Pushbullet update allows you to send texts from your computer


There’s already quite a few options if you want to send SMS’s through your computer, but Pushbullet is adding another. You could already reply to texts through their Chrome extension, but now you can send new text messages as well. All you have to do once you have the app and Chrome extension is click on the SMS tab, enter the number or name of the recipient, and type your message and send. The text is sent via your Android phone, which means it will come from your real phone number and appear in the conversations on your phone. 

Source: Pushbullet Blog

NVIDIA Shield Portable update brings latest Hub App, battery improvements and more!


NVIDIA is currently rolling out a rather weighty over-the-air update to all variants of its high-end Android-powered handheld gaming system — the Shield Portable. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade transports the newest version of the Shield Hub App, battery improvements and a fix for a rather annoying bug that users found prevented videos from being played within Facebook, Chrome and YouTube.

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Samsung kicks off its Galaxy Gifts package for the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge


Samsung has today announced that its teamed up with twenty-four of the world’s leading mobile content and service providers to offer Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge owners twenty-four pre-paid or discounted subscriptions as part of the South Korean company’s ‘Galaxy Gifts’ campaign. 

The subscriptions are divided into four groups: Productivity, Entertainment, News & Reading and Lifestyle & Others. according to Samsung, all of the categories have been optimized for the S Pen in an effort to “to provide users with more enjoyable and powerful mobile experience”.

Hit the break to view the full list of subscription-based freebies that Samsung is offering.

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Amazon commits to Fire Phone after acknowledging failure


The Fire Phone has performed poorly critically and commercially. An Amazon executive admitted to the handset’s pricing being off; however, it was much more than that. The company’s vice president of devices in Europe, Jorrit Van der Meulen, had no issue acknowledging the Fire Phone is a failure. The expectations were high for Amazon and the handset did not deliver on any level. Van der Meulen sat down with The Guardian to discuss the Fire Phone’s status.

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Material Design rolling out to Google Maps in coming days


Here comes another wave of Material Design from Google. This time, it is Google Maps receiving the special treatment to resemble Android’s new design guidelines. Users of both the Android and iOS versions of the application will notice the design overhaul in the coming days. While the look of the app is different, Google has made some functionality changes. Google says that Material Design adds life to Maps.

Hit the break to see what Material Design for Google Maps looks like.

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Google Drive can launch desktop programs from Chrome


It can be tedious to work with cloud files as soon as possible because you have to first download the file and then select the program to open it with. A small change to Google Drive nixes that extra step. Now, when choosing a file in Drive, users can choose to “Open with” compatible desktop programs.

The only browser to use this function with is Chrome as there is a required extension available in the Chrome Web Store to get started.

Hit the break to see the function in action.

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