Prepaid no contract Verizon Moto G available from Amazon for only $70


When Verizon decided to pick up the Motorola Moto G to offer to their customers, they decided to only make it available via one of their prepaid plans. If a 3G smartphone is sufficient for your needs and you are okay with Verizon, then you may want to jump on this latest deal from Amazon. They are offering the Moto G for only $70.

There is no indication how long this deal will be available, but a check of Verizon indicates you can still get it for a Friday delivery if you order by late Thursday afternoon. Hit the source link if you want to check out the offer or place an order.

source: Amazon

AllCast can now send media to any Chrome Browser


Recently, Koushik Dutta released an AllCast Receiver app that essentially turns any Android smartphone or tablet into a receiver device for receiving media casts from other smartphones and tablets. Koush took this one step further and released an app in the Chrome Web Store that will allow you to cast your media to any computer with a Chrome Browser.

It supports audio, video (with closed captions), and even mirroring via Mirror+webrtc (although not ideal). To use this new feature, you will need to make sure you download today’s AllCast update from the Play Store, and of course, install the Chrome app on your desktop, laptop, or Chromebook.

Koush is also promising a Chrome Sender app in the near future as well.  We have a video and download links after the break.

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Samsung announces new hardware platform to help you get healthy


Today Samsung announced a new wearable health tracker at a health related event in San Francisco. The platform is called the SIMBAND, and it straps onto the wearers wrist and users a number of sensors to track heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, hydration, and so on.

The design of the device is modular, and it uses the new Samsung Architecture Multimedia Interactions (SAMI) platform to put together data from different sources. Despite this, the SIMBAND is a prototype, and may not go on sale.

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Pocket launches $5 per month Premium subscription service

Pocket Premium

Pocket has launched a brand new subscription service, appropriately called Pocket Premium, that helps you organize and store information from the internet. The new Premium service offers a few things that the free Pocket service doesn’t, including a way to permanently save content, a new fully integrated search function, and suggested tags to keep your saved items organized.

With the Pocket Premium service, anything you save to Pocket is copied and stored forever. That might not sound so useful, but consider how often the internet and web pages change. Links break, images get deleted, servers go down, etc. Pocket makes a snapshot of those web pages and stashes them away so you will literally always have access to it, even if the site goes down or breaks. On top of that, Pocket will also automatically apply suggested tags to your content, which makes finding it that much easier. Read more

Microsoft working on real-time language translation through Skype


Many of you probably use Skype, since it’s one of the best cross-platform video chatting services available. Recently, Microsoft has been working on some new tech that will use Skype for real-time language translation across video chatting, which is pretty awesome. The initial demo of the Skype Translator beta managed to convert English to German in real-time without messing up the grammar and speech patterns of the language, which is a pretty rare thing to see in any translator. Read more

Google’s camera app getting an update with new timer and aspect ratio options


Google is rolling out an update to the Google Camera app that’s currently available on the Play Store. The update isn’t major, but it does add two new timer options for photos (3 seconds and 10 seconds) and you can now choose between either a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio for your photos. Changing aspect ratios is going to depend partly on the megapixel count of your device camera, but it’s nice to see the options there.

Google is pushing out this update slowly, like always, so keep an eye out for it in the Play Store. If you’re impatient, you can grab the APK directly from the link below, courtesy of Derek Traini on Google+. Read more

LG G Flex 2 and Vu 4 to be released in H2 2014


LG has had a big couple of weeks with the release of their new flagship, the LG G3. Despite this, the G3 isn’t the only LG product on the radar. LG has announced that they are working on two more devices, to be released in the second half of this year.

The company held a press conference yesterday in Seoul, where they announced both the G Flex 2 and the Vu 4. While the G Flex wasn’t the most successful device, it sure wasn’t disappointing, and we’ve known that LG has had plans for a sequel for some time. The Flex is currently one of the only two smartphones with a flexible display, the other being the Samsung Galaxy Round.

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Sergey Brin discusses changes to patent system to end patent trolling


Google’s Sergey Brin discussed several changes to U.S. patent law during a recent onstage presentation. Some of the sweeping changes he would like to see include the elimination of business process patents, a requirement that a patent holder actively use the patented technology, and significantly reducing the time allowed for patent protection to exist. Read more

Verizon getting Samsung Galaxy S 5 in Electric Blue


AT&T and Sprint are not the only carriers adding an additional Galaxy S 5 color. It is now said that Verizon will be adding the Galaxy S 5 in Electric Blue to its lineup. Big Red already offers the Charcoal Black and Shimmer White colors, as do most other carriers, but some have held off on the other offerings.

Are you interested in the Galaxy S 5 in Electric Blue?

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)