TalkAndroid Daily Dose for June 21, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


Gameloft’s Gangstar Vegas released for Android

Sega announces sale on four popular ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ games in Play Store


Google rumored to be preparing “Google Mine” organizational service


Korean Samsung customers upset over rumored Galaxy S 4 with Snapdragon 800 CPU and LTE Advanced support


HTC CEO Chou says company to rebound to highest level ever with 15% of market

Tokyo court rules Samsung infringed on Apple’s “bounce-back” patent


Gameloft’s Gangstar Vegas released for Android

gamestar_vegasA little while ago we showed you the trailer for Gameloft’s new game, Gangstar Vegas. Today Gameloft has released the game to the Play Store. Gangstar Vegas can best be described as a Grand Theft Auto clone, allowing players to take a dangerous, violent trip through Sin City in over 80 missions to win mafia wars. This is a much bigger and more sophisticated game than oter Gameloft games – the city is over 9 times the size of the previous Gangstar game.

The app is hefty, both in price and size -it’s $6.99 and a crazy 2.5 GB. If it’s worth it, go check out the trailer again and download Gangstar Vegas from the link after the break.

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Google rumored to be preparing “Google Mine” organizational service

google_mineAn unofficial Google blog just discovered a new service Google is preparing called Google Mine. Mine is allegedly integrated with Google+, and serves as a way to keep track of your belongings and share them with your cicles. It’s an interesting concept that even further blends real life with the internet. More specifically, users will be able to:

  • Catalog your belongings and track what you have
  • Review your belongings for your friends to see
  • Control who sees what and track conversations
  • Send requests to borrow or try out friends’ stuff
  • Share stuff you wish for, get recommendations
  • Share stuff you are giving away, find takers
  • Follow, browse, and search items that friends share

Currently, Mine is available only on Google’s internal marketplace, Bazaar, and is just being tested internally, so obviously no release date is scheduled. In addition to the Google+ integration, an Android app is also in the works. We’ll be sure to let you know when we hear more of the new service.

source: Google System Blog
via: Android Guys

Korean Samsung customers upset over rumored Galaxy S 4 with Snapdragon 800 CPU and LTE Advanced support


By now, most of us have heard the rumors of that new Galaxy S 4 that’s sporting an ultra-fast Snapdragon 800 processor and radios for LTE Advanced networks. On one hand, that’s definitely going to be an extremely fast device. On the other hand, it’s only been a few months since the release of the original Galaxy S 4, so some Korean customers in Samsung’s home market are (understandably) upset that their top-of-the-line device may not be top-of-the-line for much longer. Between unhappy customers and the perception of slowed down Galaxy S 4 sales and Samsung might have a tough situation on their hands.

In Samsung’s defense, I doubt most casual users who buy the Galaxy S 4 would be able to notice too much difference between the Snapdragon 600 and 800 in everyday use, and LTE Advanced is still really new technology that hasn’t been deployed in too many markets as of right now. It always sucks to have your device obsoleted within a few months, but these are still just incremental bumps and not really a whole new device.

What are your thoughts? Are any of you upset that Samsung is releasing a better Galaxy S 4 so quickly?

source: Unwired View

Tokyo court rules Samsung infringed on Apple’s “bounce-back” patent


Apple and Samsung’s legal warzone has quieted down in the past few months, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few battles going on in courts across the globe. The latest ruling comes from a court in Tokyo that has ruled Samsung infringed on Apple’s bounce-back patent. You know, that elastic effect that would happen whenever you scroll past a group of items. Apparently Apple still thinks tons of consumers bought Samsung devices strictly because of that, and the court in Tokyo agrees with them.

Samsung has generally removed the bounce-back effect in most of their newer devices, so this ruling is only going to affect a handful of older models. The court is set to release more information on the ruling later today.

source: Reuters

HTC CEO Chou says company to rebound to highest level ever with 15% of market


At a shareholder’s meeting held today, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou touted the company’s position mid-way through 2013 and promised “we are determined to do our best to expand the percentage to 10 to 15 percent in the future” in referring to global smartphone market share. At its most recent peak in 2011, HTC only managed to control 10% of the global and since then has seen that fall off to only 4%.
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Robert Downey Jr. joins HTC as ambassador for $12 million

robert_downey_jr_phoneHTC now has Iron Man on their side. Kind of. Bloomberg is reporting that HTC has signed actor Robert Downey Jr. to a two year, $12 million marketing deal. Downey Jr. will be playing himself (not Tony Stark or Sherlock Holmes) in television, print, and billboard advertisements. HTC has nothing to announce yet on a new marketing campaign, so we’ll have to wait for the specifics on how he will be used t.

HTC had a $1 billion marketing budget last year, compared to Samsung’s whopping $10 billion. Hiring one of Hollywood’s top actors is a great move for HTC, who suddenly has to play catch up to Samsung, whose marketing push includes featuring superstar athlete Lebron James.

Source: Bloomberg


LG event scheduled for August 7 in New York City

LG_Logo_LargeWe’ve received an invite to a press event hosted by LG in New York City on August 7. There’s no information given past that for right now, but this invite comes just hours after LG revealed that their next flagship phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s speedy new Snapdragon 800. Could we see the Optimus G’s successor? We’ll know for sure in 7 weeks, and we’ll of course keep you updated until then.

O2 launching unique “Talk to the Hand” gloves, Bluetooth enabled gloves for phone calls

o2 phone gloves

If you like odd phone accessories, we’ve got something that you’re really going to enjoy. UK carrier O2 is launching a new line of Talk to the Hand gloves, which basically let you talk to your hand. A collaboration between O2 and artist Sean Miles, these gloves are essentially Bluetooth headsets built into a glove for your smartphone with the ability to answer calls and talk on the phone built right in. Sure, you’re going to look really, really weird, but it’s a cool concept.

The coolest part about the gloves is that they’re made from old recycled phones. The entire project was really just a way to push recycling into the spotlight and prove that old electronics can be recycled for some pretty neat new uses. So don’t trash those old phones just because you upgrade to something newer and better; they’ve still got some life left in them outside of your desk drawer or a landfill.

source: Pocket Lint