Pandora 4.0 overhaul to bring new interface, features to Android devices

Popular music service Pandora announced a major upgrade to the mobile versions of their app. Jumping to version 4.0, Pandora indicates their app will now be feature equivalent between iOS and Android. Pandora indicates the core functionality of the app has been improved, including the interface to make music controls more readily available. Users will now be able to shuffle specific stations, rename stations, and view station details on mobile devices. The expanded information is not limited to stations – users can also delve into artist information like album discographies, biographies and even lyrics.
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Google’s wireless charging Orb could be the coolest wireless charger to date

One of the best features of Google’s new Nexus 4 is its native wireless charging capabilities, but until now, wireless charging has been convenient, but not actually useful. I will contest to how nice it is to be able to drop your device onto a pad and not have to worry about cables, but unfortunately it severely limits those who want to use their device while charging. Google’s charging orb for the Nexus 4 may just fix that.

Instead of a flat, boring mat for inductive charging, Google has chosen a half-sphere, very similar to the touchstone Palm used for its Pre and Pre 2. This orb offers a variety of advantages; you can orient the phone in either landscape or portrait mode, it allows for easier use as an alarm clock in similar ways to the original DROID’s desk dock, has a much smaller footprint to save space on your desk or nightstand, and looks much more interesting and attractive than a boring black mat.

Magnets will hold your Nexus 4 in place for optimal charging, as well as activate a new feature called “daydream” (another Palm Pre-esque feature) that displays recent photos, as well as various updates from your Google Now cards. Currently, there is no information on pricing, availability or compatibility with other devices, but I’m willing to bet that it will launch with the Nexus 4 on November 13th.

Source: The Verge

Andy Rubin tells us why the Nexus 4 is missing LTE

Google announced the Nexus 4 today which allows Android users to buy a phone outside of the influence of the major carriers. It turns out that freedom comes at a price: LTE. Google wants to retain control of the software without running into the sort of issues it faced last year with Verizon and Google Wallet. Google could not have released an LTE phone without working with one of the carriers.

Verizon has the largest LTE network but, like Sprint, requires compatibility with their CDMA 3G network. AT&T has said it will allow unlocked devices to access its LTE network, but can’t guarantee everything will work nor can they promise to provide technical support for such devices. Another factor besides access is cost. The cost of building an unlocked LTE phone may have pushed the price beyond the $299 Nexus 4 debut price.

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Google video shows how Photo Sphere works in Android 4.2

Earlier today Google announced the release of Android 4.2, an update to Jelly Bean. One of the big features being touted is the new camera app that introduces a feature called “Photo Sphere.” To help folks visualize the new capabilities, Google produced a video showing how it works and a taste of the final product. Like normal panoramic photo mode, the camera will guide you to where your next snapshot needs to be aimed using a targeting system. Unlike panoramic photos, the app guides you to take some photos on more than one level, some higher and some lower than your initial plane of focus. All the photos are then stitched together to effectively create a “Street View” type photo. You can move right or left, up and down some, and you can zoom in and out.

Anyone want to guess how long before Google enables users to upload these videos to Google Maps, effectively making anyone with a Photo Sphere capable device a part of their Street View fleet? Hit the break to view the video showing this new capability.
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Movies come to Australia via the Google Play Store mobile app

Australians are starting to see some movies available for purchase via the Google Play Store app. This ability is currently only via the app and has yet to make its way to the Web Store. Ausdroid is reporting prices ranging from $19.99 AUD for The Raid up to $24.99 AUD for The Avengers.

Although the ability to purchase movies takes the Google Play Store one step closer to being a true iTunes competitor in Australia, our friends down under still lack the ability to purchase music or TV shows.

Source: Ausdroid

Featured Play Store Review: eRadar HD: Real-Time and Alerts [Weather]

Elecont Software is one of the top developers for weather related apps, so I figured I would let you know about eRadar HD: Real-Time and Alerts. Over the last few days, the weather is one of the hottest topics due to Hurricane Sandy, but lets face it, the weather is always a major focal point with everyday life. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone doesn’t ask me if it’s going to rain or snow. With eRadar HD, you will always have that information in your pocket because it tracks radar in real time.

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Google Nexus event will not be rescheduled

For those hoping or wondering if Google will eventually reschedule their Google Nexus event that was originally planned for today, you can stop wondering. It now appears that Google was going to announce the 5 Nexus devices (16/32GB Nexus 10 tablet, 8/16GB Nexus 4, and the 32GB HSPA+ Nexus 7) that were added to the Play Store today, but they will not be rescheduling the event itself. The only thing left to wonder about now is how they’re going to promote these devices.

source:  Phandroid

Google announces Android 4.2, a new flavor of Jelly Bean

Google has announced the release of Android 4.2, an update to Jelly Bean, that promises to bring a new camera app, typing improvements, and other upgrades to the Jelly Bean experience. No doubt this was going to be part of Google’s announcement at their event today. While a hurricane may dampen the fun that was planned, it cannot stop the march of Android on to bigger and better things.
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3G HSPA+ Nexus 7 32GB Officially Announced


We unfortunately don’t have the privilege of seeing the new Nexus devices in person, but that hasn’t stopped Google from announcing its newest additions to the Nexus family. Google went ahead and announced one of the worst kept secrets and announced the 3G HSPA+ Nexus 7 32GB model. The device will come bearing HSPA+ bands, so those of you on AT&T or T-Mobile’s network here in the States or on various GSM networks abroad should be able to fully utilize and enjoy the tablet— albeit on slower data speeds and all. It’s going to be released to the masses on November 13th for a meager $299— so the wait shouldn’t be too bad for those of you who’ve been looking forward to this version of the device.