Did you plop down $299 for a DROID RAZR last year only to watch the DROID RAZR MAXX release a few months later? The DROID RAZR MAXX is identical to the DROID RAZR except for the battery and thickness. I don’t think most people realize how “ahead of the curve” Motorola was by sneaking a 3300mAh battery in a device that’s only 8.99mm thick.

If you own a DROID RAZR with RAZR MAXX envy, there is a possible solution for those that like to tinker. XDA member Ward05757 was able to successfully replace the DROID RAZR battery with the RAZR MAXX battery. Of course things like this always come with a con don’t they? Upon installing the thicker battery in your DROID RAZR, you will now have a gap in the SIM card door and the battery cover which will make it weaker to water and dust. Water05757 says it isn’t as bad as it looks though

Obviously we have to warn you that by trying this, it could cause damage to your phone which could negate your warranty, but if you’re looking for a project for this weekend, you might want to check this out. Hit the break for one more pic and source link to get started.

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Elastic World Bounces Into Android Market

Monkey I-Brow Studios just released a unique physics-based puzzler titled Elastic World. The goal of this game is simple: hit the stars with the ball. But the way you actually accomplish that is by expanding and collapsing “jelly” shapes to make the ball bounce in different directions and heights. Sounds weird but is actually pretty quick to pick up. It ends up being an exercise in getting the timing just right as the ball bounces on your jelly shapes.

The game gets progressively more challenging as you compete against the clock. The quicker you can hit the stars, the better you are ranked.

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Smartphone Sales Will Nearly Double PCs This Year and Reach 1.5 Billion in 2016

More bad news for PC makers. Business Insider Intelligence released their latest forecast of global smartphone sales, and the numbers are staggering. Recently, smartphone sales surpassed PC sales for the first time, and this year smartphone sales will nearly double PC sales. More amazing, however, is that BI Intelligence predicts that by the year 2016, smartphones will exceed 1.5 billion units sold worldwide.

For comparison, last year there were only 350 million PCs sold, and the total number of mobile phone handsets sold (smart AND dumb) totaled 1.7 billion. Right now, smartphones make up only 10% of all handsets sold. As prices decline, nearly 5 billion existing dumb phones will be getting replaced by smartphones.

The following chart speaks for itself.

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MLB At Bat 2012 Now Available in the Android Market


Right around this time last year, Major League Baseball released MLB At Bat 2011 for Android. Today, baseball fans, the MLB.com At Bat 2012 app is available in the Android Market as a single app for both phones and tablets! Actually, two versions of the app are available… one is free, the other is $14.99. Here are the differences:

MLB.com At Bat Lite (free)

  • Customize At Bat’s home screen to feature your designated favorite team.
  • Favorite team icon home screen widget for one-click access to your favorite team’s At Bat 12 homepage (only available for Android phones)
  • MLB icon home screen widget for in-progress scores around the league
  • Follow batter-by-batter action for every Spring Training game
  • Breaking news, schedules and interactive rosters and players stats for every team

MLB.com At Bat 12 ($14.99)
Comes with everything above PLUS the following:

  • Listen to available radio broadcasts of Spring Training games
  • Enhanced video library archive, searchable by player, team or keyword (only available for Android phones)

The apps are currently set up for Spring Training, but MLB promises that “additional features and functionality will be released in an update that will be available before Opening Night (April 4).”

Check out the gallery of screen shots and download links after the break.

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Google Airs Day 3 Recap Video from MWC’s Android Booth

Yesterday we showed you a couple of Google’s MWC recap videos that highlighted on just a few of the awesome things happening in the Android booth at this years Mobile World Congress. Just a couple hours ago, Google released day three’s recap video and it focuses on some of the more important aspects of Android and its path that is ultimately paving the way for our beloved operating system. Matias Duarte touches a bit on Android design and the cool looking UI wall they designed to give developers inspiration on the touch and visual experience for future ICS applications. You will also see developers discuss Android Beam, the benefits it already has and the endless possibilities for future development. Check it out. Pretty cool stuff.

YouTube Preview Image

source: Google+

New App Stats Available for Publishers via the Android Market Developer Console

Those of you familiar with app publication on the Android Market should surely be familiar with the Application Statistics. For those that aren’t, they are tools that help developers tune their development and marketing efforts to better appeal apps to you. Application Statistics shows your app’s installation performance across key dimensions such as countries, device models, platform versions, etc. Well the folks behind Android are beefing these analytics up even more with newly added metrics, new ways to analyze data and a newly redesigned UI that’s easier to use.

With the new installation metrics you can now see your installations measured by unique users and by unique devices. Active installs, total installs, daily installs and uninstalls can be viewed for user installations while active installs, daily installs, uninstalls and upgrades can be seen for device installations. But they don’t stop there as they are adding two new data dimensions —Carrier and App Version. This will allow you to track your app’s installation trends across mobile carriers or the ability to monitor launch metrics of specific app updates. 
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Sprint Cranks Up 3G Speeds In Atlanta, Will Be One of the First Cities to Get the 4G LTE Network

Sprint has just announced that customers in Atlanta, Georgia now have access to an upgraded 3G network, which has seen a capacity increase by 17 percent over the past year.  Also, the Atlanta metro area has seen Sprint implement 100 network capacity upgrades in the past 90 days and will continue to see 122 more in the next 3 months as well as will be one of the first areas to receive the upcoming 4G LTE network.

“Sprint is pleased to offer its customers products and services to enhance their business and personal lives,” said Jeff Bennett, regional vice president, consumer. “Atlanta is a non-stop, first-class city, and Sprint is keeping up with our customers’ lives and data demands with our cutting-edge network plans, including these 3G enhancements and our upcoming 4G LTE service.”

So by the middle of this year, you Atlanta folks should be among the first to have the 4G service from Sprint. In the meantime, though, you should already be seeing improved 3G speeds and it should continue to better itself over the next period of 90 days. Have you seen the improvements so far? Let us know in the comments below. Full press release after the break. 
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3D Printing From Your Android Device Should Soon Be Possible Via Paint3D App

Let’s face it. 3D printing is cool stuff. Being able to create your own models for various purposes like gifts or even desktop decorations is a pretty enticing concept. It’s yet to take off in a practical and accessible form, but that isn’t stopping developers from riding the wave and creating some cool stuff. That’s what a team of developers based out of Johannesburg has done with Paint3D. The application promises to let you create and print your own 3D designs straight from your Android-powered device!

The application isn’t available to the general public as of yet, but it surely demonstrates some really cool and futuristic capabilities. Hit the YouTube video after the break for a better idea of what Paint3D does and how it does it.

source: engadget

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Verizon Responds In A Letter To The FCC Regarding Locked Bootloaders

Well, bootloaders are back on the menu and this time our friends over at Droid Life managed to intercept a letter given to a DL reader by Verizon Wireless regarding locked bootloaders.  The customer politely reminded Verizon about the “Block C License” but Verizon provided a song and dance claiming the unlocking of a bootloader would cause an instability in customer service and a negative impact on the user experience altogether.  The company has taken a serious stance on not allowing “unapproved” software on their mobile devices.  However, many argue that in the license agreement, nowhere does it state that Verizon is referring to “bootloaders” when it states that “no device shall be locked”.  Most argue that this is referring to the device’s capability to access the network and not in fact the bootloader.  While we’re not 100% sure what they’re referring to, one thing can be certain, customers are complaining.  Having a locked bootloader denies a user his/her God given ability to make certain changes and take certain advantages of their device.  It’s no wonder users will grab their torches and pitch forks the second a bootloader gets locked.  So, for now, Vz’s stance is this, regarding bootloaders; The carrier has issued that OEM’s lock device bootloaders in an effort to obtain a “standard of excellence in customer service“.  The company is bent on not letting unlocked phones lessen the experience of users.  Ok, I guess.  What say you though?  Feel free to throw your rants in the comments below.  Meanwhile, check out the letter in its entirety after the break.  
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Android Design V2 Now Includes Stencil Availability

Android Design has long been a developer favorite when it comes to the development of apps for the Android platform. While it is a great resource to use, developers have complained of the lack of stencils available. The Android User Experience Team has heard your cries and finally released some mockup stencils for any and every Android developer to use. The AUE team promises the stencils will feature the “rich typography, colors, interactive controls, and icons found throughout Ice Cream Sandwich.”

The stencils are available today. The AUE Team has highlighted Adobe Fireworks and Omni OmniGraffle are among the design programs for which the stencils will be available with. Moreover, the source files for the various icons and controls are also available in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

source: Android Developers Blog