Best network troubleshooting apps

At some point, network troubleshooting is relevant to just about everyone. When your internet goes down just because it can, and you’ve tried everything to try and get it back up, then you know the frustration involved in finding out what’s wrong. Beyond that, you may even have a suspicion that your neighbors or others have gotten into your network, but how do you confirm that, and secure your network against others and threats?

In these handy network troubleshooting apps, you’ll be able to analyze what exactly is going on, how fast your speeds are, how much strength different networks are holding, and so on. Perfect for work, at home, and on the go, here’s our top 5 network troubleshooting app picks for Android.

Short videos show the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its design

Go ahead, Samsung. Continue teasing the launch of your 2017 flagship. That’s not stopping the Galaxy S8 from leaking in various photographs and videos until the official announcement later this month. People are getting their hands on pre-release units and leaking the Galaxy S8 for looks that you can enjoy early.

Today there’s another leak, but this time it’s a pair of videos. They’re brief and show the phone from every angle.

Galaxy S8 preorders are rumored to go live on April 10th

The Galaxy S8 has been leaking like crazy, but there’s one thing we still aren’t completely certain about: when preorders start, and when we’ll be able to officially get our hands on the phone. We know it’ll be announced on March 29th this year, and it’s a very safe bet that April would be the launch window for the phone, but now we’ve got some specific dates to work with.

How does USB Type-C work?

We’ve already shown you how micro-USB works, but what about the next big USB technology: USB Type-C? It’s similar in a lot of ways since it’s the same general principle of being a Universal Serial Bus (USB); however, it’s better than micro-USB in almost every way.

These new USB ports aren’t just coming to phones, they’re coming to a ton of other devices as well — computers, laptops and plenty of other accessories (headphones, docking stations and more). That said, with how new the technology is, many of us don’t understand how it all works exactly. But if you follow along below, we’ll catch you up to speed!

[Deal] Add a second number on your phone from Hushed for $25!

Many people want a second number, but they don’t want a second phone. It’s probably better to avoid using your personal number for work, while dating, and on select public services where you don’t know who you’re communicating with. Your number is a piece of highly sensitive information. So you shouldn’t just hand it out easily. You need to communicate with a number that doesn’t get traced back to you. It’s backup, and we’re here to help.

Now, at Hushed, you can get lifetime access to a second number on your phone at a price exclusive to Talk Android and its readers.