HTC’s M8 could ‘look strikingly like’ the HTC One


If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. It would seem that if current rumors pan out, HTC is taking this to heart. According to the latest rumor from famous device leaker @evleaks, the M8 will look “strikingly like” the HTC M7, a.ka. the HTC One. With a solid aluminum design that received praise from nearly everyone, the HTC One showcased what a premium phone should look like. HTC looks to capitalize on that with its 2014 flagship. From a business perspective that would make sense. There is no point in changing something that’s working for the company.

So if this rumor is added to the others, the M8 looks to be an HTC One with updated specs and no capacitive buttions. It’s a safe bet that we’ll see the dual front-facing speakers in this next generation device as well. With everything, the device is shaping up to be an incremental refresh that some are dubbing the HTC One S. You know, if HTC hadn’t already used that name already. With a rumored launch pegged for next month, we’ll hopefully only have to wait a little longer to see what the HTC M8 actually has in store for us.

source: @evleaks

Could a Galaxy S4 Neo be in the works?



Samsung will not rest until the company floods the market with every variation of the Galaxy series it can. As we saw at the end of last week, the company announced the cheaper Neo variant of the Galaxy Note 3. Deemed “budget-friendly,” the Neo offers decent specs for a cheaper price. It looks like the Korean company isn’t stopping there. What could possibly be the Galaxy S4 Neo is floating around as a GT-I9515 has started showing up on a few different databases.

One thing to note about this variant is it comes with the exact same specs as the Galaxy S4. However, it will come with Android 4.4.2 right out of the gate. While it currently sports the GT moniker rather than an SM one, that could change as the device becomes finalized. It’s up in the air as  to where we’ll see this device launch but if the Note 3 Neo is any indication, it should be globally.

source: Nenamark 2
via: SamMobile

Nokia X (Normandy) to be released in India this March under Asha lineup


As we get closer to the release of Nokia X (Normandy), more information is getting leaked about the Android-based handset. A Senior Nokia Executive in India, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that Nokia X will be joining the Asha lineup in March, though the exact release date is not known yet.

Previous rumors about the Nokia X indicate that the device will be powered with a 4-inch WVGA screen, dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory and a Dual-SIM option.

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HTC M8 could launch next month in New York City

HTC_DROID_DNA_TA_Back_Close_Up_Of_Logo_02_01We’ve recently been hearing a lot about the HTC M8, and we now might have a date we’ll actually be seeing the device. Our favorite leaker, @evleaks, has announced on Twitter that it’s looking like a late March launch for the M8 at an event in New York City.

There’s still a lot to learn about this device, including what HTC will be doing with the back camera and the screen resolution on the new flagship phone, but it will definitely be exciting to see the final device.

source: @evleaks


HTC M8 on-screen buttons leak, almost identical to stock Android


There it is, folks. The image above is said to be what HTC’s on-screen buttons will look like with the upcoming M8 smartphone. A few days ago, @evleaks confirmed that the device would be the company’s first with on-screen buttons. And courtesy of an unidentified source, the world now knows what to expect. The order matches exactly that of stock Android. From left to right are the back, home, and multitasking buttons.

This is a departure from the capacitive buttons on the HTC One. Also, the One featured only a back and home button. The HTC One X from 2012, however, features the exact layout as the image above although it had capactive buttons. It’ll be interesting to see the design of the HTC M8 since the large bezel of the One, likely caused by the capacitive buttons, was one of the few complaints.

Source: Weibo
Via: HTC Source

Reminder: Cast the Super Bowl to your TV using Chromecast


Alright cable cutters, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. That means either you are heading to a friends house or staying put and searching for a way to watch the big game. Luckily for you, FOX is streaming the game online  free for everyone through FOX Sports Go. Normally, the service is limited to around six television providers. But for today only, that restriction is gone.

While the FOX Sports Go app has yet to make its way to the Play Store, you won’t be limited to watching on your laptop. Thanks to Google’s little $35 dongle Chromecast, you can cast the game straight to your television. Magical, right?

Let us know in the comments who you are picking to raise the Lombardi Trophy. Good luck with your picks!

Source: FOX Sports (livestream link)

AT&T revamps its family plans, offering 10GB for $100 plus $15 per line


Today AT&T has announced “best-ever prices on AT&T’s best-in-class network” for its family plans. For all of them, you get a family-size amount 10GB of data per month. It then gets split between however many people are sharing the plan. The minimum two lines will cost $130 per month and goes up to $175 for five lines. If more lines are needed, it is just $15 extra per line.

The only catch is that you will need to either join the AT&T Next program or BYOP (bring your own phone). These new family plans will become available starting tomorrow. Hit the break for AT&T’s chart showing how the plan breaks down as well as the introductory video. Read more

TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for January 27 – February 2, 2014


We were expecting an ordinary week in the land of Android, but let’s just say that things were very interesting. It all started with rumors that the Nexus line will end soon. Then Google dropped a pretty big surprise bomb by announcing they have sold Motorola to Lenovo. Throw in the news that Google and Samsung now have a cross-licensing patent agreement, and you really have to wonder what exactly is going on? The Nexus 5 in red seems to be ready for a release this week, and we continue to get a leaks regarding the upcoming Galaxy S 5 and HTC One successor (M8). We also got a little more information on the Nokia X, but is anyone excited for it? It’s time to get caught up and get ready for another exciting week.


Why did the Google-Motorola marriage end so quickly?


Combat Creatures Stealth Stryder App-Attacknid review

Apps – New

THX releases tune-up app for Android to help get TVs just right for the Games

Microsoft brings Bing Rewards to Android and iOS with support for Windows Phone devices in the works

Apps – Updates

Twitter updates app with better photo editing, news feed features

Waze isn’t going anywhere, starts a new beta program to test new features

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Pebble Appstore to launch on February 3, will make its way to Android shortly after


To go along with your brand new Pebble Steel smartwatch, the company is readying the release of its official appstore. This Monday, February 3, the store will go live at 10am PST for iOS first. As for the Android version, Pebble says it will be launching very soon. For now, Pebble is limiting the amount of installed apps to eight since anything more is considered to cluttered for navigation. In the tweet above, you can see exactly what the appstore will look like.

Have the original Pebble smartwatch? Don’t fret. The Pebble Appstore is compatible with the original, too. Read more

Nokia wins fourth German patent lawsuit against HTC


It seems the patent fight between Nokia and HTC hasn’t ended yet. Nokia once again won another German patent lawsuit filed against HTC. A German court ruled that HTC violated Nokia’s patent EP 1578613 B1 related to a “method and apparatus for enabling a mobile station to adapt its revision level based on network protocol revision level.” The patent relates to how newer devices are compatible with older technology networks. HTC has already licensed Nokia’s Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs) but this patent is not a Standard-Essential Patent.

The court found HTC infringing on this Nokia patent and ordered an injunction to prevent the import and sale of all HTC devices in Germany that violate the patent. HTC will also have to pay for damages, which will be determined in a separate proceeding.

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