Putting the app drawer on the LG G5


Missing from LG UX 5.0 on the LG G5 is an app drawer. Mhm, you read that right. The 2016 flagship from LG doesn’t come with something that Android has included since its inception, meaning the G5 has a home screen setup similar to that of Apple’s iPhone. Fortunately for the people who want it on the G5, LG is allowing the app drawer to be reactivated. It’s just going to take a bunch of small steps because a special launcher from LG’s own app store is required.

Hit the break for instructions.

Need to see the process in action? Watch our video

  1. Go to the LG SmartWorld site
  2. Head into the LG SmartWorld Apps page
  3. Select your region and then your preferred language
  4. Download the LG SmartWorld app
  5. Enable app installs from Unknown sources to complete the installation process
  6. Search “LG Home 4.0” in the LG SmartWorld app
  7. Install LG Home 4.0 and press the home button
  8. Choose LG Home 4.0 after filling the checkbox to set as the default launcher

See? It wasn’t that hard to get the app drawer on the G5. If this app drawer isn’t quite what you expected, you can always go ahead and download the Google Now Launcher from the Play Store. LG and Google’s two offerings, in addition to the mountain of others available, will give you that handy app drawer you demand for organization.

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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