Sony Teases Its Playstation Mobile Gaming Service With Screenshots Of Its Exclusive Titles

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For all you obsessed Playstation gamers, Playstation Mobile is here. Well— it’s more or less a renaming of Sony’s existing Playstation Suite for Playstation-certified devices and there looks to be plenty of promise for Sony’s revamped service. Droid Gamers reports there is an ever-growing list of titles set to be available to those gamers including Tractor Trails, Twist Pilot, Tipper, Aqua Kitty, Samurai Beatdown, Underline and Beat Slider. Sony decided to tease everyone and show off a couple of screenshots of the various gameplay for the different titles and so far, everything looks good. So yes friends, fans of gaming genres such as action, strategy or platform will soon be able to your gaming fix. Of course there’s no exact date on when each game will be available, but we suspect will see everything by this fall.

source: Droid Gamers


Sony’s Xperia SL now official, features dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S3

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We’ve already seen Sony’s Xperia SL in the wild, but today the Japanese manufacturer has finally made the elusive smartphone official. An exact release date isn’t announced, though the device is now listed on the company’s official website as “coming soon”. The Xperia SL serves as an updated version of Sony’s Xperia S handset, but don’t let that designation fool you. The SL packs an array of impressive specs, including a 1.7GHz Snapdragon S3 (MSM8260) processor, 4.3-inch screen with 1280 x 720 display and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s also a front-facing camera for video chat, as well as a 12.1-megapixel rear camera with 16x digital zoom and pulsed LED flash. For those who are concerned with style, Sony has made the Xperia SL available in four unique color variations, including silver, black, pink and white.

Details are still scarce, however, we expect to hear much more about the smartphone at the company’s IFA press conference on Sunday, August 26th. There’s bound to be more devices announced next week, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest news.

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Source: Sony

Chinese SMS payment app infects half million devices with malware

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Android device sales continue to surge in China, with over 683 million subscribers. A large market like that attracts a lot of attention, some good and some bad. An example of bad attention came to light with the discovery of a new malware/virus infecting over 500,000 owners of Android devices. TrustGo, an anti-virus specialist company, identified the malware on July 25th and it has since been dubbed Trojan!SMSZombie. » Read the rest

DROID RAZR HD Video Tutorials Leak Ahead of Next Month’s Unveiling [Update - Videos Pulled]

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We will probably get to see a lot more of the Motorola DROID RAZR HD on September 5th, but new tutorial videos have been posted by a YouTube user named revowii. These four video tutorials show you how to make calls and send texts, setup an email account, device basics, and setting up WiFi. They seem legitimate as they appear to be from Motorola. Not surprisingly, the DROID RAZR HD will sport the same Ice Cream Sandwich UI as the Atrix HD and Photon Q 4G LTE. Hit the break to check them out.

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New info on Heroes of Order & Chaos MOBA game from Gameloft, scheduled for October release

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Gameloft revealed details about their forthcoming multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) game Heroes of Order & Chaos. Heroes will be a free-to-play online game in the tradition of typical MOBA games. Players will join together in teams of 3-5 players to battle other teams with the same goal – destroy the enemy’s base. Players will be able to control NPC characters as they push through the arena, destroy towers, collect loot, and help the player power up. The arena will have three major “lanes,” a river and landmarks. » Read the rest

360 Degree Images of the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Appear

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Recently the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G became official thanks to a leaked T-Mobile internal training doc. Well, Samsung went ahead and posted somewhat of a 360 degree view of the up-and-coming 4G smartphone. The images don’t yield any real surprises, in fact, the device looks pretty standard at best. Actually, the more I look at it, the more I see a phone that resembles the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G (currently in T-Mobiles lineup). In terms of specs and a release date, we still don’t have anything concrete, but we will let you know as soon as we have more information.

source: TmoNews

Google Play Gift Cards Could Land In Stores On August 26th

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We recently reported that Google Play gift cards would soon be available, and today we have more information to back this up. According to this internal image from Target, we could see the gift cards arriving by August 26th. From the looks of it, Target’s current gift card displays should have two open pegs in anticipation of this launch date.

So, are you itching to get your hands on one of these guys? I can tell you right now, as soon as they’re available I’m getting one just to keep in my wallet!

source: Android Police

$250 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition Bundle Available Today

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Samsung is now offering the Student Edition Bundle of the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for $250 in a handful of stores, including Best Buy, Amazon, Costco, and others. The price is a good deal, saving $100 versus buying all the parts separately.

The bundle will be available from now until September 1st, and it includes an 8GB Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in limited edition white, a keyboard dock, and a USB adapter that supports plugging in USB thumb drives and other peripherals. Polaris Office will also come pre-installed, which will come in handy for students.

Google’s Nexus 7 is also a great low-cost student option if you don’t need a microSD slot or a rear camera like the Galaxy Tab has. The Galaxy also has an IR blaster, and for only $50 more than the Nexus 7, the Student Bundle is a great choice.

Hit the break for Samsung’s press release.

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Could This Galaxy S III Look-a-like be the New Galaxy Media Player?

by Sean Stewart on
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If this isn’t Samsung’s newest Galaxy Media Player then honestly, we don’t know what it is. It looks as if it’s sharing the bezel and overall design of the Galaxy S III while also sharing most of the same widgets and applications. The new media player will rock an eye-popping 5.8 inch screen – a full inch larger than the Galaxy S III (measured diagonally).  However, it will sport only a qHD (960 x 540) TFT LCD display, so images won’t appear as crisp as on the Galaxy S III. As far as muscle, we’re looking at a 1GHz dual-core processor, which is plenty for most people, especially when compared to other competition out there.

One feature of note is the stereo speakers found on the player which will make it more usable in noisier environments.  Other disappointments include the fairly lackluster 3.0 megapixel camera and the fact that it comes with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.  However, this shouldn’t hinder most buyers who are in the market for such a device.  Unlike the Galaxy S III, this new Galaxy media player will in fact come in black from the onset rather than waiting a few months after launch.  The player hasn’t been officially announced yet so obviously launch specifics aren’t known at this time.

source:  sammobile