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Live wallpaper are a great way to spruce up your device. Whether you’re looking for something new and different because the holidays are coming up, or just because you can, we have ten here to recommend to you. And if you’re not familiar with live wallpaper, it’s exactly that: live. You can say goodbye to that boring, flat photo behind your apps and say hello to something that moves around and may even be interactive. Here, where we’ve got everything from elements to holidays to pets and to clock towers reminiscent of the 19th century, there’s a new live wallpaper in here for anyone and everyone.

Paperland Pro Live Wallpaper


Fun and certainly out of the ordinary, Paperland Pro is a live wallpaper app that will turn your Android device screen into a whimsical paperland. You can either choose one, continuous page (day, night, etc), or you can have it sync with the actual time of where you live, so it’ll be bright during the daytime and dark at night. Paperland Pro also has the ability to be powered by AccuWeather, if you’re interested in adding some natural elements to your little paper highway.

Download it now: Google Play

Raindrops Live Wallpaper


Speaking of elements, Raindrops live wallpapers are another fantastic backdrop for your Android device. This is an extremely calming, extremely real-loooking live wallpaper, and it’s completely free, so if you end up not loving it, no problem. If you enjoy a rainy atmosphere, we highly recommend this one. All it’s missing is the sound effects!

Download it now: Google Play

Christmas Live Wallpaper


With Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect time to download and check out some awesome Christmas live wallpapers. With this specific app, you’ll not only be able to choose from several different sparkling and rotating trees, but you’ll also be able to see how many days are left until Christmas. Yes, that’s right: these stellar Christmas live wallpapers come with a built-in Christmas countdown. How awesome is that?

Download it now: Google Play

Transparent Live Wallpaper


Very unique and eye catching, transparent live wallpaper is awesome! Entirely see-through, you’ll enjoy checking out and using this one. Wherever you’re pointing your phone, you’ll be able to see right through it, and of course all your friends will want to know how in the world you made that happen. Not only is Transparent Live Wallpapers unique, but also extremely entertaining.

Download it now: Google Play

Puppies Live Wallpaper


Now, before you raise your eyebrows at this one, who doesn’t love puppies? Especially pictures of puppies? Puppies Live Wallpaper will certainly knock those funny cat pictures out of the park, and you won’t regret downloading these. Having a bad day? Feeling a little sad? Maybe a bit under-the-weather? Just unlock your phone and watch those cute dogs frolic across the screen!

Download it now: Google Play

Ocean Live Wallpaper


I know, I know. We just mentioned Christmas a couple of wallpapers back, and if you live in a chillier region, these wallpapers may constitute as pure torture. Nevertheless, on the flip side, they could be exactly what you need this season! You may have to dig a tunnel through nine feet of snow in order to get to your car, but the ocean in the background of your phone might be the best reminder you’ll have that summer is just six, short months away (forget Christmas countdowns. . . where’s the beach countdowns?).

Download it now: Google Play

Broken Glass Live Wallpaper


Similar to the transparent live wallpaper we recommended, Broken Glass Live Wallpaper would be a fantastic prank to play on a friend’s phone that may have “accidentally” ended up in your hands. Pretty self explanatory, Broken Glass Live Wallpaper will give the appearance that the screen of your device is cracked and beyond repair. You’ll have a few different crack options to find the one that looks most realistic with your device, and you’ll have all your friends asking, “What did you do?”

Download it now: Google Play

Stalker Cat Live Wallpaper


Another fun one, Stalker Cat is sure to bring some personality to any home screen. Dark and cloudy at dusk, Stalker Cat will appear randomly around your screen just waiting to pounce. And maybe the best thing about Stalker Cat is that if he doesn’t think you’ve seen him, his eyes will have him appear to be smirking at you. Stalker Cat Live Wallpaper is another one that’s obviously very entertaining!

Download it now: Google Play

Nexus Revamped


With Nexus Revamped live wallpaper, lines of bursting light will shoot across your device’s screen, giving it a very Tron-esque look, and it’s touch sensitive, so if you want more bursting lines of light, just tap your screen. One of the cool things about Nexus Revamped though is that you can go in and customize what colors you want to see and how fast you want the lines to go.

Unlike a lot of other live wallpapers, it also has “Daydream support,” so your live wallpaper can be seen while docked or charging if you want. But that’s not the end of features with Nexus Revamped. There’s a ton more, including a power-save feature, and the option to purchase a pro version. In the pro version of this app, the bursts of light will actually become battery-sensitive, so as your battery level decreases, the colors of the lights will change as well.

Download it now: Google Play

Clock Tower 3D Live Wallpaper


This 3D clock tower live wallpaper is another pretty self-explanatory one, but it really is interesting. With the touch of a button, your device’s background will turn into the inside of a clock tower, with grinding gears and light shining through the face of the clock. It also syncs with your current time of day, so at night the clock face will be dark, and during the day it’ll be bright.

Download it now: Google Play


Whether you’re looking for a change of wallpaper for your own Android device, or even to play a prank on a friend, there’s something on this list for everyone, and we certainly hope we gave you some good ideas for now and later on. Have you tried any of these live wallpapers before, or maybe one not on this list?

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • Jakob Wångö

    What wallpaper is that on the first picture with the LG G5?

    • Justin_Herrick

      It’s a 360-degree wallpaper from the LG SmartWorld app.

      • Jakob Wångö

        Okay :D Thanks :D