Acer announces 7-inch budget quad-core tablet, the Iconia Tab A110

Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics company, Acer has just announced a new tablet to directly take on the Kindle Fire. For under $200, Acer will bring users a 7-inch tablet running stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and powered by a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor. That’s not a typo my friends, all of this can be yours for under $200. Where do I sign up? Other specs for the A110 include a microSD card slot, 1 GB of RAM and a front facing camera.

We know that Amazon has a possible 10-inch Kindle Fire in the works aimed to challenge the iPad for the throne of the tablet kingdom, however they better not let their guard down in the 7-inch arena. Both the Iconia Tab A110 and the rumored 10-inch K-Fire will supposedly launch in Q3 of this year. Who wants some Acer in their life?

source: theverge

Sony Google TV Update Rolling Out Now, Logitech Revue Update News to Follow

Great news for you Google TV fans. The Google TV development team today took to their Google+ page to announce that they are pushing out a new software update to Sony Google TV units. The update will bring devices up to version 2.1.1 and will bring a few features along with it. You will now be able to rent and watch movies from the Play Store as well as watch YouTube movies from Those of you who watch Google TV via the Logitech Revue aren’t so lucky. No update for us as of yet, but the Google TV dev team says that there should be some update information available soon. Let’s just hope we get the same treatment as the Sony customers do. Stay tuned.

source: Google+



Is Android’s growth near it’s peak? IDC thinks so

The speedy success of Android has been mind boggling, but nothing lasts forever. IDC is reporting that things will slow down this year and 2012 will actually mark the peak for Android. The good news is that it will continue to to be the market leader for the next five years.

I know this may sound depressing to Android Fan Boys, but lets look at the fact that Android is projected to have a 61% market share for 2012. Realistically how much higher can it go? With Apple taking 20.5%, you can’t expect them to drop much and the rest of the group (Windoes, BlackBerry, etc) probably will continue to hold their own. BlackBerry could drop even more, but Windows is likely to gain some market share even though it has been dismal lately. With Nokia’s partnership just beginning and Windows 8 on the horizon, it is expected they will make some noise.

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Apple Keeps The Lawsuit Fun Rolling Along, Slaps HTC With Another Infringement Claim


Just when you think the storm had passed with the HTC One Series fiasco (which caused significant delays of anticipated devices), Apple has slapped HTC with yet another International Trade Commission complaint. Apple’s claim: HTC hasn’t done enough to avoid patent discrepancies and is still violating patents. The complaint identifies 29 devices which not only include the One Series smartphones, but devices dating back to 2 years ago including the EVO 4G, Amaze 4G, Rezound and Thunderbolt. In short– Apple is seeking “an emergency proceeding and enforcement action to prevent further infringement”. Essentially— if Apple gets its way, the ITC would essentially force HTC to modify its existing devices within a specific timeframe, while causing additional delays for devices that still have yet to be released.

Ladies and gents, be prepared for another round of the waiting game for the HTC One Series smartphones… whether or not Apple’s cause is heard or not.

source: FOSS Patents
via: Engadget

Need to cut through the clutter in the Google Play Store? Give Appreciate Personal App Market a try

With around 500,000 apps available in the Google Play Store, it’s so hard to find the right apps. Who has the time to search and search? Thanks to Appreciate Personal App Market, users are spending less time searching for apps and instead, getting recommendations based on their profile. You receive app recommendations each and every day all based on your tastes. What’s even more impressive is Appreciate creates a page for each app in the Play Store and gives you a relevancy score. This means that you can search for an app and Appreciate will tell you if you should even bother based on your current tastes.

It’s also social. You can connect to Facebook and see what apps your friends recently discovered. If you like an app and think a friend will like it, you can send the app directly to their device to install.

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New mascot,Cid, from CyanogenMod is officially their new boot animation


The CyanogenMod crew has been making a lot of noise in the Android world lately. Within the last couple of months alone CM has hit 2 million installs which is an awesome achievement for the developer community and has also created a new mascot to signature their work going forward. Now CM has decided that the next step would be to refresh their start-up animation while at the same time officially bringing Cid into the fold. Check out the video below to see Cid in action. The 8-bit tune in the background sounds sweet if you ask me, though I’m not sure that will play along with the actual boot animation. Welcome Cid and may your incorporation be a sign of great things to come!

YouTube Preview Image

source: CyanogenMod

Google Fiber GFHD100 IP Set-Top Box Makes An Appearance At The FCC, Where It’s Headed Is Anyone’s Guess

As hardware rumors in Google’s corner of the world continue to whirl about, one thing is for certain, the GFHD100 “set-top box” has surfaced over at the FCC and is indeed real.  Check out the pic above and note that there is a “Google Fiber” label on the device most likely suggesting this is part of the video services roll-out in Kansas.  In addition, the hardware reveals that it’s being built for Google by Humax.  The MAC address on the device is registered with the search giant themselves and will also be equipped with USB, Ethernet, WiFi, IR and HDMI ports as well as an Ethernet coax bridge very remiscent of the devices chosen by Verizon for their FiOS service.  As of now, the bottom of the device is the only view we have but it’s only a matter of time before more pics surface, revealing its entire design.  Feel free to rummage through the FCC filing yourself and drop a comment or two below.

source: FCC


ICS Update For Motorola DROID RAZR/DROID RAZR MAXX Pushed Back To Around June 12th

Here’s some news that’s sure to make you owners of the Motorola DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX smartphones unhappy. While we knew the Ice Cream Sandwich update was due any day now, there is a slight snafu which is causing a minor delay with updates being pushed out to devices. While MOTO has yet to issue a statement regarding this, Verizon has gone ahead and highlighted “the cause of the delay was a need to update the servers delivering the goods from Android 4.0.3 to 4.0.4″. Big Red also added the OTA updates will now be pushed out around June 12th, instead of the original May 21st target date. It definitely sucks, but it could be a lot worse we suppose.

Naturally you impatient types can always flash an unofficial build on your devices but hey— you’ve waited this long for the authentic stuff, so a few more days of waiting for that Ice Cream Sandwich glory won’t kill you.

source: cnet

Verizon Galaxy S III to support global roaming with software update

At this point in the game, there really shouldn’t be a phone released without global capabilities. I know a lot of people don’t need it, but it’s something that just needs to be there for convenience. You can’t ask people to simply be forced to buy a certain phone because they “might” travel overseas. It shouldn’t be in the equation, it should just be there. With the news that the DROID 4, Rezound, and DROID RAZR will be getting global capabilities, it looks like we have a trend started because we can now add the Samsung Galaxy S III to that list. Unfortunately it won’t be out of the box as it will require a future software update. I find that totally annoying. Even looking at the DROID 4, Rezound, and DROID RAZR, these phones have been out for 7+ plus months. Why force customers to wait that long into their contract? Let’s hope the update for the GSIII happens a tad quicker.

source: phonescoop