FCC document shows LG G Flex with AT&T and T-Mobile LTE bands


The LG G Flex has been a source of much jealousy on this side of the ocean after it was announced that our friends in Europe and Asia were getting the device while the US was left out in the cold. Earlier this week we found out the the US might be getting their own LG G Flex, but now it’s much more official with an FCC filing that seems to suggest the device is headed to AT&T and T-Mobile. The document shows a version of the LG G Flex that is compatible with LTE Band 17 and well as LTE Band 4 (AWS).

Other details about the device surfaced, but most of those we already knew. LG is apparently in final negotiations for release dates and prices, but the device will most likely see a release in early 2014.

Source: FCC
Via: Engadget

TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for November 11 – November 17, 2013


We had another busy week at TalkAndroid so here’s a recap of all the top stories. The Moto G was officially announced, and could very well be a very popular phone based on it’s amazing price. KitKat was officially released for the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, and Google updated Google Search, bringing the Google Experience Launcher unofficially to Android 4.1+ devices. We are still slowing getting info about the HTC One followup, but the One Max is now available in the U.S. Samsung continues to improve the unpopular Galaxy Gear, but they continue to struggle with Apple in the courtroom. It’s time to get caught up and get ready for another exciting week.


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Google Nexus 5 gets unofficial CyanogenMod 11


CM11 might not be officially available yet, but you can still get a taste of it since the code was freely distributed to Github earlier in the month. The unofficial release of CM11 for the Nexus 5 is now available via XDA Developers. Because of the fact that this release is unofficial it will still probably have a few glitches, but in case you want to see what it’s like before the official release you can head over to XDA Developers to check it out.

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Phil Schiller claims Samsung damaged Apple’s brand image through patent infringement


As part of Apple and Samsung’s latest lawsuit, one of Apple’s top marketing executives, Phil Schiller, took to the stand to discuss the damage Samsung actually did to Apple through technology and design patent infringement. According to Schiller, he was “quite shocked” when Samsung released their original Galaxy S smartphone, since it was a direct copy of the iPhone. He claimed that it weakened the world’s view of Apple, and that it caused consumers to “question our innovation and design skills in a way that people never used to” because it was so similar. Read more

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for November 15, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


How to turn off ‘Okay Google’ always listening feature in the Google Experience Launcher


HTC One Max finally available for Sprint for $150 with contract

[Deal] Grab the black or white Moto X for Free on contract from Verizon


Acer slims down latest Chromebook, trims the price in the process

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HTC sends Google its HTC One GPe KitKat code, update expected soon


Exactly 15 days ago, HTC America President Jason Mackenzie came out and made the promise that the Android 4.4 KitKat update would be coming to the Google Play edition HTC One in 15 days. As you might have noticed from the previous sentence, today is that day.

So, where’s the update? Well, the promise wasn’t exactly fulfilled, but HTC has at least done its part. The HTC USA Twitter account made this statement earlier today:

“Good news, we’ve delivered KitKat code to Google for HTC One GPE. Timing of push via PlayStore to be determined by Google.”

So, it’s on its way. It’s in Google’s hands now, and since Google is looking to get these updates out as soon as possible, 4.4 should theoretically be pushed to the device in a matter of days. This is all speculation, though, of course.

Source: @HTCUSA 


Photo of Sony Xperia Z1S leaks, seen next to Z1


The Sony Xperia Z1S has received a lot of attention lately, and another shot of the device appeared on the web this week. This time, it was seen next to the 5″ Sony Xperia Z1.

Some specs came along with the photo— the device will come with an IPS display panel, a huge improvement over the TFT displays currently used in Sony’s phones. The internals and camera is supposed to match that of the Z1 as well, all wrapped up in a 4.3″ display.

The device is rumored to launch late this month.

Via: GSM Arena
Source: Digi-Wo

How to turn off ‘Okay Google’ always listening feature in the Google Experience Launcher


As you might already know, if you are in Google Now on your Android phone, you can simply say “Okay Google” to start the next search. The Google Experience Launcher takes this one step further by adding this hotword to your home screens so you don’t have to tap on the microphone in the Google Search box in order to start a search. You can simply say, “Okay Google” followed by whatever it is you want to search for. This feature is on by default, but if for whatever reason, you want to turn it off, it’s very easy to do. Hit the break to get started.

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Holiday themed Google pop-up shops opening to show off its newest products

Winter Wonderlab

Google’s good in the marketing department. Really good.

It’s officially the holiday season, and Google wants to remind you that now’s the time to buy, buy, buy.

The company is opening up a series of tent-like pop-up shops for the upcoming season to display some of its latest products, including the Nexus 7, Nexus 5, Chromecast, and the newest Chromebooks.

They will be called “Winter Wonderlabs,” and will be located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sacramento, Washington D.C., and Paramus, NJ.

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Samsung’s upcoming device with three-sided display to be part of Galaxy line, says Bloomberg

Flexible 1

As we reported yesterday, Samsung is planning on manufacturing a new device with a three-sided display. Today, Bloomberg said that this device would be part of Samsung’s Galaxy line, and it would feature a flexible display.

These reports come right after plans for a possible Samsung version of Google Glass have been outed, as well as the release of the first version of Galaxy Gear.

Innovative products are nothing new for Samsung, but this will certainly bring something very different.