Motorola DROID Bionic Soak Test Arriving As Early As Tonight; Possible Android 4.0 Update? Probably Not



Motorola has yet another soak test on its way out, this time for the DROID Bionic smartphone. It is perhaps the mysterious 5.9.902 update we heard about previously? It’s highly unlikely this update is the anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update you owners are yearning for, as the DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX would likely be the first MOTO phones to see the ICS update, so it’s probably the 5.9.902 update. Word on the street the mysterious update is finally headed out to the beta testers as early as tonight. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any updates on this update.

source: Droid Life


Check Out the 90 Second Galaxy Note Commercial Complete With The Darkness!

While Samsung hinted at something awesome with its 45 second teaser nothing says amazing like the full version. In case you missed our reminder earlier today in regards to the Galaxy Note and you even missed the full commercial itself in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI, worry not, we have it here for you in all its glory. While most folk on Twitter are referencing this as a Palm Pilot due to its stylus everyone seems to forget its amazing screen size. So if you missed your chance to watch it, hit the break below to check out the full 90 seconds of awesomeness complete with The Darkness’ lead singer Justin Hawkins, Australian Supermodel Miranda Kerr, Football star Brian Urlacher and professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. Also you can head on over to Samsung Mobile USA’s site to check out all the cool stuff you can win from the commercial. Enjoy!

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Here’s My Perfect Android Smartphone, What’s Yours?

Everyone has an idea of what their perfect android phone would be. While I would say that the Galaxy Nexus running Codename: Android would be as close to a perfect Android experience yet; I have found that I am wanting and missing various aspects that other Android phones have or need. I often contemplate what that phone would be like if I had a say and while I do not have Samsung, HTC, or Motorola on speed dial I’ve decided that I will share my opinion with you. So without further digression here it is, my perfect phone.

Design/Form Factor:

I do like the Galaxy Nexus phone factor. The curved class works well and the phone holds well. However I do have to say that I liked the way the Rezound felt in my hand. That phone felt solid and not overly heavy. I like the Nexus and it feels sleek but the plastic is definitely apparent. I would say that the design of the phone would be perfect if it had Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus sleekness and it were coupled with HTC’s smooth metal finish and solid structure.
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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Officially Available for Pre-Order, Delivers on February 17th

For those of you in the US who have been dying to get your hands on the awesome Samsung Galaxy Note, well you can officially place your pre-order today. Assuming you’re OK with service from AT&T, you can now spend $299 to get one set aside for you and should arrive on your doorstep on or before Feb 17th, two days before they arrive in stores on the 19th.

You will have the choice of either Ceramic White or Carbon Blue colors, and for those who wish to purchase the device off-contract, it will run you $749.99 before tax. If you’re like me and are always looking to get a little more bang for your buck, may I recommend pre-ordering through Best Buy. All pre-orders made from BB will include a flip cover for the device. It’s pretty sweet and doesn’t add much bulk at all.

If you’re a person who knows what they want and are ready to take the plunge, hit up one of the links below. For those who need a little more enticing, I suggest checking out our hands on and previous write up, both of which contain very informative and persuasive video. If your lucky enough to score one of these bad boys, please… rub it in my face in the comments below! Don’t worry, I wont take it personal. :-)

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Review: World of Goo sticks your fingers to the screen

If you could sum up World of Goo in one word – and you didn’t want to use awesome, magnificent or fantastic – magical would work just fine. The developers at 2D Boy, a team of two (that’s right, two!) ex-Electronic Arts employees working out of San Francisco, have brought us an incredible world to escape in as we rescue goo balls from the evil World of Goo corporation. The Android world waited a long time for this game to hop on over to the Android Market, though the wait is most definitely worth it. The game has been flawlessly ported, giving us the incredible soundtrack and immersive environments we’ve come to expect from the World of Goo.

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AT&T Beefs up Indianapolis Wireless Coverage in Preparation for Super Bowl XLVI

The year’s biggest sports event takes place today and apparently Verizon isn’t the only carrier willing to beef up wireless coverage to keep the fans happy. AT&T has also rolled out a bunch of new equipment and decided to let the public know just exactly how they planned to implement the upgrade.

According to the video below, AT&T pulled out all the stops for this year’s Super Bowl to assure that fans get good cell signal anywhere in the near vicinity of  the Lucas Oil Stadium. From CoW’s (Cell tower on Wheels), to increased coverage in/around hotels, it seems that AT&T wants you to be able to call and brag to your friends from almost anywhere you go during your visit to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis this year. Not only will traveling fans get to reap the upgrade benefits, AT&T plans on leaving the equipment behind for all of Indianapolis to enjoy. I wish the Super Bowl would come to my home town!

Jump past the break to see AT&T’s explanation video and official press release.
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Reminder: Official Galaxy Note Commercial Airs Tonight During Super Bowl XLVI

The big day for football fans has finally arrived, but we’re excited for more reasons than just watching the New England Patriots collide with the New York Giants. AT&T is releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note on February 19th and we don’t want you to forget to look for the first ever Samsung Super Bowl commercial during the fourth quarter. It’s a full 90 seconds long and we expect director Bobby Farrelly to bring us some good laughs. The 45 second teaser clip was an exciting start, so keep an eye out for the other half later today.  

The phone is sure to be a best seller with its amazing 5.3 inch capacitive touch screen and stylus. Be sure to let us know what you think of the Galaxy Note commercial in the comments below.

Tasks N Todos – Track Your Tasks With Style

Ever since I got my first handheld device (hello, Palm Pilot) I’ve been trying out different methods of keeping myself organized. It all boils down to choosing one platform to manage your To Do list, whether it’s Microsoft Outlook, Remember the Milk, or Google Tasks.

Since switching to Android, I’ve wanted to try using Google Tasks but I could never quite commit to making the switch since I couldn’t find an app that I felt comfortable using daily. Until now. Tasks N Todos by Handy Apps, Inc. won me over with simplicity and elegance.

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Quick Rant: Why I Love My Motorola Xoom Wifi Tablet And Don’t Plan On Upgrading Anytime Soon


What does a tablet mean to you? To most, it’s something that lets you have productivity on the go— emails, social communication, reading articles and e-books, etc. Of course consumers realize it’s possible to do all that with a notebook computer or netbook. However, it’s no secret that notebooks are losing in popularity because people understand in this day and age, “less is truly more”. You could have a netbook as well, but then some individuals would be graced with keys far too small for big hands like yours truly, a small screen that’s sometimes just slightly bigger than that of a smartphone or the fact netbooks just aren’t powerful enough even to do the bare minimum like check emails, do some online chatting, etc. Manufacturers have realized consumers want something that can bring the best of both worlds and that’s why tablets have been developed now.

While Apple’s iPad is leading the revolution, it’s obvious there are many other successful tablets. There are many of you who own a tablet now and then there are many of you who will be looking to purchase a tablet in the near-future. The great thing about Android tablets is that they are a direct reflection of the Android platform in general. The Android platform allows for a variety of manufacturers to make unique and “customized” versions of the Android devices which are best suited for each user’s tastes. While there are popular options such as the ASUS Transformer Prime, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and of course the record-selling Amazon Kindle Fire, there’s one tablet that has won my heart and will continue to win my heart for the next year or two (or three or four). That tablet is the Motorola Xoom Wifi tablet. Introduced at last year’s CES, the tablet is still literally the model for which other Android tablets are developed and shaped. I will share with you all my thoughts and experience of owning this tablet. Of course many of you will disagree and want to throw in your two cents, but I just want to give you all some insights as to what the device means to me and how it fits in my lifestyle.
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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 OTA Package Unofficially Available

A user over at Android Central received an OTA notification on his Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and managed to pull the file and make it available for download. Apparently the update contains Android 4.0.4 IMM30B.

This seems to be a limited release, most likely for internal testing, so if you decide to flash this, don’t be surprised if you see some weirdness. Keep in mind that this is only for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and will only install on a completely stock unit.

No word yet on what this update fixes or changes, so if you are brave enough and fit the requirements above, download the file here and let us know what you find!

source: AndroidCentral