Leaked pictures show Toshiba AT10LE-A 10-inch Tegra 4 tablet with keyboard dock


Recently we reported on a new Toshiba tablet sporting the Tegra 4 showing up in benchmarks. Today we bring you alleged photos of not just the device, but also its companion keyboard dock.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it is safe to say the the AT10LE-A is a high-end, 10.1-inch tablet, powered by the quad-core Tegra 4 processor clocked at 1.8 GHz. As you can see in the slideshow below the tablet will also include a microSD slot, mini-HDMI output and stereo speakers. The tablet is also confirmed to be running Android 4.2.1. Hit the break for images of this promising new device.

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HTC Extends Cash Back Incentves to May 19th; Redeem by June 19th


For those of you looking for another reason to buy the excellent HTC One, HTC has extended their $100 trade-in program again, just begging you to take their money. The deal was already extended once to make up for the multiple delays, but it’s now extended again to May 19th, allowing people who purchase the One before then to send their old phone in for a hundred dollar gift card. Phones must be sent to HTC by June 19th, allowing consumers over a month to participate.

As you can see above its as simple as buying a One, registering it on HTC’s site and mailing them your old phone. In some cases you may even get more than the $100 minimum value. Once HTC receives your old device, they send you a prepaid Visa card with either $100 or the value of your phone (whichever is worth more). This could be the last time they extend the offer, so be quick, deals like this don’t happen often.

The HTC One is available to order in a number of places, so if you were thinking of picking one up, now is the time. $100 is a lot more than you will get for the majority of old devices elsewhere.

Source: HTC  / Click here to sign up

Samsung KNOX is secure enough for the Pentagon


Samsung has been stepping up its game for enterprise security. Their latest offering is KNOX, which will be available on the Galaxy S 4 soon. KNOX not only addresses the security needs for enterprise, but it also addresses the concerns for employees personal privacy. In a nutshell, it keeps work stuff separate from personal stuff by creating two different personas on one phone. It appears the U.S. Department of Defense will grant an approval for Samsung Galaxy smartphones (most likely the Galaxy S 4) as well as Apple iPhones and iPads.

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LG CEO meets with Larry Page to improve partnership, confirms another Nexus phone is in the works


Larry Page met with LG Electronics CEO Koo Bon-joon in Seoul last week to discuss ways to improve their partnership and how to form an alliance in futuristic projects. When it comes to mobile market share, it’s dominated by Samsung and Apple, but LG wants a bigger piece of the pie. Word is that LG is already working on the next Nexus phone, but it appears that LG wants to extend their partnership in TVs and Google Glass as well. As to TVs, LG is looking to implement Google TV in their OLED TVs. Nothing was mentioned regarding Glass, but it has me intrigued.

LG is definitely in the upswing as their sales have been strong for both smartphones and TVs, and they are now in the third position behind Samsung and Apple for mobile market share. I will say that LG seems to be doing it right with building the Optimus brand as well as investing heavily in proprietary features such as the Value Pack for the Optimus G Pro. If LG plays its cards right, they just might be able to steal more market share from both Apple and Samsung. Could we be looking at a three way race this time next year?

source: Korea Times

Latest Android Distribution Reveals Gingerbread Down 1.3% and Jelly Bean Up 3.4%


As can be seen in the above graphic, Jelly Bean continues its growth, which is nowhere near last month’s increase of 8.5%.  Unfortunately, the numbers still aren’t at a point where Google (and Android customers) should be satisfied.  Of course the Jelly Bean numbers will naturally rise as newer phones are released and older phones become discontinued, but we would like to see this happening at a much higher rate— this starts with the manufacturers.

They need to start developing their skins/bloatware for updates more efficiently, or getting rid of it altogether. (Which would make a lot of us pretty happy.)  Stock Android with unlocked bootloaders for all phones is still somewhere in fantasyland, but hopefully the imminent release of Android 4.3 (or 5.0) will make OS-integration simpler.   Read more

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for May 1, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review: The smartest smartphone ever


HTC ditching HTC Watch support in 6 countries on May 31

EA Brings iOS Hit Monopoly Hotels to Google Play, Lowers Price of Need For Speed: Most Wanted to $0.99

T-Mobile offers MLB.com At Bat 2013 for free through June 30th

Ingress players level 2 and up begin receiving extra invitation codes


Samsung quietly working on the EK-GN120, a Galaxy Camera that’s also identified as a mobile phone

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Ingress players level 2 and up begin receiving extra invitation codes


If you’ve been enjoying Google’s augmented reality game, Ingress, you’ll soon have the chance to invite some buddies to join the fun. The Ingress profile on Google+ has announced that all players over level 2 will be getting some invites to hand out to friends, which is great news for everyone. So if you’re already playing, get some friends on board. If you haven’t gotten an invite yet, now’s your chance to start bugging your buddies for one.

source: Google Plus

Android tablets pull ahead in Q1 2013, running on 56.5% of all tablets shipped


IDC has released their numbers for tablet market share in the first quarter of 2013, and it looks great for Android tablets. In the first three months of the year, 27.8 million Android tablets were shipped, up 247% from Q1 last year. The 27.8 million tablets also happen to make up 56.5% of all tablets shipped during the quarter, snagging the top spot from Apple. Apple’s share dipped to 39.6%, which is almost a 20% decline in market share from the previous year. While Apple didn’t ship less tablets, (they actually shipped almost 8 million more than they did in Q1 2012) there was a significant boon in the tablet market compared to last year, and a ton of those tablets ran Android.

Obviously, this just represents one quarter of this year, which a small slice of the pie. Android tablets have a ways to go, especially in popularity and app selection, before they can really penetrate the tablet market the way Android has done with phones. Still, though, grabbing up over half of an entire market in a quarter is a huge step in the right direction.

source: IDC

Bulletproof is a 3rd Party Application That Brings A Much-Needed Lockscreen to Google Glass


In what is definitely a huge oversight on Google’s part, the Glass software has no built-in lockscreen function. Obviously it can be assumed that there will be many changes before the rumored Spring 2014 release date since it’s a Beta product, but the problem remains for now.

Developer Mike DiGiovanni didn’t want to risk having his contacts and personal information easily swiped so he set about doing Google’s job for them, and Bulletproof was born. In a post on Google+ DiGiovanni explains its function saying, “Use combinations of swipes and taps on the side touchpad to unlock your device. The app knows when Google Glass is off your head and locks the device only at that point.” Pretty handy, and very useful. Click past the break to see it in action.

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T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z with LTE passes through FCC


T-Mobile’s version of the Sony Xperia Z seems to have passed through the FCC according to multiple documents and pictures.  Internal and external pictures are included, as well as a detailed user manual which gives away the model, carrier association, and also points out that the phone will feature WiFi calling.  The documents show that there will be an inclusion of AWS LTE (band 4) and pentaband HSPA+.

It won’t be long before T-Mobile officially announces the phone’s release to the public.

Check the pictures and documents out for yourself at the source link below.

Source: FCC
Via: Engadget