Google Play Store Now Offers Carrier Billing For Books, Music, Movies and Apps

For those of you who enjoyed carrier billing when it came to apps on the Android Market, guess what?  Google is now offering direct carrier billing on the Play Store for everything else as well.  Now, you can consolidate your music, books, movies and apps onto one bill if your carrier is on the list above (sorry Verizon users).  We’re pretty thankful that Google is offering this as for some, it’s extremely convenient.  So, from here on out, when you purchase something, your device will now prompt you as to what method of payment you prefer.  If you’re not into consolidating and the whole convenience thing, just opt out.  What’s your preference?  Feel free to drop a comment or two below.

source: Google+


Samsung Reminds Us We’re Only One Day Away from the Next Galaxy

The end is nigh my friends. The Samsung Galaxy S III will finally be unveiled tomorrow during Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked Event in London and for those of you who want to see the unveiling for yourself, Samsung will be airing the event for your viewing pleasure. Not only are we going to see the highly anticipated GSIII (or the Next Galaxy phone, we still don’t know the official name), rumor has it Samsung could also be announcing a new Galaxy Tab and may even unleash their new cloud storage solution called S-cloud.

To see the event on your mobile device you are going to want to visit the ‘The Next Galaxy’ website, and from a desktop you can either go there or the Samsung Mobile Facebook page. If you are unable to watch as it happens live, have no fear because our own Chris Stewart will be there to relay all the gritty details. We will even have a hands on demo shortly after the event wraps up! So even if you do watch the video you will want to be sure to tune in shortly after the event to see this bad boy in action. We are so close now.

The show will begin at 7PM sharp UK time (2PM EST) at either of the source links below.

Samsung Mobile Facebook

AT&T HTC One X review: The best Android phone hands down

HTC admittedly had a tough 2011 so they promised that 2012 would be better with fewer models and more focus. In late February they unveiled the One series, which consisted of the One X, One S, and One V. If HTC had it their way, that would be it, but unfortunately it’s impossible to make one device compatible with all carriers, and I’m not just talking about the radio. They had to offer a One X XL to satisfy other markets with a different processor.

While many people overseas have been enjoying the One series for a little over a month, these models finally made there way to the U.S. T-Mobile just launched the One S and AT&T will launch the One X (really the XL) in a few days. To further complicate things, the EVO 4G LTE, another One X variant will land on Sprint in the coming weeks.

This review is on the AT&T One X, which will be released on May 6 for a very competitive price of $199 with no rebates. When you consider the One S is on T-Mobile for the same price after a $50 mail-in-rebate, this is an amazing price. This is my full review, but you can also check out my quick hands on as well.

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Apple Loses Another Patent Infringement Claim, This Time Surrendering Victory To Motorola


Apple has taken yet another major blow in its neverending war against competition Android, this time seeing Motorola see sweet victory. Apparently federal judge Richard A. Posner has ruled that Apple’s “finger-swipe” patent infringement claim against MOTO was not the same as tapping an item on screen. His decision addresses Apple’s claim that six applications available on Motorola Mobility-made devices, including those used for browsing photographs, musical album covers and YouTube Inc. videos, infringe its touch-screen finger-tap functionality patent. Apparently, Posner didn’t want to hear any of it and shared the following:

 “Apple contends that the finger swipe is equivalent to a finger tap because the two gestures are interchangeable. If consumers distinguish between the two, they are not interchangeable”.

Another day, another frivolous claim tossed out the door. Here’s hoping this is another step towards seeing the end of ridiculous lawsuits from Apple.

source: Bloomberg

Buy a Kia K9 and get a special edition Galaxy Tab 10.1

I’m not sure this is enough of an incentive to buy the Kia K9, but Samsung just entered into an agreement with Kia Motors in which they will equip the soon to be released vehicle with a special edition of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  This doesn’t appear to be an ongoing offer as it looks like only those that pre-register for the K9 will get their hands on it. The K9 is supposed to be be available in June.

What’s so special about this Galaxy Tab? Not sure exactly, but what we do know isn’t going to wow you. Apparently it will help you learn about your new vehicle with a quick guide of its features. Other than that nothing else was mentioned.

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Samsung Galaxy S III to be dressed in both white and blue

In today’s not so major news, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in both blue and white. This is far from shocking, but news is news. GSM Arena got a tip that the Carphone Warehouse inventory system has it listed in both of these colors. This of course confirms what we reported a couple of weeks ago. There was no listing for a black version, which is quite interesting. Will anyone miss black?

source: gsmarena



Google Patent Reveals Android Beam Meant To Do More?


Google and Oracle are still going at it pretty strong and even though Page, Schmidt, Ruben and Google in general have been handing Oracle’s rear to them on a platter, quite a number of tidbits have been revealed over the course of the trail.  All sorts of factoids have been coming out about the Android OS, which I’m sure Google isn’t ultimately pleased about. However, from a tech journalist’s perspective, it’s flat out juicy news.  The latest to be revealed from the trial is a Google patent revealing NFC functionality between Android handsets.  The only question here is, could this be referring to Android Beam or something else?

Android has had Beam since at least October of 2011 which isn’t new news, however, the patent revealed other aspects of the technology dubbed “sharing application states”, to work with apps and functions like messaging, phone call status and playback positions for video and audio.  So, now that we’ve seen how Android Beam has come into play, could there be something else up Google’s sleeve with the function?  We sure hope so.  Stay tuned as we dig a little deeper to find out exactly how Google intends to use Beam in any other way other than just transferring items between devices.

source: USPTO 



Motorola Highlights Success As A Company, But Claims China Is Still Investigating Acquisition By Google

Motorola has had quite the successful year. Head honcho Sanjay Jha highlights:

 “The introduction of RAZR™ MAXX marked another successful addition to the Motorola product family and contributed to our growth in smartphones. Our Home business delivered another solid quarter highlighted by improvement in year-over-year profitability”.

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