AOL announces content distribution partnership with Verizon, taking over browsers everywhere


In an effort to support its dying brand, AOL announced a content distribution partnership with Verizon which has some implications for Big Red smartphones and tablets running Android, Windows, or RIM operating systems. This summer, AOL will officially become the exclusive provider of the VZW Home mobile web portal, and all Verizon customers will have the AOL homepage bookmarked on their smartphone and tablet browsers. Users will be able to personalize news, weather, and other categories and tools on the AOL homepage. Anyone think this is a bit intrusive, or do you like the move by Verizon?

Check out the presser after the break.

Samsung wins in mobile market share, but Apple wins in profits


Samsung has been killing it in terms of mobile market share, but Apple still leads the way when it comes to profitability. Actually, when you really look at it, Apple and Samsung are the only companies actually making a profit from mobile according to Canaccord Genuity. For the first quarter 2013, Apple took in 57% ($8.03 billion) of the total profits made from mobile, while Samsung came in second with 43% ($6.02 billion). If you’re doing the math, you will notice that the total combined is 100%, which ironically is down from 101% for the 4th quarter 2012. The rest of the manufacturers either broke even, had losses, or very small profits.

The fact that Samsung and Apple are controlling the profits is just part of the story. Countless market share reports have shown Samsung to be winning in terms of units sold, but so far it isn’t translating into pure profit. If you look at the trend though, Samsung is poised to take the lead soon. Looking back at the 4th quarter 2012, Apple led the way with 72% ($12.26 billion) of the profits and Samsung came in second with 29% ($5.03 billion). In looking at quarter vs quarter, Apple dropped 15% while Samsung went up 14%.  Samsung still has a ways to go, but there is no reason to believe Samsung’s growth is going to slow down anytime soon. The fact that the Galaxy S 4 was approved by the U.S. Department of Defense is just another indicator that they are moving full steam ahead.

source: Barrons

LG rumored to be working on new tablet that will be unveiled in Q3 of this year



We know that LG isn’t holding back when it comes to its plans to introduce new and cutting-edge smartphones, but it appears that LG is possibly looking to take the next step and introduce some new tablets in the near-future. According to various Korean media outlets, LG is quietly working behind closed doors and working on a new tablet that will be unveiled sometime in Q3 of this year. There are no concrete details of the upcoming device— so we don’t know about the display size, processor or operating system– at least not yet. Despite the lack of details, all indications are pointing that the Korean giant is wanting to try the whole tablet thing again after its Optimus Pad tablet, which generated lackluster sales and never seemed to gain any sort of popularity. So hopefully LG’s rumored new tablet will be able to break in and get a piece of the ever-growing tablet market share and help LG to achieve its goal of world dominance for 2013.

Be sure to stay tuned with us as we will try to provide any further details that we may hear about this developing story…

source: Munhwa
via: Phone Arena

Sony i1 (Honami) coming to the U.S. this fall as unlocked only


It looks like the Sony Honami is going to be called the i1 and it will be available this fall in the U.S. as the first One Sony phone. This one (no pun intended) is all about the camera, which could possibly be the best ever in a smartphone. It will supposedly feature a 20MP CyberShot G lens and an Exmor RS Sensor. Rumors point to a body of both glass and metal with some carbon fiber.  At 10mm thick, it certainly won’t be the thinnest phone in the world, but it might be one of the best looking.

The rest of the rumored specs include a 5-inch 1080p Reality display, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a battery ranging from 2,700 to 3,000mAh battery. The i1 sounds like an incredible phone, but if you’re in the U.S., don’t expect it to be available on any carriers come fall. Word is that it will only be offered unlocked, which means expensive.

source: PhoneArena

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom could be a cameraphone with a 16MP sensor


I am not sure where the name “cameraphone” comes from, but if it’s a smartphone with a camera, isn’t it still a smartphone? Well SamMobile received some information regarding the Galaxy S4 Zoom, and they are calling it a camera phone, which doesn’t make sense. The bottomline is this is a smartphone that has a 16MP camera, a 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) Super AMOLED display, 8GB of storage, microSD slot for extra storage, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, A-GPS and Jelly Bean. No word on the processor or RAM, but don’t expect anything earth shattering.

It’s codename is SM-C1010, which means it might not be the same device that we reported last week. It’s expected to launch in June or July in both black and white, but I doubt we will see it till the later summer or after IFA 2013. We will certainly let you know more as soon as we find out.

source: SamMobile

STARZ Play, MOVIEPLEX Play, and ENCORE Play now in the Play Store


STARZ fans can rejoice because STARZ Play, ENCORE Play, and MOVIEPLEX Play has been released in the Play Store. Each app allows users to stream featured STARZ programming, movies, and original series to their Android device. All three apps have a very similar interface, and are essentially the same app, only released individually for each STARZ programming package. Play, pause, and rewind controls are implemented, and users can start and pick up their programming where they left off on either their tablet, phone, or computer.

These apps are free along with a Starz subscription for Cox, AT&T U-verse, Directv, and Verizon subscribers. Comcast users can instead use the XFINITY TV Player app to access their STARZ content.

You can download the apps from the links after the break.

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for May 6, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


How to remove apps from the Google Play Store ‘My Apps’ list


Google Babel to be called Hangouts and might not have SMS/MMS support


Intel announces new Silvermont architecture for low-power, high-performance applications


Red HTC One shows up on UK retail website

Benchmark for mysterious “Obake” smartphone for Verizon surfaces, does its best to remind us of the XT1055 smartphone in the process

Sprint variant of successor to LG Optimus G discovered?


A new filing with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group for a new LG device may point the way to the successor to the LG Optimus G. The new device carries the model name LS980, which seems to be consistent with LG devices headed for the Sprint network. Some digging on the Sprint site yielded a build.prop info page for the LS980 indicating the device will run Android 4.2.2 and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 chipset. The Snapdragon 800 is not scheduled to be available until later this year, so the release of this device may be timed to hit the holiday shopping season.

The Sprint page also reveals the LS980 will have a 1920×1080 screen, so it will likely be capable of displaying full 1080p HD video. The device will have 2GB of RAM and carries 32GB of onboard memory. However, it does not look like it will support an external microSD card for additional memory. A rear-facing camera is listed at 13MP and capable of recording full 1080p HD video. All of these specs are consistent with earlier information discovered in some AnTuTu benchmark scores for a new LG device.

source: Bluetooth SIG, Sprint
via: Android Police

Intel announces new Silvermont architecture for low-power, high-performance applications


Intel announced today their new Silvermont microarchitecture, a new design for 22nm Tri-Gate SoC chips. The architecture will offer three times the performance of current generation Atom processors while using five times less power. The new chips may help Intel get their chips into top-tier phones that seem to be dominated by Qualcomm chips. Besides making use of the 22nm SoC process, the chips also “revolutionary” 3-D Tri-Gate transistors. Intel says the architecture will also offer:

Benchmark for mysterious “Obake” smartphone for Verizon surfaces, does its best to remind us of the XT1055 smartphone in the process



Yes friends… when it rains— it pours. You all remember that one sexy and mysterious Motorola phone we mentioned recently? You know— that mysterious Motorola XT1055 smartphone we’d told you about last week is very much the real deal and on its way? Well it appears that the mysterious device may very well arrive out here in the States dressed in Verizon clothing. While nothing is concrete yet, benchmarks for an unknown obake_verizon device recently appeared on the AnTuTu benchmarking site, posting an impressive score of 18,218, while coincidentally— the XT1055 scored a 18,252. Additionally, each device features the same Snapdragon quad-core chip and the Android 4.2.2 flavor of Jelly Bean— which suggests that each device may very well be the same.

As with most leaks, it is important to note that the scores and devices may be faked, so there’s a possibility that this the possibility of some super-powerful Google MOTO devices may be a product of false hope. Then again— the beat is certainly beating louder and louder at the XT1055/obake_verizon, so we have no doubt that many of you out there are super excited at this puppy being a reality.


Sony C3 leaks, possibly Sony’s first MediaTek phone


Manufacturers in the Chinese market have been using MediaTek chips in their phones for a while now, as it’s a cost-efficient solution— the only problem is that most of these companies have not yet created an aesthetically-pleasing device using the chip.

In March we reported that Sony would be bringing something to the table, and it looks like they will because the Sony C3 packed with a MediaTek chip leaked today. Rumors point to Sony building the phone using the quad-core MT6589 processor or the updated 1.5GHz MT6589T chip. We’ll let you guys know when more information is available.

Source: GizChina
Via: PhoneArena

AT&T to release the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone Friday, May 10th



Those of you AT&T customers out there who have been itching for the 32GB variation of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone are officially in luck— the wireless carrier has officially announced it will release the 32GB version this Friday, May 10th. The device won’t cost potential customers too much money as well as the device will run customers $250 on-contract— a modest $50 increase from the standard 16GB version. Considering there have been reports of the 16GB Galaxy S 4 only having roughly half of the on-board storage space available due to the preloading of massive bloatware, the Galaxy S 4 may not be such a bad option for customers— especially those who don’t want to fiddle with the use of microSD cards.

Unfortunately, it appears that AT&T is the only carrier that will offer the 32GB version for now, but hopefully we will see other U.S. carriers with the variant sooner than later.

source: AT&T Twitter

Samsung to release Galaxy Core – a smaller, cheaper, and weaker GS3


With this year’s line of Galaxy devices from Samsung comes the Galaxy Core, a mid-range Android with specs at the level of a Galaxy S2.  The new phone has a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU and a 4.3-inch WVGA screen.  It also comes with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, an 1800mAh battery and a 5-megapixel rear camera.  The phone will be available in two colors— black and white.

As for UI, it’s running TouchWiz Nature over 4.1 Jelly Bean.  It’ll feature Smart Stay, S Voice, and Smart Alerts.

It is unclear which carrier(s) will make the phone available to their customers, but we do know that it will be released at some point this month with a dual-SIM feature.  A single-SIM version will follow in July.  We’ll wait for some more announcements from Samsung to update you guys on the new Galaxy Core. Hit the break for the full press release.

European Commission looking at Motorola Mobility’s potential abuse of patents against Apple



It looks like Google’s Motorola unit may be in some potentially hot water because of Motorola abusing some of its advantages and power over Apple. According to some objections made the European Commission, Motorola may be abusing some of its extensive patent portfolio, not allowing Apple to have a fair opportunity or chance to at least agree on some sort of licensing terms. Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia highlights:

“I think that companies should spend their time innovating and competing on the merits of the products they offer – not misusing their intellectual property rights to hold up competitors to the detriment of innovation and consumer choice.”

So in other words, the EC believes that Motorola is well… “pulling an Apple” and abusing its patent portfolio so that Apple can’t get any bigger in Europe than it is now. What’s unknown at this point is which exact patents are identified as ones where Motorola is exerting its heavy hand and power, but we’re sure we will see more details of this potentially serious case soon. Naturally this is in the early stages now, but it will be interesting to see how the EC will move forward based off of its investigation and findings.

source: Reuters

Red HTC One shows up on UK retail website


Around the announcement of the HTC One, we saw a red variant float around as a color option. HTC pretty quickly dismissed it and told everyone it doesn’t exist, but it looks like it’s shown up on a UK website, HandTec, again. While the image is still pretty blurry, it’s still a fairly detailed, clean render, so I definitely think HTC plans on putting this out at some point in the future. Hit the link below to check out the listing for yourself, but don’t try to buy one. It’s shown up as out of stock since the listing was created, unfortunately.

source: HandTec

via: Phandroid