It’s Not Just Android & iOS Fanatics: Conan O’Brien Makes Fun Of Apple/Samsung Patent War In Comedy Skit


Sure the Samsung vs. Apple battle has been a serious one, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh or two about the situation. Late night host extraordinaire Conan O’Brien took some time to poke some fun at Samsung and its perceived infatuation at Apple and you gotta admit— even the most hardcore Samsung purists will chuckle and laugh at the skit. While the skit does give a chuckle or two to the average Joe, one can only hope that Judge Lucy Koh and the jurors find this funny as well.


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source: Phandroid

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Will Feature A Flexible UBP AMOLED Display


The Samsung Galaxy S III may be the hottest smartphone in the land at this time, but the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 may end up being the most innovative device of the year. While we reported the upcoming device may or may not feature a flexible Unbreakable Plane Display (UBP), the Korea IT Times reports Galaxy Note 2 will indeed utilize a flexible UBP display… contrary to some speculated rumors indicating otherwise. The thought here is that the UBP display technology will not only allow for possibly a bigger and better battery, but also allow for possibly a better RGB AMOLED display capable of supporting even more detailed pixels per inch (ppi)– specifically around 350ppi, which would give make the display higher than even Apple’s iPhone 4S with Retina Display. That’s certainly not a bad way to make use of what is expected to be the device’s 5.5-inch screen.

Sure this may be pure speculation and there’s nothing official from Samsung (yet), but boy— you gotta admit the Galaxy Note 2 sure is being hyped up to be the phone of 2012. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any further or additional developments regarding the device.

source: Korea IT Times

Nexus 7 Destroys Benchmarks, Gets Overclocked to 1.64 GHz with Trinity Seven Kernel

So, I’m sitting at my computer just about to hang it up for the night when my friend messages me on Facebook “I’m rooting my Nexus 7 right now.” “Of course you are.”  I replied. He’s really into that sort of thing, and went on to say how he could overclock his Nexus 7 to 1.64 GHz, now I’m intrigued. Well thanks to the guys over at XDA-Developers you too could have a device that destroys everything on the market, at least when it comes to benchmarks.

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MetroPCS Powers Up Voice of LTE (VoLTE), Begins Sales of LG Connect 4G

You may or may have never heard of MetroPCS as they are not one of the big four carriers in the United States, however, being small they are still scrappy and improving their technology all the same. Just over a year ago the ambitious company announced they would eventually transition to a Voice over LTE capable network, and they made it happen, launching the world’s first Voice over LTE network. In addition, the carrier has officially launched their first VoLTE capable handset at one of their Dallas / Fort Worth store locations. The LG Connect 4G is powered by Android and is their first of many VoLTE handsets to launch and MetroPCS promises more rollouts and phone options “in the coming weeks.” This is the ‘way of the future’ and we are beginning to see more carriers make the transition to the VoLTE model as the 2G and 3G networks we have known and loved for so many years become obsolete. Hit the break for the official press release.
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ASUS Says the Nexus 7 was Conceived at CES and Released Four Months Later

I used to have this belief that it took months upon months to come up with an idea, create it, and mass produce it, that was until today. You may have remembered a certain tablet by ASUS called the MeMo 370T that disappeared as quickly as it came at this year’s CES. Six months later, Google announces the Nexus 7 at the Google I/O Developer Conference with an official model number of ME370T. How we got to this point? Usually these matters are kept under wraps and not spoken of too much, that was until now.
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Google Maps Real Time Traffic Data Expanded Worldwide, Adds 130 U.S. Cities

First we got offline maps, then indoor maps and walking directions for museums. Now Google Maps gets even better with expanded traffic coverage worldwide. The capitals of Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama have been added, and a whopping 130 US cities will also be receiving traffic information and estimated travel times. So if you live in Kalamazoo, Michigan or Tuscaloosa, Alabama, welcome to the party!

In addition, Google has improved and expanded coverage in Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. Hit the source link for a complete list of all cities covered.

source: google lat long blog

T-Mobile offering HTC One S for $149.99 through August 21st


T-Mobile is offering a sale on their HTC One S for $149.99 paired with a two year agreement. While the sale will be offered through the 21st of this month, I don’t see why T-Mobile doesn’t make it a permanent price drop. Considering AT&T’s higher spec’d HTC One X has already seen a permanent price drop to $99, the One S should be offered for at least that, or perhaps even lower considering it’s dubbed as “mid-tier.”

Either way, the One S still offers top of the line specs (minus the screen size and resolution) and appeals to many. Although keep in mind that T-Mobiles rumored HTC One X+ may be around the corner so you may want to save your upgrade until then.

source: T-Mobile

Online Nandroid Backup allows Nandroid backups without booting into recovery


If you’re an avid Android “rooter” and “ROM flasher,” then I’m sure the Nandroid backup feature that custom recoveries offer has been your best friend. It’s essential to perform a Nandroid backup before you wipe and flash your newly desired ROM in case something goes wrong and you need to restore your phone into a previously working state.

If you’re not familiar with how a traditional Nandroid backup works, you are required to turn the phone off and boot into the recovery to perform the procedure. A typical Nandroid backup takes about 4-6 minutes, thus your phone would be nonoperational for that period of time. An XDA developer by the name of ameer1234567890 found that troublesome as he would constantly miss important calls and texts from his family and took it upon himself in creating  away to perform a Nandroid backup without having to boot into recovery. Online Nandroid Backup allows the user to perform a Nandroid backup without the need to turn your phone off, thus you won’t miss important calls or texts.

Using the program is actually fairly simple and easy to follow:

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Pictures of the Sony Xperia Mint (Xperia T) Surface

Sony hasn’t really made a huge splash with their phones when compared to the likes of Samsung or HTC, but that may all change with the Xperia Mint, also known as the Xperia T. This beast sports a 1.5GHz dual-core S4 processor, 13 megapixel rear camera, and 720p front facing camera, among other high end specs.

Bulgarian site NixanBal has published a series of pictures of the T that really shows it off quite well. What we see here is an industrial design that, while not revolutionary or ultra-sleek, is still professional and business-minded.

Pictures after the break.

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Music streaming Spotify app now available for Amazon’s Kindle Fire


The music streaming service Spotify has released a version dedicated to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Spotify is a streaming music service that gives you access to millions of songs and will be welcomed to the popular 7-inch tablet. You can pay a fee of $9.99 to access its premium features such as being able to listen to music with out the need of an internet connection. Other features include:

  • Access to millions of songs
  • Listen offline – no Internet connection required (Spotify Premium members only)
  • Share music with your friends
  • Create and sync playlists
  • Send the music you’re enjoying to & Facebook

The actual app download is free so go on and head over to the source link if you’re interested!

source: Spotify