Best OnePlus 3 cases


Over the years the designs of our smartphones have become just as much of a buying factor as the specifications. From crystal clear and shatter resistant glass to smooth aluminum finishes, many manufacturers have been utilizing premium materials in the industrial design to not only provide a comfortable handling experience, but to have their device stand out from the competition as part of its brand identity. With all that said, no one likes their shiny new smartphone to get damaged or broken if it drops on the ground, so most of us elect to put on cases to add protection and also contribute their own design flourishes.

The OnePlus 3 is a sleek phone with an aluminum build and a glass front that slightly curves into the sides and it looks pretty great on its own. However, as is typical with aluminum phones, it is a rather slippery device and using a case will add the grip needed to help keep it in your hand and the shock absorption if it happens to fall to the ground.

If you want to go the case route, let us provide some help and share with you some of our favorite cases for the OnePlus 3



Otterbox has a solid reputation for smartphone cases that can withstand all sorts of drops and tumbles. It provides a dual-layer construction for drop and scratch protection, but still maintains a pretty slim profile so your OnePlus 3 can easily fit into most pockets and not feel too bulky in the hand. OtterBox is known for extensive testing of their cases to make sure they live up to the claims, and an added bonus for being an OtterBox case owner is the 1 year warranty that comes with the purchase plus excellent customer service just in case something goes wrong. If you want solid protection for your OnePlus 3, the OtterBox is a great place to start.

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Spigen Rugged Armor


Spigen is another case manufacturer with a great reputation for its strong construction and reliable protection. The Rugged Armor case for the OnePlus 3 is no exception with its slim profile and Air Cushion Technology to protect your phone from drops. This is a flexible case as well which provides great shock absorption and the raised lip around the screen will keep the glass safe if the phone lands on its face. The buttons are covered as well to keep them safe, but still allows for them to be easily found and pressed.

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Diztronic Full Matte TPU Series


The Matte series case from Diztronic is a great option if you want strong drop protection with very little bulk. This case weighs less than 1 ounce and is just 1.6mm thick and the matte texture will provide a nice grip while also helping reduce fingerprints. Diztronic also incorporates their “fluid motion button design” to provide increased tactile feedback for the buttons and precise cutouts for all ports so you won’t have any issues with your various cables. This case comes in four colors: black, navy, teal, and a pretty striking bright red (pictured above).

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CruzerLite Bugdroid Circuit


If you want to stand out with a truly unique case for your OnePlus 3, the Bugdroid Circuit series from CruzerLite is the way to go. These are TPU gel cases that provide the same shock absorption and drop protection as our other cases, but the design on the back is pretty awesome with the Android robot surrounded by a circuit board pattern. There are eight colors to choose from with the black option being solid matte, and the other colors semi-transparent so you can still see the actual OnePlus 3 through the case.

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Pleson Crystal Clear


Speaking of transparent, sometimes you want the protection of a case without hiding the original design of the phone. This slim and crystal clear case from Pleson can be just what you’re looking for. What sets this case apart from other clear cases is that the Pleson comes with a dotted texture design that not only helps repel fingerprints, but prevents bubbles from appearing underneath the case. All the cutouts are precise and the raised lip will help keep your OnePlus 3 screen out of harm’s way. This is a great option if you want the benefits of a case without an obvious appearance of one.

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Orzly Fushion Bumper


If you still want a clear case for your OnePlus 3, but don’t mind little bit of flair, check out the Fushion Bumper series from Orzly. The clear back will show off the actual phone design and is made from a toughened plastic, but the side rim is a durable rubber material to provide extra grip as well as shock absorption. You have six colors to choose from for the side bumper including black, blue, orange, purple, red, and a “gold” option (pictured) that gives a pretty unique appearance.

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OEAGO Rugged Case with Kickstand


Let’s get back to the main reason for owning a case: protection. With the OEAGO dual-layer rugged case for the OnePlus 3 it’s hard to get better shock and drop protection. The pronounced texture design on the back and sides gives unparalleled grip while still coming in at a relatively small frame. It’s dual-layered for added support and the corners are extra thick to give even more protection for those tumbles. And when your OnePlus 3 is done tumbling around, you can pop out the kickstand to enjoy hands free media viewing. This OEAGO case comes in solid black, but you can also choose from seven colors for specific areas of the case.

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OnePlus 3 Official Cases


This list wouldn’t be complete without including the various case options from the source itself. OnePlus offers five beautiful cases for your OnePlus 3 on their web site including the iconic black sandstone texture, a Karbon (carbon fiber) option, and three real wood designs that are strengthened with Kevlar. These cases are not only great to look at, but are very sleek and minimal and will add little bulk to your OnePlus 3. Plus all the case options show off the OnePlus logo on the back.

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There are a lot of case options out there for the OnePlus 3, and list should at least help you get you started in your search, if not help you settle on something. With how light and thin smartphones are getting, having a case is becoming almost a requirement to keep your device protected from any falls and drops. In this list, we’ve tried to gather up all of the quality options out there, so there’s definitely something here for everyone!

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  • PennyAndDime

    I have the bamboo official case from OnePlus, which I had originally planned to only use when I go out, but this thing is awesome. I use it all the time because of how it looks and feels.

  • Alan Carratala