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Best Android alarm clock apps [July 2013]


When we set our alarms right before going to bed, it’s quite clear that we all have the same thought in mind: “I will wake up right on time, and I will get a head start to my day.” Anyone with any kind of knowledge on how life works would know that the scenario previously mentioned never really works out the way we want it to. We all have our issues with waking up in the morning, so why make it worse on yourself with that annoying default buzzer alarm that came with your phone? Here’s a list of the top Android alarm clock applications (in no particular order) that will help you ease into your day and make you actually enjoy waking up to your alarm clock. Hit the break to get started.


1. Wave Alarm– This one’s pretty much built for the everyday slacker. “Wave Alarm” deactivates simply by the user waving his/her hand over the device, as it takes advantage of motion control technology. If you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself to not get out of bed, then definitely get this app! No guarantees on whether or not it will get you going to start your day, though. However, there is a bit of a caution with this one— I have heard that it works beautifully on many devices, but on some, the app freezes and there is no way to shut off the alarm other than to kill it in your task manager. That could obviously make for a terrible wake-up in the morning, so definitely make sure it’s fully functional on your device before deciding this is the alarm for you. When working, it’s easily a top-5 alarm app. When it’s not, then well… it’s not.

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2. Wake Voice– If you don’t even have the energy to simply wave your hand over your device to shut off the alarm, you can now just talk to it to have it shut up! You can set custom commands to make the alarm snooze or turn off altogether, and once the alarm is over, the app will read the weather, the news of your choice (RSS), or a personalized message, all while you’re still in bed. It’s definitely one of the nicer looking alarms out there, and combined with its functionality, it’s a sure top-5 pick.

In the free version, you’re only allowed to set up to 10 alarms with only 10 uses, but in the paid version for $2.99, you can set an unlimited amount of alarms, and there are no ads.

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3. Warmly– This is my alarm app of choice, as ‘Warmly’ wakes you up to the sweet smells of birds chirping, eggs sizzling, and other comforting sounds as you get up to start your day. The alarm can go off five minutes before the time you set it, and starts off very quietly, slowly easing you in as it gets louder and louder to eventually (peacefully) wake you up. The alarm has a very sexy looking UI and also tells you the weather. It costs $1.99 and there is no free version of the app. I definitely recommend this alarm if you’re looking for a peaceful yet creative way to start your day. Disclaimer: Buttery, sizzling eggs not included.

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Sleep As Android

4. Sleep As Android– This one’s certainly the most unique and advanced alarm on the market, as it tells you when you should be waking up, instead of you programming the app itself. ‘Sleep As Android’ monitors your sleep patterns throughout the night using your phone’s accelerometer, tracking the movement of your mattress as you sleep. After you wake, you’ll be able to see your sleep data in graph-form, as well as data for the past 2 weeks so you can compare your sleep habits. Pretty cool, right? They also have included a noise recording feature that will monitor whether you are snoring a lot, or how heavily you breathe while you sleep. This is all calculated into the sleep data. I’m sure that sensitivity of certain devices’ microphones and accelerometers certainly comes into play here, as well as how close/far you place the phone away from you on your mattress, as well as how padded your mattress is, so that your bed doesn’t move too much when you do. Either way, it’s a nice little app that is sure to provide you with some neat information on how you sleep. The free version includes ads, and the paid version goes for 2.99 and is ad-free.

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Puzzle Alarm

5. Puzzle Alarm Clock– You’re definitely going to love to hate this one. Puzzle Alarm Clock forces users to complete a series of random puzzles in order to shut off the alarm. It’s definitely going to wake you up as you race through trying to complete math equations, memory cards, captcha, and pattern questions. You can also choose to disable the alarm with an NFC tag or QR code. The free version has ads and only one difficulty level. The pro version costs $1.99 and features more alarm melodies, a loud explosion sound, beautifully designed widgets, and increasing alarm volume.

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Obviously there are way too many great alarm applications in the Play Store to go over om a single post, so here’s a list of honorable mentions:

Honorable Mention: Alarm Clock for Android, Good Night’s Sleep Alarm, Sleep Time , Alarm Clock Xtreme, doubleTwist

Got a favorite alarm app not mentioned in the list above? Hit us up in the comments!

About the Author: Harrison Kaminsky

Harrison is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh completing a major in communication and a minor in economics. Aside from writing for TalkAndroid, he is the managing editor at The Pitt News, a digital marketing intern at Buzzhoney in Pittsburgh, founder and owner of He's currently using an HTC One (M8) and Nexus 7 (2013). Harrison is excited for the next release of Android, and for whatever the future holds for the tech world. Tweet him at @Harry_Kaminsky.

  • FritzPinguin

    Will any of these alarm clocks wake me up when I *turn* *off* my Android phone in the evening? Even my old Nokia 8250 could do this…

    • Harrison Kaminsky

      Unfortunately not. Many older devices (including Blackberrys – and your old Nokia 8250) had functionality to leave part of the phone “on” even when it’s off, so that you can do things like “auto-on” and alarm while it’s off.

      The Android OS does not run this way so there is no way for any application to run an alarm while the phone is off.

      • FritzPinguin

        That’s why I am still into Nokia with phones, but my tablet is a Samsung Galaxy 7.7 :-)

        • Droid Geek

          Sleep as Android has a setting that allows you to silence every thing except the alarm. As long as you’re not turning your phone off to conserve the battery, it should work for you.

  • Juankar

    Gentle Alarm is missing in the post

    • Stoutimous

      I agree, Gentle alarm is my favorite. I’ve been using it for around 3 years now.

  • Droid Geek

    Sleep as Android has additional features for those of us who have a problem waking up in the morning including: solving math problems with varying levels of difficulty, counting sheep or requiring that you shake your phone to snooze the alarm. It’s very configurable, with many more options allowing you to make it do what works best for you. And the developer is always working to improve it.

  • Scott

    Beware! WakeVoice is limited to “10 uses” not just “10 alarms” in the free version.

    • Harrison Kaminsky

      Was not aware, thanks for sharing.

  • rajendra

    “I can’t wake up” alaram. Free and without limitation.

  • Aakash

    If someone really wants to get off the bed then there is nothing better then ‘Sleep if you can’. Be careful about the accuracy of pic you click. Check out more on Play.

  • voice from the mass

    can’t believe that no one mentioned Alarmdroid, very old, reliable and best Android alarm I have tried

  • micronikje

    Warmly is wasted money. You can’t choose your sounds like birds chirping or wheather sounds or other setting.

  • OB Reviews

    The Android OS does not run this way so there is no way for any application to run an alarm while the phone is off.

  • Jaymar

    Any alarm clock that support voice control ( stop, snooze, etc.). Any suggestion, Please…Thanks