Acer Iconia A100 Tablet Gets Android 4.0 Update For Some Owners Around The World

If you own an Acer Iconia A100, today is your lucky day. Acer previously confirmed the Iconia A100 would get ICS, but we know that manufacturers sometimes encounter delays and issues which sometimes prevent much-needed software updates from arriving on time. We knew Acer had been working on the update diligently as we saw a smooth-running tease of the latest software, but it looks as if they didn’t have much to work on or tweak as they began pushing the Android 4.0 update to owners of the tablet around the world.

Oh and what’s more is the fine team at XDA has been kind enough to provide a download link to those who haven’t received the update or update notification yet. So if you’re feeling lucky and/or impatient, hit the download source and download links to grab the update for your tablet today. Happy updating!

source: XDA 1 | 2 (download link)
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Samsung Announces Quad-Core Exynos Processor, Will Be Featured In The Upcoming Galaxy S III


Looks like as we get closer to the big day next week, Samsung will ease up a bit and start releasing some official news for the masses. To that end, Sammy has officially announced its quad-core Exynos 1.4GHz screamer. The processor is based off the ARM CORTEXTM A9 chip and will feature some impressive characteristics. In addition to having the capability to give top-flight performance while consuming less power than its competition, the quad-core Exynos processor will incorporate a full HD 30 frame per second video hardware codec engine for high resolution 1080p video recording and playback. Impressive indeed.

In some not-so-surprising news, Sammy has big plans for the chip. For starters, the quad-core chip will be the processor featured in the Galaxy S III smartphone. That means those impressive benchmarks we saw yesterday were you guessed it— based off of this blazing fast processor and technology. Samsung is possibly exploring the option of having the chip used by other manufacturers too. Don’t believe me? Here’s Sammy directly:

 “Samsung’s Exynos 4 Quad is also sampling to other major handset makers.”

Seeing Samsung chips in devices made by other manufacturers…? I never thought I’d see the say. Ladies and gentlemen, a new era of the smartphone wars and smartphone technology is set to begin. Hit the break for the full presser from Sammy.

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Microsoft’s Woodstock Xbox Music Service Will Run On Android

We don’t normally do stories about Microsoft on TalkAndroid, but there’s a rumor going around about a new streaming music service coming from Redmond codenamed “Woodstock” that could run on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The service will likely stream music through the phone’s browser, but there is no mention of a native app. This is unfortunate since native apps tend to be more streamlined and responsive than browser-based services.

Supposedly, Woodstock will be closer to Spotify with the ability to identify music you already own, a la  iTunes Match. This suggests it will not be simply a music locker-type service like Amazon MP3 or Google Music, but it is unclear exactly how it will work.

It’s great to see more competition in the music streaming space, but until we get more details about Woodstock, it’s impossible to judge how it will stand up against the other services out there. In my opinion, services that are seamlessly built into an ecosystem will almost always be the better choice than a third party option simply because of the convenience and level of integration possible. The operative word there is “almost” since I can think of examples where the third party option wins (think Netflix vs. Google Movies).

Look for Woodstock announcements at this year’s E3, which starts June 5.

source: theverge
via: pocketnow

Sony: Xperia Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Still On Target

Just in case you’re still waiting for your Sony Xperia phone to get updated to Android 4.0, Sony took some time to update the community on the progress of the rollout. Nordic countries are currently receiving the upgrade, and Sony is working with carriers in various regions to get the upgrade out to all Xperia phones, including the Arc S, Neo V, and Ray. In other words, not much has changed since the last time Sony told us about the update. Sony just wanted to let everyone know that things are progressing as planned and to sit tight.

source: sony blog

Details For The Big Android BBQ 2012 Have Been Announced

If you have been curious about when the next Big Android BBQ will be, wonder no more. Official announcements have been made for the Big Android BBQ 2012, which will take place October 19th through the 21st in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Those hosting the shindig are remaining fairly mum on what all to expect at the event, but promise that more information will be revealed later. Regardless of what all will be there, this should be a good chance to have some great Texas BBQ and talk Android with fans and developers alike. There’s a handy countdown widget you can download for you to keep track of how many days remain until the Big Android BBQ 2012.

Source: Google Plus

Tegra 3 powered HTC One X takes on its Snapdragon S4 cousin in a benchmark showdown

There’s a lot of debate in the Android community about which processor is currently the reigning champion inside the new HTC One X. Many One X users in Europe will enjoy the quad-core Tegra 3 processor while others, like us North Americans, will get the Snapdragon S4 dual-core flavor. Below is a video of the two titans going for the gold on the AnTuTu benchmark test. As you can see, the Tegra 3 variant (on the left) seems to leave the S4 in the dust. Now keep in mind that this is just one benchmark test and that there are numerous reports of both processors coming out as the victor over the other. No matter which benchmark you use, it’s safe to say that both these processors are extremely powerful and will get the job done, no matter where you are located. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 listing found within Kies PC Software

It seems that some Android investigative reporters have stumbled upon a listing of Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphone within Samsung’s Kies media manager software. Apparently if you surf through the France region list of devices you will discover three small thumbnails that appear to be the Samsung Galaxy Note, yet two of them have descriptions listed as the “Galaxy S3 GT-I9300” and “Galaxy S3 GT-I9300T“. With all the buzz of various online websites listing the next Galaxy under the Galaxy S3 moniker, it’s easy to think that we now have an official name to go with all the rumored specs floating around the net.

So what exactly are we looking at here? Is it simply a place holder for the most highly anticipated Android device yet, or could someone be playing a cruel joke on us weak-minded dreamers? Only one week left until Sammy spills the beans!

source: sammobile

AnTuTu Benchmark Shows Exynos-Powered Samsung Galaxy S III Is Top Dog Over Competition

As we get closer to Samsung’s big event next week, we will start to hear the beat of the leaks grow louder and louder. Case in point: AnTuTu casually lists a “Samsung Galaxy S III” in its benchmark software. The significance of this is that if this benchmark result is true, the Galaxy S III listed here crushes most of the competition and even beats out the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet in terms of overall performance. That’s not all either, there seem to be specific details of the device listed as well. For starters, this “Galaxy S III” model features a Exynos 4212 1.4GHz processor which is believed to be a dual-core variant (no quad-core?), 1GB of RAM, a 4.7″ HD display with a 1280×720 resolution, 2MP front camera, 12MP rear camera and Android 4.0. For the most part, the details for the device in this benchmark seems to match up with specs we’d previously heard before. Additionally, the device operates under a GSM/WCDMA band. That’s nice and all, but many of you are on CDMA or 4G LTE bands. Let’s just hope Samsung either releases a CDMA and LTE version of the smartphone at the same time as the GSM version or at the very least— not wait too long to release the additional models.

Yup, Samsung just continues to give us additional reasons to salivate, doesn’t it? Just one more week folks. Just one more week…

source: Droid Life

Google Wallet now officially running on T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus

Could it be that Google Wallet is no longer exclusive to specific networks? The application started its life as a Sprint exclusive and more recently became available on AT&T. Many of you out there have managed to sideload the application thanks to the work of websites such as XDA developers however it appears that you can now grab it directly from Google Play.

Our friends at Engadget managed to download and run the app from a Galaxy Nexus with a T-Mobile sim. They hadn’t got around to paying for anything with it yet so it looks like that’s one final hurdle still to be negotiated. Why not give it a try for yourself, be sure to let us know how you get on in the comments below. Happy shopping!


source : Engadget

Samsung Galaxy S3 accidentally outed by Carphone Warehouse?

We still don’t know the official name of the next Samsung Galaxy but we have seen plenty of  images of what it might look like. Amazon recently posted a listing for a Galaxy S3 on its website and today it’s the turn of major UK retailer Carphone Warehouse to let a cat out of the bag. The above thumbnail image was posted in the coming soon section of the CPW website, admittedly it’s too small to read too much into it however it certainly looks like a typical Samsung design. Perhaps even more interestingly the listing has since disappeared and now simply reads ‘the next Galaxy device’

The little pieces of the jigsaw continue to roll in, the real trick is trying to separate the genuine images from the red herrings. Fortunately we only have to wait one more week to find out.


source : Android Central