Official open source iFixit app now in Google Play store

Are you the type of person who is always taking stuff apart to fix it or just out of curiousity? Are you the local “go to” person when something breaks and needs repair? If so, you may already be familiar with iFixit. If you are not familiar with iFixit, it is an online service that promises to make it easy for you to fix things yourself. They have repair guides, troubleshooting tips, and even “teardowns” where they take apart the latest gizmos to see what is inside. iFixit is also a community driven resource, inviting contibutors to help out with expanding the knowledge base.

Today iFixit announced that they have made a native Android iFixit app available in the Google Play store. Check the link after the break to grab your copy from the Play store.
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Apple denied emergency ban on HTC phone imports

Remember when the HTC EVO 4G LTE launch was delayed because it was held up at customs thanks to Apple? It wasn’t just the EVO 4G LTE with issues as Apple claims other phones, including the One X, infringed on a patent order issued in December. After a short delay, the phones were accepted in the U.S., but as expected Apple is fighting back. Apparently they made an emergency request to have HTC phones denied at the U.S. border. Thankfully the U.S. International Trade Commission denied that request.

The patent in question was related to a pop up that appears when clicking on certain links. For example, if you click on an email address, a pop up would appear letting you choose if you want to send it via Gmail, the stock Email application, or some other email application you might have installed on your device. Back in December it was found that HTC violated this infringement and was issued an order to fix it. The interesting thing is they did fix it as you can see in our previous post. Apple is still not pleased and continues to try to block sales of HTC products here in the U.S.

I seriously don’t get it. Why does Apple continue to stoop to these levels? Eventually the mainstream press has to start looking at Apple in a more negative light.

source: businessweek



Samsung denied request to lift ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1

Things aren’t looking good for Samsung this week. Apple won a ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 then shortly after, a ban on the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung is appealing both cases, but as to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh rejected Samsung’s request. Now the Galaxy Tab 10.1 isn’t really in sales channels so much since the Galaxy Tab 2 is out, but this is not a good precedence. In fact Koh is the same judge who awarded the pre-trial ban on the Galaxy Nexus this past Friday.

“Samsung is disappointed with the court’s decision that denied our motion to stay. We believe today’s ruling will ultimately reduce the availability of superior technological features to consumers in the United States,” Samsung said in a statement.

Now if there is anything to feel optimistic about, it’s the fact that the district court is not the last chance for Samsung. They are appealing on the federal level in Washington, DC, which has exclusive jurisdiction over intellectual property disputes.

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Ouya Game Console Brings Open-Source Hacking To Developers For $99

Well here’s a novel twist to the openness of the Android platform. There’s a new game system called Ouya that’s gotten the attention of many Android fanatics and gamers. The special characteristic about the game system is the fact that the console is completely hackable— as in ready to be tinkered with. Created by Yves Behar, Ouya gives prospective buyers the chance to own a console that can connect to a TV, while including a high-concept developer ecosystem that’s completely free and open. Every customer will also be treated to a full-fledged developer kit which can be used to developer and publish games. We don’t know what’s inside the device, but the cost is certainly enticing as the game system is set to come in at $99.

Now that the Ouya concept is out, it’s now time for the games to start pouring in. It will be interesting to see what is created and developed from this uber cool piece of technology.

source: The Verge

Porn Industry could be ‘eyeing’ Google Glass for POV films

I”m still wondering if people are really ready to wear Google Glasses on a regular basis, but until we find out all the uses for it, it’s hard to make that determination. One use case just might be the porn industry for what’s called point of view (POV) films. Quentin Boyer from adult firm Pink Visual said, “The style of porn known as ‘point of view’ (‘POV’ for short) has been a popular type of content for quite a while now. Obviously, a device that allows you to shoot high quality video in a truly hands-free fashion will make shooting POV porn that much easier.”

No Pink Visual wasn’t at Google I/O so they didn’t have the ability to pre-order one of those bad boys for $1,500, but let’s face it, they have the bucks to buy one off the early adopters. Boyer went on to say, “To really know their full potential, we’ll need to get a pair to play around with, but we’re already dreaming up ways to use the glasses to get shots (sex-related and otherwise) that just aren’t feasible using a traditional camera setup.”

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Latest Android Distribution Chart Shows Gingerbread 2.3 Is On Most Devices, But Ice Cream Sandwich Is Slowly Creeping Upwards

While it’s exciting to see ICS’s expected growth in the Android distribution chart, you’ll notice the newly unveiled Jelly Bean is noticeably absent. We suspect once the Nexus 7 is released within a few weeks coupled with the immediate updates of the developer devices (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Xoom WiFi tablet), Jelly Bean will make its mark in the next round of the distribution charts. Hit the source link for more details from the fine developers at Google.

source: Android Developers

HBO GO Now Supports Tablets Up To Android 4.0.4

Even though HBO GO was made available for the Kindle Fire last month, full Android tablet support was still lacking. For a streaming video app, this was nearly inexcusable. But the latest update has changed all that. Any Android tablet running any version of Android up to 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich should be able to install and run the latest HBO GO.

Interestingly, the app will not run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean yet, but considering there aren’t many tablets that are officially running the days-old version of Android, there’s still time to catch up. To be able to use the app, you need to already have a subscription to HBO with your cable company. If you do, and you also have an Android tablet, grab the update from the download link below and start streaming.

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Amazon Brings Product Scanning & Augmented Reality To Android With “Flow”

Amazon‘s Flow has been available on iOS since November of last year and has finally made its way onto Android. Not unlike Google Goggles, Flow let’s you scan products like DVDs, books, video games, and more, and shows product details, pricing, and a buy button (to purchase from Amazon, of course). The scanning is done by simply pointing your phone’s camera at the product, or scanning the product’s bar code. The Android version of Flow also scans QR codes, a feature currently lacking in the iOS version but expected to come in the future.

Something Flow does on both platforms, however, is provide a live augmented reality view for certain products which displays things like movie trailers and other media using its image recognition technology. Simply point the camera at a DVD cover, for example, and instantly see an overlay popup with movie info and video previews. I guess you can technically call this augmented reality, but it’s not quite as fancy as other AR apps since you’re just looking at a closeup of a single object and seeing related information… something just as easily done by scanning a bar code.

Head on past the break for screenshots and a Play Store download link.

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MotoActv Gets Updated With Better Performance, Improved Notifications, and Longer Battery Life

The Motorola MotoActv smart watch will soon be receiving a welcome new update. Version 7.10 and 7.11 (depending on your device) will bring with it a number of improvements including more useful notifications, improved fitness measuring during workouts, and even an enhanced Scorecard when playing the Back 9 on your local golf course. Fixes include less force closes during workouts, along with better battery life when Wi-Fi is in use. Those of you with the certain 8GB units that don’t have the golf features will get version 7.11.

Motorola has been pretty active (no pun intended) when it comes to updating the MotoActv and many users have reported positive reviews. If you have the 8GB or 16GB model you should see the update available for download when you connect your MotoActv to your PC. Hit the break for the full changelog.

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