HTC EVO 4G LTE Gets Unlocked Bootloader

While the HTC One X has been a hit with consumers and tech enthusiasts alike there has been one thorn in the paw of this lion of a phone. That’s the fact that AT&T has the device’s bootloader locked. This potential slap in the face to HTC’s unlocked bootloader policy has caused an uproar and enough of one that HTC made an official statement the other day. Some of the worry has transferred over to the HTC EVO 4G LTE offered by Sprint. Well folks you have little to worry about as it appears that HTC’s bootloader unlock tool supports the unlocking of this device. This is a potentially good sign for those who want to root their device.

While HTC does allow the unlocking of the EVO 4G LTE, it does not in fact grant S-Off. This means that you can’t flash a ROM, kernel, etc. in recovery but have to use a PC work around to do such things. Sorry folks. You will still have to wait to do those things, but it’s good news as its a step closer into that direction. So while you may not be able to flash one of the CM 9 nightlies easily just yet, chances are sometime soon you will be able to. If you’re interested in reading more on this device you can check out our initial hands on review right here. Enjoy!


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Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE unboxing and initial hands on review

The 3rd generation of the EVO will arrive on Sprint on May 18th for $199. Original EVO owners have been waiting for a reason to finally upgrade after last year’s flop, the EVO 3D. The EVO 4G LTE is a variant of the HTC One X, which is the best Android phone available now. Sprint worked with HTC to give this phone a more “EVO” look, which seems to be a love or hate it feeling with original EVO owners. The wanted to give customers a micro SD slot (not on the global version) for expanded storage, and with that came a shiny slide-out cover on the top back that just doesn’t look right because  the bottom half is anodized aluminum.  For whatever reason HTC didn’t feel they could go with the anodized aluminum on the top cover. I’m no phone designer, but did it have to be so shiny? This is my only complaint, but if I’m a Sprint customer, I can look past it because this is the best phone, and the next one down isn’t in the same “zip code.”

Other differences from the global HTC is a bigger battery at 2000 mAh, a dedicated camera shutter button, LTE compatibility, HD Voice, and the EVO signature kickstand that fits beautifully in its place. The final difference from the global version is the processor. Like the AT&T version of the One X, the EVO 4G LTE gets the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. Again this is for LTE compatibility since the NVIDIA Tegra 3 isn’t compatible.

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‘Amazing Alex’ will be Rovio’s Newest Endeavor, Follow up to ‘Casey’s Contraptions’

Rovio, the creators behind the Angry Birds franchise, is gearing up to release what will most likely be another blockbuster hit for Android gaming. After recently purchasing the rights to the popular iOS game, Casey’s Contraptions, Rovio has plans to release a successor that should appeal to many people on both Android and iOS. In an interview with Finnish TV channel Yle, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed said that the “quality pressure is high” and Rovio wants “to maintain the high standard Angry Birds fans have come to enjoy.” Although the game hasn’t been formally announced, Hed confirms that “Amazing Alex” is going to be the name of Rovio’s latest endeavor and a recent domain purchase is further evidence.

Rovio says this “fun and highly addictive take on the physics puzzler” will launch in the next two months but in the meantime we have a video showing you what you can expect. Jump past the break to see Casey’s Contraptions as it were before Rovio took over the reins. It’s pretty exciting to think how they will add their own twist to the already popular game.
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Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE now $150 at Amazon Wireless

Amazon Wireless is now offering the country’s latest and greatest smartphone, Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G LTE for only $150 on contract! What’s even more awesome about this deal is that current upgrade eligible Sprint customers can take advantage of this amazing offer as well, as long as they are cool with autographing a new 2 year contract. To have all the greatness of the HTC One X, along with super cool additions like the kick stand and micro SD card support, all for the low price of just $150 is just too fantastic to pass up. Hit the source link below to jump on this incredible deal, and remember, Friday is just around the corner!

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Featured Play Store Newbie: [Social]

You know we all have thought about rocking a turntable at some point in our lives, even if it was for only a moment. The popular iOS app has finally made it’s way to Android for the casual music creator in all of us. What’s great about the app is that it incorporates social chat allowing users to leave comments on other user’s musical creations and make connections with DJ’s and other music lovers with similar tastes all around the country. for Android is meant for devices running on Android 2.2 Froyo or higher, yet there are already some reports of the app not working well with ICS.  Hopefully we will see an update to address this in the near future. So who is ready to get their scratch and loop on? Hit the link below to get the goods.



Play Store Download Link

Are the latest Android flagship phones female friendly?

I’m sitting here today with my Galaxy Nexus by my side with its wonderful 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED display and I’m feeling a bit of tech envy towards the 4.8″ display that’s set to arrive when the Galaxy S III hits the shelves. I’ve had some hands on time with the HTC One X and its 4.7″ screen and Motorola’s current flagship device, the Droid RAZR, offers up a 4.3″ display. It seems that most Android phone manufacturers are of the view that bigger is better and with the runaway success of devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note, it would appear that they might be right.

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Nvidia’s Integrated Tegra 3/LTE Chip Delayed Until 2013

Nvidia announced their first-quarter earnings today and they made $60 million in profit and $924 million in revenue. Ok, congrats. But what we really care about is that the Tegra 3 processor with integrated LTE, codenamed “Grey”, is still not ready, and won’t be until next year.

CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said this during the earnings call:

Looking forward, you’ll see Tegra 3 LTE phones with partners’ baseband processors in the second half of this year and then next year with our own LTE baseband processors as well.

A previously-leaked roadmap suggested a delay until 2013, and this statement supports that. Huang also stated that partner baseband LTE chips might take a little longer than expected, arriving towards the end of this year. No reason for the delays were given, but Huang had this to say:

Although we don’t have LTE at the moment, LTE is predominantly a U.S.-centric phenomenon. Outside of the United States, the big superphone upgrade is quad-core.

Nvidia is missing out on the U.S. market since phones like the HTC One X are forced to use a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor instead of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip because U.S. carriers are requiring LTE on their high-end devices. The possible saving grace for Nvidia is that Qualcomm is facing shortages of their S4′s, which buys Nvidia some time to catch up.

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OpenDESIGN Promises To Reverse Engineer Manufacturer Specific Features Into CM9


The fun part of unlocking and rooting your Android phone is trying out all the cool third-party ROMs out there. But in many cases, these ROMs are missing some of the manufacturer specific features of some devices, such as S-Pen support or camera burst mode. Well fear no more, young rootmeisters, for OpenDESIGN is born.

Headed by XpLoDWilD from TeamHacksung, a subgroup of CyanogenMod, OpenDESIGN’s goal is to essentially reverse-engineer manufacturer features and build them into CM9. These features are written from the ground up and open-sourced early on to give developers a chance to keep improving the code.

This is a great project that should help make AOSP-based ROMs even more attractive to geeks enthusiasts. The site is pretty new but has a bunch of information on features that are being worked on. Developers can join them and help the cause by contributing to the project. Hit the source link for more info.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 to Launch in the States on May 13th, Lacks Rumored Quad-Core Upgrade

We finally got some official news surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2‘s availability, and whether or not it will come equipped with a dual-core or quad-core processor. When we first heard about the new slate from Samsung we couldn’t help but think that is wasn’t a very big improvement over the original Galaxy Tab 10.1, sporting only a 1GHz dual-core processor. We then got our hopes up when we heard from a Korean Samsung insider who claimed that production of Galaxy Tab 2 was halted so Sammy could double its processing power to a quad-core chip. Well, apparently that insider was left out in the cold as Samsung today officially announced the device’a pricing and availability and sure enough, it still rocks a dual-core chip. One advantage it does have over the original Tab is that it comes running ICS straight out of the box and supports microSD card storage as well. The 16GB Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is scheduled to launch on Sunday, May 13th through Amazon, Best Buy, hhgregg, Tiger Direct, WalMart, and Office Depot for $399.99.

The new Galaxy Player 4.2 will also launch on May 13th and will run $199.99 through the same retailers mentioned above. Jump past the break to see the full press release. 
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Join the darkside with inverted Instagram

Fancy taking advantage of the pure blacks and low level power consumption of your Super AMOLED screen while you use the worlds favourite photo sharing application? Of course you do, and boy do we have the solution for you. A creative developer from RootzWiki has inverted the colours from the original application and packaged it up in a handy APK ready for downloading. The new theme fits perfectly with the stock Ice Cream Sandwich colour scheme and works exactly as expected.

All you need to do is hit the link below and you’ll be good to go!



Download : Inverted Instagram



Thanks Tyler!