Google celebrates Chromecast’s second birthday with a free movie rental


On this date two years ago, Chromecast was made available to people around the world. The technology behind it that simply mirrors content from phones, tablets, and computers to your television has been called upon nearly two billion times. Chromecast shows how affordable and simple streaming can be. It could be why the Television Academy opted to give voters their own Chromecast to view nominees for this year’s Emmy Awards. Now, on the dongle’s second birthday, Google is celebrating with a free movie rental from Google Play.

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Save up to 90% on games in the Google Play Store through the weekend


The Google Play Store is running a sale on a variety of awesome mobile games, including the hit geometric puzzle game Monument Valley. The sales will continue over the weekend, ending on Monday, July 27.

There are some other cool titles discounted, such as Hitman: GO, The Dark Knight Rising, Game of Thrones, and The Room Two. And there’s a whole lot more available! For a full list of titles on sale, be sure to hit the source link below.

source: Google Play

Best tech items to make your next BBQ amazing

bbq speaker

We are in the middle of summer and that means a lot of things: all the kids are out of school, you might be taking your vacation, and backyards are bound to be filled with entertainment.

For most people, that means buying fancy napkins and attention-grabbing cups. Those of us who love tech, however, use this time to impress everyone else with all of our gear and show them how much better BBQs can be with today’s technology.

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