Dell announces Venue 7 and Venue 8 Android tablets, beginning at $149

dell_venue_7When Dell said that they were reviving their Venue brand, most thought they were referring to Windows tablets. And they were, but not just Windows tablets. Dell just announced the Venue 7 and Venue 8 at a press event in New York City. The Venue 7 and 8 run Android 4.2.2, which will be upgradable to KitKat once its released, and will come in both WiFi and 4G versions.

Specs are what you’d expect – 1,280 x 800 IPS screen and a 2GHz dual-core Intel Z2580 processor, with 16 GB of internal storage for the 7, and the option of 16 or 32GB for the 8. The Venue 7 of course has a 7 inch display, while the Venue 8 has 8 inches of screen space. Both come with a MicroSD slot. The price for the Venue 7 is set at $150, while the Venue 8 will cost $180. Release date is set for October 18.

You can check out the press release past the break.

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Premature SPIGEN Nexus 5 case on Amazon met with sarcastic reviews, hints at October 31 release date


The Nexus 5 should be announced later this month, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from offering cases for the upcoming device. Probably built on dimensions given by phone manufacturer’s specs beforehand, or possibly even guesswork. One of the manufacturers, SPIGEN, has posted a Nexus 5 “slim fit” case on Amazon and set October 31st as the release date. This coincides with what we have been hearing. Not only that, reviewers had a little fun with it.

Some of the comments are legitimate, saying the case doesn’t fit their test Nexus 5 because it is too loose, but some are intentionally sarcastic, like “This fits very well around my vapor edition Nexus 5, as snug as a bug in a rug. a word of caution, the case adds weight to the phone, the phone weighs exactly 0.0 pounds with out the case, the case adds a few ounces to that 0.0 pounds.” Head to the source link for more sarcastic goodness.

Source: Amazon
Via: PhoneArena

Early Android 4.3 test firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note II leaked

Samsung_Galaxy Note II_press_shotYesterday, Android 4.3 test firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 managed to leak, and today we have 4.3 test software for the Galaxy Note II. Posted on the XDA forums, firmware N7100XXUEMI6 is still extremely premature, as Samsung just began testing it a week ago.  With 4.3, the Note II gets core UI elements to look more like Galaxy S4/Note 3′s interface, including the tabbed settings. In addition, Samsung Knox and Wallet are present in 4.3.

There are probably going to be a few bugs being so early, so if you’re planning on trying it, download at your own risk. Head to the source link for instructions.

source: XDA Forum
via: SamMobile

Sprint HTC One to receive Android 4.3 today


President of HTC America Jason Mackenzie just announced the Sprint HTC One will get Android 4.3 today. As you know, Jason was hopeful that all U.S. carriers would get the update by September. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but you know how carriers can be. Yup, annoying.

With the Canadian HTC One already updated, we should give a round of applause to HTC for a job well done. The other U.S. carriers aren’t updating yet, but hopefully they aren’t too far behind. The bottomline is that HTC has delivered the update to them in a timely manner. HTC can’t control the carriers, although we wish they could.

Sprint didn’t offer much of a changelog, but hit the break to see it.

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Bluetooth SIG and Alliance for Wireless Power connect on new specification for smart charging stations


Apparently someone issued a memo urging companies to take a bigger interest in wireless charging as we have yet another bit of news from that field. The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) announced today that they have entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Bluetooth SIG to establish a formal relationship between the entities for the purpose of creating smart wireless charging station standards. According to the press release, the Bluetooth SIG has issued a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for A4WP as part of the baseline system specification (BSS). A4WP will use the Bluetooth Smart standard to establish and maintain charging sessions. According to the press release, consumers will benefit in the following ways:

  • Consumers will benefit from devices initiating a charge more quickly when coming into contact with charging surfaces
  • Consumers will also see improved power control features such as giving one device prioritized charging when multiple devices are charging at the same time
  • OEMs and developers will be able to create a new class of applications to leverage these smart wireless charging stations (e.g., mobile payments, location based services)

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HTC faces U.S. import ban after ITC judge rules in favor of Nokia


According to an International Trade Commission judge, HTC infringed on two Nokia patents involving the enhancement of transmission and reception of phone calls. Since this is a preliminary ruling, HTC has a little time to rectify the situation before the final ruling takes place in January.

The chip involved in the patents is made by Qualcomm and could result in a U.S. import ban on the HTC One and other newer phones. According to the Wall Street Journal, HTC is working with Qualcomm to come up with an alternative before the final ruling. HTC could also opt for a licensing deal with Nokia if something can’t be worked out with Qualcomm.

HTC is just one of those companies that can’t do anything right lately. They do offer some of the best phones, but they continually fail to market them. With losses starting to pile on, and continued problems like this, one has to wonder if HTC is going to be able to survive much longer.

source: WSJ

Nexus 5 to raise the bar with MEMS camera technology


Earlier today we reported on some new specs that were discovered for the Nexus 5, including the camera having optical image stabilization (OIS). We initially thought that addition by itself would go a long way in addressing the shortcomings historically found in Nexus devices. Google appears to be stepping things up even more though as it appears the device will be equipped with a MEMS camera. MEMS technology, or microelectromechanical systems, is coming to market thanks to a company called DigitalOptics. A MEMS camera has three important benefits compared to current technology:

  • focus operations take place much faster, with some claiming the improvement is as much as 7 times what current cameras are capable of;
  • the camera is capable of capturing several images virtually at the same time, allowing for “refocusing” on different areas of the image at a later time;
  • less power use will help the camera not consume so much battery life;
  • fewer moving parts and lack of contact between the parts should result in longer life.

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Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 3 with curved display next week, LG to follow up with the curved LG Z


Since Samsung confirmed a Galaxy Note 3 with a curved display for this month, we can’t be too far off. Samsung Sinjonggyun representatives told reporters that it would be “released next week.” Expect it to very expensive and to be very limited.

Earlier in the week it was revealed that LG will not sit back and watch Samsung take center stage because they will unveil their own smartphone with a curved display. ZDNet in Korea found out it will be called the LG Z. The Z series will most likely be used for these type of phones moving forward. They are also reporting that it will have a 6-inch display, which contradicts the report we heard earlier in the week indicating that LG was going to mass produce 4.5-inch flexible displays. No word on when LG will officially announce the Z just yet, but one as to wonder why they would go with “Z” since it’s already being used by Sony?

sources: DDailyZDNet Korea
via: UnwiredView

Hulu Plus now supports Chromecast


Ever since the Chromecast was unveiled in July, people have been begging for more apps. Even Pandora, which was announced as supporting Chromecast, hasn’t updated their app yet.

However, today is a great day for Chromecast owners because Hulu Plus is now officially supporting it. Now we have more options for our viewing pleasure since Netflix doesn’t always offer the best selection.

The update is already in the Play Store and the Apple App Store. Hit the break for download links (Android).

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Nexus 5 Android 4.4 log file reveals OIS, USB OTG support, and updated stock apps


Last week, a log file for Android 4.4 from a Nexus 5 was leaked. It revealed some goodies, but we have a few more thanks to continued sleuthing. It looks like the Nexus 5 is going to get USB OTG support, which is a nice addition. Also, the camera has never been the bright spot on past Nexus devices, but things are hopefully changing because the Nexus 5 will have optical image stabilization (OIS). Most of the flagship phones feature this except for Samsung’s Galaxy series. Lastly, we can expect an upgrade with many stock Android apps. This is normal, but we can tell where the major upgrades are by the version numbers. The following list of stock Android apps show the current version followed by the updated version on the Nexus 5…..

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