Cheero Ingress Power Cube review


Battery life is a big problem when it comes to our devices. We use them a lot and, as a result, our devices don’t last very long, sometimes dying as early as noon day. Most of the time we’re lucky enough to be only a few feet away from an outlet, but what about the time where we’re not and it’s imperative to have our smartphones on?

That’s where portable battery chargers come in, and Cheero’s Ingress Power Cube seems like a perfect fit. Not only does it have a small form factor for splendid portability, but it has enough juice to charge your smartphone from dead to full four times over, depending on how big the battery is on your smartphone. And that’s just a small part of what this charger is capable of.

I can guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like the Ingress Power Cube.

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EE’s free Power Bar portable chargers are available again

EE Power Bar launches (3) (1)

The UK carrier, EE, announced a customer rewards scheme with a difference back in April by giving its members a chance to sign up to receive a free external battery pack called the Power Bar with a 2,600mAh capacity. But after receiving more than a million requests in just four days, EE had to temporarily halt accepting new applicants. If you’ve had to wait to claim your free Power Bar, you are in luck because EE has just started accepting new sign ups again.

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ITC Staff recommends clearing Samsung, Qualcomm in Nvidia case


Remember that lawsuit between Nvidia and Samsung that began late last year as a result of the graphic card manufacturer believing that the Korean company had infringed upon seven of its patents? And how Samsung hit back by first accusing Nvidia of false advertising and then by issuing its own lawsuit claiming the Nvidia had infringed upon Samsung’s patents? The International Trade Commission (ITC) stepped in soon after and have now formed a recommendation.

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Google’s Sidewalk Labs takes control of plan to provide free WiFi to New York


A while back Justin wrote an article about the LinkNYC network that plans on replacing up to 10,000 unused payphone kiosks with WiFi outlets. Each WiFi pillar is called a Link, besides free WiFi it would also serve up free charging. The Link WiFi pillars would be funded entirely through advertising, and thus not cost the good citizens of New York a penny in taxes. It sounds good, right? Read more