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When most of us buy a phone, we plan on keeping that device for as long as we possibly can. With the array of cases out there though, it can be hard to sort through and find the perfect one that balances protection, style, and functionality. The HTC 10 is a beautiful phone, and you don’t want to take away from its stunning design nor do you want to risk damaging its body.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid

The HTC 10 has an absolutely beautiful design, and covering it up with a case is going be an absolute sin to a lot of you, but with this case you can strike the perfect compromise between style and protection. I absolutely love these Spigen Neo Hybrid cases. I had multiple styles for my Galaxy Note 3, and I have multiple styles for my Galaxy Note 4 right now. This case not only looks great, but it also delivers two different layers of protection. Your phone goes into a TPU shell which is further reinforced by a hard polycarbonate bumper going around the edges of the phone. Sometimes that sleek metal unibody design can be a bit slippery ending up in an unfortunate drop of your device, something that this case helps to avoid. The TPU shell that it goes into is made with a pattern that helps make the phone easier to grip as well as prevents dust build up.


The case comes in three different styles, all of which, in my opinion look awesome.


Don’t just take my word for it, though. With over two hundreds reviews on Amazon this case is going strong with 4-star rating.

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HTC Ice View


Not many cases come with their own app to allow you to personalize the look and control the functionality, but number two on this list certainly does. Meet the HTC Ice View case! This case, just like the Dot View cases of yesteryear, is a flip case designed and manufactured by HTC itself to work flawlessly with its 2016 flagship. Unlike those previous cases, however, this new cases ditches the dots for a see through flap over the front. This flap makes the entire front of the phone visible, allowing you to utilize many functions of the phone without having to expose the glass screen itself, not only increasing protection, but battery life as well.

With the case closed, merely double tap the screen and the phone will display the quick information we love having at our beck and call including the date, time, battery life, weather information, and even your recent notifications including those form third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This case also allows you to do a whole lot more than just look at your ‘at-a-glance’ information. With a simple swipe over the screen flap you can also snap pictures, read text, adjust the volume, switch between songs, turn on the flashlight and much more all without ever having to lift the protective cover off of that beautiful Quad HD display.

If you want the full HTC 10 experience as HTC designed you to have it, this is the case I’d have to recommend. The Dot View cases of yesteryear were HTC enthusiast favorites, and this, no doubt, just stepped up the game.

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Love Ying Rubber Soft Skin

Love Ying’s offering is definitely the most simple case on my list, but sometimes all those bells and whistles aren’t all that necessary.


This case includes a slight raised lip and received high marks from me because of it. While the raised edge was nice, most cheap cases tend to overlook the placement of the cutouts and button covers, but not this guy. This case has perfect placements for the external buttons, as well as for the microphone, camera, and microphone cutouts allowing unimpeded access.

Shoring up an already solid case is the fact that is comes in three colors, the full see through Clear color which is shown above, and then mint or pink which are both partially see through. All this along with Prime shipping makes it a can’t miss bargain.

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Incipio OCTANE

Veering back to cases that offer great protection, this offering from Incipio offers excellent dual-layer protection in a decently designed package all for a good price. 


This case gives your phone dual-layer protection. The first layer is made of what Incipio calls rigid ‘Plextonium’ which is fancy marketing speak for hard polycarbonate. Then the second layer is a bumper made of flexible, impact absorbing, TPU. Imagine the Spigen Neo Hybrid which I ranked number one but reversed. The hard part is the actual shell while the soft part is the bumper around the phone. The case is also pretty lightweight for the protection you are getting weighing in at just over an ounce, 1.12oz to be exact.

The only thing holding this case back, in my opinion, is the design compared to the Spigen Neo Hybrid. I love the dual-layer protection that this case provides, I just wish it had some more stylish color options. No matter which color you order, the polycarbonate shell is going to be frost white.

Buy it now: Incipio, Amazon

Ghostek Covert Series

Ghostek throws in everything but the kitchen sink with this offering, and it somehow doesn’t break the bank while doing it.



This case offers a whole mess of protection in an extremely thin and lightweight package. The bumpers you’ll notice on the four corners of the case are designed to act like springs so that, when you drop your device, the force of the impact is going to be completely absorbed by the case, not your precious device. To make the case even more of a protective juggernaut, at no extra charge, the case comes with screen protector and a lifetime warranty in case you ever break the case itself.

You get a whole lot of choice in style with this case as well since it’s offered in 5 different colors Clear, Space Gray, Rose Pink, Peach & Gold, which only determines the color of the outer bumper; no matter which color you pick the back of the case will be clear allowing an unobscured view of the HTC 10’s beautiful  design.

One of the shortcoming’s of this case, however, may be the protective design of the case itself. While I happen to like the design, those large corners, which add to the protection, do jut out quite a bit and make the case look very masculine/in your face which can be a turn off for some of you.

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VRS Design Layered Dandy

Rounding out my list is this wonderfully stylish leather flip case from VRS design. I might not be the biggest proponent of flip cases, but I saw this one and couldn’t possibly keep it off my list.


This is a flip style case made entirely out of soft leather. You really can’t help but look at this case and be in awe of the craftsmanship. The soft leather is great to the touch, and the intricate stitching around the device is just awesome. The case also comes in three great colors including Coffee Brown (shown above), Black, and the unique Wine Red (shown below).

Further adding to the pro column for this case is that not only does it bring style to the table, but utility as well. Upon opening the case you’ll find slots for three cards in the case as well as a money flap. If you go with this case not only are you adding stylish protection to you phone, but you are consolidating your life by making your phone your wallet.


The only thing holding this case back for me is the price. While I don’t love flip cases, for one designed this well and the fact that upon purchase I could leave my wallet at home more than makes up for that slight gripe. For $34.99, however, that’s a lot to ask from the wallet I have right now. If you have the money, though, I don’t think you are gonna find a more striking case than this offering from VRS Design.

Buy it now: VRS Design, Amazon


So these are just a couple of the many cases you can get for your HTC. If we missed any that you’d rather use for your phone, let us know in the comments section.

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