Google pushes XE17 update to Google Glass to solve boot loop bug

Sony officially releases Instagram extension app for Smartwatch 2

Pandora for the Pebble Smartwatch now available for Android users

Todoist gets Google Drive and Dropbox integration as well as native file support

Gold, rose gold, and platinum plated HTC One M8 available for purchase

OnePlus details their production schedule, announcing they will prioritize the 64 GB Black Sandstone One

Google and Intel unveil over 20 new Chromebooks

LG Chromebase pre-orders to start May 12th, sales to commence May 26th

Google’s Project Loon pops up during Astro Teller presentation

Chrome OS to get offline playback of Google Play Movies

Google launches ‘Classroom’ for teachers in conjunction with their services

Google Maps 8 is out and brings forth lane guidance, offline maps and several other new features