Galaxy Note 3 could feature Optical Image Stabilization, according to report



The unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might feature an enhanced camera, according to a report. According to the report, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), a technology with capabilities to reduce motion blur when taking pictures or recording video, will be included in the upcoming phone. 3x optical zoom was also considered, but seems improbable as it would increase the thickness of the device. Many phones today already have software-based image stabilization, but OIS technology would actually deal with issues caused by motion at the lens or sensor level.

It’s not surprising that Samsung is improving camera features, as they are reportedly launching a camera-focused Galaxy S 4 Zoom with a 16-megapixel camera in the near future. Stay tuned to TalkAndroid as we continue to learn details of the Note 3.

Source: Electronic Times
Via: Android Authority

Google to help fund and develop new wireless networks in emerging markets


Lately, we’ve seen Google make more of a push at getting new customers connected to the internet instead of pushing any one particular product on them. It’s a sensible business strategy for a company that sells ad space on the internet, as the more people that have access to reliable internet, the more potential customers Google can serve ads to.

On the heels of beefing up their Google Fiber rollout, Google is deeply committed to building up new wireless networks in developing markets that don’t have access to a wired internet connection otherwise. Sources close to Google say that the search giant is planning to team up with local telecoms and equipment providers to get the ball rolling, but they weren’t clear on if any deals were already in place. Building up these networks is said to be able to connect almost a billion new people to the internet.

It’s a smart business move for Google, but it’s also going to help a ton of new people gain access to new technology and information, which is always great to see.

source: Wall Street Journal

ZTE Grand S US launch delayed until 2014


The ZTE Grand S was an incredibly impressive phone we got to see at CES this year. At CES, ZTE’s head of North American operations, Lixen Cheng, said he was confident the device would arrive in the United States before the end of the year, but it looks like ZTE wasn’t able to keep that promise. The latest reports have the device slated to hit North American shores sometime in 2014 due to issues with national carriers.

ZTE has had considerable success in the prepaid markets, but that success hasn’t been mirrored on the postpaid side of things. The Grand S would have been a good step in the right direction for the company, but if the device launches next year, it will be long outdated by whatever the big OEMs have cooked up at the time. Hopefully we’ll see ZTE get something high end over here in the near future, whether or not it’s the Grand S.

source: Cnet

Swiss carrier Swisscom teams up with Samsung to give away Galaxy S 4s in the world’s most intense staring contest


Do you live in Switzerland, want a Samsung Galaxy S 4 and have a large attention span? If you answered yes to all of those questions, you may be able to win Samsung’s latest flagship by merely staring at it’s gorgeous screen for one hour. Swiss carrier Swisscom has teamed up with Samsung to bring a very cool challenge to various Swiss cities. Participants will be asked to stare at the S 4 for one hour straight and if their concentration is broken, they are disqualified.
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OUYA console gets unofficial CWM recovery


If it runs Android, it’s going to be tinkered with. The new, yet-to-be-released OUYA console is no exception. Some devs on XDA have officially unofficially ported CWM recovery to the little gaming box. This opens the doors for flashing custom ROMs and kernels on the box, although since the device is really aimed at controlling your TV, I wouldn’t expect to see too many ROMs for the OUYA. Performance-tuned kernels are definitely possible, though.

The device will need to be rooted first, but if you’re interested, hit the links below to check out how it’s done.

source: XDA


New benchmark for Snapdragon 800 discovered for Pantech device


With the frenzy of new devices released this spring, smartphone buyers are looking forward now to the fall season to see what manufacturers will be bringing to market. One new bit of hardware garnering lots of attention is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor which is expected to become the new top end. A new benchmark was spotted that seems to show a Qualcomm 800 running on Android 4.2.2.

Japanese site Ringer’s Blue Men has published what purports to be an AnTuTu benchmark for the unannounced Pantech IM-A880 smartphone. The results show a device running at 1958 – 2150 MHz, which seems to be consistent with Snapdragon 800 speeds. The top score of 30133 surpasses both the Exynos Octa 5 and the Snapdragon 600. It is not much of an improvement, about a 10% gain compared to the Exynos chip, but that should still be noticeable for users.

source: Ringer’s Blue Men
via: Android Authority

Samsung releases informational video about HomeSync 1TB media streamer


Samsung recently released a video to go over the features of the brand new HomeSync 1TB media streamer. It’s pretty much a lock to be a hit on the market, as the device houses a terabyte of HDD storage, and can hook up to your TV for internet connectivity.

The HomeSync also allows you to wirelessly stream content from your Galaxy devices. The included Jelly Bean media player brings the familiar Android experience to the TV, and gives users access to the Play Store and all their apps. Check out the video after the break.
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Samsung “Premiere 2013″ event announced for June 20, Galaxy S 4 Activ, Mini, and Zoom expected to launch


Samsung recently announced its “Premiere 2013″ event which is set to be held on June 20 at 7pm GMT— that’s 2pm EST and 11am PST. The entire presentation will be live-streamed over Samsung’s official YouTube channel.

We’re expecting the company to focus on its Galaxy brand, especially on the S 4 series, including the Activ, Mini and Zoom. Samsung will also likely talk about their Windows ATIV line. There’s always the possibility of a Galaxy Note 3 announcement as well, but that’s far less likely.


HTC One with larger screen pending announcement, multiple carrier versions exist


@Evleaks tweeted today that the HTC One phablet is moving around internally under the name T6. The screen size is rumored to be about 6-inches, and should have some pretty nice specs otherwise. According to the graphic above, it should have a few versions for different carrier networks:

T6_UL: cassiopeia Communication system: GSM / WCDMA / LTE

T6_U: columba Communication system: GSM / WCDMA

T6_ULA: delphinus Communication system: GSM / WCDMA / LTE

T6_WL: crater Communication method: GSM/WCDMA/CDMA2000/LTE

T6_WHL: eridanus Communication method: GSM/WCDMA/CDMA2000/LTE

More details to come.

Sources: HTC Soku and @evleaks