ASUS teases us once again in preparation for Computex 2013


Earlier this month ASUS released a teaser video in preparation for Computex 2013 making use of the tagline “We Transform.” The company is at it again, this time releasing just a picture, seen above. There is a bit too much room for speculation here as this could be pretty much anything, ranging from a tablet, phone, both, or something entirely different. Only time will tell. Check back for updates as Computex 2013 approaches. Be sure to drop your predictions below in the comments.

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HTC rumored to only release a limited number of One Google Edition units for the general public



So now that the HTC One Google Edition is very likely on the way, it’s only natural that HTC will be prepared to accommodate the presumably high demand and avoid various shipping problems by unleashing a boatload of Google Edition units, right? As Lee Corso would say, “not so fast my friends”— it appears that HTC will be releasing only a limited number of units for the general public. As indicated by an unknown Pocket-lint source, HTC will unleash “around 1 per cent of total sales of the device so far”— so if total sales are at 5,000,000+ units so far, then we should hypothetically expect something like 50,000 One Google Edition units available to the general public. If this is true, then there would almost certainly be some pandemonium for this specialized version of the device– which may or may not be a positive thing for HTC at this time.

Of course there is nothing totally concrete just yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see how everything plays out upon the device’s imminent release.

source: Pocket-lint

Meizu MX3 circuit board image hints at 5.5-inch or larger device


An image of a new circuit board for a smartphone Meizu is believed to be working on surfaced yesterday and some analysis seems to yield some clues as to the specifications for the new phone. We previously reported on a leaked render of a Meizu MX3, believed to be the successor to the MX2, which shows a phone with a thin bezel and reminiscent of the HTC One. Up until now, most speculation has been the device will come with a 5.1-inch full HD screen. The photo of the circuit board has led many to believe the device may actually come with a 5.5-inch or larger screen. Read more

HTC video showcases their history of handhelds to smartphones


If you headed out for the Memorial Day weekend early on Friday and spent time away from the ‘net, you may have missed a new video posted to YouTube by HTC. The video picks up the HTC story in 1997 and shows the evolution of their handheld device technology from personal digital assistants to today’s latest and greatest smartphone from HTC, the HTC One. The devices are a mix of both their own branded devices and those carrying the name of other tech industry players. HTC also plays up some of the innovations they brought to the market like sliding keyboards for smartphones, the first Google Android smartphone, their HTC Sense skin for Android devices, and the first 4G Android phone. You can check out the almost 3 minute long video after the break. Read more

Lambda Labs to release a facial recognition API for Google Glass developers


Lambda Labs is a startup company that released a beta facial recognition API for Google Glass last year. Co-founder of the company, Stephen Balaban, says that the next version of the API should be available to developers within a week. Since launching the beta, Balaban says the company sees over 5 million API calls per month and usage by over 1,000 developers. Not too bad for a startup making an API for a product that hasn’t even been released to the public yet.

The new API will allow developers to integrate facial recognition like finding friends in a crowd or making intelligent contacts in your device based on the faces it can recognize. It might sound a little privacy invasive, but it doesn’t do the recognition in real-time. Glass snaps a picture, uploads the picture to a server that handles the recognition, then sends the notification back to the device. Still, it’s a pretty creepy, but cool, thought. Hopefully we’ll hear more about it in the near future.

source: TechCrunch

Umeox X5 smartphone officially outed, shows off its 5.6mm profile in the process



Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the X5 smartphone— also known as the world’s thinnest smartphone. This intriguing device is developed by Umeox— a brand that’s quite popular in China, but a fairly relative unknown elsewhere in the world and comes in at 118 x 60 x 5.6mm. The 5.6mm profile effectively makes the device the world’s thinnest smartphone as of this time— taking the title from Huawei’s Ascend P6 for the time being.

Unfortunately, while the device will come in a thin profile, there is little else known about what will be inside of the device— so we don’t know what processor will be used or what type of camera will come with the phone until its July release date. Fortunately— the device will arrive with Jelly Bean loaded up, so that can be a bit of some silver lining for prospective customers out there.

source: GizChina

HTC may be working on a new smartphone with Liquidmetal casing for the second half of 2013



HTC is keeping up the positive momentum in relation to the development of its flagship devices and there’s a new rumor surfacing out there that may continue to keep its competitors on its heels. Reports are coming in that HTC is considering the building of a smartphone with a Liquidmetal casing— which is an alloy nearly resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, HTC would look to keep the possibly use of the material locally by emploring Taiwanese firm Jabon International to provide the Liquidmetal chassis. As of now, Apple is the only manufacturer that has its sights on utilizing this technology in future devices, but the devices wouldn’t appear for a while— meaning HTC could more than certainly have a head start on Apple by introducing Liquidmetal-based devices as early as the second half of 2013.

source: Digitimes

Nexus 7 with Android 4.3 receives Bluetooth certification


Well look what the cat dragged in. A Nexus 7 with Android 4.3 onboard just showed up at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) website. This means it was just certified. Actually it was certified on May 27th, but what is unusual is the model number. It shows as ME307T, which is the same model number as the original Nexus 7. We all know that a new and improved Nexus 7 is on the way, but I would think that it would have a different model number. As to the version of Android, you will notice the Software Version Number is JWR11, which is assumed to be Android 4.3.

I am not a Bluetooth certification expert, but I highly doubt ASUS would need to re-certify the original Nexus 7 for just Android 4.3, so there has to be newer hardware. Since this information is actually available on the Bluetooth SIG website, we know it can’t be fake. Whatever it is, it’s just one more piece of evidence that we are going to see a new Nexus 7 very soon.

source: Bluetooth SIG

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LG confirms it’s not working on new Nexus device… for now at least



We may see the Nexus 4 as a resounding success, but it appears that LG is possibly throwing in the towel when it comes to the future development for Nexus devices— well for now at least. Contrary to what we’ve heard before, LG Europe Vice President Won Kim asserts “the Nexus 4 was a great success despite the production problems for us and Google… However we do not need such a marketing success again“. Additionally, Kim argues that there is no need for the release of a flagship device with stock Android build in. When posed the question regarding the freshly announced Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Edition smartphone, Kim is blunt in his thoughts about that type of device by arguing LG has “no plans to provide our devices like Samsung has now done. This has no added value for us without our own skins“.

So does this mean that LG has its eyes on refining and developing its own unique devices? Not necessarily folks. While speaking with The Next Web, an LG spokesperson confirmed “what Mr. Won Kim said is that we are not currently working on a Nexus 5, which is true. But that doesn’t mean we would turn down the opportunity“. So in essence, there is a possibility that while they aren’t working on the next Nexus device, it doesn’t mean that we’ll never see a future LG-based Nexus device ever again. After all, LG certainly doesn’t want to see its competitors claw back into the hearts of the masses again, right?

source: All About Phones
via: The Next Web

The white Nexus 4 is official and will be available on May 29 in Hong Kong


A white Nexus 4 was rumored for a long long time folks, and it’s finally official. LG just announced that it will be available in Hong Kong on May 29 with global introductions such as Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East “over the next several weeks.” It has the same specs as the black Nexus 4 such as a 4.7-inch (1280 x 768) True HD IPS Plus display with 320ppi, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, and 2GB of RAM. Nothing was mentioned about Android 4.3, but we expect to see that update soon. Hit the break for the press statement.

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