Google is working on a stronger encryption level in Gmail


According to a new report by VentureBeat, Google is working to implement strong encryption tools in Gmail in response to mass surveillance leaks by Edward Snowden.

Citing its source close to the matter, the report says that Google admitted that end-to-end encryption is the best defense for message protection, though it comes at considerable cost in functionality.” As part of a move to stronger user privacy, the company is working to improve PGP, which is a strong encryption tool that has been “difficult to break” in the past. Read more

Google updates Hangouts app to version 2.1


Google is now rolling out a new update of its Hangouts app which brings quite a few acceptable changes and performance improvements.

Some of the few notable changes is that the update now combines your SMS and Hangouts conversations into a single conversation and adds the ability to switch between either SMS or Hangouts as well as either merge or unmerge the conversations. In addition, you can add the Hangouts widget to your home screen to gain a faster access to conversations.

Here’s the full changelog: Read more

Apple and Google provide promotional offers to developers to get exclusive games first


According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Google have been offering promotional packages to developers in order to be the first to feature various games on their respective platforms. This promotional perk includes placing apps on hot spots on the app store page and features list.

The same report indicates that Apple previously offered Electronic Arts to promote its highly anticipated Plants vs. Zombies 2 on its App Store and in return, EA launched the popular title on the iOS platform 2 months before releasing it for Android. However, Gameloft, developer of Asphalt, refused to accept the deal offered by Apple, instead, it chose to launch the game on both Android and iOS at the same time. Read more

Expert witness claims Apple’s damage calculations wrong


In the Apple v. Samsung trial currently underway, one of the issues Samsung is arguing is that Apple has grossly over-exaggerated their damages claim. Apple is asking for more than $2 billion in damages based on the alleged violation of five patents. New York University professor Tulin Erdem was brought in late last week as an expert witness on Samsung’s behalf to counter Apple’s own expert regarding the amount of damages. Read more

Samsung opens new Innovation Museum


In an apparent effort to prop up its image as an innovator, and possibly get youth exposed to Samsung via school field trips, the company has opened the Samsung Innovation Museum at its Digital City campus in Suwon, South Korea. Samsung recently opened the doors for a quick preview of the new facility that revealed the museum, while perhaps not worthy of a trip in and of itself, is a worthwhile stop for anyone who is in the area. According to Samsung the museum gives the public a chance “to see where we’ve come from.” Read more

HTC reportedly tapped for 8-inch Google Nexus tablet


A new report from DigiTimes appears to strengthen the rumors that Google has turned to HTC as a partner in development of their next tablet device in the Nexus line. Previous reports suggested Google was working on a successor to the 10-inch Nexus tablet to be released some time in the third quarter of 2014. This latest report suggests that changes in the manufacturing partner are only the tip of the iceberg with Google possibly scaling down the size of the device which could be their last tablet. Read more

Domino’s Pizza now allows you to pay with Google Wallet


Domino’s Pizza has been a fan the mobile front, what with its app that allows you to order a pizza conveniently from an app on your smartphone. Today the company is showing even more support by allowing users to pay with Google Wallet. Their pizza app, will now show an option to pay with Google Wallet — giving you another option to use.

The pizza company isn’t stopping there though. If you order $10+ worth of pizza between now and June 15, you’ll receive a free specialty chicken. Not chicken wings, but a chicken. You’ll receive it in one of four flavors, depending on your tastes of course. That being said, we have the full presser after the break.

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OnePlus One camera samples compared to Nikon 3100 DSLR, 4K sample video too


We saw a bunch of sample shots taken from the upcoming OnePlus One camera, but now we have even more images, this time they are compared to the Nikon 3100 DSLR, as well as the Oppo Find 5.

There are slew of comparisons from a variety of situations, including bright light, macros, low light, and extreme  low light. All cameras were in Auto mode, and no tripods were used.

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Google issues Play Store credit for those who bought the fake “Virus Shield” app


A little less than two weeks ago, there was a story involving a prominent rise of a fake virus scanning app called “Virus Shield.” In its moments in the Play Store it garnered over 10,000 downloads and a pretty impressive rating of 4.7. However a break down by the folks over at Android Police showed the app was nothing more but a few images and a toggle that did not much of anything. The app was a fake.

After the news broke, Google quickly removed the app from the Play Store. While the developer did tell The Guardian that the version of the app that was uploaded to Play Store was a mistake and not the correct version of the app, the developers shoddy history doesn’t lend any credibility to his argument. He also made a claim that he attempted to remove that version of the app before his developer account was suspended. Even so Google is attempting to make amends.

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