffic updates without having to search the entire web for them. Google Now will learn what’s important to you and give you the updates you need before you even know you needed them.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Expanded Notifications – Get a snapshot of your incoming e-mails, news reader notifications, Facebook updates, chat and more. Swipe them away where your done with them and move on with your busy life.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Improved Voice Search – Ask Google Now a real-world question, and get a real-world answer in seconds.  Want to know what the weather will be like for the motorcycle ride this afternoon? Android 4.1 will tell you, in spoken word!

YouTube Preview Image

Want to know more, check the source for a link to Motorola’s new Android upgrade page and get information on the upgrade schedule.

Source:  Motorola

OUYA game shop is now live for developers to begin uploading games


If you backed OUYA on Kickstarter, you still have a few weeks to wait before you receive your OUYA console. The good news, though, is that there should be plenty of games on the market for you when you do get your new gadget, as OUYA has opened their game download shop for developers to begin uploading their projects. This is going to guarantee there’s a big enough selection to keep the excitement going for the console on launch day.

OUYA is also running a contest in their shop to spur development. The top three developers based on the first six weeks of availability will be featured in a series of short documentaries. Hopefully we’ll see some positive results out of this. Who’s excited to get their hands on a OUYA console?

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LG Optimus G on Sprint to receive Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update

LG Optimus G

If you’re the owner of a Sprint Optimus G, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the 4.1.2 update that Sprint has announced it will be pushing to your device. You’ll get Google Now, expandable notifications, and all the other awesome features in Jelly Bean. Now we just have to wait and see if AT&T’s Optimus G gets the same treatment anytime soon. Hit the source below to get a full list of new features in the update.

source: Sprint

TrakDot Luggage tracking device will tell you where your luggage is at all times, now available for preorder


Greetings frequent travelers!  If you like to travel as much as I do, you have probably fallen victim to the missing luggage bandit at some point. Bummer when you are attending a week long business seminar and everything you brought to wear is MIA. Low cost tracking solution guru’s, GlobaTrac, LLC., has a solution. They have just announced the release of their latest innovation, the GPS TrakDot Luggage  for preorder.

Just purchase the low cost TrackDot for $49.99, activate it for $8.99, and subscribe to the service for a nominal $12.99 annual subscription fee and the TrakDot will do the rest. Just drop the GPS enabled TrakDot into your luggage and it will report what city/airport it’s at in real time to your cell phone. It will even automatically turn itself off just before takeoff and turn back on upon landing.  By the time you get off the plane, you will receive a text message telling you what city it’s in.

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Facebook announces revamped newsfeed with apparent nod to Google+


Earlier today Facebook announced changes to the newsfeed for the popular social media site that appear to mimic some features from Google+. The overall look is laid out in a manner similar to Google+ with items in the feed becoming more prominent while a ribbon down the left side of the site is full of icons for different functions. To the right side of the layout are blocks for access to specific lists of friends or other pages you may be following. Though Facebook claims the new redesign is based on mobile devices, opening a Google+ homepage and comparing it with the new Facebook newsfeed may leave you wondering whether they were copying the principles of Google+. Read more