Asus launches refreshed FonePad 7 for $137


Asus in the Philippines has launched a redesigned version of their FonePad 7 tablet. The new variant has model number FE170CG and is said to be significantly lighter and thinner than the original model. With a smaller body, however, comes slight spec declines. The screen resolution goes from WXGA to WSVGA, internal memory from 8 GB to 4 GB, and camera quality from 5 MP to 2 MP. The rest of the hardware remains identical to the original version.

The new device, FE170CG, is currently available in Philippines and is priced at PHP 5,995 (about $137).

Source: YugaTech
Via: GSM Arena


Google Play Store quick purchases of Google-endorsed hardware and accessories.finally has a mobile-optimized site


It took entirely too long, but Google’s Play Store finally has a mobile web version. Going to on any mobile device allows you to see a version of the site optimized for smaller touchscreen devices. Obviously this doesn’t matter if you’re on Android and have the Play Store as an app on your device, but for iOS, Windows, and other platforms, it makes it easier to browse the store.

Also, there’s a section on the mobile site called “Device,” that allows you to quickly purchase Google-endorsed hardware and accessories. If you’re on a mobile device, tap the source link below and check it out for yourself.

Source: Google Play


TalkAndroid Daily Dose for May 23, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Motorola Modality Services now updateable through Play Store

New mobile app and features coming soon for YouTube creators

Allcast gets support

IFTTT adds eBay and Netatmo Weather Station to its lineup

Setting reminders with Google Now just got a little easier

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Comcast may be another company eyeing a bid for T-Mobile


We’re still dealing with Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner, and it looks like the cable giant is considering making a bid for T-Mobile, too. Analysts seem to believe that with AT&T buying DirecTV, the pressure that will be put on Comcast to match video delivery will finally tip them into jumping into the wireless industry. In the short term, Comcast may pursue WiFi-MNVO deals, such as reselling Verizon airspace. Long-term, though, that’s not going to be very profitable for a company as large as Comcast, which is where purchasing T-Mobile comes in. Read more

Sony D2403 pops up in benchmarks, looks to be entry-level device with a high amount of internal storage

xperia d2403 benchmark

A GFX benchmark for a new Sony device has shown up in the wild. The device has a model number of D2403 and looks like it’ll be a pretty solid mid-range offering in Sony’s Xperia lineup. We’re seeing a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel rear camera, and a 4.4 inch qHD screen. Best of all, it looks like the phone will have 16 GB of internal storage, which is a rarity for budget devices.

This one won’t knock off Sony’s high end flagships, but for people looking to save a few bucks, keep an eye out for this one to become official.

source: GFX Benchmark

via: Xperia Blog

Huawei announces Honor 3X Pro and Honor 3C 4G

huawei honor 3x pro

Huawei has updated their Honor lineup of aggressively priced, high spec devices with two new handsets, including the Honor 3X Pro and the Honor 3C 4G.

The Honor 3X Pro is pretty similar to the existing Honor 3X, but it has a 1080p screen instead of a 720p screen, twice as much internal storage space, and a new texture for the back of the device. Otherwise, it’s the same as the older model with a 5.5-inch display, 13 megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM, and an octa-core MediaTek processor. The 3X Pro is priced at 1,698 yuan, 272 US dollars. Not a bad deal. Read more

You can now ask Google about your upcoming car rentals

Google Now car rental

Google Now keeps track of a lot of things for you, but sometimes it’s more useful to be able to ask your phone a direct question and get an answer back, especially when it comes to things like car rentals. Thanks to the latest update from Google, you’ll now be able to use Google voice search about any car reservations you have, and it’ll pull information directly from your Gmail account and display it for you. If you already have a reservation, the app will pull up all the details for you, including pick up and drop off times. And if you haven’t made a reservation, well, it won’t return anything and you know what the next item on your to-do list should be.

source: Google+

Buy an HTC One (M8) through AT&T and get $50 off a Fitbit Flex or Fitbit One

HTC One 2014 Press render

If you’re thinking about picking up a new HTC One (M8), now’s a good time to do it. AT&T is offering $50 off either a Fitbit One or a Fitbit Flex when customers purchase a new HTC One, cutting half of the price off of both fitness trackers. As a side note, AT&T points out that their version of the HTC One (M8) is the only model in the US to come preloaded with the Fitbit application.

If you remember from HTC’s M8 reveal, the Fitbit integrates very well with the HTC One, showing your progress and achievements in BlinkFeed, which is a nice touch. The One is obviously not the only device that works with Fitbit devices, but it’s definitely an attractive option, especially with this deal.

source: AT&T

Gmail interface redesign hinted at in leaked images

Gmail UI redesign

Not too long before Google pushed out an update revamping the Google+ interface, Yoel Kaseb was responsible for leaking some images of what the interface update would look like. While there were some tiny details that weren’t correct, his images were pretty accurate for the most part. Today, Kaseb is teasing a few more images showing a new interface for another one of Google’s big products: Gmail. Read more