T-Mobile’s HTC One M8 gets Extreme Power Saving Mode in latest update


The T-Mobile variant of the HTC One M8 has received an update today that enables Extreme Power Saving Mode. The feature was announced when the device launched, but had to be approved by carriers before being pushed out to devices. For those unfamiliar, Extreme Power Saving Mode begins in at a default of 10% battery remaining. It throttles back the CPU, dials down screen brightness, turns off haptic feedback, switches off data when the screen is off, and only allows ‘essential’ apps (e.g. phone, messaging, mail, calendar, and calculator) to run.

The update is a big 229 MB and also improves battery life and Wi-Fi performance.

Source: Android Central


AT&T set to acquire DirecTV for $48.5 billion


AT&T has officially announced it will acquire DirecTV. After some speculation that a deal was incoming, the final number for the transaction is $95 per share. This translates to about $48.5 billion. The Board of Directors of both AT&T and DirecTV approved and the entire acquisition process is expected to close in about twelve months. More news is expected Monday morning with a formal presentation.

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Chrome Web Store now has an interface for mobile devices


It may not be fully functional, but it now exists. A user of Google+ discovered that the Chrome Web Store has an interface built specifically for mobile devices. The mobile interface shows details about the app or extension along with the gallery.

Right now, everything is basic and categories do not yet exist. In fact, a homepage isn’t even there. Instead, you have to be redirected to the Chrome Web Store to see information regarding a specific app or extension. This means that Google is presumably working on making a fully working mobile site for the Chrome Web Store.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Source: +François Beaufort
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Heathrow Airport says Samsung went off course with rebranding statements


Last week Samsung issued a press release indicating they were “taking over” Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow Airport. The branding campaign supposedly included special signage promoting the Samsung Galaxy S 5 that would appear in place of current signage, wayfinding, website and digital screens in the terminal for a two week period. Heathrow officials have issued a clarification of the campaign in response to complaints of possible confusion indicating the campaign is not as extensive as Samsung made it sound.

A Heathrow spokesperson says, “Heathrow Terminal 5’s signage and passenger wayfinding has not changed. Samsung have rented advertising space in Terminal 5 with a tongue-in-cheek campaign using the line: ‘Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5’.” According to the officials, the advertising spaces that Samsung has acquired for the marketing campaign are existing surfaces. Probably the biggest different compared to prior campaigns is that Samsung has apparently secured rights to all of the surfaces in the entire terminal for the two week period that starts on May 19th.

source: Android Central

HTC One (M7) for T-Mobile gets Sense 6 in update


Carrying around an HTC One (M7) with T-Mobile? Go ahead and grab a software update. The carrier is rolling out the Sense 6 update to HTC’s flagship from last year. It brings a flew of features such as an updated BlinkFeed and a tidier launcher. The update started rolling out on Friday, so many of you should have gotten the update already.

Let us know in the comments how you are liking the update.

Source: T-Mobile Support

How to setup and use Motorola Alert


Motorola Alert is the newest app from Motorola that I think you will find quite useful. It’s a location sharing app that is perfect for everyone, especially the kids. At the time of this post, Motorola Alert is only available on the Moto E, but will be available for the Moto G and Moto X very soon.

With Motorola Alert you can setup specific locations such as home, work, school, the mall, and other. Whenever the owner of the phone arrives or leaves either of those locations, a text message is sent to designated contacts. There is also a Meet Me function, that will quickly send a text message of the current location to specific contacts. The Follow Me function is perfect for trips. This is where you can set the app to send periodic text messages of the current location to specific contacts. Lastly, there is the Emergency function, which will call and send a text message to selected contacts letting them know the owner of the phone might be in danger All text messages include the address as well as a Google Maps link so others will be able to pinpoint the location or easily get directions.

Motorola Alert is pretty straightforward and easy to setup so hit the break for our video showing you all the ins and the outs of Motorola’s latest and very cool app.

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TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for May 12 – May 18, 2014


Finally a smartphone that is affordable to all, the Moto E was announced by Motorola earlier this week. HTC also announced the HTC One Mini 2, which is almost as small, but won’t be as affordable. LG is inching closer to making a big splash with the G3. Will it make an impact? The Google Silver program might be launching sooner than we thought. Will we ever see a Nexus 6? Google has announced the schedule for next month’s Google I/O. Does it indicate a pending doom for Google+? Samsung is just about to announce another set of tablets, but does anyone care? It’s time to get caught up and get ready for what is sure to be another exciting week in the world of Android.


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How to setup and use Motorola Alert


Nexus 5 snap case now available on Google Play

Samsung and Seagate partner to create $179 1.5 TB WiFi hard drive and battery

Samsung external battery pack raises the design bar for accessories

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iPhone user sues Apple over vanishing texts after iPhones swapped


An ex-iPhone user is suing Apple, claiming Apple’s messaging system interfered with the delivery of text messages after she switched from an iPhone to an Android device.

According to Adrienne Moore, Apple’s iMessage retains SMS messages sent from other Apple users, and will not deliver them to her Samsung device. Moore says that people who switch from an iPhone to a non-Apple device are “penalized and unable to obtain the full benefits of their wireless-service contracts.”

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