“All New HTC One” teased in 2nd promotional video


HTC created a couple of promotional videos for the “All New HTC One” in order to create some hype for the device. Unfortunately for them, the device was leaked in a 12 minute long video yesterday. Despite this, the video was pretty light on details, so there is still a lot to find out about the 2014 HTC One M8.

The latest video in the promotional series focuses on the phones metal body, and of course we see a pixelated version of what’s supposed to be the device itself. Check it out after the break!

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HTC One KitKat update pulled in the UK because of “difficulties”


The over-the-air update for Android 4.4 KitKat on the HTC One in the UK has been pulled back because of difficulties that HTC is experiencing in the update process.

HTC has said that they are aware of the problems, and are working towards resolving the issue quickly. We don’t know exactly what the problems were, but we do know that HTC USA managed to update fairly quickly and without problems.

Source: Android Central

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile to carry Samsung Galaxy S5 in Q2


The new Samsung Galaxy S5 may not be limited to the large carriers after all, with both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile saying that they’ll be carrying the device in the second quarter of this year. This follows a trend set by the Galaxy S4, which was also available on a number of smaller carriers.

The Galaxy S5 has a number of great features, and is the first in the series to come with a fingerprint scanner. It also boasts a 16MP rear-facing camera, a 1080p display, and more.

Because the phone will be offered off-contract, you can expect the asking price to be pretty high. For some, however, the price is worth not being tied down to a carrier.

Google adds restaurant menus to Google Now search results

Google Now Menu

Google has added a really cool new feature to Google Now’s search results. Now whenever you search for a restaurant, you might see that restaurant’s menu listed at the top of the search results in a Google Now card, complete with pricing information. The menus are also sorted by appetizers, entrees, and deserts like the store’s actual menu would be.

If you go out to eat often, this could be pretty helpful in coordinating reservations. Let us know if you get a chance to use this anytime soon.

source: Google Plus

Samsung Chromebook 2 to launch in April with Exynos 5 CPU and 1080p screen option


We’ve heard a lot about Samsung’s new Chromebook in the past few days, but we haven’t had much detail in pricing or release dates. Thanks to another leak, that’s getting cleared up.

A premature post accidentally outed a release date, pricing, and specs for Samsung’s newest laptop, and confirmed two different models. Both models will sport an Exynos 5 processor and 4 GB of RAM, but the smaller 11 inch screen will only have a 1366×768 resolution, while the 13.3 inch model will have a full 1080p screen. The smaller option will cost $319.99 while the larger option will run $399.99. Read more

Apple hiring HTC engineers to help product development in Asian markets


Android handset manufacturers typically don’t only release one flagship device per year, which Sony recently told us all in pretty blunt terms. Sony releases Xperia Z successors pretty quickly, and that’s not counting things like the Xperia Z Ultra. Samsung tick tocks their product launches with a Galaxy S in the early part of the year and a Galaxy  Note towards the end of the year. It’s a fairly common practice now.

However, one company that hasn’t bitten on that concept has been Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal, though, Apple may be looking into a way to launch multiple products per year (we’ve already seen them dabble in it with the launch of the 5C, anyway) to help boost their growth in Asian markets, specifically in China. To accomplish this, Apple has been hiring on tons of engineers in Asian markets, many of them from HTC. Some of these engineers are put to work with supply chain logistics as well as product development. Read more

Windows Phone 8.1 and Android dual-boot phones to launch later this year


While dual-boot Windows 8 and Android tablets are nothing new, dual OS smartphones are. When Windows Phone 8.1 was announced it was said that the phone OS could run on existing Android hardware, however, in order to do so, you’ll have to wipe Android first and install Windows 8.1 on top. The idea of a dual OS smartphone was a pipe dream.

However if The Times of India is correct, that dream is becoming a reality. Indian OEM, Karbonn has apparently signed a licensing agreement to start creating smartphones with both Windows 8.1 and Android on-board. With the company planning to launch windows Phone 8.1 carrying phones in the next few months, it will be later this year that we’ll see dual OS devices, at least, before the year’s over.

We’re not sure who would want a dual-boot smartphone but Karbonn is targeting office-going professionals who are also techies. While this is the first that we’re hearing of a company going the dual OS route in a smartphone, it may be the first of many to do so.

source: The Times of India
via: pocketnow

HTC’s Watch service reaches its finale


Users of HTC’s Watch service may have already received a notice that at the end of the month, the service is calling it quits. Up until 3/31/2014 users will still be able the service like normal, but as of April Fool’s Day, users will no longer have access to the service or their libraries. HTC does recommend that any movies that you may have purchased through the app, be downloaded if you still want access to them.

Of course, users can take solace in the fact that there are a number of options waiting for you after the service has its finale. Google Play and Amazon are just a few options in a long list of streaming services. When support was pulled for the service in May of last year in six countries, it wasn’t a good sign for the service in general.

So if you’re a user of the Watch service, you have about a month to download any purchases made, after that, you’re library is gone.

source: PhoneArena

Samsung Galaxy Gifts giving over $500 worth of stuff to Galaxy S 5 Owners


When the Galaxy S 5 is available for purchase, consumers will have a bunch of free stuff waiting for them. While the specs may not entice you, maybe over $500 of stuff will.  Galaxy Gifts as it’s called is more oriented towards the healthy lifestyle that Samsung is pushing with the S 5 and its new Galaxy Gear Fit. Even so there are a few non-health related gifts thrown in the mix.

We have a break down of just what exactly you’re getting after the break.

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Oppo Find 7 could have a very amazing camera


Oppo told us that the Find 7 would be greater than the Galaxy S 5, and they weren’t kidding. If a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display isn’t enough to get your blood flowing, how about a 50 megapixels camera?

An image taken with the Find 7 camera was recently uploaded to Weibo, and it has a whopping 8160 x 6120 resolution according to the EXIF data. That comes to 50MP. Now we know this could be fake, but if Nokia can do 41MP, why can’t this be real?

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