HTC Ice View case review


Both the HTC One (M8) and One M9 shipped with a special accessory known as the Dot View case, but the company surprised people when that didn’t return for its most recent flagship. It’s actually for the better since the replacement is a lot more useful. When the HTC 10 launched in April, the Ice View case was introduced as the primary accessory. The Ice View case is a window to the phone, providing a quick look at information so you don’t have to press a physical button and swipe through menus for the essentials.

Hit the break for our review of the HTC Ice View case.

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Best icon packs


It goes without saying, Android is a big and widely accepted operating system. Android is loaded on four in five smartphones around the world. The demand for it is huge! Why? A large part of it is that Android gives the user control of their smartphone. Customization is at the center, allowing the user to design and skin their home screen in anyway possible. As a result of this, there’s a huge community of developers and designers creating thousands of different themes, icon packs, wallpapers, and more.

That’s why we run an ongoing list of all the best icon packs every month. There’s always new and vibrant icon packs becoming available, and sometimes they’re highly underrated, not getting the visibility they need. In other situations, there are icon packs that make it straight to the top, being shouted as one of the best.

Either way, our goal is to show you all the new and regularly updated vibrant and exciting icon packs. After all, there’s nothing like downloading a new icon pack and a matching wallpaper to boot, loading it on your smartphone, and essentially experiencing Android for the first time all over again.

So, what’s new this month? Find out after the break.

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Samsung rolls out new S Health features to keep up with the Gear Fit 2

samsung s health gear fit 2

With the Gear Fit 2 barely a month old, Samsung has decided it’s a good time to start tweaking and updating their S Health application. S Health has gone through a few different design changes over the years, usually with each new Galaxy S release, but it seems like they’ve found their groove with the layout and design and have only been adding features since then. Read more