Tapatalk HD leaves beta, goes on sale for $0.99 to celebrate

Just last month Quoord Systems Limited released a beta version of its Tapatalk HD applicatioon in the Google Play Store, finally bringing the ubiquitous forum browser to Android tablets. Today, the application has left beta and has been put on sale for 24 hours to celebrate the milestone. Instead of the original $4.99 price tag, eager users can pick up the app for just $0.99. Scan the QR code or hit the Play Store link after the break to get in on the action.  Read more

Sprint Kyocera Torque E6710 passes through the FCC

Sprint’s newest rugged smartphone, the Kyocera Torque E6710 , has officially made its way through the FCC today, marking an impending US launch. The device was originally revealed earlier this month in a set of leaked images.

Kyocera’s new budget handset sports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, LTE, NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Other than those fairly basic connectivity components, the rest of the smartphone’s innards remain unknown. There’s no word on a release date, though we’d expect to see the Torque E6710 hit store shelves next month. Read more

Samsung’s new Exynos 5 Octa processor features PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU

Samsung inadvertently stole the show with the announcement of its Exynos 5 Octa at CES 2013. The eight-core processor features a combination of four ARM Cortex A7s and four ARM Cortex A15 chips. Considering Samsung’s historic reliance on ARM’s Mali-T604 GPU, we jumped to the conclusion that the company would incorporate the newest iteration of the Mali graphics component.

As it turns out, ‘multiple sources’ have confirmed that Samsung will instead be opting for the PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU clocked at 533MHz. Anandtech reports that the new choice of GPU will result in significantly improved performance equal to somewhere in between Apple’s A5X and the A6X processor.

Source: Anandtech

Leaked Samsung roadmap suggests 5-inch 1080p display for Galaxy S IV

Inside Samsung’s booth at CES 2013, the company’s AMOLED display roadmap was spotted, effectively outing its plans to release a 5-inch 1080p display at some point in Q1 of this year. Interestingly, the same board shows current HD screens matching the sizes of both the currently manufactured Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. And while no devices have been officially announced sporting a 5-inch 1080p display (440ppi), that sized screen would line up nicely with the projected specs of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV.

Source: Anandtech
Via: TheVerge

Android 4.2.2 spotted once again in Czech Nexus 4 hands-on

Android 4.2.2 is beginning to become something of a common occurrence, having already been seen running on a Nexus 4 in Brazil earlier this week. Today, more evidence has arose, as the new software has once again been spotted in a Czechoslovakian hands-on video. Despite the bump in the version number, the new firmware appears to remain mostly untouched. Although there’s no way to know if this is official, the surmounting evidence is making  an impending update seem highly likely. Read more

Featured Android Game Review: Mini Golf Space 3D [Sports]

Back in August, I reviewed Mini Golf Stars 3D (Name change from 3D Mini Golf Masters), which is one cool mini golf game. It features courses in the sky that had breathtaking views so why not take it to the next level for a little space play? Well the makers of the game, DMW Media, did just that with a new version of the game that they just released called Mini Golf Space 3D. It’s the same simple gameplay that we fell in love with in the original, but now you get spectacular views in space.

With Mini Golf Space 3D, you will get one course for each of the nine planets and each course has 9 holes. The first two courses, Mercury and Venus, are free and you can unlock the remaining seven courses for $1.99. They also added an extra feature called Hole In One Challenge. There are nine courses offered with 9 holes in which, you guessed it, you need to make a hole in one. Again the first two courses are free and you can unlock the remaining seven courses for $1.99.

Gameplay is exactly the same as the original Mini Golf Stars 3D. You can aim your shot by moving your finger across the arrows (right or left). When you have your aim, just hit the white golf ball icon at the bottom right (has the word “Hit” in it), which will start the speed meter. Just tap the white golf ball again when the meter hits your desired speeds. All the way to the left is slow and all the way to the right is fast. Scoring is based on the star system in that depending on how well you do on the hole you will either get one, two, or three stars. You can unlock the next hole with one star, but if you want full gratification, you will want to replay the hole again and again until you get three stars.

As I mentioned earlier Mini Golf Space 3D is free to try, so there’s no excuse not to download it today. It will give you hours of fun, and it’s a game in which you can pick up anywhere, whether you have a few minutes or an hour to kill. Check out my hands on video below and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.


  • One of a Kind Golf Game Scoring System.
  • In App Purchase Includes Over 80 Unique Holes that Range in Difficulty.
  • Easy to Use Slider Bar and Power Button!
  • Gorgeous 3D Planetary Environments.
  • New Courses Updated on the Regular!


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Popup Browser App Brings Multi-Window To Galaxy Tab 2 And Possibly Other Devices


Popup Browser for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 allows users to browse the interwebs via a re-sizable browser that floats over the desktop.  The floating app produces a very similar result as the multi-window feature found on the Galaxy Note II. XDA user pidio1 created the app for the Galaxy Tab 2 running stock ROM. Another user tried installing the app on a custom ROM but did not fare so well.

I tried flashing the app on the original Galaxy Note but was unable to get it to run. Another XDA user reported the app ran perfectly on a Galaxy S III. Here’s the Download Link  if you want to give it a go or hit the source below. Although it doesn’t specifically say you need to be rooted for the app to work, those flashing through ClockworkMod recovery are experiencing the best results. If you change your mind about it, just delete PopupBrowser.apk from  /system/app. Good luck!

Source: XDA

Clockwork Mod creator releases Carbon backup beta for one week

Koushik Dutta, the famous Android developer that created Clockwork Mod Recovery (ROM Manager) and a CyanogenMod ROM maintainer, has released a beta for of his Carbon backup application. His Carbon app syncs and saves the app and its data between devices in the cloud. Syncing in the cloud certainly makes this app interesting and different from most of the backup apps out there. The app requires your device to be rooted and this beta will only be available for a week, so try it now if you wish to. Especially if you’re an avid ROM flasher!

Hit up the link below for the download link and video of the app!

source: Koush’s G+

Mark Zuckerberg And Co. Are Allegedly Set To Release The New Facebook Phone This Week


Forgive us if you have heard this before— but rumor has it that Facebook is all set to introduce its all-new smartphone at a special event sometime this week. According to MG Siegler of TechCrunch, it is unknown if the new smartphone is custom built or an operating system built to run on another manufacturer’s hardware (probably HTC), but he does have a significant hunch on what consumers could probably see in this smartphone. The most obvious likelihood is that the new Facebook phone would likely feature a customized version of Android similar to what Amazon has done with its Kindle Fire tablet probably because it would take too much development time to develop a new OS from scratch, plus having a customized version of Android means that it would have access to the vast library of apps and titles that already exist out there for the Android platform. Having an Android-based OS would make sense too since well you know… Facebook already has an affinity for the platform already.

While news of a Facebook phone is indeed exciting, the timing is a little unusual to say the least considering we just ended CES 2013 and all. Then again— maybe Facebook wanted to take some time and have the stage all to itself in the hopes of unveiling the next, great smartphone. One thing is for sure though: expectations will certainly be high among the millions and millions of mobile users out there. All eyes are now on you Facebook (and HTC!!!).

source: TechCrunch
via: Android Headlines

HTC Droid DNA gets Flash Image GUI support

Verizon has a tendency to lock down phones on their network, but fortunately, Big Red hasn’t been able to ruin the developer experience on the Droid DNA. Just to show its resilience, the Droid DNA has been added to the list of supported devices in Flash Image GUI. Flash Image GUI is a neat little app that lets you flash kernels and recoveries without rebooting to recovery. If you’re the kind of person who likes to flash something new on their phone a few times a week, this app is a huge time saver. But remember that anytime you flash new software on your device, it can be risky, so be sure to keep a reliable backup just in case things go awry. If you’re a Droid DNA owner who wants to give the app a go, hit the link below.

source: XDA