Upcoming Wikipad Gaming Tablet Gets The Hands-On Treatment


The game-changing Wikipad is one step closer to being in the hands of Android gamers everywhere, but one lucky son of a gun was able to see the intriguing tablet in action, courtesy of its creator James Bower. Right off the bat, users are treated to what is a fairly slim and trim profile that is smooth to the touch except for the middle of the back. That section of the device has a square-shaped groove along the back center of the tablet, which is intended to help give it a solid grip. Oh and Bower also touts the groove helps to “keep the tablet cool under stressful gaming power-consumption”.

The big focus of the device is no doubt its performance capabilities and the Wikipad delivers. Powered by a Tegra 3 chip and Jelly Bean, it helps to power games like Cody and a port of famed action-adventure game Max Payne like a true champ. The graphics were fluid as expected, while he controls gave better-than-expected results– thanks to comfortable dual analog sticks and responsive buttons. One minor critique may be the fact the tablet plus controller dock can possibly make the complete unit a little  heavier than some would like. Then again, it’s assumed most people won’t be playing on the Wikipad for hours on end.

You can see more pictures and details of the hands-on when you hit the source link below.

source: Twinfinite

Bing will be the default search engine on the Kindle Fire HD

With Amazon unveiling their new Kindle Fire lineup at such low prices given the specs of the tablets, it looks like they have been finding numerous ways to make back some of the money they’re going to lose upon each Kindle Fire they’re going to sell. First Amazon places ads around the OS (most notably the lockscreen) to create some extra revenue, and now they have struck a deal with Microsoft to make the Fire’s default search engine into Bing, as opposed to Google Search in the first Kindle Fire.

This is a huge win for Microsoft as we should expect to see the new set of Kindle Fire’s to outsell last years predecessor. Anything to help subsidize the costs of these tablets, right? Looks like there will be some slight drawbacks in having these high end tablets for a cheap price.

source: Business Insider

Amazon CEO praises Android and its flexebility

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took it upon himself to give Google Android OS the praise that it deserves. According to Bezos:

Android is accomplishing everything that Amazon needs it to and, at the same time, giving the company flexibility to customize things. We treat Android like Linux, and so it’s a base OS layer. We have a large dedicated team that customizes Android and that’s what you see on the Kindle Fire.

I think it’s great to see a CEO of such a huge player like Amazon praising Android for what it offers to everyone. It’s probably the least he can do considering the sales Android has helped give the Kindle Fire, and the upcoming success the Kindle Fire 2 and Kindle Fire HD will bring to the company.

When asked if Amazon has any plans on straying away from Android, Bezos gave a simply answer of  “No, we like Android.”

source: AllThingsD


Verizon CEO thinks Samsung should create its own mobile OS

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam claims Samsung would be a huge player in the mobile OS market if it ever decided to jump and create it’s own OS. McAdam’s had plenty to say on Samsung’s potential in the mobile OS world:

There’s a potential elephant in the room with Samsung. Samsung is a massive conglomerate with the resources to pull off a strong third mobile platform. The company is already the largest handset and smartphone manufacturer in the world, and has a brand and clout that rivals Apple. Samsung could do well putting its resources behind an operating system and would be a clear dark horse.

On paper, this makes every bit of sense to assume and to say. Samsung has such a huge market share, and thanks to Google’s Android OS it is now the clear cut second most successful handset maker in the world, second to only Apple. Thus, Samsung creating their own mobile OS makes every bit of sense in the world.

While Samsung can certainly go that route if they choose to, I think they should stay right where they are and stick with Android. With iOS and Android the absolute top two mobile OS’, a 3rd would be a crowd in my opinion. Android is already great as it is and is only getting better as each firmware update is made. Plus, Android has created itself such a huge ecosystem with the Google Play Store and all of its offerings. No matter how big Samsung is, it’s very hard to build up a whole new ecosystem and have consumers jump on it. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but why leave such a good thing such as Android?

Let’s not forget how good Samsung has it with Android and their Galaxy S line. The Galaxy S III just surpassed 20 million units sold and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

What do you guys think, should Samsung continue giving us Android powerhouses such as the Galaxy S’ and Galaxy Note’s? Or should they venture out on their own with their never ending resources and create their own mobile OS? Sound off in the comments!

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Ads on the new Kindle Fire staying put and will be non-removable

Yesterday we reported that the ads surrounding Amazon’s new Kindle Fire (most notably the lockscreen) would be removable upon the users choice. It looks like those reports have been rebuffed by Amazon as the company sees it as an opportunity to regain some of their losses when they made the tablets as cheap as they did. Nonetheless, I’m sure this move will annoy plenty of customers. I mean, who likes to see ads on a device they use every day, right?

Either way it looks like the ads are staying, for now. Perhaps Amazon will look to take them out on future updates, but that remains to be seen. I’m sure this move will only give people an extra incentive to root and flash custom ROM’s on their new Kindle Fire, what do you think?

source: c| net

AT&T Galaxy Note II confirmed in leaked screenshots

While it’s already been rumored that Samsung’s new Galaxy Note II would be making its way to Sprint, a new leak suggests the phone could be making its way to AT&T as well. A set of leaked screenshots allegedly show off the upcoming Note II with the model number SGH-I317, running on Ma Bell’s 4G LTE network.

As expected, the device features Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and sports a screen resolution of 720×1280. What is surprising though, is the fact that the handset is equipped with the same quad-core Exynos 4412 processor as the international version announced at IFA 2012. Additionally, it’s rumored that AT&T’s version won’t feature any carrier branding, with Samsung opting for a unified portfolio of devices across the board.

An exact release date wasn’t mentioned, but the inside source claims the device will launch “very soon”. The same source also says the 5.5-inch beast will be available on T-Mobile, Sprint, and Bell in Canada, too. Without any official announcement, it’s probably best to take this leak with a hefty grain of salt.
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Federal judge says HTC patents challenged by Apple are likely valid

A new report suggests Apple may have a hard time invalidating HTC’s data transmission patents, potentially leading to an import ban on select iOS devices. The Taiwanese manufacturer recently accused Apple of infringing on two of its IPs related to wireless networking. Furthermore, the company reiterated that the patents in question “are critical” to the use of 4G LTE. HTC acquired the patents in April 2011 for $75 million from ADC Telecommunications Inc.

“I don’t care if they bought these patents to sue you or not,” Judge Thomas Pender told Apple’s lawyer. “They are a property right. Clear and convincing means something to me. I have to be pretty darn certain a U.S. patent is invalid.”

While testimonies were given in court yesterday, detailed information hasn’t been made available to the public yet. Although, HTC reportedly touted the fact that it was the first company to sell Android and 4G handsets, and was “one of the first with touchscreens”. HTC America’s vice president, Martin Fichter, pointed out the company’s prominent 4G strategy, saying “LTE products were particularly important to our strategy in 2011. We’re a pioneer in that field.” Apple is claiming that HTC doesn’t have proper ownership rights of the patents, which Judge Thomas Pender says is an invalid argument.

At this point, it’s unclear if these patents will fall under FRAND law, which would require HTC to license its technology to Apple for a “reasonable” fee. It does seem unlikely that Apple’s next iPhone will be banned from being sold in the US, though. All we know for sure is that these agonizing lawsuits aren’t going away anytime soon.

Source: BusinessWeek

Wikipad is Now Available For Pre-Order at Gamestop

The Wikipad is a different kind of Android tablet, made with gamers in mind. Having impressive specs such as a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor and a 10.1 inch IPS display, the Wikipad could be the tablet that hardcore gamers have been waiting for.

What separates the Wikipad from the large selection of Android tablets is the dock that makes the tablet a controller. Of course a game system is worthless without entertaining games made for it. Gamestop is working with game publishers to make exclusive content for the Wikipad, and Sony has already left there stamp on the device giving it PlayStation Certification. It will also have the ability to play streaming games with Gaikai.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Now Made Available For All Android Devices


Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies has lost its exclusivity to Sony’s Xperia Play and is now made available to all devices. Finally, we can all partake in yet another zombie shoot-em-up game style. While the price is a little steep for a mobile game at $7, that’s all you have to pay to fully enjoy the game and not have to mess around with in-app purchases.

You can grab the game via the QR code or download link after the break!
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Android 4.0 update now available for the Samsung Captivate Glide on AT&T

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich becoming the 2nd-most popular version among device owners, it’s not hard to imagine that more phones will be receiving the long-awaited update in the very near future. Today, however, AT&T is adding to that number, as it has officially announced that Android 4.0 is now available for the Samsung Captivate Glide.

The update itself won’t be rolling out over the air. Instead, you’ll have to connect the handset to your computer, and download the software via Samsung’s Keys desktop suite. Once you’ve updated, be sure to let us know what you think of the new firmware in the comments below.

Source: AT&T