TalkAndroid Daily Dose for May 6, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!

Apple vs Samsung

Jury weighs Google’s influence after Apple-Samsung trial


Dropbox issues patch to avoid any abuse of shared links security flaw

Google Maps 8 is out and brings forth lane guidance, offline maps and several other new features

Todoist gets Google Drive and Dropbox integration as well as native file support

Motorola Connect updated to version 1.5 with support for MMS

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Motorola Connect updated to version 1.5 with support for MMS


The desktop software and Android app for Motorola Connect got a rather large update today, adding support for a number of MMS features that weren’t available before. This features include the ability to display MMS messages, both picture messages and group messages. Users can also now respond to these messages, but only in SMS form.

Other new features include better contact matching and phone number format. Hit the break for the Play Store download link!

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Jury weighs Google’s influence after Apple-Samsung trial


According to the jury foreman in the Apple-Samsung trial, the introduction of Google into the trial has raised questions about Apple’s true motivations.

The trial ended with Apple being awarded $119.6 million due to Samsung infringing in 3 patents. Despite having to pay Apple, this was considered a victory for Samsung, mostly because this number was far less than the $2.2 billion that Apple was seeking. Not only that, but the jury also found that Apple infringed on one of Samsung‘s patents, and Samsung was awarded $158,400.

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White Moto E listed on Indian import and export site Zauba


Motorola has an event planned for May 13th in London, but they also happen to be holding an event in India on the same day. There has been a lot of speculation that Motorola would be unveiling the Moto E, and if the device appearing on an Indian import/export site is any confirmation, it looks like we’ll see it unveiled in both locations in May.

The site, Zauba, keeps a track of what comes in and out of India. Zauba lists the XT1022 with a price of right around $105, after currency conversion. Considering Motorola’s tagline for the event is a device “priced for all,” it certainly makes sense that they could be taking the wraps off of a device that hits the price point between the Moto G and Moto X.

Fortunately, May 13th is exactly one week away from today, so we won’t have to ponder this one for too much longer.

source: Zauba

via: Phone Arena

Google pushes XE17 update to Google Glass to solve boot loop bug


Google Glass updates are always welcome, but like any other electronic device, sometimes those updates bring problems in addition to features. The KitKat update for Glass, for example, brought along some great new features, but it also happened to create some nasty bugs that would cause Glass to get caught in a boot loop. While Google has tried to address the issue before, they haven’t had much luck, but today’s update labelled XE17 promises to finally cure that boot looping bug once and for all.

XE17 is otherwise a pretty small update from the last version, bringing only “reliability improvements” and no new features. Still, fixing bugs and bringing stability to a beta product doesn’t hurt. Glass owners, keep an eye out for this update.

source: 9to5 Google

Sony officially releases Instagram extension app for Smartwatch 2

Sony Smartwatch 2 Instagram

Sony has released an Instagram extension app for the Smartwatch 2 that allows you to check Instagram notifications and comments without touching your phone. It isn’t a complete replacement for the app on your phone, but it’s a useful extension that will help you keep up on any notifications you’re getting. You can adjust how often the app syncs, and it alerts you with a soft vibration on your wrist. Pretty quiet and not intrusive.

The app is freely available in the Play Store, if you happen to own a Smartwatch 2.

source: Xperia Blog

Pandora for the Pebble Smartwatch now available for Android users

pebble smartwatch pandora

If you frequently listen to Pandora on your Android smartphone and also happen to own a Pebble smartwatch, you’re in luck. Pebble has made a new app for their smartwatch available that pairs with Pandora to enhance your listening experience. Unfortunately, you can’t listen to music through the smartwatch by itself, but the companion app will allow you to change stations, play, pause, and skip songs, and thumbs up or thumbs down whatever you’re listening to. Definitely handy to have to keep you from having to take your phone out of your pocket whenever you want to skip a song.

The app is available to download now, and you can grab it from the Pebble’s settings page.

Any Pebble users planning on testing this app out?

source: Pebble

Todoist gets Google Drive and Dropbox integration as well as native file support


If you’re a Todoist user, you’re about to get a few nice upgrades that should help you stay on top of sharing and managing files. The company announced that they are bringing both Google Drive and Dropbox integration, plus support for managing and adding native files.

If you’re a free user that’s previously shared a project with other users, you’ll be able to attach images, spreadsheets, documents, etc. directly from Google Drive and Dropbox from within Todoist. Unfortunately, they’re restricting that feature from users that haven’t shared any projects. Read more

Gold, rose gold, and platinum plated HTC One M8 available for purchase

HTC One M8 Gold

Goldgenie typically releases extremely expensive, gold-plated versions of popular devices, just like they did with last year’s HTC One. This year, they’ve released the follow-up HTC One M8 in three options; gold plated, rose gold plated, or platinum plated. These are the same color options as last year, and to no one’s surprise, they’re still insanely expensive. The gold model is the cheapest, costing just over $2,500, and the platinum model is the most expensive at $2,900.

You could probably buy most major flagship devices that are coming out this year for what one of the devices will cost, but hey, if you’ve got enough money to even consider buying a gold plated phone, you’re probably not worried about that.

source: Unwired View