Huawei Ascend Q now available from Cricket

by Jeff Causey on
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Readers who prefer a pre-paid contract for their phone devices now have a new option available through Cricket. For $119.99 Cricket is making available the Huawei Ascend Q. The Ascend Q is an entry level smartphone running Android 2.3 on an 800 MHz processor. Sporting a 3.2 inch display, the phone includes a 3.2 megapixel camera for photos and video and can carry up to 32GB of microSD storage. In addition to the touchscreen, the Ascend Q has a full QWERTY keyboard. Head over to the Cricket store for more info or to place an order.

source: Cricket

Samsung Unpacked Invitations sent for August 29th at IFA, Most likely the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 2

by Robert Nazarian on

As we expected, Samsung is holding an Unpacked Event on August 29th during the IFA Conference in Berlin. Germany. It’s been rumored that it will be the Galaxy Note 2 and I think those rumors will hold. The original Galaxy Note was pretty successful for such a big device (5.3-inch display) and the Note 2 promises to be even more successful. The Note 2 will most likely sport the same design as the Galaxy S III and incorporate a 5.5-inch display, while not increasing the size of the body of the original Note. We are seriously looking forward to this bad boy and we can only hope that it hits the U.S. a lot sooner than the Note did.

source: SamMobile

Ice Cream Sandwich is now ported to the Raspberry Pi

by Robert Nazarian on
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The credit card sized Raspberry Pi computer that sells for $25 now has a working version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich thanks to a port. The development community has been working towards getting Android on the Raspberry Pi with CyanogenMod 7.2 and CyanogenMod 9, but this is by far the most usable. This port even supports hardware-accelerated graphics, but unfortunately sound isn’t yet available.

This device is quite limited so this is pretty impressive. The Raspberry Pi sports a 700MHz single-core processor and only 256MB of RAM. Hit the break for a video showcasing it in action.

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Samsung Leads Market Share With Over 50 Million Smartphone Shipments For Q2 2012

by Roy Alugbue on
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The International Data Corporation (IDC) has confirmed many of the things we already know about the Android platform. According to its latest report, Samsung as expected had the most number of smartphone shipments in Q2 2012 out of all major manufacturers— despite smartphone shipments falling as a whole. The IDC reiterated Sammy’s claim of 50 million over the last 3 months, compared to 26 million from Apple. Nokia finished a distant third and accounted for only 10 million phone shipments, while “others” (which presumably includes RIM) accounted for 50.7 million smartphones in total.

The report also provides a good indication of the overall growth of smartphones. Smartphones grew at a year-over-year rate of 42.1% in Q2 2012. In addition, the total number of smartphone shipments across all smartphone manufacturers grew to a whopping 153.9 million for Q2 2012, compared to 108 million in Q2 2011. And one shocking stat: Samsung has nearly doubled its market share (from 17 percent in Q2 2011 to 32.6 percent in Q2 2012), while Nokia is continuing its painful slide to the bottom of the totem pole (from 15.4 percent in Q2 2011 to 6.6 percent in Q2 2012).

Additional details can be found once you hit past the break.

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Snapdragon S1 devices won’t get support for CyanogenMod 9 or CyanogenMod 10

by Robert Nazarian on
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In a Google+ post yesterday, the CyanogenMod team announced that Ice Cream Sandwich (CM9) and Jelly Bean (CM10) won’t be supported for Snapdragon S1 devices. One such phone is the Nexus One and they stated that it would require a custom hboot to repartition the internal memory. The fact that there is only 512MB of RAM certainly doesn’t help the matter. On top of that, compromises to the CyanogenMod code would be necessary because of the proprietary libs available from 2.3.

They went on to say that “with enough time, effort, and hacks” it could be made to work, but they don’t feel the experience is worth all of that. Other main attraction phones that have the Snapdragon S1 are the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Desire.

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Zens Introduces Samsung Galaxy S III Wireless Charging Kit

by Roy Alugbue on
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It sure does seem like an eternity since the Samsung Galaxy S III’s release to the masses. Something you may have forgotten at the original announcement of the smartphone, Samsung made a subtle mention of the Galaxy S III having wireless charging capabilities and subsequently, the wireless charging accessory that would arrive sometime before the fall. Well some of you may be a bit impatient and would love to wirelessly charge your smartphone sooner than later, so that’s why Zens has come to the rescue of all. The company recently announced a wireless charging kit that’s compatible with the Galaxy S III. The wireless charging terminal includes all the goodies and internals that can provide power to the smartphone when placed on top of the terminal.

The wireless charging kit will be available in September for 69 Euros (roughly $85). Oh and in case you care— it will be available in both blue and white, so you won’t need to worry about the consistency of the colors for your phone and charging kit. You can find more details once you hit past the break.

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Apple looks to punish Samsung for releasing court documents to media

by Robert Nazarian on
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We reported the other day that Judge Lucy Koh was a little upset that Samsung released exhibits to the media. This was done after Judge Koh ruled that they could not be used as evidence in the trial that started this week.

Yesterday, Samsung attorney John Quinn released a declaration statement as ordered by Koh. The declaration stated that Quinn did approve the release after numerous requests from the media. He also said that all documents were previously in the public record and it wasn’t intended to influence jurors,

Apple still wasn’t pleased and filed an emergency motion seeking “sanctions and other relief that may be appropriate” against Samsung for the release of said exhibits. Apple said, “This deliberate attempt to influence the trial with inadmissible evidence is both improper and unethical.” Furthermore, Apple counsel William F. Lee questioned whether requests from the media even took place. He says that press reports are saying that it was an unsolicited release and even if they were requesting it, Samsung should never have released it.

Apple could ask for a mistrial, but they won’t. “A mistrial would play directly into Samsung’s strategy of delay, and only reward Samsung’s misconduct,” they said in the filing.

It should also be noted that Samsung has been sanctioned four times in this case for discovery abuses like destroying evidence. “Litigation misconduct is apparently a part of Samsung’s litigation strategy–and limited sanctions have not deterred Samsung from such misconduct,” Lee added.

Wow this trial is getting quite entertaining. They could make a reality show out of this!!

source: computerworld


Google Posts Updated 4.1.1 Binaries for the Nexus S 4G

by Justin Crouch on
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Last month we reported that Google had resolved issues regarding the Nexus S 4G’s full aosp support, adding they could now “…properly distribute its CDMA and WiMAX binaries.” Today this goes a step further with the publishing of the, latest binaries (JRO03H Android 4.1.1) for the Nexus S 4G (Sprint). It’s a bunch of technical talk meaning one major thing: loads of new AOSP Jelly Bean ROMS.  » Read the rest

HTC Rezound Android 4.0 Update Officially Rolling Out To First Batch Of Owners

by Roy Alugbue on
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After many months and countless leaks, the HTC Rezound smartphone is finally getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update with a heavy dose of Sense 3.6. Of course HTC promised the update would be here by the end of July, but hey— better late than never, right? Early reports from XDA indicate the first wave of Rezound owners have gotten the coveted update notification and has since updated their devices. The OTA 3.14.605.12 update comes in at a hefty 299MB in size and will bring the software version. The update will bring all the ICS goodies along with a revamped UI.

If you’re a Rezound owner, feel free to check for the update now. But if you’re not— just sit back and relax as the update will come to you at any point from today.

source: XDA