Galaxy S 5 Google Play Edition shows up in Play Store, but you can’t purchase it yet


When HTC announced the One (M8), we almost immediately heard that they were going to release a Google Play Edition of the device. Everyone assumed Samsung would do the same with the Galaxy S 5, but it’s been several weeks since the device became available for purchase and there’s still no word on when or if we will see a Google Play Edition. Read more

Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition price gets slashed to $449, saves $200


Need a massive phablet that is waterproof and runs stock Android? Get over to the Play Store right now and order the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition. The device has received a $200 price cut that brings it down to just $449. If purchasing the device in the United States, you can bring it to carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile.

This phablet is no slouch. The 6.4-inch display does have 1080p resolution. It packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. For now, it runs Android 4.4.2 which is the latest version of the operating system.

Source: Play Store

Rear buttons of the LG G3 leak, modified from last year


It looks like LG will be making another change to its button setup even after the moving everything to the back with last year’s LG G2. But do not worry, everything will remain on the rear of the device. It will all look a bit different, though.

While we saw the back of the G3 over the weekend, @evleaks offered a closeup this afternoon. The metallic piece in the center is presumably the power button and above and below should lie the volume buttons. And of course above all of that is the camera. Next to that, on your right, is the camera’s flash. However, on the left is something unknown. There is a chance LG goes Samsung’s route and opts for a heart rate sensor.

While we do not know much else about the device, we should expect to hear more about it next month. Read more

Upcoming Acer Chromebook to feature Intel Core i3 Haswell CPU


Acer introduced the Iconia Tab 7, teased a new smartphone and wearable, but they had one more trick up their sleeve. They showed a new Chromebook that will sport an Intel Core i3 Haswell CPU. Acer is saying that it will be the “most powerful Chromebook on the market.

Details are scarce, but this new model will be based on the same chassis as the C720 line of 11.6-inch Chromebooks. They will offer 14 and 15-inch models, and the base model should be available this Summer.

source: SlashGear

Acer announces the Iconia Tab 7, the perfect smartphone for your pet gorilla


Just when you thought phones weren’t big enough, Acer comes to the rescue. They just unveiled a behemoth of a phone in the Iconia Tab 7. It’s basically a tablet with phone functionality. They are saying it’s “super portable,” but how can that be if it doesn’t fit in my pocket?

The Iconia Tab 7 features a  7-inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution and a quad-core MediaTek processor. The phone functionality is over 3G, so no LTE. They didn’t divulge any other specs, but as you can see, this device is for emerging markets. It will sport KitKat however.

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Sprint unveils the HTC One (M8) Harman Kardon edition


Earlier today, Sprint announced a new partnership with Spotify, but they also introduced the HTC One (M8) Harman Kardon edition. This wasn’t a surprise since we heard about this device a few weeks ago. The Harman Kardon edition is exclusive to Sprint and will be available online May 2 and in stores beginning Friday, May 9.

The Harman Kardon edition is, you guessed it, all about sound. The phone promises a “richer, deeper and clearer sound quality for compressed digital music.” It will also feature an FM radio along with Sprint Sound Sessions for exclusive music. The rest of the specs of the phone are the same as any other HTC One (M8), but it will have a unique black finish with champagne trim. It will also include Harman Kardon headphones.

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Acer announces Liquid Jade smartphone with accompanying Liquid Leap fitness tracker

Acer liquid jade liquid leap

Acer has announced their latest entry into the smartphone market and their first entry into the wearables/fitness track market with the Liquid Jade smartphone and the Liquid Leap smart band. The Liquid Jade is one of the most rounded smartphones you’ll ever see, with no sharp edges and Gorilla Glass that curves into the edges of the phone. It’s definitely a unique look for the phone.

Unfortunately, Acer wasn’t straightforward about the specs of the Jade, so all we can really guess is that it’s a larger phone, probably around 5 inches. No word on camera, processor, memory, etc. Acer typically tries to hit the budget markets, so I wouldn’t expect anything to compete with the HTC One and Galaxy S 5. Read more

Android Silver program may be headed to a carrier near you


Earlier this month rumors surfaced about a new program Google was working on referred to as Android “Silver.” A new briefing about the program has surfaced indicating Google is moving forward with Android Silver and will be retiring the Nexus line of devices to pursue Silver. The program will involve an infusion of cash that Google will spread around to wireless carriers to promote the new high-end Silver devices within carriers’ stores as part of an effort by Google to assert itself within the world of Android. Google will be striving to ensure the devices adhere to a set of Google specifications and that salespeople are trained to assist customers in fully understanding what the devices are capable of doing. Read more

Sprint partners with Spotify in effort to shore up Framily Plans, stem subscriber losses


After disclosing a loss of 231,000 postpaid subscribers and 364,000 prepaid subscribers during an earnings report today, Sprint announced a new partnership with online music streaming service Spotify to offer some special deals and discounts as part of a “Sprint Sound Sessions” package. The package includes some special pricing with Spotify, access to the Sprint Music Plus music store and player, access to the curated Music Live service offering  news and downloads involving the world of music, and the NextRadio app for listening to local FM broadcasts. The partnership with Sprint is the first deal Spotify has entered into with a U.S. carrier.

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Samsung’s global smartphone domination showing signs of weakness


Samsung has been the king of smartphones for the past four years, but have they peaked? For the first time in four years, Samsung showed a dip in their global market share. Not a huge dip, but a dip is a dip right?

Strategy Analytics released numbers for the first quarter 2014, and Samsung’s global market share was 31.2%, which is down from 32.4% a year earlier in the same period. Interestingly enough, Apple also suffered the same coming in at 15.3%, down from 17.5% a year earlier. Samsung doesn’t disclose how many phones they sell, but Strategy Analytics estimates they moved 89 million (up from 69.4 million last year) smartphones during the quarter, while Apple reported that they moved 43.7 million (up from 37.4 million last year). There were 285 million smartphones shipped from all manufacturers, which is up from last year’s 213 million for the same period.

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