Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Fort Courage [Action & Arcade]

Two TegraZone games launched today. We already wrote about the first one,  The Bard’s Tale, and the second one is Fort Courage. Fort Courage is a free-to-play 3D adventure. The premise is that you’re bored at school and you fall asleep in class (that never happened to me). Naturally you’re going to dream about something right? No it’s not girls. You happen to dream up hiding in a fort deep within a dinosaur jungle, sneaking into a forbidden monster lab, and hacking into a robot factory on the surface of mars.

It’s up to you and a friend to keep the enemies out of your fort. In order to do that you will have an arsenal of toy weapons and power ups to choose from. At the bottom of the screen are the two main characters within their fort, and a series of enemies will come at you. The controls are very simple. For the left character, you simply tap on the screen where you want his shots to go. For the right character, you drag and release. You start with one weapon each and you need to earn coins so that you can purchase new weapons or upgrade existing ones. Of course, just like any free-to-play game, you can also purchase more coins for cold hard cash. The game ends when the enemies get into your fort.

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SoundCloud app receives major update, brings editing features

If you’re not familiar with the SoundCloud app, it’s a voice-recording app used for anything from interviews to rehearsals. The app has now received a major update that provides an editing feature for recordings while also introducing a few other nice features. The update now allows users to pause and “trim” their recordings. Pausing is fairly self-explanatory where you can pause the app from recording while you gather your thoughts. You can then resume recording when ready. “Trim” is a nice editing feature which allows you to record and then “trim” unwanted recordings from the part you want to keep, say the parts before and after your desired audio. Conversely, it allows you to “trim” a single part out of the recording, say the middle a recording. The app also now features a Fade in/Fade out feature that essentially smooths out audio that may be louder than other audio in the recording. Finally, it’ll now offer Private Listening. This feature automatically switches the audio output from the loudspeaker to the phone speaker when you hold it up as if making a call. If you already have the app installed, you can grab the update from the Play Store now. Otherwise, you can grab the app for free from the link below.


Play Store Download Link


Featured Play Store Newbie: The Bard’s Tale [Arcade & Action]

Some of you might already be familiar with the PC classic trilogy, The Bard’s Tale. Well in inXile Entertainment just released a mobile version in the Google Play Store and the NVIDIA TegraZone. It just might be the funniest game you will ever play. It might also be the largest in terms of file size to date because the HD version will set you back 3.5GB (1.7GB for non HD version). That’s pretty hefty, but not surprising since the game includes over 20-30 hours of gameplay.

It’s a fantasy RPG, and you play Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. There’s something else about Bard that’s interesting and it’s the fact that he has the ability to cast spells by singing songs. You will encounter all kinds of enemies to fight, but this game throws some bonuses like a lot of cleavage and when was the last time you saw a zombie dance off?

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New competition to recognize best tablet apps, The Tabby Awards

TabTimes, a media organization dedicated to covering and providing information about the tablet market, has announced a new competition they are instituting. Going by the name The Tabby Awards, the competition will seek to identify the best apps for iPad, Android and Windows tablets. TabTimes has setup a dedicated web site and is accepting entries for the business tablet apps portion of the competition with winners scheduled to be announced at the TabletBiz Conference & Expo in New York City on November 27th. A competition for consumer apps will be conducted at a later time.

Hit the break for the press release with details on entering.
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MetroPCS to Launch ZTE Anthem 4G

It’s been a busy morning for the budget-minded manufacturer ZTE. First they announced the Blade III‘s availability in Finland for release this month, followed by a launch in Sweden in October. They’ve now followed that up with the announcement of the Anthem 4G available from MetroPCS which will be the first 4G LTE Android smartphone from ZTE available in the United States. The device will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread,  will sport a 4.3″ WVGA display, and feature a dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor. The Anthem 4G from MetroPCS can be had “in the coming weeks” for $219 after rebates, while the LTE plans range from $40-$70 per month. We’ll keep you posted if a solid release date is announced. Hit the break for the full press release.
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Rerware releases new BETA build for MyBackup Pro, download it for Free and get 1GB of online storage exclusively from TalkAndroid

I recently reviewed MyBackup Pro, which is an essential app for all Android users. Whether you root your device or not, backups are important, and MyBackup Pro gets the job done with its support for both the local SD card or online cloud backups. The makers of the app, Rerware, just released a BETA build to test their new servers. The good news is that since they need 500 people for the testing, you can grab this BETA build for Free exclusively from TalkAndroid. MyBackup Pro’s normal cost of $4.99 is already a great deal, but how can you turn down Free?

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Sprint Announces New Utility Update For The Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone


Hot off the heels of AT&T Galaxy S III owners getting a minor utility update, Galaxy S III owners on Sprint’s Now Network are being treated to a new update as well. Sprint announced the new update will bring the software version to L710VPL13. Not– it’s not the addition of Jelly Bean, but it will at least include the following:


  • Inclusion of SWYPE keyboard
  • Improved LTE connectivity
  • SMS Messaging improvements
  • EAS sync improvements


As always, the updates will be released in stages. This means some users will either get the update notification pushed to their phones or will find it by manually checking for a software update; others will need wait a bit before finding the update available for their phones. Happy updating!


source: Sprint Community



Power A’s MOGA Bluetooth controller for Android Gamers will be available October 21st for $49.99

A couple of months ago we told you about a new Bluetooth controller from Power A called the MOGA. They said it would be available in time for the holidays and they delivered. They just announced that it will be in stores on October 21st for a price of $49.99. This is the first full featured controller to become available for mobile devices. The controller features dual analog sticks, two shoulder buttons, four action buttons, and standardized start and select buttons. The best part is that it has a holder for your device to make gaming truly on-the-go.

They are offering the MOGA SDK for developers so they can provide that console-gaming experience for their users. To make it easier for users to find games, they are offering the MOGA Pivot App, which will make it easier for users to browse all the enhanced games. A number of top developers are already committed to publishing games that are compatible with the MOGA. They include Gameloft, Atari, Namco Bandai, Sega, Remedy Entertainment and more. Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises HD, Asphalt 7: Heat HD and Dungeon Hunter 3 as well as Remedy’s Death Rally already have support and are compatible with the MOGA.

“Gamers are already walking around with phones with exceptional screens and fast chips,” said Eric Bensussen, president of PowerA. “For under $50, they can clip that phone into the MOGA controller and finally get console quality gaming experiences anywhere.”

The MOGA Mobile Gaming System will come with the free downloadable MOGA PivotTM App and a soft case. Also as a limited time offer, you will get two free games: Sonic CDTM and PAC-MAN by Namco.

More pictures and the press release after the break

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ZTE Officially Launches The Blade III Smartphone For The Nordic Markets


ZTE has announced its newest smartphone called the Blade III— yes that same Blade III we mentioned to you we menitoned to you sometime last month. This smartphone will be featured as more or less a budget offering as it has a 1GHz single-core Snapdragon processor, 512MB, a 4-inch screen and 5MP camera. Not the most impressive device on the planet, but at least it will be loaded up with a heavy dose of Ice Cream Sandwich onboard. For now, the device will launch in Finland this month, followed by Sweden next month and cost a measly 1499 SEK ($230 USD).

You’ll find more details once you hit past break.

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T-Mobile To Begin Offering Marvel’s The Avengers For Download To Galaxy S III Owners Starting September 25th


T-Mobile Galaxy S III owners are about to be treated to something special. The nation’s 4th-largest wireless carrier is set to make Marvel’s The Avengers available to all owners, starting September 25th. The virtual preload will be available through Samsung’s Media Hub and can be shared to a compatible TV via the AllShare Cast feature and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. Best of all— customers won’t need to worry about any overages or data caps should they choose to stream or download content that supports the AllShare Cast feature or AllShare Cast Wireless Hubs and are on T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.

In addition, there’s no better way to enjoy the blockbuster film being available than with T-Mobile making the AllShare Cast Hub accessory available to all customers starting September 24th. T-Mobile customers definitely have it pretty good sometimes, don’t they? Hit the break to see the full press release.

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