LG V20 renders surface showing several views of new device


Hoping to reverse the disappointment of the LG G5 launch earlier this year, LG plans to release the LG V20 next month as a successor to the LG V10. According to a report a few days ago we think we know some of the specs for the LG V20 including a 5.7-inch screen and a Snapdragon 820 processor. We did not have any ideas on what the LG V20 might look like though, until now. Sources indicate they have obtained renders of the device that not only give us an idea of what the V20 may look like, they also cue us in to some of the features that may be present. Read more

[Deal] Snag a free pair of JBL Reflect Aware C headphones with the purchase of an HTC 10


The HTC 10 was already an audiophiles dream, but HTC just stepped up its game with its latest HTC 10 deal. If you head over to HTC’s website you’ll be able to snag an HTC 10 and HTC will throw in a pair of the new USB Type-C JBL Reflect Aware C headphones absolutely free. That is a $200 pair of headphones you’ll be grabbing for absolutely no cost.

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You’ll soon be able to add an extra stop to your Lyft ride


Lyft is a fantastic ridesharing app for those of us who need to get from point A to point B, but what about for those of us who not only need to get from A to B, but to C as well? As the app stands right now getting to that pesky point C would require two separate Lyft rides, but the company is planning to fix that inconvenience very soon. In an update to the app, coming soon, you’ll be able to add an extra destination to your Lyft ride making it a seamless ride from A to B to C for driver and passenger alike.

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[TA Deals] Get to know Amazon Web Services with this bundle (87% off)


Amazon Web Services is a really big deal, powering some of the most in-demand services, such as Netflix, Reddit, Spotify and many others. AWS is, of course, used by not just those big names, but corporations and small businesses worldwide. With that in mind, knowing your way around AWS is almost mandatory and can even secure you a higher salary. There’s a lot to learn, but you can grab the AWS Engineer Certification Bundle from us and start diving into over 26 hours of instruction in preparation for three AWS exams.

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Best unlocked phones


Unlocked phones are almost always the way to go. More often than not, you’re getting a better deal than you would with buying another phone on-contract. When you go with an unlocked phone, chances are you’re going to save quite a bit of money over time. But it can be hard finding an unlocked device to fit your needs. In comparison to device’s that are on payment plans and two-year contracts, there really aren’t a whole lot of unlocked phones out there. With that in mind, we’re going to show you all the hot unlocked phones available on the market today.

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OnePlus 3 review: Third time’s the charm


OnePlus has had a history of creating great products with an Achilles Heel, dating back to their first flagship device a couple years ago. The original OnePlus One was a fantastic phone that was incredibly difficult to actually buy thanks to its invite system. The OnePlus 2 was good, but took steps backwards on many things (looking at you, NFC) and still didn’t ditch the invite system.

We’ve also had the spinoff OnePlus X, which was also pretty great, but lacked decent storage options and LTE bands for AT&T. “It’s good, but…” seems like it should be the motto of the company at this point. Everything might just be different this year.

Hit the break for our review of the OnePlus 3.

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