Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch Getting ICS Soon?

Sprint has just outed the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (phew!) may be getting updated to Ice Cream Sandwich soon. XDA member kc_exactly found a Sprint RDF file on their servers, dated February 10th, that lists the Android version as 4.0.3.  Sprint has been good about trying to get updates out before other carriers, but Samsung’s past record with the original Epic 4G left many customers wanting.

This RDF file points to an improved release process for Samsung if the update is indeed released soon, potentially making this the first Galaxy S II device to get upgraded to ICS. But remember, there is no date mentioned, and no guarantee it will be soon. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

source: xda
via: sprintfeed

MediaTek’s New Platform Promises Affordable Ice Cream Sandwich Devices

MediaTek, a mobile semiconductor company that has already partnered with Google on Google TV, has decided to take Android 4.0 to the masses. Announcing their MT6575 Android Platform yesterday, MediaTek plans to make it possible to offer Android 4.0-capable devices for under $190. Focusing squarely at entry-level and mid-range markets, the reference specs read like last year’s top phones:

  • 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor
  • 3G/HSPA modem
  • 8MP camera
  • 720p high-definition playback/recording
  •  qHD (960×540)
  • PowerVR SGX Series 5 GPU
  • Dual SIM capable

Intel-Powered Ice Cream Sandwich Motorola Device Revealed


Reports are in, and a new Intel-powered Motorola device running Ice Cream Sandwich has been revealed. This is a pretty big announcement, being Motorola’s first Android 4.0 device, as well as their first device with an Intel CPU. Even more, this CPU is toting Intel’s Medfield platform, which is not just a CPU, but a SoC (system on a chip). This means that a single chip not only handles your typical CPU processes, but also handles the radio, GPU, camera and other components. With Microsoft developing its new operating systems with the goal to run on ARM chips, this is definitely going to be a competitive era for chip makers – particularly between Intel and ARM. Intel is not intending their Medfield platform as a game-changer, but rather as a competitive foray into the smartphone field. The device is expected to be revealed in its entirety at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

source: pocketnow

Quadrant Benchmarking App Updated For ICS Friendliness

The Android benchmarking app, Quadrant, was updated today to add Ice Cream Sandwich functionality, support for multi-core CPUs, as well as added support for the Polish language. However the use of Quadrant for reliable determination of your smartphone’s power is still irrelevant. It’s been proven that Quadrant can be cheated to achieve unrealistic scores, and currently you can (if you have a Galaxy Nexus) compare your scores against the Galaxy Tab and Nexus S, which honestly isn’t very useful.

Of course this isn’t to say that Quadrant is entirely useless. In fact, in can give you a decent idea of how your phone holds up, albeit on a generalized scale. However the best way to judge a smartphone’s power and speed is to obviously use it yourself.


Android Market

Popular Game Temple Run Making Its Way To the Android Market Next Month

Temple Run is a popular game. How popular? Like… 36 million downloads popular. I’ll give you a second to wrap your head around that number for a sec. Currently only available on the Apple App Store, Temple Run is an endless run game, meaning you keep going until you die, but the longer you go for, the higher your reward becomes. You’re escaping a temple pursued by crazy bloodthirsty monkeys, collecting coins and dodging obstacles along the way. If the monkeys get to you though, they have a multitude of methods to kill you.

Why is this iOS game being reported on TalkAndroid.com? Well, the release date for last week was postponed, and another one has been set for next month. After all, that many people can’t be wrong about a game, so I recommend keeping an eye on the Android Market and hopefully next month you’ll get to try your hand at Temple Run.

source: into mobile

Chinon Announces New Tablet Line, But Don’t Get Too Excited Just Yet…

Don’t let the picture fool you — iPads still can’t run Android. Instead, it’s simply the design of the new series of 7-inch and 10-inch Swift tablets (Swift 7 and Swift 10, respectively). The new line of tablets are obviously aimed for the affordable tablet market, only putting you back $160 for the 7-inch and $280 for the 10-inch. With a dual-core Cortex A8 ARM processor running at 1.2Ghz,  1GB of RAM and running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, it’s pretty much on par with today’s tablets going for the same price. However when compared to higher-end tablets like the Galaxy Tab, it falls behind quite a bit, so buyer beware if you’re looking for something with a little more chutzpah or something on the cutting edge of tablets. Might be a good idea to wait until some reviews are out to see how these two tablets hold up. Hit the source for more info.

source: chinon usa

DROID 4 Gets Wireless Charging Feature

For those of you still trying to decide whether to get the DROID RAZR or the DROID 4, let me tell you about a DROID 4 feature you may not have thought about. Since the RAZR is so thin, one of its reported downfalls is that the battery is not removable. Bieng that the DROID 4 does have a removable battery, it is capable of housing a wireless charging battery door, if there was such a thing. Oh wait, there is!

Right now on Verizons website, you can get the DROID 4′s inductive charging kit which is essentially just a replacement battery cover that allows for wireless charging. Once you get one of these bad boys, all you need now is a power mat to complete the package. Simply set your device on the charging pad and you have a cool plug-free method of charging your device. Pretty slick. The battery door is going to run you $40 and I would expect the power pad to run anywhere from $40-$70. Hit the source link below for ordering details.

source: verizon
via: droidlife

Huawei to Unveil Quad-Core Ascend D Q and 10-Inch MediaPad at This Years MWC

As soon as we got our hands on the new Ascend P1 from Huawei at this years CES, we had a strong suspicion the mobile device manufacturer was trying to rid itself from the budget category it had long been attached to. Holding the Ascend P1 in my hand, the worlds thinnest smartphone, it was clearly obvious that Huawei was making a honest attempt at improving their device quality moving forward. Not being content with having just the slimmest phone on the market, Huawei’s recent MWC press invite shows that they are also concerned with mobile performance as well.

The press invite states that Huawei plans to unveil their “most powerful smartphone yet”, the Ascend D Q according to Japanese blog Ameblo. It is also believed that since the S in P1 S stands for “slim,” the Q might actually stand for “quad-core,” and based on what we learned earlier, D is the new moniker for their “Diamond series,” Huawei’s top of the line gear. These predictions would make plenty of sense as far as the naming scheme goes. I mean, to be top of the line in 2012 you best come strong, rockin’ quad-cores! :-)

Ameblo also states that Huawei will be unveiling their MediPad 10 at this years Mobile World Congress. This will be the 10-inch version of the 7-inch MediaPad, aka SpringBoard as recently released on T-Mobile. We will keep you up to date with the deets on these new devices as MWC unfolds.

source: unwiredview / ameblo

[Update: Kind of] Verizon Celebrates 1st Anniversary of LTE, Confirms New England Region Fully Covered

Here we sit folks. A year after the initial debut of Verizon’s LTE network in Boston and we’ve already seen it jump to 195 markets. Well Verizon Wireless has decided to publish a press release in celebration of this achievement. With it they also confirm that their 4G network covers the entire New England region.

With that said let’s take a moment to reflect on what that means exactly. Every other 4G LTE network in America is playing catch up to Verizon’s expansive network. While its seen its fair share of growing pains, like the outages in December of last year, the 4G network is still pretty darn reliable. With 2012 looking to be the finishing touches added to the network before their attempts at releasing VoLTE technology, the rest of the country should be seeing their own 4G coverage.

So if you’re one of the lucky folks who happens to live in the New England area you can rest assured that your coverage is pretty solid now. While some of us patiently wait for 4G speeds, please Verizon bring it to Montana already, we hope those of you on it are enjoying it to your fullest extent.

Update: Verizon reached out to us to clarify that in fact not all of New England is fully covered with LTE at this point. According to Verizon’s press release, 4G LTE was rolled out “to more than 195 markets nationwide, including a dozen throughout New England.” Sorry for the confusion guys.

source: Verizon Wireless

EU and US both give the green light for Google’s Motorola acquisition



Google’s proposed $12.5 billion buyout of Motorola Mobility took two steps closer to completion after both the European Union and US Department of Justice announced that the deal has been given their final approval. Speculation had been rising that the deal may be challenged, citing anti-competitive behaviour however, the EU commission has stated that they do not feel the merger impedes competition. The EU has noted that they will be reviewing how Google uses Motorola’s patents to ensure they comply with antitrust guidelines.

In only a few hours following the EU Commission’s all clear this morning, the US Department of Justice followed suit as expected however, there are several other hurdles to clear before the deal can be concluded. A statement from the official Google Blog stated “This is an important milestone in the approval process and it moves us closer to closing the deal. We are now just waiting for decisions from a few other jurisdictions before we can close this transaction.” Google is still awaiting approval from China, Israel and Taiwan.

So what say you, fair Android followers? Is Google’s strategy for Motorola all about the patents or is the dawn of Google as a hardware manufacturer upon us?


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