Contest: Submit the best caption and win a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Updated with Winner)

by Robert Nazarian on
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To celebrate the new and improved Talk Android, we’re giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, compliments of Samsung. The Galaxy Tab 8.9. I think our own Joe Sirianni said it right in his review” The super thin tablet is a happy medium for those desiring more than a 7-inch tab but not quite wanting a 10.1-inch device.”  Just follow these simple rules and you just might be the lucky winner.

  1. Create a caption for the above photo
  2. Head over to our Contest Thread in our forums and post your caption. Comments in this post will not count.
  3. Follow @samsungmobile on Twitter.
  4. Add TalkAndroid to your Google+ circles.
  5. Entries will be accepted through Sunday, November 27, at 11:59pm.
  6. The Talk Android staff will select the winner on Monday, November 28. We will announce the winner in the forum thread and notify the winner by the email assigned to their forum profile.
Good Luck!!

We have a winner

The TalkAndroid team had a really tough time with this one, but we finally picked a winner. It’s forum member jessenj. His caption was:

“Um, I’m sorry Don Pablo, but when we outsourced our troubleshooting to Mexico and you offered to help us get rid of some of our bugs, I think something got lost in translation… next time we’ll use Google Translate”

We are sending you an email to the one associated with your forum username. Congratulations and enjoy your brand new Galaxy Tab 8.9. Again, special thanks to Samsung for providing the tab!!

Get BeyondPod For Just $1.99 In Black Friday Sale, Save 70%

by Joe Sirianni on
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BeyondPod wants to be a part of your holiday savings by offering you a whopping 70% savings on everyone’s favorite Podcasting application. During the Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 25, 26 and 27), the BeyondPod Team wants to make it worth your wild by offering their app for just $1.99 with all Pro features like their robust scheduler, unlimited feed updates and multiple podcast downloads.  In addition, you can add RSS feeds and there is simple integration with Google Reader.

Sophisticated podcast download engine gives you complete control of how many podcasts to download and how long to keep the old versions. Downloads new content in the background, so you spend more time enjoying your feeds and less time waiting on them.

You can snatch the unlock code here to get started and you can download the app here to start downloading your favorite Podcasts.  There’s even a slick Honeycomb version for those listening on their tablets.  Check out the video below of a demo for BeyondPod in action along with some screen shots and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   » Read the rest

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Receives Hardware Upgrade, Now Capable of Worldwide 3G Connectivity

by Stacy Bruce on
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This morning, Lenovo announced that they will now offer its ThinkPad tablets with the Qualcomm Gobi 3000 chipset, allowing for connectivity on any network in the world via GSM and CDMA. You will still need to have a data plan provisioned by the carrier in the area that you want service, but at least you can be a jet setter without switching between multiple devices. The following quote pretty much sums it up, but if you want to read the whole press release, join us after the jump.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet will now offer Qualcomm’s Gobi™ 3000 technology, making it the first Android tablet that gives enterprise customers a single mobile platform for use throughout the world. The new offering eliminates the need to change hardware to support different carriers or mobile connectivity standards from region to region. With Gobi 3000 technology, ThinkPad Tablet users can easily connect to any major US carrier and stay connected with global roaming support when business brings them overseas.

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Motorola DROID RAZR review

by Robert Nazarian on

The Motorola RAZR was one of the most popular phones in history, and a lot of RAZR fans rejoiced when Motorola decided to resurrect the name with the DROID RAZR. We knew it was going to be thin, but in my wildest dreams I never thought it was possible it would come in at 7.1mm thin. I mentioned in my initial review that it just might be the sexiest phone I’ve ever held, but does it live up to the hype?

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Amazon Free App of the Day: Muffin Knight

by Stacy Bruce on

Damn, this week must be the week for crappy giveaways from the Amazon Appstore! Today’s free Amazon app, Muffin Knight, didn’t even have enough on its preview page to get me even remotely interested. I wasn’t even going to download it until I realized that I owe it to our readers to test the waters before I go on bad mouthing the game.

The game plays like a side-scroller, you run left and right trying to gather as many muffins as you can from where ever they randomly appear. Of course there are a few obstacles and creatures you must avoid but the biggest threat is the games software bugs. I couldn’t keep the game from freezing up and eventually uninstalled itself (doing me a favor I guess).

The story line didn’t really make any sense to me, why is a knight at all interested in muffins? Wouldn’t he rather be slaying dragons or something? Instead you are set out on a mission by some old lady who’s only request is to gather hundreds of muffins. The more muffins you gather, the more money you get. You can use money to upgrade your weapons and unlock different characters. I wasn’t able to get this far because of all the issues I was having so I can’t really recommend that you try this app.

At the every other day price of $2.99, I am surprised to see that this game has maintained a 3 1/2 star rating. Maybe there is something I am missing and my hardware prevents me from experiencing something that others seem to enjoy. If you still want to go ahead and give it a try, head on over to Amazon for the free download. If you don’t have the Amazon Appstore on your device, be sure to check out our Quick Tip page for help. Jump past the break for a couple screenshots.

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FCC To AT&T’s Intended Acquisition of T-Mobile: What’s The Rush AT&T? Let’s Review This A Little More

by Roy Alugbue on
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Federal Communications Commission Chair Julius Genachowski just put a ‘not-so-fast kind sir’ on AT&T’s intentions to acquire T-Mobile. Perhaps the FCC heard the growing concerns from other carriers and decided to pursue further investigation of the deal. Genachowski recently drafted up a letter to FCC commissioners arguing “the deal would significantly diminish competition and lead to massive job losses”. Sounds like this is exactly in line with Sprint’s clear stance that was voiced earlier in the year.

Not surprisingly, AT&T responded to the FCC’s actions. Senior VP of Corporate Communications Larry Solomon highlights “it is yet another example of a government agency acting to prevent billions in new investment and the creation of many thousands of new jobs at a time when the U.S. economy desperately needs both”. AT&T will not doubt review the actions and defend itself all the while trying to convince the FCC that the intended merger will be no harm, no foul. The AT&T-Mobile drama just keeps unfolding. Let’s see how the intense lobbying done by Sprint the FCC will impact this deal moving forward.

[via Reuters]

Galaxy Nexus Volume Rocker Issue Is Software-Related, Patch On The Way

by Roy Alugbue on
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So you own a new Galaxy Nexus, but have faulty volume rocker issues? Google certainly has the cure if that’s what ails you. Don’t believe us you say? Here’s Google’s formal address and response of the well-known issue:

“We are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible.”

So there you have it. What once was thought to be a serious hardware malfunction/error is actually a simple software bug. Here’s hoping that patch is released within the next few days so owners won’t be muted much longer.

[via Android Police]

Amazon Appstore running select apps at 50% off from Black Friday through Cyber Monday [Updated]

by Robert Nazarian on

Everything is on sale this weekend, so how about some apps? The Amazon Appstore is going to run a few apps at 50% off starting 12:00am PST on Black Friday, November 25 through 11:59pm PST on Cyber Monday, November 28. The apps, along with their regular prices, are as follows:

  • Plants vs. Zombies/Plants vs. Zombies HD – $2.99
  • Exchange By Touchdown – $19.99
  • LogMeIn Ignition – $29.99
  • Sims or Safari! HD – 1.29
  • Shazam Encore – $4.99
  • SwiftKey X – $3.99
  • Kids ABC Letters – $2.99
UPDATE: Amazon just contact us and is now saying that Plants vs. Zombies/Plants vs. Zombies HD and Sims or Safari! HD are not confirmed for the sale even though they originally told us they were. We will let you know if they do indeed confirm them or if there are any other changes.

Xbounds Allows Android Users To Display Content Real-Time From Devices To Big Screens

by Roy Alugbue on
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Score one for Android users. We’ve been clamoring for an option to wirelessly view our content from our Android devices to a bigger screen in real-time and Dream Chip Technologies has created Xbounds which allows us to do just that. Using a small dongle, you will to connect your Android device to the dongle via WiFi and voila, have your content viewed on a bigger screen. The great thing about Xbounds is it appears to use a fast enough connection for Android users to stream graphics-intensive items in real-time such as video games or videos. Looks like we’ll have yet another set of means to play Angry Birds on a bigger screen, right?

[via Slash Gear and DroidCon]

LG To Hold “Exclusive Launch Event” December 1st, Introducing The Nitro HD

by Joe Sirianni on
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LG has announced that on December 1st they’ve got a special announcement for us in the form of an exclusive launch event.  And fortunately, they’ve made it extremely easy for us to figure out what device they’ll be launching.  Low and behold, hovering over the image of the announcement reveals the image file name ending in “1st-nitro-hd…”  Ahh, how we love it when manufacturers make it easy for us.   The LG Nitro or Nitro HD or as some to the north might call it, the LG Eye, has been rumored for quite some time now and could very well be the Optimus LTE for AT&T.  In any event, the screen res specs are impressive, coming in at 1280 x 720 HD.  We’ll be keeping a close watch on this come Dec 1st.  So stay tuned for Talk Android as it breaks.

[via Engadget]