Motorola Releases Three New Moto X Commercials

wood-moto-x-2014Motorola’s latest flagship, the Moto X is a marvelous improvement over an already spectacular device. To highlight the specific differences that make the new Moto X shine, Motorola published three new commercials showing how convenient Moto Voice is, how safe Moto Assist is, and how stunning the much-needed camera upgrade can be. So sit back, relax, hit the break, and take in the key features of the wondrous Moto X in video form.

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Google rolls out Google Play Services 6.1 update, packs multiple API enhancements


Google Play Services received an update today, bringing the software version up to 6.1. Nothing too wild here, but there are some updates to the Google Analytics API, Google Drive API and Google Fit API.

The update is slowly rolling out, so be patient. Unless you’re a developer, not much is relevant here, but some solid enhancements nonetheless.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Android Silver plans get shelved amid “serious doubts”


The Nexus program is here to stay indefinitely. Android Silver, once seen as the Nexus program’s successor, has been shelved due to concern from within Google and its partners. The exact status of Android Silver is that it is “on hold,” according to The Information. So it looks like this fall will see the release of another Nexus phone alongside a tablet from the program.

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Google rebrands Maps Engine to My Maps on mobile devices and desktop


While most users of Google Maps make use of the normal Google Maps product, whether on the desktop or on their mobile device, other users tap into Google’s Maps Engine product to create custom maps. Starting yesterday, Google started rolling out an update to the Maps Engine mobile app that included a change to the name of the app. It is now known as My Maps and even got a new logo. Today, the Google Maps team announced through their blog that My Maps, both the free Lite version and the paid Pro version, is also coming to the desktop. 
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Samsung is about to release their own sitcom because they aren’t on your TV enough

Samsung_Sitcom_Musicom_Bright_Future_01It’s hard to watch a show these days without seeing a Samsung commercial, but it looks like Samsung is going to embark on another adventure in the hopes of getting even more presence on your TV.

They are working on their own sitcom called, “Best Future” that will be about a fictional employee of the company. Actually they are calling it a musicom since it combines a musical and a sitcom. Oh boy!!

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Glitch causing some full screen Android Wear apps to close unexpectedly


A new glitch has been identified in the Android Wear platform that results in apps closing unexpectedly. The problem is primarily connected to the accelerometer. Apparently Android Wear attempts to access the accelerometer to update the pedometer step count. In the course of doing this, the system tries to create a new card to display this new step count data. If another application that is also collecting accelerometer data is open in full screen mode, creation of the new step count card will cause a crash of the application.

A temporary workaround for the problem involves ensuring applications do not open in full screen mode. Instead, developers need to configure their apps to create a persistent notification in the context stream and give that notification an action to go full screen.

An update to Android Wear to stop this particular problem, and perhaps others that may involve sensors being accessed by more than one application at a time, will likely be developed and pushed out soon.

source: Android
via: phoneArena

New Android vulnerability described as “a privacy disaster”


Security researcher Rafay Baloch released information about a vulnerability in the Same Origin Policy (SOP) protection used by browsers running on Android devices. The SOP is used to stop malicious code from spreading from one site to sites that a user has open in other tabs. According to some sources, this vulnerability is “a privacy disaster.” It appears to be limited to the Android Open Source Platform(AOSP) Browser, which has been replaced by Chrome on more recent builds of Android, and does not impact users on Android 4.4 or higher.
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