Latest Project Fi APK reveals group plans are in the works


Google’s Project Fi wireless service tends to fly under the radar when compared to the major U.S. carriers or even some of the second-tier carriers that focus on pre-paid plans. That status is not entirely bad for Google as Project Fi, like so many Google projects and initiatives, is a bit of a work in progress. This means Project Fi continues to work on new features for users. One of the most often requested items is a group or shared data plan option for Project Fi. A teardown of a forthcoming updated APK for the Project Fi indicates group plans may be close to becoming a reality.

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New Amazon Fire HD 8 with Alexa integration launched


Amazon launched a new tablet in their Fire HD line today. The Fire HD 8 comes with an 8-inch display, although at only 1280 x 800 resolution, it barely seems to qualify for the “HD” moniker in the name. For those interested in an Amazon tablet, something impressive will be available as Amazon brings their Alexa voice assistant technology to the tablet form factor. Read more

‘The View’ hams it up over iPhone 7, courtesy of Apple partnership


It’s expected that a company will hype its new flagship as the best thing the world has ever seen, but no one does it with as little care as Apple. We’ve seen Apple announce products and services over the years that are said to be ‘revolutionary’ but only repeat or slightly improve what we’ve had before. These loose claims of mesmerizing capabilities have long been the center of laughter for the public.

The iPhone 7, which was announced on September 7, aims to rattle the mobile industry by ditching the auxiliary port and redirecting people to the lonely in-house Lightning-based port. Like Lenovo, Apple believes it can get by with just one port for everything; however, there was tons of backlash from the public after the company confirmed the auxiliary port’s absence from the iPhone 7.

Naturally, Apple is doing everything possible to keep the negative opinions to a minimum. First up to defend the iPhone 7’s shortcoming are the hosts of ABC’s The View. There’s a special reason as to why they’re praising Apple, though.

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