How to make a Drama Shot or Sequence Shot on the HTC One


So you own an HTC One and you’re a tad jealous of the Drama Shot feature on the Galaxy S 4. No worries because you can do the same thing on your HTC One by utilizing the Sequence Shot feature, but there is some good news and bad news. The good news is that as long as you’re using Zoe, you can make your Sequence Shot anytime you want. With the Galaxy S 4, you have to know that you want to take a Drama Shot before you take the photo. Not only that, you need to make your edits before you can take any other pictures. The results are cool, but a very cumbersome feature. With HTC’s use of Zoe, you can play around with your sequence shot after you get home or even weeks later as long as the Zoe is still on your phone. Now the bad news: You won’t get as many frames as the Galaxy S 4 since the S 4 takes 100 frames over four seconds, while HTC Zoe grabs only 20 frames for 3 seconds. Still, you can get a pretty good looking Drama Shot Sequence Shot, so hit the break to find out how it’s done.

All you need to do is open any Zoe that might feature images for a good Sequence Shot such as someone running or dancing. You want to make sure that the only thing moving is the person that you want to depict for this effect. Make sure to move the slider on the Zoe to after the last movement takes place. Then tap Edit, then Retouch, then Sequence Shot (lower left). After it processes, you will see a bunch of images that you can select or deselect. Obviously the ones that are selected will appear in the final photo. After you are happy with the result, tap Done. At this point you will be given an opportunity for further editing like skin smoothing and eye brightening, but most of those won’t pertain. Now hit the three dot menu at the top right and select Save or Save & Share. Tapping Save will save the image to your gallery and will also be part of the same event that your original Zoe is in. If you tap Save & Share, it will save the image the same way, but you will also be given an opportunity to share it to Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail, Google+, and more.

Sometimes it’s easier to see how it’s done so that is why I put together this video showing you.

Update: Thanks to Chaz Edwards, you can also do this utilizing burst shots. Just take a bunch of burst shots, but don’t delete any. Then open them from your gallery and the instructions above will be the same. Select Edit, then Retouch, then Sequence Shot. Make your selections and save the image. Here’s a video showing you how it’s done.

Sequence Shot might be HTC’s best kept secret regarding their camera software and is something that most people don’t know they can do. Hopefully this guide helped you make a really cool sequence image. Be sure to check out our other HTC One guides.


About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Gabriel Ortiz

    Is there anyway of doing this using Android apps on other smartphones, such as Nexus 4?

  • Chaz Edwards

    You can do sequence shot by using htc burst mode just hold down the button. HTC even tells you how to do this properly you do not need to use zoe for it.

    • RobertNazarian

      Thank you. I will update the post and include the video.