Daydream is Google’s new mobile virtual reality platform


In Mountain View at Google I/O 2016, Google announced a new virtual reality platform for mobile devices. Daydream is the entire package of hardware from partners and software integrated into Android N, meaning the mobile operating system now has its own virtual reality platform to compete with Samsung and Oculus’ Gear VR before any additional rivals appear.

Let’s dive into Google’s Daydream.

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Meet Allo, Google’s new messaging app with AI built-in


The keynote speech is well on the go at Google I/O 2016, and Google has shown off Google Assistant and its Google Home device to a warm reception. One area that Google has traditionally struggled to master is messaging, with neither Hangouts nor its Messaging app quite being up to standard. In another attempt to get it right, Google has just announced a brand new messaging app called ‘Allo’ (pronounced Aloe) that leverages machine learning (AI) to generate smart replies. We have more details after the break.  Read more

Google announces Facetime competitor called Duo


At Google I/O 2016 today, Google announced a pair of communication platforms they are making available for users. The first of these is their new messaging platform called Allo. To go along with that, Google also introduced attendees at the conference to Duo, a one-to-one video calling platform for mobile devices. Like the Allo app, Duo will be tied to a user’s phone number and it will work on both Android and iOS. Read more

Google just made its Amazon Echo competitor official: meet Google Home


Ever since Amazon released the Amazon Echo over a year ago, the tech world has been awaiting Google’s competitor. The excitement really ramped up earlier this month when some leaks reported that Google was working on a competitor codenamed “Chirp.” Well it looks like those leaks have been proved true at Google I/O today; meet Google’s new home assistant Google Home!

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[TA Deals] Store 2TB in the cloud with a lifetime subscription to SkyHub Cloud


Eventually you’re going to run out of on-device storage. Phones, tablets, and even computers are not built to store a huge amount of storage. The makers of those devices are actually starting to reduce internal storage to cut costs and push consumers to the cloud. But honestly, moving everything to the cloud is difficult because of costs. Most services have a monthly fee that is unjustifiable to pay considering the amount of cloud storage offered. That’s why you need to take a look at SkyHub Cloud’s lifetime subscription offered on Talk Android Deals. You get a whopping 2TB of cloud storage that is yours for an eternity after paying a one-time fee.

You’ll be able to safely take files with you everywhere you go.

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Watch the Google I/O 2016 keynote right here!


Today, Google I/O 2016 kicks off with a keynote where all areas of the company will be showcased. We’ll see Android, Project Tango, home automation, and other areas get attention during the lengthy presentation. The livestream is up and ready to go, and you can choose to watch the keynote with us in a standard format or in a 360-degree experience if you have a virtual reality headset capable of running YouTube.

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Giveaway: Win a Nexus 6P case from VRS Design!


Who’s in the mood for a giveaway? Through the rest of this month, we’re co-hosting a giveaway with our friends at VRS Design. The prizes this time around are cases for the Nexus 6P, which is Google’s flagship that represents everything Android is meant to be. We’re giving three lucky winners their own High Pro Shield case from VRS Design that adds both style and protection to your phone. It’s a case that won’t add bulk to your phone despite the multi-layered design with Air Cushion technology.

Hit the break to enter the giveaway!

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