Motorola reorganizes its device update page, promises Jelly Bean for Droid RAZR in Q1


We’ve seen Motorola release some time frames for updates to its device before, but more often than not, they’ve failed to keep those promises. Motorola’s Punit Soni did promise to make some changes to that behavior recently, and I think we’re starting to see some results from that.

Motorola has redone their device update page, which now allows you to sort out your device by country, carrier, and device. Once you’ve found your device, you can easily when it’s slated to receive an update, and when the last update was rolled out. Pretty handy, and significantly better than the huge page of cluttered information that it used to be. You can also sign up for emails to be notified when your device is set to receive an update.

And good news for Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX owners, the new update page firmly states that both devices are set to receive Jelly Bean in Q1. We’re coming to the end of Q1, so you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer on the update, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it becomes available.

source: Motorola

Google looks to launch a full music streaming service


Google Music is one of our favorite music applications for Android, and Google is aiming to make it just a little bit better. According to reports, Google is in talks with major music companies to launch a music service similar to Spotify, which would allow you to listen to any song you wanted, on-demand, without needing to buy and store all of your music somewhere. Personally, I think the service would integrate nicely into Google Music, similar to what Samsung does with their Music Hub application.

It’s expected that this music streaming service would launch with a free and paid subscription option, and it would give Google the leg up on Amazon and Apple, the two closest competitors who haven’t moved into music streaming yet. It would put Google in competition with companies like Spotify, who have a strong grip on the market already. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out. Hit the source below to find out a few more details.


Google posts I/O registration for March 15th at 10 AM EST



Google formally announced their Google I/O last December and told us registration for the event would be revealed in February. Thanks to some leaked pages earlier from Google, we’ve got the details on when you can sign up.

The registration will open at 10 AM EST on March 15th, and the tickets will run $900 bucks for general admission and $300 for academic attendees. And, if it’s anything like last year, those tickets aren’t going to last long, even at those prices. Google recommends setting up your Google Wallet account ahead of time to pay for the tickets, and to keep an eye on their Google Plus page for more details leading up to the event.

Google I/O will take place in San Francisco from May 15th to May 17th, and we’re sure to see some really cool products from Google. Keep an eye out for our coverage on the event as we get closer to May.

source: 9to5 Google

HTC adds IR API to OpenSense APK so developers can create IR apps for the HTC One


With the announcement of the HTC One still fresh in everyone’s mind, the mobile giant has decided to keep the hype going by announcing the release of their IR API in their latest OpenSense SDK. HTC is hoping to attract developers that can start utilizing the IR blaster in the HTC One for more real-world applications other than just changing the channel on your TV. There are some great applications that can be made to fully utilize the IR such as, controlling a DSLR camera, unlocking real estate lock boxes, or even controlling a toy helicopter. This looks to be a promising development for the HTC One and might just give the aging IR technology the boost it needs to become more than just a form of communication between your remote and TV.

Source: HTC

UK carrier Three makes HTC One available for pre-order



Those individuals in the UK are in luck as Three, a UK-based phone carrier, has made the hot new HTC One available for pre-order today ahead of a reported release on March 15th. Three will debut the phone on its LTE network at launch and is offering two tariffs, each with an upfront cost of £69 for the device. Consumers can choose between the two offered tariffs, one that costs £34 per month called the “Ultimate Internet 500 tariff” and another for £2 more called “The One Plan” which features unlimited data and the ability to tether. Three is also offering the phone on a pay-as-you-go plan for £479.99. It’s pretty nice that Three customers will have a couple of plans to choose from when grabbing the device. Click the source below to get more information and pre-order the HTC One from today.


Sony Xperia E Dual goes on pre-order for U.S.





Sony has just announced that their dual-sim Sony Xperia E Dual is up for pre-order in the U.S. with units shipping on March 1st. This entry level Android smartphone features a 1GHz CPU, a 3.5-inch WVGA screen and a 3.2MP rear camera. While these specs are nothing to shout about, Sony has presented an entry level smartphone in a very sleek and attractive package. The device will cost $199.99 which on the surface may seem high, however this is the price you pay for the device unlocked. Most of the higher end smartphones cost the same price on a two-year contract with a carrier. For $199.99, this is a great starter phone for anyone jumping into the smartphone market for the first time. Head over to the source to pre-order your Xperia E Dual today.

Source: Sony Store

Kyocera Torque from Sprint available for $99.99 on March 8th





Sprint has just revealed that the rugged Kyocera Torque smartphone will go on sale on March 8th for $99.99 on-contract. Announced back in January, the Torque features 4G LTE, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 4-inch WVGA display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and a 2500mAh battery. Coupled with this is 4GB of internal storage with expandable storage options via microSD. Sprint claims the Torque is dirt and water resistant as well as able to withstand extreme hot and cold and withstand harsh impacts, so if you’re in the market for a new smartphone and you’re also one who tends to be harsh on your products, it might not be a bad idea to consider the Torque as your next purchase. Click the break for the press release.

Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile join Via Licensing’s 4G LTE patent pool


Via Licensing Corporation announced two new additions to their LTE patent pool. China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom have both joined the pool as owners of standards essential patents that are part of the LTE industry standard. Via Licensing, which maintains licensing programs for several technologies, launched the LTE pool last October. Thus far they have obtained commitments from AT&T, Clearwire Corporation, DTVG Licensing, HP, KDDI Corporation, NTT DOCOMO, SK Telecom, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, and ZTE Corporation in addition to these latest entrants.

In joining the licensing pool, Deutsche Telecom hopes to battle the problem of “costly patent litigation and a lack of predictability surrounding the cost and availability of essential IP.” The pool helps companies like China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom by reducing the risk of litigations and paving the way for licensing deals for their own patents.

source: TechCrunch

MLB At Bat 2013 Officially Hits The Play Store, Reminds Us That Spring Is Here



Spring baseball is officially here folks, so it’s time for the latest iteration of the MLB At Bat app to hit the Play Store for all you baseball fans out there. First and foremost, the biggest thing users will immediately notice are some pretty neat improvements to the interface, making the app much more intutive and easy to navigate through. In addition, the MLB At Bat 2013 app brings all of the awesome content that we’ve all come to expect including the ability to check out all those fun stats, video highlights and general news of our favorite teams out there.

So now that the latest version of the At Bat app is available, I have some good news and bad news to share with you all. First the good news— the app is available in the Play Store now for all you Android 2.0+ users out there. And now for the bad news— the app will require a $20 subscription in order for you to view the exclusive content. It’s surely not cheap for sure, but I’m sure that there’s more than a few of you out there willing to pay for that content.



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CloudOn gets updated to version 4.0 and brings even more goodies than ever before



If you’re a working professional or a student, then you are probably going to be happy at the latest update to CloudOn. The latest update brings the software to version 4.0 and gives even more functionality to one of the few apps available to offer Microsoft Office document editing. In addition to phone-specific support, the latest update includes enhancements to the usual goodies including allowing users to:


  • Use Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® on your Android Tablet and Phone to create, review and edit documents.

  • Rename, delete and manage documents with your Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts.

  • View virtually any type of file, including: PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.

  • Share files as links or attachments via email directly from the workspace.

  • Display, edit or create charts, change formatting, spell check, insert comments, etc into any Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

  • Use the FileSpace to see a log of all the activity on file including edits, notifications and notes.


The latest update is available for free, so most of you Android folk out there have no reason to grab it today— especially since the update allows you to you know— be productive and all.



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Play Store gets a seemingly minor update to version 3.10.14




It looks like Google has just unleashed a minor Play Store update for Android users— well unofficially at least. According to our friends at Android Police, the version brings the software version to 3.10.14 and doesn’t appear to include any significant changes or anything that pops out, indicating that this is a minor update including some bug fixes here and there. Unfortunately, there’s no change log available at this time– but the latest update is ready for you to download at the source link below. If you do happen to grab the update and find anything special— be sure to let us know in the Comments section when you hit past the break.

source: Android Police

Qualcomm announces the world’s first global 4G LTE solution



Sure you may live in one part of the world and own a sweet 4G LTE device, but unfortunately that LTE device may support frequencies only specific to the region you live in and would likely not work elsewhere in the world— causing some angst to say the least. Fortunately Qualcomm has taken note of this significant problem and has introduced its RF360 unit, the world’s first global LTE solution. What this special solution does is effectively allow users of LTE-based devices to use RF360-enabled LTE devices anywhere in the world, being able to read and transmit all sorts of RF data. In short, the RF360 unit will allow LTE users to use the hyper-fast 4G LTE speeds, regardless of the wireless bands a network may be on. As exciting as this is— there will be a minor wait before we see the first devices featuring this sweet technology as Qualcomm has confirmed we’ll see the first few products sometime in the second half of 2013.

More details about this awesome achievement can be found once you hit the break.


Pantech Perception stops by the FCC for a photo shoot, headed to Verizon in the near future


Not too long ago Pantech unveiled their Discover for AT&T. It’s a pretty powerful little device with a low price point, which tends to win customers over pretty well. Now we’re getting a sneak peek at Verizon’s version of the device, named the Perception, which we can pretty safely assume will have the same or similar specs and pricing as the Discover, although it’s worth noting that the Discover has a 13 MP camera, and the FCC shots show an 8 MP shooter. Aside from that, the device looks slick as ever with what appears to be a brushed metal finish and a very thin profile. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we hear more about the availability of this device.

source: FCC

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HBO GO and MAX GO get version 2.0 update with HDMI-out features


Are you a fan of HBO or Cinemax? You’ll be pretty happy with the latest updates to the HBO GO and MAX GO apps, which have added in incredibly convenient HDMI support. Now you’ll be able to get your favorite television shows on your big screen television easier than ever. This is a definite improvement over having to watch content on your phone screen all the time. Hit the link below to get your hands on the update.

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LG’s Optimus G officially slated for European release

LG Optimus G

LG’s Optimus G is the company’s current flagship device, but it hasn’t had much global market penetration so far. Not too long ago, LG announced they were moving to release the device in more markets, and it looks like they’re following up on that. Several European countries are confirmed to be getting the device starting this month, with Sweden leading the launch, followed by Italy, France, and Germany. This global release should definitely help device sales, which have already passed the million mark.

While the Optimus G isn’t going to be quite as impressive after the next batch of devices come to market in the next few months, but it’s still a solid device with a 4.7 inch HD screen and a Snapdragon S4 processor. Anyone plan on picking up one of these with the Optimus G Pro release so close?