T-Mobile bringing Classic plans to an end at national retailers


T-Mobile has issued a new directive to their employees informing them the company is putting an end to Classic plans at national retailers. Earlier this year T-Mobile commenced their Uncarrier strategy to start moving to unsubsidized devices and Simple Choice plans for service. Buyers who were interested in T-Mobile but wanted a traditional, subsidized device for a set contract period could avoid the new Uncarrier philosophy by purchasing their device through a national retailer like Best Buy. It is not clear what T-Mobile may provide to the national retailers as a replacement, unless they are just going to expand the Uncarrier and Simple Choice options beyond their own web site or other T-Mobile owned channels.

According to the internal document, the deadline for the transition is November 1, 2013. Starting September 30th, retailers are to start the process of returning their postpaid inventory to T-Mobile. Locations selling T-Mobile devices will continue to handle device exchanges during the month of October and all “buyer’s remorse” returns are to be done at national retailer locations.

You may recall that T-Mobile is scheduled to unveil Phase III of their Uncarrier strategy in late October. Others believe T-Mobile may target family plans and tablets as part of Phase III. With this latest move, it may be possible T-Mobile is planning to roll some new options for their major partners into the next phase as well.

source: TmoNews

How to automatically disable Android’s security lock screen when connected to your home Wi-Fi, Bluetooth device or by location


Your phone has a lot of personal information on it, and that is why I always recommend that you apply a security lock screen such as a PIN or pattern. Unfortunately, that extra step of security can be a royal pain in the you know what. The problem is that the majority of time your phone or tablet is in a safe environment such as your home, car, a friend’s house, or workplace. Constantly entering a code or swiping a pattern is annoying during those “safe” times. It is the single biggest reason why so many people don’t utilize a security lock screen, and instead, hope their phone never gets lost or stolen. If there was a way to automatically disable the security lock screen when you are in those trusted zones, and automatically re-enable it when you’re at the mall, a restaurant, or anywhere else untrusted, you might go back to securing your phone like you should.

Well there is a way, and it’s not complicated at all. The immediate assumption is I’m going to recommend Tasker, but unfortunately, I could never get it to work after Android 4.0, nor could most other people. Even if it does work, Tasker is too complicated for the average person. You want simple right? Hit the break to get started.

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Samsung releases 60-second commercial spot ‘Dreams’ to promote Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear


Last month, Samsung released a short film called “Dreams”, which is based on a girl using her Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear to create a spectacle in front of closed toy shop. She uses My Magazine, Action Memo, and Smart Relay and the Eurythmics song, “Sweet Dreams” is featured. It’s a strange video, but not strange for Samsung if you know what I mean. Today, Samsung released a shorter 60-second version for TV. I am not going to say anything more about either of them. Just hit the break for both videos and let us know what you think of them.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear firmware based on Android 4.2.2


Samsung released the firmware for the Galaxy Gear (SM-V700), but what’s surprising is that it appears to be based on Android 4.2.2. One of the reasons why the Galaxy Gear is “only” compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 is because of Android 4.3’s Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) compatibility. Now I put “only” in quotes because it was found that the Galaxy Gear is somewhat compatible with the Galaxy S 4 even though that’s not supposed to happen till later this month. We couldn’t understand why, but this probably explains it. Interestingly enough, The Galaxy S 4 has built-in support for Bluetooth LE and that is why it will connect to the Gear.

source: SamMobile

Apple and Google overtake Coca-Cola as most valuable brands, but Apple gets the edge


Prior to 2013, Coca-Cola held the top spot in Interbrand’s list of most valuable brands in the world for 13 years. This year, the king of soft drinks fell to number 3 behind two major technology companies; Apple and Google. Apple took the top spot, valued at an incredible $98.3 billion, and Google grabbed second place with a close $93.2 billion valuation. Coca-Cola was valued at $79 billion, and that was with a 2% growth in valuation.

Microsoft stayed at the number 5 spot, and IBM fell slightly to number 4, so that means that 80% of the top 5 companies are technology companies. Not surprising, considering the types of companies that consistently make headlines and major profits. Also worth mentioning is Samsung. They climbed up a spot from last year and landed at number 8.

source: NY Times

Samsung invests in PowerbyProxi to push the Qi standard for wireless charging


Wireless charging is still a mess since there continues to be no standard, but that hasn’t stopped companies from making moves. Samsung (Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation) just made yet another move by investing $4 million in PowerbyProxi, which supports the Qi standard. Both companies are also part of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). On the surface, this sounds like we are moving closer to unification, but lets not forget that Samsung is also a member of the Alliance For Wireless Power (A4WP), which uses a completely different standard.

While all these companies try to figure it all out, yet another option is gaining traction which utilizes Cota technology. It allows for devices to be charged remotely with no wires or pads up to 30 feet away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that we will have a standard anytime soon.

source: GigaOm

Google Play Music All Access arrives in seven new European countries


Good news for those of you in Europe as seven new countries can now use Google Play Music All Access. You can now stream to your heart’s content if you live in the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. There is absolutely no excuse to not try it since you get the first month for free. Let us know what you think.

source: Engadget



TalkAndroid Daily Dose for September 30, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Remote Wireless charging could be a reality in 2015 thanks to Cota technology


‘Agent’ app promises to offer a more effective, useful personal assistant

Samsung’s ChatOn instant messaging service hits 100 million registered users


Verizon to honor unlimited data upgrades from this weekend, fixes loophole

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Another Nexus 5 image surfaces, looks like previous shots


Leaks abound about the Nexus 5 like alleged screenshots and rumors the device will support a nano SIM card slot. The latest bit of news is another leaked image of the device. What makes this image noteworthy is the lack of notoriety – it looks just like previous images of the device. This seems to lend credence to previous leaked images that have been spotted.

According to reports, the image surfaced on a web site forum and was subsequently deleted, but not before it was grabbed by several visitors.

source: 9to5Google

LG G Pro Lite Dual may have a stylus


Over the weekend, we learned that LG is possibly working on a new device known as the LG G Pro Lite Dual. As the name implies, it will likely be a dual-SIM variant of the Optimus G Pro. Today, Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru learned that the rumored device may include a stylus. While it may not have the pressure sensitivity of Samsung’s S Pen or even the capabilities of it, it would be a welcome addition since the G Pro Lite Dual is purported to have a 5.5-inch display.

The LG G Pro Lite Dual is slated for an mid-October release in Russia and the specs are assumed to be watered down from the Optimus G Pro, hence the “Lite” moniker.

Source: Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru (translated to English)
Via: Pocketnow