HTC One V Now Available on Virgin Mobile

The sleek looking HTC One V is now available on Virgin Mobile in the US. It may be an entry level phone, but it’s packing the beautiful Ice Cream Sandwich firmware with HTC’s Sense UI. The build quality looks superb and has that wonderful design that reminds me of the HTC Legend. The One V is available for a contract-free price of $199 which is not too bad at all for the quality of a phone you’re getting. Any Virgin Mobile users out there thinking of picking this up? You can also check hands on video of the One V at CTIA to help you make your decision.

source: Virgin Mobile

A quick look at ‘Google Now’ [Video]

During yesterdays Google IO keynote, Google introduced Google Now. Google Now is more of an expansion of Google’s Voice Search assistant. It learns from the user as you use your phone each day and can be helpful is many ways in your every day life. It learns what favorite sports team you follow, places that you usually like to eat, and even helps you better route your itinerary for the day. Google Now brings all of this information in a card style UI and is simple and fast to navigate through.

The UI alone is probably my favorite part, it looks very pleasing and all of the information that you need is right in front of you. This is something that no other smartphone has and I feel Google has an opportunity to really make this a home run with consumers. Take a quick look at the video after the break that Google has provided to see what Google Now looks like and what it’s capable of. Let us know if this is something that you can see yourself really using on a daily basis!

YouTube Preview Image

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Google Shows off Project Butter [Video]

During yesterday’s presentation Google showed off Project Butter, one of the most important improvements of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. There’s many technical terms that Google explained on what it really is and what changes it makes within the kernel. For the general public and to put it into layman’s terms, it basically makes every UI transition on Android much smoother and buffers everything much faster. The speed improvement is throughout the whole OS and even works in conjunction with every app you use. This was a breath of fresh air and something that Android, even on ICS, needed.

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Netflix app updated for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


I don’t know about you guys, but I use my Netflix app on my GSII almost every day during my lunch break at work. I just pre-ordered a 16 GB Nexus 7 tablet and one of my first thoughts was whether or not Netflix would work on it. Lo and behold, I must be psychic, because Netflix just updated their app for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean support!

As the early adopter of any new software update, there comes the chance that favorite apps may not take a liking to the change, so it’s always great to see a developer jump at this so quickly! Hopefully we will see more and more devs follow suit in the coming months. So if you’re getting a Nexus 7 like me, you’re going to want hit up this update really soon.



Play Store Download Link

Motorola XOOM ICS update rolling out in Europe

Good news for the Moto XOOM owners across the pond and then some. Motorola Europe announced today that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is rolling out to XOOMs in various regions. This OTA update will be just like any other in that the roll out will be dispatched in groups, hitting all targeted regions over the course of the next few weeks. It looks as if Europe will be getting an icy treat just in time for the warm summer weather.

source: motoeurope

The Amazing Spider-Man by Gameloft swings into the Play Store


Gaming heavy hitter, Gameloft has just released The Amazing Spider-Man to the Android masses. The game centers around the new movie story line and looks pretty awesome if you ask me. I always loved Spider-Man games growing up so I will definitely be checking this one out!

The game hits the wallet a little harder than usual for mobile gaming, just under seven bones. However, you do get 25 missions in a open world environment with means this game is gonna be huge. Think Grand Theft Auto with a costume. Hit the link below if you’re ready to get your Spidey on!


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Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut now available on Android


Popular iPhone hit, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut has now made its way to Android. The game is quite unique as it involves a point-and-click style of gameplay that gives the player a sense of accompanying the characters on their journey rather than controlling their every move. With fantastic graphics and a unique and fun interface, this title looks to be one of the hottest adventure games of the summer. The game will set you back $4, but it’s highly likely that it will be worth every penny. Check out the video below or hit the Play Store link to get the goods.


Play Store Download Link

Nexus Q Unboxing Video

Here’s another quick unboxing video from Google I/O. This time we show you Google’s social streaming media player, the Nexus Q. This is a simple and elegant device that you connect to speakers or directly to your receiver and is controlled by any Android device running the Nexus Q app. The “social” part comes in when you have multiple people with the app adding their own Google Play music or videos to the queue in real time at a party or gathering. Everyone can take turns being the DJ.

The Nexus Q is available for purchase from the Play Store for $299 and ships in 2 to 3 weeks. Hit the break to watch us unpack this magical sphere of wonder.

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Google’s Andy Rubin and ASUS’ Jonney Shih talk about the Nexus 7

All Things D had a chance to sit down with Google Senior Vice President of Mobile Andy Rubin and ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih to talk about the Nexus 7. From the beginning, the target was $200, and it had to be high-end as set by Google. There was one issue, they gave ASUS 4 months to make it.

The effort was known as “Project A-Team” inside ASUS and during two occasions they had to add another 20 people to the project. They obviously worked closely with Google which gave them a 24-hour development cycle.

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Nexus 7 models to hit UK mid- to late-July

With the big announcement this week concerning release of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, many are asking, “when can I get one?” If you are in the UK, the answer is probably late July for the 16GB version and possibly as early as mid-July for the 8GB model. Reports indicate the 16GB version will be available to a variety of large retailers like PC World, Comet, Tesco, eBuyer, and Carphone Warehouse on July 20th. Those who pre-order and get special delivery may be able to get their hands on the Nexus 7 a few days earlier.

Pricing is approximately $247 USD for the 8GB model and $309 USD for the 16GB model.

source: Engadget