Amazon UK Offering Pre-Orders For Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB

And so it’s begun!  Amazon UK is now offering up the opportunity to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB model for £499.95 ($806.67) over at their website.  Looks like our fellow UK’ers will be among the first to snatch the Pebble Blue or Marble White device and have it in hand by or after the releae date, May 30th.  And since Vodafone at this time has exclusivity on the 32 gig model, it’s highly unlikely that UK’ers will be able to grab this model any time soon.  But remember, Sammy has already mentioned that a number of US carriers will be seeing the device “this summer” so hang in there readers.  And don’t forget to sign up over at Sammy’s website to receive updates on the device and any other activity regarding the new handset.

source: Amazon UK

Various Canadian Carriers And Retailers Make Announcements to Release Galaxy S III “This Summer”

If you live in Canada and are chomping at the bit to get your hands on the Galaxy S III after its announcement then this is the post for you. From what it appears most mobile carriers are looking to get in on the S III action and have gone as far as giving confirmation for this much anticipated device. So far the ever growing list includes, Bell, Rogers, TELUS, WIND Mobile, Videotron, Sasktel, Virgin Mobile as well as others.

All of the announcements make it appear that carriers are gearing for the slated summer launch of the device. Some are short and straight to the point while others give praise to the Samsung Device. So without any more hesitation hit the break below to check out each of the announcements made by the various Canadian Carriers.

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HTC Airs New Car and Media-Link HD Demo Videos for One Series Phones

If you are anything like us, you already think the HTC One X is one of the best smartphones on the market. With its awesome screen, powerful processor, and amazing features, the One X could easily outperform any device on the market right now. Some of the One X’s features aren’t just limited to the One X and carry over to the other HTC One series phones. Features such as HTC Media-Link HD and HTC Car, give this series of devices an advantage that other manufacturers have yet to perfect.

Today, HTC unveiled a couple videos showing the two features in action. Both require an add-on dongle but once equipped, give the One series phones some uber cool media capabilities. Media-Link HD allows users the ability to wirelessly transfer media to their TV with just a 3-finger swipe and HTC Car can wirelessly stream audio to any auxiliary input, and can also tune in to over 60,000 radio stations across the globe. Pretty cool stuff. You really should jump past the break to see them in action. 
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International Galaxy S III Receives Bluetooth Certification, One Step Closer to Launch

One of this years most highly anticipated phones has just payed a visit to the office of Bluetooth certification, gaining its approval and moving one step closer to launch. Dawning the model numbers GT-I9300 and GT-I9300T, according to the Bluetooth SIG these versions of the Galaxy S III are headed Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe. It is safe to say that this group of countries should expect to see a launch in the end of May because during the GSIII announcement in London, Samsung told us that we can expect to see an international rollout on May 30th. Those of us here in the sates will most likely have to wait until June and possibly even later (you know how carrier testing can push back release dates). Either way, this is one minor stepping stone before a device gets released and its timing leads me to believe things are right on track.

So who is ready to get one of these bad boys? Is there anything that is preventing you from wanting one? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Bluetooth Sig 1 / 2
via: DroidLife


CM 9 Nightlies Get Theme Manager Support, AOKP Will Soon As Well

One of the most coveted things about CyanogenMod 7 was the ability to customize the heck out of the ROM. This included the much loved Theme Manager which until now was absent from the CM 9 Nightly builds. So once again users of this ROM will be able to change colors of just about everything. However rather than have it in a Theme Chooser app it’s now in a place that makes much more sense: the Settings Menu. Lockscreen shortcuts have been added as well so you can access your favorite apps straight from the lockscreen.

If you’re on another ROM and feel that you are missing out, worry not. One of the developers of AOKP made it known via Twitter last night that their ROM will be seeing theme manager support here soon. You can always check the CM 9 Nightly page to see if your device is supported and if it is enjoy theming it until your heart’s content. As if that wasn’t enough we also have a video of said theming in action after the break. Enjoy!


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T-Mobile Announces Additional Plans For Its 4G Network, Highlights Bobsled Million Customer Milestone

And the beat goes on here at CTIA for mobile networking giant T-Mobile. They roll in with some big news starting with its announcement regarding its new partnership with Ericsson and Nokia Siemens to assist in rolling out the upgraded $4 billion 4G network courtesy of generous Uncle AT&T. With the new collaboration all set, T-Mobile reaffirmed its intentions to formally rollout its LTE network based of the AWS Spectrum by 2013. While the LTE network is still a year away at the earliest, T-Mobile doesn’t plan on sitting idle in the meantime— it still has its mean and lean HSPA+ 4G network to enhance and expand— so markets such as Little Rock, Springfield, MO, and Madison, WI are next in line to receive the oh-so fast 4G service. With that in mind, T-Mobile plans on additionally expanding its HSPA+ network on 1900MHz bands, which would allow T-Mobile customers to use a greater range of non-Android devices including Android’s biggest competitor. T-Mobile also took some time to pump up its Bobsled VoIP service by adding its cracked the 1 million-mark for customers and continuing to highlight T-Mobile customers have a means of calling and messaging customers for free via WiFi.

Hit the break for additional information regarding T-Mobile’s 4G announcement.

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Walmart Offers The AT&T HTC One X Smartphone For Only $158.00, Groceries And Lawn Supplies Not Included

We just saw Amazon slash the price of the AT&T HTC One X smartphone, but now Walmart has decided to undercut AT&T as well by offering the smartphone at a meager $158 on-contract. That means those of you looking for a great smartphone have yet another reason to look at this puppy featuring a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8MP camera and Android 4.0 + Sense 4.0. Remember gang— this is currently the best smartphone available, so to find it at a lower price is always welcome news to our eyes and ears.

Your move AT&T?

source: Android Central

HTC Rezound Sees Another Taste Of Ice Cream Sandwich With New Software Leak


We all know the HTC Rezound is inching its way closer to ICS glory, but in the meantime— we have some unofficial leaks to share with you all. The software build 3.14.605.5 brings another round of bug fixes and even more radios in addition to the following:

  • Lock screen shortcut settings separated from launcher bar shortcuts
  • 3G/4G icon displayed prior to entering decryption password
  • Hidden menu (*#*#4636#*#*) removed
  • Messages application – wrong sender displayed on occasion
  • IPv6 solicitation timer value change
  • New radios

If you’re an owner of the Rezound and are interested in giving the latest leak a whirl, hit the break for full download links and installation instructions.

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Kyocera Introduces The Hydro And Rise Smartphones


CTIA is officially here gang and handset maker Kyocera has wasted no time in introducing two interesting new budget-level handsets. The first is the Hydro smartphone which features a Snapdragon MSM8655 clocked at a reasonable 1GHz, 512MB of RAM, a 3.5-inch screen, a 3.2MP rear camera and a full scoop of what looks to be untainted ICS. The specs are modest I know— but the Hydro has one thing most other devices don’t have: official waterproof certification. The device is capable of being submerged underwater at 1 meter (3 feet) for up to 30 minutes. Kyocera’s reasoning for creating a waterproof device? It’s simple really— research shows many of us clumsy folk tend to destroy our phones with moisture being the sole cause. More importantly, Kyocera believes its customers are interested in having waterproof features in their next smartphones by citing “70 percent of consumers indicated they consider water resistance an important feature in their next phones”.

The next smartphone is the Rise smartphone, which is identical to the Hydro— except it features a full QWERTY keyboard. So inside, you’ll still find the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.5-inch screen and Android 4.0. Kyocera believes that there is a niche and need for the Rise because the:

 “Kyocera Rise is the ideal device for those underserved consumers for whom a touchscreen isn’t enough and who demand the familiar tactile feedback of a keypad. With both Hydro and Rise, people have spoken loud and clear about what they want, and we’ve listened”.

Each device features an CDMA/EV-DO radio, it’s likely the device will operate on Sprint— especially considering Sprint and Kyocera seem to have a history of releasing budget-minded devices. Want more details about the device? Make sure you hit the break to see the full presser.

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PayPass Wallet from MasterCard for Quick and Easy Wireless Payments


Google Wallet and its use of NFC (near field communication) has been growing as a quite convenient use for quick and easy payments. MasterCard has decided they’d like in on the business and has created their own payment service called PayPass. They took the opportunity early on at CTIA time to launch an event of this new system. They are striving to bring one-click payment options with your NFC-enables mobile device whether you’re out shopping at your favorite stores or online.

MasterCard is shooting to launch the new payment service around Q3 of this year. That just around the corner. On another note, which may excite developers, they are also going to open up the API so third party app developers can incorporate this payment system into their applications. This tech is definitely on the rise. This is what we all want, simple, easy and fast, and a system like PayPass can bring us just that. Hit the jump for the full press release.

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