Microsoft releases Remote Desktop app for Android/iOS alongside Windows 8.1 release

Remote Desktop

Along with the official release of Windows 8.1 today comes Microsoft’s new Android/iOS Remote Desktop application. That’s right, there is now a “Microsoft-official” way to access your desktop remotely via your device.

Some might say that it’s hard to control your PC on a tiny phone screen, but the tile-view in Windows 8 certainly works great on the phone, as well as many Windows 8 apps. (For obvious reasons, it works better on Android tablets and iPads, due to the bigger screens.)

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$5/day passes for tablets announced by AT&T


Tablet sales for Wi-Fi only models have been booming for quite a while now. However, 3G/4G capable models have not been selling quite as well, for obvious reasons— consumers don’t want to deal with new contracts on top of their already expensive mobile phone contracts. It’s just too much money, especially because most people are afraid that they won’t use their tablet on the go enough to justify the price they’ll be paying.

AT&T has recognized this issue and is finally ready to do something about it. The company just announced that they’ll be offering a deal which will allow users to use the 3G/4G network for $5/day, letting them choose which days they want to use it. This could be great for those not wanting to pay hefty prices for hotel WiFi.

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Limited Edition Android Halloween figurine to be sold by Dead Zebra on October 21

Andrid Halloween

Android artist Gary Ham has designed a special edition, mini collectible “Trickertreat!” Android figurine. If you’d like to buy it, you can order it online at the Dead Zebra Shop in two releases— the first starting at 11AM on Monday, October 21st, and again at 11PM the same day. Quantities are limited, so figurines are limited to two per household.

If you’re interested, act fast on the 21st before they sell out.

Source: Dead Zebra

Nexus 5 press images leak, features TELUS branding

Nexus 5 TELUS

We already know that the Nexus 5 will be coming to the Play Store off-contract, and that it will also be sold by carriers in the US. We now have news that the Canadian carrier, TELUS, will be offering the device as well.

Whether it will be available through TELUS at the same time as other carriers, we don’t know. Pricing is also unknown for now.

Expect to see Google release the Nexus 5 to the Play Store by the end of the month, likely on the 28th or 30th.

Source: Mobile Syrup

Google Play Music Update 5.2.1233L Now Available, Adds “I’m Feeling Lucky Radio” Feature

Google_Music_Update 5.2.1233L_1

It wasn’t long ago that Google rolled out a version of the Play Music app which allowed genre-based radio on our Android devices and now they’ve just kicked off another phase of the application offering an “I’m feeling lucky radio” feature.  The apk, version 5.3.1233L, will slowly be rolling out to all devices (if not already) and will allow one to have the app suggest and play music based on your previous selections. The auto generated radio station will be a welcomed addition as many who aren’t sure what they’re in the mood for can allow the app to choose for them based on what they like most. As of now, it’s being reported that a “mix of everything” functionality is kind of missing and it tends to only play mostly from the genre you play most but we have high hopes for the app and that the functionality will be quickly integrated. Do you think the app has what it takes to be a Slacker and Pandora killer? With the All Access feature and now the I’m Feeling Lucky Radio functionality, we think it certainly has the potential to claim a stake in the market. Feel feel to drop your opinion in the comments below.

Update: The apk should be available for updating via the Play Store now if you haven’t received it already.

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Twitter plans to redesign and push its direct messaging system to compete with other instant messaging services


Twitter will apparently be looking to revamp and push their direct messaging service to compete with other apps like Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Apple’s iMessage in the near future. Considering Twitter is primarily about sharing things with the public, it’s easy to see how their DM system has been pushed to the back for years. Twitter has already been testing the waters by allowing users to message each other without following each other, and they’re also considering a standalone app for the service, similar to Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts.

If Twitter plans on taking this seriously, I think they’re going to find that the market for messaging apps is pretty crowded. They’ll have to contend with Snapchat, which offers extremely private picture messaging, Google’s Hangouts and Apple’s iMessage (and even Samsung’s ChatOn to an extent) that offer cross-platform messaging, Facebook’s already-well-established Messenger app that integrates with text messaging via Chat Heads, the return of BlackBerry’s BBM, WhatsApp, Line, etc… You get the picture. These apps are all too common in the mobile phone market, and only a select few manage to take a top spot and hang on to it.

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Verizon to launch a red DROID Mini soon


The DROID Mini is a great phone for those that want a more compact frame. However, it has only been offered in black. If you’re looking for another option, it appears Verizon will launch a red version soon. No word on when, but the above leaked image confirms its existence. I would imagine it will hit Big Red (no pun intended) in time for the Holidays. Meanwhile, the black version is priced at only $49.99, which is a very good deal.

source: @evleaks

SwiftKey Beta update merges the phone and tablet, brings new layouts


SwiftKey continues to solidify itself as the best replacement keyboard for Android. The Beta version has just been updated to and offers two really cool enhancements. The first is that no longer will you need to download a separate version for you tablet and phone. Both are unified in one app. The second, and even cooler, is the fact that you can undock the keyboard and resize it. You can also choose from one of three keyboard modes….

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LG’s G Pad 8.3 Now Available Online At Best Buy And In Stores Nov 3rd

LG G Pad 8.3_1

For those wondering when the LG G Pad 8.3 was going to be available in the U.S., look no further. It’s been roughly about a month since its announcement at IFA in Berlin and we’ve seen hints of the device here and there since, but LG is now making the U.S. release official. As you can tell, the device is sporting an 8.3-inch 1920 x 1200 display and will be available at your local Best Buy beginning November 3rd for in store purchase. However, if you want to jump the gun and get one now you can head over to Best Buy’s website and grab yours in either white or black for $350.  Hit the break for the rest of the specs, pics and PR info and feel free to leave your comments about the tab in the comments section below.

Key Features Include:

Processor: 1.7 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600
Display: 8.3-inch, Full HD IPS (1920×1200 pixels/273 ppi)
Memory: 2GB RAM, 16 GB eMMC ROM; microSD Slot up to 64 GB
Camera: 5MP AF BSI
Battery: 4,600 mAh Li-Polymer
Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.
Size: 216.8 x 126.5 x 8.3mm
Weight: 338g    

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom for AT&T leaks


If you’re an AT&T customer and looking for a new Android smartphone that sports a really good camera, then you will be happy to know that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom is coming to the carrier soon. Unfortunately we don’t have an idea as to when, but the leaked image confirms that it’s AT&T bound.

The Galaxy S 4 Zoom will be pitted against the Lumia 1020, which might have the best camera of any smartphone. The only problem with the Lumia 1020 is that it’s a Windows Phone.

We will keep you posted as soon as we hear when it will be released.

source: @evleaks