Samsung TecTiles 2 Now available to purchase


Do you remember last month when we told you of the sad news that Samsung’s old TecTiles didn’t work with the new Galaxy S 4. Well cheer up my friends because Samsung TecTiles 2 are now available for you to purchase. For those of you that don’t know what a Samsung TecTile is, let me give you a quick refresher. They are smart NFC tags that can be programmed by the Samsung TecTile app to do many things. You can set TecTiles to change settings in the phone, call a specific number, or send a predefined text. As an example, you can place a tag at the office, and when you scan the it, it can set your smartphone to silent or it could bring up your work calendar. You choose what you want the tag to do when it is scanned, making the little tasks that much easier.

For those that have a Galaxy S 4 and want more info, check out the source.

Source: Samsung

HTC One $100 trade up program ends this Sunday, no extensions planned


If you’re thinking that HTC will extend their $100 trade-in promotion for the HTC One, then think again. Earlier in the month they extended it to purchases made by May 19th, which is this Sunday. HTC is reminding everyone that this is your final chance to get in on it, which means they don’t plan on extending it. Of course we never say never in this business, but if you’re thinking of grabbing the One with this deal, you might want to pick it up this weekend. Because there is always the possibility that you might want to return your shiny new phone, HTC is giving you until June 19 to get your paperwork in. Hit the source link and use code US001UVORE.

source:  HTC Trade Up

Samsung grabs 95% of global Android smartphone profits in Q1 2013


As we reported before, over 900 million Android-powered smartphones have been activated since the platform’s debut in 2007. While its no surprise that Samsung leads the herd over HTC, LG and Sony (among other competitors), it may come as a shock just how much they dominate by. According to a report by Strategy Analytics, Samsung captured 95% of Android’s profit in the first quarter of 2013.  Read more

HTC sales increase for One and Butterfly, Butterfly to receive Sense 5.0 update


In a recent piece on Focus Taiwan, Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, said HTC will double production for its recent flagship, the HTC One. Tong also mentioned the company’s older device, the HTC Butterfly, has seen sales rise since the company lowered the price of the device in Asian markets. To help sales further, the Butterfly will soon receive an update to Sense 5.0, as featured on the aforementioned HTC One. The update will include the Sense 5.0 user interface, the BlinkFeed home screen feed and improvements to the camera, among other additions.  Read more

Is success of Samsung Galaxy S 4 pushing company to look outside for components?


A recent analysis claims only 10% of Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S 4, is shipping with Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa chip. Considering the device is on pace to become the company’s fastest selling smartphone in history, one might think Samsung would want to put more of their own hardware in the hands of consumers. However, Samsung seems to think it is more important to put devices in the hands of consumers regardless of the component sources. So in the case of the Galaxy S 4, the majority of the phones are shipping with Qualcomm chips. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S 4 to reach 10 million sales by next week, Note III to have 5.9-inch OLED display

Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Back_Camera_Samsung_Logo_Version_3_TAEarlier this week, when the Samsung Galaxy S 4 broke a record by selling 4 million units in just 5 days, the company predicted the 10-million mark to be surpassed by the end of the month. That figure is still still on track, with Samsung co-CEO JK Shin stating “We are confident that we will pass more than 10 million sales of the S4 next week. It is selling much faster than the previous model S3.” Just how much faster? The Galaxy S 3 took 50 days to pass the 10 million sales mark, while the S4 was debuted less than a month ago. Quite impressive.

In other news, Shin said that the Galaxy Note III will be unveiled in September at the IFA in Berlin. He confirmed that the device will have  5.9-inch OLED display.

source: Korean Times

Best Android music playing applications [May 2013]


Music is a big part of a smartphone’s feature set. We’ve already talked about the best available music streaming services, but sometimes music streaming isn’t an option, whether that’s because you’re dealing with a pesky data cap, you’re somewhere without a reliably fast internet connection, or you would just rather keep your music on your device. Whatever the reason, we’re going to go over the top music playing apps for your Android device so hit the break to find out more.

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Classic Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega launched to Google Play for $2.99


We have some good news for retro game-lovers today, as Sega launched the classic version of Sonic the Hedgehog to Google Play. On the game’s official page on the Google Play store, Sega states that this is the full original version, and includes some pretty neat exclusive features, such as the ability to play as Knuckles and Tails. The game is available for download at only $2.99. Enjoy, gamers! Let us know how you like it. The Google Play link is available after the break, as well as a preview video. Read more

Photo and details leak of 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

galaxy_tab_3_8_inchLast month, Samsung officially announced a 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3, and today rumors are flying that they will soon announce an even bigger version. SamMobile says they have received their first photo of an 8-inch Galaxy Tab 3. As you can see above, it looks very similar to the Galaxy Note 8.0 without a pen, except for a thinner bezel and different camera and speaker placements.

The specs, though SamMobile warns they could change, include a 1280×800 screen with a an 1.3-megapixel camera on the front, and 5-megapixel camera on the back. The Android 4.2.2 powered device is supposed to have an unnamed 1.5GHz dual-core CPU , with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a microSD slot. The tablet is expected by the end of June.

Source: SamMobile

Fitbit adds Bluetooth 4.0 sync support for Samsung Galaxy S 4 in new update


While we await the imminent release of Android 4.3 and its inclusion of Bluetooth Smart support, some app developers have taken it upon themselves to start adding Bluetooth 4.0 syncing to their apps, including Fitbit, a healthy lifestyle tracking application.

As they added support for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II back in February, today they announced that the app will now support the Galaxy S 4, with all of the efficiency improvements that it brings. Obviously since the new Bluetooth support is not yet standard in Android devices, Fitbit says that custom development work is needed for individual smartphones. Obviously Samsung’s new flagship device was an early priority.

You can grab the updated Fitbit app from the Google Play Store after the break. Read more