Best OnePlus 5 screen protectors

You’re probably interested in getting some protective accessories for your new OnePlus 5. A case is useful, but what about a screen protector to go the extra mile against drops and scratches? We’ve got you covered with this list of the best available screen protectors for the 2017 flagship from OnePlus.

OnePlus 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector

When in doubt, go with the device’s maker. OnePlus offers a slim-fitting tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus 5 that adds a ton of protection to your phone without interfering with usability. It features perfect cutouts for the earpiece and buttons on the face of the device while still offering an incredibly hard material that resists drops and scratches.

Best of all, it’s only $20.

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Orzly Transparent Screen Guard (5-Pack)

If you’re not particularly worried about drops and would rather just get something scratch resistant, regular screen protectors might be a better choice for you. Orzly offers a five-pack of transparent screen guards for the OnePlus 5 that offer a case-compatible scratch resistant shield for your new device at an incredibly low price. Under $7 means each screen protector is only slightly more than a dollar apiece, which should cover your OnePlus 5 for the next few years.

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Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack)

Maybe you like the Orzly screen protectors but you have to have a tempered glass layer instead of the regular protective film. They’ve got your back, as they offer a two-pack of the more durable version of their popular screen protector, too.

These screen protectors have razor thin cutouts for ports, speakers, and buttons, all while offering a protector that’s barely visible on the face of your phone. It still offers that protective tempered glass finish, too, so you won’t have to worry about your phone taking a small drop or two. Even better, you get an extra protector in the package, so if you do manage to break one you’ve already got a second one ready to go.

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IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Screen Protector

The IQ Shield screen protector for the OnePlus 5 offers a unique four layers of protection for your phone, combining strong adhesive, a durable protective lining, thermoplastic urethane, and a protective UV coat for a shield that’s incredibly durable. It’s also self-healing, so any small scratches you get on the face of the shield will cover themselves up, keeping your device looking pristine.

The IQ Shield also comes with a wet applicator to reduce bubbles and smudges while applying the protector, which is a huge help for anyone that’s irked by small imperfections.

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Vinve Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Screen protectors are, by definition, protective accessories, but there’s no reason they can’t be fashionable, too. The Vinve ultra thin tempered glass screen protector, for example, adds durable glass protection to your OnePlus 5 while bringing some extra color to the face of the phone. The edges of the protector are gold, giving you a unique look that you can’t get directly from OnePlus.

It’s still a protective case that’s close to the OEM version, but that stylish gold might swing you over if you want it to match your case.

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