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How to set up and use BlinkFeed on Sense 5 with the HTC One


HTC added a built-in Flipboard-style news reader to Sense 5, which debuted on the HTC One. It might not be my first choice to use for news, but it’s worth a try since you can’t remove it. BlinkFeed will show you all the news that interests you the most as well as your Facebook and Twitter timelines. It will even show you your calendar events if you so wish. It’s just a matter of going into the settings and choosing the exact sites and/or the type of feeds you want. Whenever you turn on your phone, you will get the latest stories from around the world. You can choose to ignore it, but they will always be there when you have time to check them out. If your interests change, you can always tweak your content at anytime. Hit the break for a hands on video explaining it all.

YouTube Preview Image

Note: I failed to mention in the video that there is an Auto Refresh option in the settings. The default is set to “Using Wi-Fi only”. If you want BlinkFeed to refresh when you’re away from a Wi-Fi, you need to select “Using mobile data or Wi-Fi”

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