Android’s Hugo Barra wonders why Android tablets with a higher quality build have yet to be made


With the HTC One being currently dubbed as the best Android phone in terms of quality by many, Android’s own Hugo Barra wonders why that has yet to translate into the tablet world. It certainly does beg the question as to why an Android manufacturer has yet to make an Android tablet with great build quality like the HTC One or even like Sony’s Xperia Z. According to Barra:

If you look at the execution that HTC did on the One smartphone, it’s pristine, Why hasn’t someone done that on the tablet? Or on like ten tablets? 

Obviously it begs the question of why Google has yet to take it upon themselves in creating such a tablet, but then we remember that Google wants to provide affordable but yet high end devices to their consumers (ala the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7). Barra:

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Oppo to challenge Samsung’s Galaxy Camera series with their series of N-Lens


Yesterday, an Oppo representative confirmed rumors that they are planning on challenging Samsung’s Galaxy Camera series with a series of their own: N-Lens. With the camera likely powered by Android just like the Galaxy Camera, Oppo views this as a very important project and one that they will put a lot of attention into.

Sadly, no other information was given, but we can speculate a high resolution camera that will take great pictures in low light situations. Are you excited for other companies to challenge Samsung considering their dominance in Android?

source: Engadget 

Live in the Silicon Valley? Charging tables will be available in select Starbucks near you

Starbucks Galaxy photo

If you’re one of the lucky few wealthy enough to live in the Silicon Valley area it has been announced that select Starbucks will have charging tables with Duracell Powermat technology readily available for you to use. They already tested a few select stores in Boston, MA. With plenty of people owning smartphones and tablets these days, I’m sure it will be only a matter of time until more Starbucks will follow suit. Check out the source link below for more details!

source: Duracell Powermat

A couple small Android 4.3 features have been unearthed


With Google releasing Android 4.3 recently, we’ve viewed it as more of an intermittent update rather than new features being added. With some digging it looks like a small SMS feature has been unearthed with the ability of 3rd party SMS applications being able to send “quick responses” upon rejecting an incoming call. Although for this to work, the 3rd party application that’s in use has to be updated first in order to take advantage of this new feature.

Another added feature is that Android 4.3 now allows notifications to be read easier by applications such as Light Flow. While Light Flow works wonders for a lot, it is also quite buggy due to Android failing to read the notifications correctly. Once Light Flow and other apps like it update with Google’s new fixes, things should be a whole lot smoother.

source: Android Central

LG unveils Quick Window case for the LG G2 and comes in seven colors


Yesterday LG announced their Quick Window case for their upcoming flagship in the LG G2. While many will say it’s a copy of Samsung’s Smart Cover, and rightfully so, I actually like the route LG took with it as it doesn’t just show time and notifications. It actually has different themes for what it shows such as music widget theme, clock theme, etc. These covers will come in 7 different colors. For more information, check out the press release right below after the break!

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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for July 29, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


LG unveils Quick Window case for the LG G2 and comes in seven colors


Oppo to challenge Samsung’s Galaxy Camera series with their series of N-Lens


With root enabled, Gameboy emulator running on Chromecast


Lack of “multi-user” support on Android phones explained by Dan Morrill of Google

Google Babel project is a real-time translation service


Samsung to develop custom ARM cores for future Exynos processors

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ASUS may be working on super thin 6mm tablet device


According to an unconfirmed report on Hungarian tech site Tech 2, ASUS is working on a new tablet device that is only 6mm thick. If accurate, this would enable ASUS to grab the crown for thinnest tablet away from Sony and their 6.9mm thick Sony Xperia Tablet Z. For the time being, the Huawei Ascend P6 has grabbed the title of word’s thinnest smartphone, so a 6mm thick ASUS tablet would also beat that device.

Beyond the report of the device being super thin, no other details are known, like the size of the screen or what operating system the device might have. We will have to keep an eye out for any devices or announcements surfacing at IFA 2013 about a 6mm thick ASUS device.

source: Tech 2
via: PocketNow

Man claims Samsung Galaxy S 4 burned house down


A report out of China claims a Samsung Galaxy S 4 burst into flames while the owner, a gentleman identified as Du, was playing a game. At the time, Du had the device plugged into the wall. When the unit burst into flames, it was such a surprise to Du that he tossed it away. Unfortunately, he tossed it onto his couch which apparently was highly flammable. The resulting conflagration destroyed Du’s house. The good news is Du, his wife, and their pets escaped with only Du suffering some minor burns on his hands that did not require a trip to the hospital. Read more

The New Nexus 7 Does Not Officially Support Google Wallet


Over the weekend news that the newest version of the popular Nexus 7 does not have official Google Wallet support.  When purchasers of the tablet went to download Wallet from the Play Store they found the download not compatible with their tablet. Now before anyone suggests that this has something to do with Android 4.3 Google’s own Director of Product Management for Google Wallet, Peter Hazlehurst told the folks over at Android Police that it’s because the tablet doesn’t have a secure element. This is needed in order for Google Wallet to protect your information. Here’s what he said:

“Hi folks, there is no Secure Element in the new Nexus 7 (or the HTC One Play Edition) which is why Google Wallet isn’t supported.”

Pretty simple and straight forward. Basically without this secure element to store your credit card and billing information safely, having the app on there isn’t safe. Whether or not this has anything to do with the LTE version coming to carriers or not is anyone’s guess. Does this mean that Google’s attempt at paying via NFC is going to go the way of Google Reader? We’re not sure. Regardless, those of you buying the newest generation of the Nexus 7 in hopes of using it as a way to pay, will sadly be disappointed.

source: Android Police

With root enabled, Gameboy emulator running on Chromecast


We’ve previously reported that root has been achieved on Google’s Chromecast. With that in tow, it looks like someone on Reddit has found a way to run a Gameboy emulator on it. The news is not so much that a Gameboy emulator is possible, but it certainly opens up the possibilities of what one can do with a rooted Chromecast. Seems like the possibilities could be endless. Check out the video below after the break!

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