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Icon packs are a dime a dozen, and more are being added to the Play Store everyday. Unfortunately, many icon packs aren’t known very well, as they’re overshadowed by many of the big dogs. Not only that, but it’s already difficult to get discovered with just how saturated the Play Store is with icon packs. The sheer amount available is insane.

In this edition of Talk Android’s favorite icon packs, we’re going to show you some of our favorites as well as some little known, but quality options out there. Join us after the break!

Pixel UI


Are you part of the crowd that was frustrated to see that the Google Pixel got its own custom set of icons that wouldn’t be coming to other stock Android 7.0 Nougat devices? Well, luckily, designers have quickly gotten to work to make the Pixel icons available as an icon pack. Pixel UI is designed by Saurabh Gupta from Themezilla. With his Pixel UI pack, you will need a custom launcher to make it work, but it’s well worth the hassle.

In the pack, you get support for over 4,500 icons. And since you won’t all of your icons to look uniform across your device, icon masking is included in this pack to help those unthemed icons along until they’re fully supported. In addition to that, you get an icon request tool as well as a load of free wallpapers in Quad HD resolution from the Cloud.

Download it now: Google Play

Pix It


Pix It is another icon pack that brings Pixel-style icons to your device, but with a neat twist. Pix It takes on that same circular shape found on the Pixel’s icons, but with its own unique blend of colors and style. One of the unique twists in this icon pack is that the symbol for the app can actually cross over the circular border, adding in a sort-of dimensional look.

Similar to Pixel UI, this pack sports over 4,500 icons; however, another unique aspect is that stock icons from all of the major manufacturers have been themed in this pack — Samsung, LG, Sony, ASUS, Moto, and many others. In addition to that, Pix It actually works on many manufacturers’ stock launchers, so there’s no requirement to download and setup a new custom launcher.

Finally, Pix It has a handful of cloud-based wallpapers as well as an icon request tool for those unthemed icons you just have to have supported. The developer is adding new icons every week, so you can expect this pack to stay updated for quite some time.

Download it now: Google Play



Orbis is without a doubt one of the more simple icon packs on this list. The icons might not appeal to everyone, as they’re simply glyphs with a gradient base. The glyph icons are a unique style, albeit the gradient base can make things feel a little on the plain side; however, if you’re going for simplicity, Orbis is your go-to option.

There’s over 1,500 icons in the repository. It’s certainly not much, but it covers many of the popular go-to applications — YouTube, Chrome, Dropbox, Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter and many others. One of the highlights of this icon pack is that there’s actually fifty wallpapers included. As we said, it’s a neat little icon pack, but it’s not for everybody.

Download it now: Google Play



Speaking of icon packs with a sort-of glyph design, Silhouette is another excellent option. This icon pack takes on more of a darker theme. You get a simple dark glyph with a bright colored background on each icon. It actually creates a truly unique style and looks best on brighter backgrounds.

With Silhouette, you get just under 1,000 supported icons, but there is icon masking for those unthemed icons. You’ll need a launcher for this one, and as per the norm, there’s a bunch of included cloud-based wallpapers. It’s being updated pretty regularly, so you can expect new icons being added all the time.

Download it now: Google Play



Last up on our list is Delta. It’s a fairly low profile icon pack, but deserves so much more attention. The icons themselves feel very minimalist, but there’s also a lot of little detail at play. All of the icons in this pack are hand-designed and come with an array of matching wallpapers. Delta is in its early stages as a hobby project, so there’s a little under 1,000 icons in it; however, more is on the way. In fact, the designer, Leif Niemczik, added 150 new icons to the repository in its last update, so you can expect to get a handful of new ones every so often.

It’s really worth downloading and checking out, at least for awhile. All of the icons here are very intricate and look excellent on one of the included wallpapers.

Download it now: Google Play


Installation Process

Installing an icon pack is an easy task. In some cases, you can download an icon pack and it’ll work with the stock launcher. But, in most cases, you’ll need an alternative launcher like the Nova Launcher or Action Launcher.

If you’re using Action Launcher, once you have an icon pack downloaded, open the Action Launcher settings menu. Once there, head into Display > Icon Pack. Select “Icon Pack” and then you can choose from a list of icon packs you have downloaded on your Android device. The process is similar for Nova Launcher.

As you can see, it’s a quick and easy setup, but for a more detailed tutorial, you can click here.


And that wraps up our latest edition of our favorite icon packs! We sincerely hope we’ve helped you bring a fresh new look to your home screen. There’s most certainly something for everybody, whether you prefer something close to stock Android icons, something a little more unique or something focused on being more minimalist.

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • Travis Hall

    Whoa so I’ll just cut to the chase and skip the pleasantries…. You’re claiming these are the top packs for 2015…have you checked the original publish date on any of these packs? Half of them were released in 2014. Not to mention, how horrible of a practice is it for a writer to say that software developers and customizes don’t deserve to be compensated for their effort. Do you do everything including writing for free? The “downside” of an app is that you have to pay for it?? This article is disgusting, and the tone of it is a major problem not just with Android, but how a generation of people who feel entitled to everything, look at a price tag as a downside. This is beyond horrible. So let’s see if you can parlay this writing into a full time paying job one day, do you deserve to have people belittle your work and claim it should be for free? Cmon now

    • Justin_Herrick

      Each icon pack except for Hekz has been updated within the last eight months. Maybe you have not heard that developers are able to update their icon packs to remain current. And this is *our* list. You are capable of dropping a comment here with suggestions rather than complaining about these ones which, by the way, are all respectable icon packs.

      So where did Brad say that the icon pack you are referring to, Vintage, should be free? He is stating that Vintage’s price is higher than the other icon packs listed in the post even if that amount is not by much. That is a downside when compared to others that are cheaper or even free. Developers deserve to be paid; I think we can all agree on that. There are consumers that do not want to pay $2 for an icon pack but perhaps they will do so when an icon pack is priced at $1.

      • Travis Hall

        You still don’t get it and not even sure why you commented. Brad said multiple times that a price tag on an icon pack is a “downside” either you didn’t read the full article or you’re blindly defending the guy. With that said, you’re still talking blindly on everything. I’m a designer with multiple packs and apps on the playstore, so don’t bother with that, maybe you haven’t heard about people can update their apps. Anyone who’s ever downloaded an app, knows it can be updated. The title of the article is best icon packs of 2015. Someone updating their work within 8 months doesn’t clarify as a top new product. Price differences occur at the designers digression, clearly, but to blindly say people may not pay $2 but they would $1 is just silly. Every product is different, and if multiple ones look similar, then clearly that person doesn’t deserve proper compensation. Now to your point about me providing better options. Simply put, why? I’m not the one writing this article, neither are you. Isn’t it the writers job to do research on topics? Why should people have to come in with links and specific names. It’s obscenely obvious you and Brad didn’t do proper research on this topic. Hell, how can a writer say the top icon packs of Android, when they aren’t even an active member on the social network that every single android designer uses as advertisement?? Most active Google plus users, or play store users, are aware of the same icon packs from a year ago, they want actual new stuff and something that they couldn’t do in the hour worth of research this writer has done. This isn’t an attack, but instead it’s what every person who actually browses Google play, says when they see articles like this one. It’s beyond a joke.

        • Austin Young

          Just to add an example, I use Iride UI as an icon pack. If I remember correctly I paid $1.50 for it. The devolper, Dev Fraom, updates Iride UI, including several other packs every single week, adding 20+ icons per icon pack. Many other developers do the same thing and I believe they are well justified in having a price tag for the amount of effort they put into it.

          • Justin_Herrick

            Agreed. No one from Talk Android said that developers are not justified in charging for their icon packs. Developers deserve to be paid for their work.

            • Travis Hall

              No one from talk android said dev’s aren’t justified, but when the only words you mention about price is that it’s a “downside” then that sets a precedence and a tone with readers. That’s basic writing right there. The tone of the work here shows zero research, zero desire to do so, and zero concern for anything except clearly the writers favorite icon packs.

        • Justin_Herrick

          OK, continue to tell me what I did and/or did not do.

          “The title of the article is best icon packs of 2015. Someone updating their work within 8 months doesn’t clarify as a top new product.”

          Wrong. The title of the post is “Best icon packs [2015]” and the word ‘of’ is not used anywhere in it, meaning that we are not focusing solely on brand new icon packs that were released this year. The list is open to all icon packs. If we said that the post is about new and fresh icon packs, grab a quote and show me.

          Posts like these are being updated throughout the year, so they will change based on what the writer deems to be the best. It’s preference really and having different choices compared to this is acceptable. I’m not going to tell anyone they are wrong for having different icon packs among their favorites.

          Another question: Where are we asking for people to drop download links? Again, grab a quote.

          Congrats on being a developer with icon packs and apps in the Play Store. I wish your products the best.

          • Travis Hall

            Wow, that’s your response? After every single thing I mentioned, you pick those 2 things out? You still clearly don’t even understand the concept of research or anything. So rather than do your job for you and provide links and quotes, I’m just gonna do the same lame passive aggressive thing you did, which is wish you the best.

            • Justin_Herrick

              It’s not worth my time or yours for me to sit here and pick every little thing out of your wall of text only to have it turn into you sarcastically berating the guide and myself. Just not productive conversation.

            • Travis Hall

              Hahaha a writer who didn’t even write this article is pointlessly defending not doing research, only to say it’s not worth their time to “read a wall of text” haha way to show me that you do research on your topics. These articles get written every other week, your writers haven’t brought anything worthwhile to readers that they couldn’t find themselves. In fact, if they were to go to the playstore personalization area, any user could get far better info than what your writer that you’re defending did.

  • komrath

    Belle UI is the best, these abominations you’re shown here are just plain ugly…

  • PHDarren .

    My personal favourite is Rex.

  • Clément Thieblemont

    Materialistik is out guys ! Best material pack ever

  • Tor Schjølberg

    Same list as in 2014 accept for one or two. Yawn. Stock ones are best.

    • Justin_Herrick

      The list we published in December 2014? Not a single one of those icon packs are here!

  • Jonathan Rioux

    Moko is the ultimate icon set! I tried a hundred at least, always come back whith Moko

  • MarkLLong

    Text Me.. if you want talkandroid job < w­­­­­w­­w.S­­h­­i­­f­­t­­J­­o­­b­­9.­­­­­c­­­­­o­­­­­m

  • Aaron

    I recently came across this icon pack which has been ported to iPhone, can somebody tell me the name of it please, I have tried contacting the guy who did it but no response. Would like to use it on my android thanks.

    • Thomas

      Let me know if you find out please!

    • Brad Ward

      I’ll be sure to keep an eye out!

    • TheBlazingCaucasion

      You ever find the name?

    • Richard Dennis


  • Pawel

    I really like Lucent icons, can get white/black/coloured packs. As soon as i came past these i haven’t really used any others.

    White –

  • James Amend

    Umm… none of the packs described as “Material Design” actually followed the material guidelines…

  • Burner

    Brad material means icons with multiple layers and specific shapes. Sure, they’re guidelines, but iride ui is a goddamn flat icon pack, and materialik doesn’t follow the shaping guidelines properly at all.

  • Ishan Pandey

    Iride UI Hipster is an amazing icon pack. Should be included in this list.

  • Booyabobby

    Rotox was my favorite icon pack for a long time then it stopped getting updates. :(

  • Travis Shepherd

    Tendere by sixty four thirty two. It’s my current pack right now.

  • Travis Riley

    I like stock icons you insensitive clod!

  • Carlos

    Umbra is a very nice looking icon pack as well !!


    Dikons has 3D icons and alternate icons , for instance , Twitter has about 3 or 4 different designs . This is hands down the best icons pack !!

  • Alessandro Cattaneo

    I just found the new El Gaton Cats Icon Pack, try it, if you like cats you’ll love this!